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Families featured
Edwin Worsnop, Sampson and Bridget Worsnop, Sampson and Julia Worsnop,

Edwin Worsnop

Edwin Worsnop from Leeds wed 1886 #6944 to Margaret Donaldson Hislop and lived at Footscray
4 Children 1. Jessie Worsnop 1887 #28485
2. Alice Worsnop 1889 #21772
3. Frank Worsnop 1891 #33119
4. Clarence Newbury Worsnop 1894 #9394

James Worsnop aged 36, and John Worsnop aged 34 came July 1854 on the Africa.
John Worsnop 1821 - 1865 #3825 aged 44 son of Rachel and Abraham Worsnop from Brad. Does not link using FamilySearch.
Mr Worsnop aged 41, and Mrs Worsnop aged 37, departed from Melbourne July 1864 on the City Of Adelaide bound for Sydney
James Worsnop aged 58 deperted from Melbourne Nov 1876 on the Duchess Of Edinburgh bound for London
Worsnop A aged 23 came to Melbourne Aug 1877 on the Albion
J Worsnop aged 24, departed from Melbourne Sep 1880 on the Ringarooma bound for New Zealand Via Hobart Town
T Worsnop aged 54 and Miss Worsnop aged 30, departed from Melbourne Dec 1894 on the Bullarra bound for Sydney

Sampson and Bridget Worsnop

Sampson Worsnop 1830 - 1890 #17219 aged 60, son of Tabhisa Ackroyd and George Ackroyd Worsnop from Yorkshire, wed 1875 #2921 to Bridget Oshea from Cork, and Bridget later disappeared from the records. Children born at Richmond.
3 children
of Bridget
1. Geo Sampson Worsnop 1874 #18508
2. Percy John Worsnop 1879 #18643
3. Amy Pauline Worsnop 1881 #25522
1. Geo Sampson Worsnop 1874 - 1942 #29671 aged 69, son of Samson and Bridget, wed c1897 to Grace Carol Wood 1878 - 1957 #24222 aged 79, and both died at Echuca
George Samson Worsnop's death cert lists mother as Bridget OShea, and father as Samson George Akroyd Worsnop
7 children 1. George Samson Worsnop 1898 - 1967 #21986 aged 69 died at Echuca
2. John Percy Worsnop 1899 - 1977 #19168 aged 78 died at Bendigo
3. Grace Caroline Worsnop 1904 - 1965 #5609 aged 61 died at Echuca
4. Frank Worsnop 1905 #25597
5. Alma Worsnop 1908 #6789
6. Arthur Edward Worsnop 1909 #30763 - 1981 #18376 aged 73 died at Echuca
7. Pauline Worsnop 1911 #12474

From on Fri 5 Apr 2013
Hello Elizabeth,
I believe that Bridget O'Shea also went by the name Bertha.
I have concluded this from 2 bits of information which I attach:-
1. The death certificate of Bertha O'Shea - I have been doing a lot of research on the O'Shea's and whilst searching came across the death certificate for Bertha. Her age matches Bridget and Patrick O'Shea and Mary Goold - Bridget's parents never had a child called Bertha - the age and dates also match for Bridget being Bertha.
2. Trove - Death listing which names Bertha O'shea and her children. -
I have a photo of Patrick O'Shea and Mary Goold and family heirlooms etc. of the O'Sheas. I am related to Mary Ann (Minnie) who was Bridget's older sister. I also have Patrick and Mary's death certificate.
Perhaps you could review the information and tell me if you what your thoughts are.
Kind Regards Kimberly Donegan
3. PS: Hope this (second story, below) isn't our Bertha Worsnop
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Wednesday 18 October 1916 WORSNOP-On the 15th October. Bertha, relict of the late Sampson Ackroyd Worsnop, printer, Bridge road, Richmond ; mother of George S. (Womboota), Percy J, (Perth), and Amy. (Interred Melbourne General Cemetery, 17th October, 1916) New South Wales and Perth papers please copy

Note husband died 1890, when the children were aged 16, 13 and 9 years, and there was no 'widow support' except 'do-it-yourself'
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Saturday 3 December 1892
Constable Gierck, of Footscray, and Constable Holmes, of South Richmond, on Thursday proceeded to the house of a carpenter named Richard Margrie, residing in Chapel street, Richmond, for the purpose of searching for stolen property. Their search disclosed several sets of harness, three pairs of carriage lamps, seven dress pieces, some tools, and several watches, all of which are believed to be stolen property. One set of harness resembles that stolen from Mr. Marks, of Footscray Margrie and his housekeeper, Bertha Worsnop, were arrested, and on being brought before the local court were remanded till Wednesday, both being liberated on bail immediately afterwards. Margrie is supposed to have had dcalings with William Walton, a Richmond saddler, who now stands committed for trial on a charge of being implicated in the robbery of harness from Mr Marks, of Yarraville.
Printer has problems with staff
Gippsland Times (Vic. : 1861 - 1954) Tuesday 4 August 1868
ROSEDALE. POLICE COURT. 30th JULY. They had 13 cases concerning debts, one of occupying land without a licence, and 2 concerning publicans licences. Then Court was adjourned to 27 August.
- Samson Worsnop v. Felix Hingston. Deserting hired service. These two cases were heard together.
It appeared that Hingston was, on the 14th June, intoxicated and unable to attend to his duties in the printing office, causing much delay and loss to the proprietors of the Guardian, that he wrote a letter of apology, and the offence was overlooked, that on the 20th of July he was in the same state again, and it was necessary to send to Sale for a man to take his place. The amount of wages due was not disputed. The bench made an order for the amount of wages due, £1 12s., deducting £1 2s. Gd, for the loss sustained by S. Worsnop in being deprived of Hingston's services.
Gippsland Times (Vic. : 1861 - 1954) Tuesday 4 May 1869 S Worsnop now Printer and Publisher of Gippsland Guardian.
Illustrated Australian News (Melbourne, Vic. : 1876 - 1889) Saturday 5 July 1879, a son was born on 18 June 1879 at Rotherwood St, Richmond to the wife of Samson Worsnop. Birth registered for Percy John Worsnop born to Bridget OShea and Samson Worsnop.
Page 5, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Saturday 3 August 1889, lists 4444 men requesting Honourable George Coppin to stand for the additional seat created by the new Electoral Act. Samson Worsnop is 4 down from top of 12th column (Number 3058 in the list)

Sampson and Julia Worsnop

Samson Arthur Fielding Worsnop 1854 - 1939 #6223 aged 85, son of Sarah Fielding and Joseph Worsnop, died at N Fitzroy, Victoria
Sampson Worsnop from Yorkshire wed 1884 #2511 to Julia Manning 1856 - 1896 #6782 aged 40 The father of Joseph Reuben is named Arthur Fielding Worsnop, and the father for Sampson is called Sampson Arthur Fielding. Children born at Carlton.
2 children 4. Joseph Reuben Worsnop 1886 #8690
5. Samson David Manning Worsnop 1888 #1357 - 1950 #8503 aged 61 died at Heidelberg
4. Joseph Reuben Worsnop 1886 #8690 - 1968 #1204 aged 81 died at Heidelberg, wed 1911 #9664 to Priscilla Phillips 1886 #18103 - 1972 #20284 aged 86,
2 children 1. Regd Phillip Worsnop 1912 #9933
2. Leslie Worsnop 1913 #20018 - 1978 #24764 aged 65

From on Thursday, 16 July, 2009,
Hello Elizabeth,
I came across references to Sampson Worsnop on you fantastic website and was wondering if you know of further information about him or even know of desendants of his. Yours is the only references to him we have been able to find.
We are opening a printing museum shortly in our town [Dimboola] and are keen to obtain research about Sampson's life and printing career as well as a photograph of him for our portrait gallery. He was for a short time the leading printer at our newspaper office [the Dimboola Banner] in the 1880s.
We would be grateful of any help, advice or contacts you may be able to provide and will obviously pay for costs..
Yours hopefully,
Dale Conway, President, Dimboola & District Historical Society

I replied
Did the paper [the Dimboola Banner] have any references to Sampson? Whitepages Aust has 58 references to Worsnop and 22 live in Victoria.
My web page has a few leads.
First is Sampson's marriage - wed 1884 #2511 to Julia Manning, and death certificates - Sampson Worsnop 1830 - 1890 #17219 aged 60, (this has a column 'No of years in the colony').
Trying to find when he arrived in Victoria is more of a jigsaw.
I found the son Geo Sampson Worsnop 1873 - 1942 #29671 aged 69, in Death Index, and the first child in Victorian BMD to 1888 is Percy John Worsnop 1879 #18643. Percy's birth cert would be expected to have the child's arrival, and details of each parent - names, ages, birthplaces, also their marriage and names (if you are lucky) of older siblings.
These can be purchased online at using the link to Historical Indexes, would cost about $20 each. I would be interested to see copies of these, if you do decide they would make a valid part of your exhibition featuring Sampson.
Using familysearch, I found
Sampson Worsnop Christening: 01 Apr 1831 Bradford, Yorkshire, England Father: George Worsnop Mother: Tabitha
The family he was born into (from FamilySearch) using names of parents -
Father's parents, Grand Parents of Sampson
Jonathan Worsnep wed 14 Feb 1785 to Sarah Booth at Bradford, Yorkshire, England
George Worsnep Christening: 18 Jun 1794, son of Jonathan Worsnep at Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Parents of Sampson
George Worsnop wed 22 Jan 1816 to Tabitha Butterfield at Bradford, Yorkshire, England (it looks like Tabitha was wed as soon as she turned 21.)
Siblings of Sampson
1. Sarah Worsnip - Female Christening: 23 Jun 1816 Horton By Bradford, Yorkshire, England
2. Twin Harriett Worsnip - Female Christening: 01 Feb 1818 Horton By Bradford, Yorkshire, England
3. Twin Henriette Worsnop - Female Christening: 01 Feb 1818 Horton Near, Bradford, Yorkshire, England
4. John Worsnap - Male Christening: 05 Sep 1822 Horton By Bradford, Yorkshire, England
5. Hannah Worsnap - Female Christening: 05 Sep 1822 Horton By Bradford, Yorkshire, England
6. Martha Worsnop - Female Christening: 14 Dec 1823 Horton By Bradford, Yorkshire, England
7. Ezra Worsnop - Male Christening: 04 Apr 1826 Horton By Bradford, Yorkshire, England
8. Jonathan Worsnop - Male Christening: 29 Oct 1828 Bradford, Yorkshire, England
9. Sampson Worsnop - Male Christening: 01 Apr 1831 Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Mother's parents, grandparents of Sampson
Peter Butterfield wed 28 Nov 1779 to Sarah Still at Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Mother of Sampson
Looking for Tabitha Butterfield, and her siblings, why the 12 year gap? Either the clergy were not friendly so children not taken to church, or the family attended a church where the registers have not survived, or belonged to a denomination that did not believe in Infant Baptism. And later moved to Bradford....
1. Hannah Butterfield Christening: 29 Jul 1792 Bradford, Yorkshire,
2. Tabitha Butterfield Christening: 18 Jun 1795 Bradford, Yorkshire, Father Peter Butterfield, Mother: Sarah Stell
3. Peter Butterfield Birth: 28 Mar 1797 Christening: 03 Jul 1797 Kipping Independent-Nc, Thornton By Bradford, Yorkshire, England
It depended on how attached to the church the parents were, when and if a child was christened. Some churches had clergy who loved that part of their work, others were less demanding. In the late 1700s there was a big population increase as Small Pox was being conquered by vaccination - knowledge of Jenner's work in Gloucestershire spread rapidly.

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