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Surnames mentioned on this page
Sarah Nash, Susannah Tindall,
Mary Ann Shannon, Patrick Arthur Beaupeurt,

Sarah Williams, wife of Patrick Arthur Beaupeurt, is a First Fleeter.
Her family is described at Third Generation Williams family, where I obtained the lists of children.
The family tradition was given to me as 'our ancestors came out over the convicts and their baby was the first free born in Australia, but that baby died and the Farefax baby lived'
The John Cobley books on the early days at Sydney gives details of daily life including marriages, births and deaths.
John Williams (a convict) wed on the 15th January 1814 at St John's, Parramatta, to Sarah Nash the daughter of the First Fleeters, William & Maria Nash. Sarah is the first generation Australian in this family.
13 children 1. Robert Williams was born 19 Aug 1815 - 1880 wed 1835 to Susannah Tindall
2. Mary Williams - 27/8/1817 wed 1833 to Thomas Brown and 1852 to Edward Carrigan
3. Ann Williams -11/2/1820 wed 1843 to Martin Hyland
4. Sarah Williams - 22/7/1822 wed 1843 to Joseph Connors
5. Elizabeth Williams 29/7/1824 - 1906 wed 1846 to Amos Crisp
6. Maria Williams 15/1/1827 - 1892 wed 1850 to Thomas Gait
7. Eliza Williams 18/10/1829 - 1905 wed 1849 to George day, no chn
8. John Williams 9/9/1831 - 1879 wed 1858 to Esther Kilpatrick
9. Susanah Williams 10/9/1833 - 1866 wed 1849 to Charles Collman and wed 1859 to William Brown
10. David Williams 22/8/1836 - 1908 wed 1857 to Mary Ann Ward
11. George Williams 21/12/1838 - 1908 wed 1862 to anet (Jessie) Crawford
12. Edward Williams 3/6/1842 - 1864 to Mary Ann Rawson
13. William Williams 29/12/1844 - 1897 wed 1871 to Catherine McDonald
From on Sun, 6 Nov 2005 and Thu, 17 Aug 2006
Subject: Re: Williams, Tindall, Bull?
Hi Elizabeth
On your webpage you have Robert Williams married to Susannah Tindall b1817 which is correct. Susannah was the daughter of Daniel Tindall and Jane DOYLE. Daniel arrived in 1807 as a convict whilst Jane and four children arrived 1814 on 'Kangaroo' free. Susannah their youngest child born 1817 Liverpool NSW whose surname was listed on her registeration as Tyndall, and she was baptised 18/12/1817 at St. Lukes Liverpool NSW.
Jane Bull b1799 arrived Australia with her parents James and Ann Bull nee Wilson on 'Minerva' 11/1/1800. Jane Bull b1799 married Susannah's brother Daniel Tindall born 16/3/1795 in England.
This is just to clear up a few discrepencies in the families. Hope you check what I have said, as this information was in a book on the Tindall family published in late 1990s. It has been thoroughly researched.
Loved your webpage and I must not be the only one to come up with corrections.
Janette & Bernie Childs
Lismore NSW

From on Sun, 22 Feb 2004
Hi I'm descendant from Daniel Tindall and came upon your website - you have a Susannah Tindall who married Robert Williams, just to confirm things for you, yes Susannah is the youngest child of Daniel & Jane Tindall, born in the colony 18-12-1817.
Her father Daniel was a convict tried for treason, he was part of a plot to kill King George III in 1803 (known as 'The Despards Conspiracy'). He was sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered in Feb 1803 but he and 2 other men were given a last minute reprieve and transported to Australia for life, on the condition that he never return to England He came on the 'Duke of Portland' in 1807. After 7 years of hard labour and good behaviour his family (wife Jane and children, Daniel, Mary, Charles, Jane & James) came to Australia free per the 'Kangaroo' in 1814. Daniel and Jane had 2 more children in the colony, Emma & Susannah. This Susannah is the one who married your Robert Williams on the 22-12-1835.
Hope this has cleared that up for you a bit, 'Daniel & Jane' seemed to be popular names in the Tindall family and has caused me many a headache! Regards
From on Thu, 23 Mar 2006
I came by your web site after contacting Mary Cotter. I am keen to know where and how you came by the name of Jane Doyle for the wife of Daniel Tindall.
May I suggest you look at a couple of books to help with details on the Williams families -
Pioneers of the Snowy Monaro Prior to 1854 which was published in 1997 by the Snowy Mountains Family History Group.
Tindal Family History by John A Franklin which was published in 1993. His contact at that time was GPO Box 3200, Sydney NSW 2001.
Also the Snowy Monaro has a Web site.- Nimmitabel - James & Oliver Tindall.
Good Luck.

From IGI, Daniel Tindall was born 1758 in Surrey, England and Death: 28 Jan 1827 at Castlereagh St., New South Wales, Australia with Burial: 30 Jan 1827 New South Wales, Australia
Daniel Tindall came as convict on the Duke of Portland in 1807 and children came 1814 with Jane DOYLE (see the above two letters).
Daniel Tindell Birth: 16 MAR 1795 Christening: 19 APR 1795 at Saint Olave, Southwark, Surrey, England
Mary Tindall Birth: 04 MAY 1797 Christening: 28 MAY 1797 at Saint Olave, Southwark, Surrey, England
Jane Tindall Birth: 27 MAR 1802 Christening: 15 APR 1802 at St George The Martyrs, Southwark, Surrey, England
James Tindall 1804 wed Almira Palmer 1808 - 1 Mar 1865 born in Surrey died at Kameruka, NSW
Emma TINDALL Birth: 10 Jul 1815 Bunbury, Curran, New South Wales, Australia Death: 17 Sep 1904, wed 26 Jul 1830 to William ROSSITER 1811 - 8 Sep 1840
wed 15 May 1844 to James BURRELL (1811 - 16 Oct 1858
Susannah TINDALL (AFN: 1DMB-38C) Pedigree Sex: F Family Event(s): Birth: 18 Dec 1817 Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia
Christening: 23 Jul 1817 St Lukes, Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia
Death: 7 Mar 1901 Bega, New South Wales, Australia Burial: 9 Mar 1901 Cofe Old Cemet., Bega, New South Wales, Australia
wed 22 Dec 1835 to Robert WILLIAMS at Castlereagh, New South Wales, Australia Go down the page to Tindall for mentions in Government records
TINDALL, Daniel. Per "Duke of Portland", 1807
1817 Dec 1 Petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3181; 4/1853 p.338)
1820 Oct 5 Juror at inquest on unknown man held at Sydney (Reel 6021; 4/1819 pp.3-4)
1823 Jan 31 Of York Street. On list of persons receiving an assigned convict (Fiche 3291; 4/4570D p.105)
1824 Sep Carpenter of Castlereagh Street; family came per "Kangaroo", 1814. Memorial (Fiche 3113; 4/1839B No.985 pp.1225-8)
TINDALL, Charles 1814 Jan 12 Son of convict. Disembarked from "Kangaroo" at Sydney (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.10)
TINDALL, Daniel (Junior). Came free per "Kangaroo", 1814 Jan 12 Son of convict. Disembarked from "Kangaroo" at Sydney (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.10)
1816 Jan 16 On list of persons to receive grants of land in 1816 (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.24)
1820 Sep 18 On list of persons for whom grants of land have been handed over to the Surveyor General for delivery (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.58)
1822 Feb 8 Of Liverpool. On list of persons receiving an assigned convict (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D p.5)
1824 Oct 29; 1825 Aug Innkeeper of Liverpool. On lists of persons liable to serve as jurors in the District of Liverpool (Reel 6060, 4/1775 p.180[ii]; Reel 6062, 4/1782 p.78a)
1824 Dec Memorial (Fiche 3113; 4/1839B No.985 pp.1229-30)
TINDALL, James 1814 Jan 12 Son of convict. Disembarked from "Kangaroo" at Sydney (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.11)
TINDALL, Jane 1814 Jan 12 Wife of convict. Disembarked from "Kangaroo" at Sydney (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.10)
TINDALL, Mary 1814 Jan 12 Daughter of convict. Disembarked from "Kangaroo" at Sydney (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.10)
1. Robert Williams 1815 wed 22-12-1835 to Susannah Tindall 1817 - 1901, the Australian-born daughter of Jane Doyle and Daniel Tindall
15 Children 1. John Williams 1835 or 1836 at Nepean, and died 1918
2. James Thomas Williams 1838 infant death
3. Henry Williams 1839 - 1900 wed 1861 to Eliza Harvey
4. Daniel William Williams 1841 - 1856
5. Sarah Aaan Williams 1843 - 1925 wed 1870 to Thomas Linger
6. Elizabeth Maria Williams 1845 - 1901 wed 1862 to Joseph William Hammond
7. Robert Williams 1847 - 1899
8. Charles Williams 1849 - 1925 wed 1872 to Ann Plumb
9. Eliza Ellen Williams 1851 - 1933 wed 1874 to John Robinson
10. Emma Matilda Williams 1854 - 1945 wed 1894 to William Henry Wayne Folland
11. Caroline Isabel Williams 1856 - 1881 wed 1876 to William Craigie McCarthy
12. William Williams 1858
13. George Williams 1859 wed 1889 to Catherine Albertha Thornton and wed 1894 to Dorcas Parker
14. Susannah Williams 1860 - 1866
15. Mary J Williams - born 14 Aug 1833. Her birth was registered as Tindale. She married as a Williams.
1.1 John Williams wed 6 April 1858 at Cooma to Mary Ann Shannon born 1843 in Sydney and died 1887 having had 12 children (10 are known). At age 65 John married again to Therese Summerell and fathered another seven children which, all up, made 19 including one child who may have been born after his death. Or maybe that other child who made up the 19th had pre-deceased John. It is unsure.
Web site with this couple - see Williams - go halfway down the page, as the code is not signposted with links to parts.
10 or 12 Children
of Mary Ann
1. Robert Williams - Born 23.5.1860 - Numerella NSW wed on the first of May 1886 to Mary Ann Martin at the Catholic Church in Bourke.
2. Charles Williams - Born about 1862 - "Jinjerali" - Monaro NSW
3. John or James Williams - Born about - 1864 - Eden NSW
4. Sarah Williams born 15 August 1866
5. Henry N Williams - Born about 1868 - Eden NSW
6. William Frederick Williams - Born about 1870 - Eden NSW
7. Joseph L Williams
8. Linda Williams - Born 22.11.1879 - "Glenbog" - Nimmitabel NSW
9. Islet Williams
10. Leah (????) Williams
11. unknown Williams 1885?
12. unknown Williams 1887?
of Therese
13. Joshua Williams - Born 14/5/1902 - Eden NSW
14. Kate Williams (????)
15. John Bevan Williams 1907 - 1908
16. David O Williams 1910
17. Mary Williams
18. Eva or Ima Williams (?)
19. Eveline Daphne was born in 1918 Either born after John's death or one child pre-deceased him. (?)

1.1.4 Sarah Williams was born 15 Aug 1866 at Longborough near Eden, NSW, with 3 elder brothers. She wed in NSW, ref 1900 - 8029 to Patrick Arthur Beaupeurt and died 22 Aug 1961 aged 95, and both she and her husband are buried at Leeton.

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