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Gayland Weston, Peter Weston, Thomas Pierce Weston, William Weston,

Gayland Weston

From FamilySearch,
Garland Weston wed 13 Feb 1813 to Susannah Pierce at All Saints, Wandsworth, London, England
Mary Ann Weston Christening: 15 Oct 1815 All Saints, Wandsworth,
Margaret Weston Christening: 09 Jan 1814 All Saints, Wandsworth,
Thomas Pierce Weston Christening: 01 Sep 1822 Saint Matthew, Bethnal Green, London, England
Jesse Weston born 06 Mar 1826 Christening: 19 Sep 1830 child of Susannah and Garland Weston at Saint Matthew, Bethnal Green, London,
Jessie Gibbons Weston 1826 - 1882 #8198 aged 56, dau of Susannah Pearce and Geo Garland Weston died at Collingwood, Vic

From on Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Hi Elizabeth My husband is a descendant of James Jones brother to Elizabeth Jones Boyd.
I have done a lot of research on the families from Porepunkah related to James Jones (Westons Boyds) Elizabeth had another brother called William also killed by a horse fall 15 yrs before James. There was another sister Margaret who married into Weston family..not sure if there are more siblings
James was killed when he fell from his horse - Death Cert - James Jones aged 41, died Oct 1879 so born c1838, son of George Jones and Margaret McConnell, born in Armagh, Ireland,
in Colony 17 years (so came aged about 24, in 1862) - This means in Victoria, not necessarially when came to Australia - wed 1866 died 1879, 13 years of marriage
wed when 28 years old, to Jane Hughes, Chn Margaret Jane, William 10, Isaac Hughes, George 7, John 5, Samuel 3, Joseph 1 - and Jemima born in early 1880
Regards Liz
William Jones 1822 - 1864 #8349 aged 42, son of Margaret Mcgonnell and George Jones from Co Down
James Jones 1838 - 1879 #9794 aged 41, son of Margaret McConnell and George Jones from Armagh.
James Jones wed 1866 #2415 to Jane Hughes aged 16
Elizabeth Jones estimate born c1840, wed 1863 #839 to John Boyd

Peter Weston

From on Wednesday, 24 February, 2010

I am doing research on Peter Weston born 1828 Ratho, who married 1 Elizabeth Fisher and 2 her cousin Agnes Fisher.
Cannot find the death of Elizabeth who we thought died in childbirth 1852. Have just purchased birth certificate of Janet Drummond Weston and no mention of her mother’s death on that.
Peter married 1st in Scotland on the 18 Oct 1851 Dunipace, Stirling, Scotland (Weston home parish) and also on 16 Nov 1851 Longdyke, Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland (Fisher home parish). The reason 2 marriages, someone said it would be at the normal town of residence of each one.
Elizabeth Fisher born 21 APR 1830 Londyke, Bothkennar, Stirling, Scotland Christening: 02 MAY 1830 Bothkennar, Stirling, Scotland dau of Janet Drummond and James Fisher I did see the newspaper announcement in Scotland but could not get photo copy or photograph of the item and following their announcement it also had the marriage of Elizabeths brother Daniel Fisher to Christina Ewing.
Marriage certificate to Agnes in April 1854 states he was widowed in March 1854.
Also cannot find the arrival of Peter and Elizabeth Weston in 1852 which is real puzzling.
Shall keep this short, would love to share information with you and maybe solve some puzzles.
Eileen and Lindsay Weston.

Following the clues given by Lindsay, I found Peter Weston Christening: 20 Aug 1826 son of Elisabeth Kay and David Weston at Ratho, Midlothian, Scotland
and also the Christening of his first child
Janet Drummond Weston christened at Geelong Presbyterian Church 1852 #9583, daughter of Elizabeth Fisher and Peter Weston
And Yes, I can not find their arrival, or a recorded death for Elizabeth

Agnes Fisher aged 19 came Oct 1853 as Assisted Inward Passenger on the Charles

Peter Weston 1827 - 1857 #1221 aged 30 parents not known, wed 1854 #1551 to Agnes Fisher and lived at Ballarat then Magpie

3 Children 1. Janet Drummond Weston 1852 #9583 christened at Geelong Presbyterian Church
2. Agnes Elizabeth Frances Weston 1855 #4294
3. Peter Weston 1857 #2048
1. Janet Drummond Weston wed 1873 #4628 to William Hucker from Somerset, and lived at Clarendon. They had 3 children then Janet either died, or changed her name to Sarah
2. Agnes Elizabeth Frances Weston 1855 #4294 wed 1879 #615 to Joshua Nalder
3. Peter Weston 1857 #2048 wed 1882 #4190 to Margaret Mcintosh
3 Children 1. Arthur Stanley Weston 1884 #24567
2. George Leslie Weston 1886 #26253
3. Peter Douglas Weston 1900 #12864

Thomas Pierce Weston

From an antiquarian web page, Thomas Pierce WESTON 1822/09/01-chr. Born 20 Jul 1822 s/o Garland and Susanna, smith. FHL film 855941, St. Mathews Bethnal Green London Baptisms 1819-1828, item 1, page 278.
Thomas Weston aged 32 came Sep 1852 on the Bengal Merchant as an Unassisted Inward Passenger
Thomas Pierce Weston 1822 - 1892 #3739 aged 69 son of Garland Weston from London, died in Richmond, Victoria, wed 1873 #1277 to Margaret Jones from Tasmania, estimate born between 1840 and 1857, 8th child born 1886, lived in North Melbourne, then Richmond

Margaret Jones is sister to Elizabeth Jones who wed John Boyd
8 Children 1. Ada Weston 1874 #10104
2. Frank Weston 1875 #18675 - 1875 #14722 lived 3 months
3. Emma Weston 1876 #18508
4. Martha Weston 1878 #4798
5. Matthew Edward Weston 1880 #4522
6. Harry Weston 1881 #25580
7. Margaret Weston 1884 #4893
8. Sarah Weston 1886 #5712

William Weston

From on Monday, 30 December 2013
Hi Elizabeth, Just like Maurice Weston, I am also a descendent of William Weston and Eleanor Jones. There is a mystery which I need help with. In all family writings, including something written on William Weston's death in 1907, it was said that he had come from "Devon" and in 1839 a company of gentlemen decided to send to Tasmania three blood horses, and knowing Mr Weston thoroughly understood horses, they arranged with him to bring them out, paying him fifty pounds for each horse landed in Tasmania." The story then went that he sailed on the "Duncan" and arrived in Tasmania in 1841. So I checked the "Duncan" and found it was a convict ship. All that is written on your site by Maurice Weston is what I then found. A William Weston had been sentenced in the Central Criminal Court to be transported for ten years...etc. This would fit in with the fact that he stayed in Tasmania for ten years.
However, both stories could be true and I need help in finding out which one is in fact which really happened. Thanks for the site. From Beverley Smith
The Courier (Hobart, Tas. : 1840 - 1859) Tuesday 20 April 1841
arrived APRIL l8.-Arrived the ship Duncan, 533 tons, Grieves master, from Shcemess 16th Dec, and Cape of Good Hope 3rd March, with 259 male prisoners Dr. M'Dowall, Surgeon Superintendent. The guard consists of Lieutenant Stretton of the 96th Regt., Ensign Crawley of the 4th Regt., and 40 rank and file of the 96th, with 5 women and 7 children. In the steerage-Mrs. Kelly and two children, and one male passenger.
also - Colonial Times (Hobart, Tas. : 1828 - 1857) Tuesday 20 April 1841 has same account, - steerage passengers male listed before Mrs Kelly and her 2 chn.

Colonial Times (Hobart, Tas. : 1828 - 1857) Friday 12 November 1847, Page 4
and repeated in The Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tas. : 1835 - 1880)(about) Saturday 25 April 1846
The Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to grant tickets of leave to the under mentioned convicts: —
Tickets of Leave - Per Duncan ? Samuel Arnett, William Anderson, William Brapton Cooper, James Cariatt, James Cooke, Richard M'Closkis William Elackney, John Farmer, Joseph Gosling, John Green street, James M'Gce, William Jacobs, Charles Jones, Robert Langston, Lawrence Mur|ihy,Wi!liam Palmer, Robert Peel. Jas. Savage, John Scott, William Weston, William Wootlou, Robert White.

Conditional Pardon Launceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 - 1899) Wednesday 17 November 1847 list continues on Page 8, William Wren, Coromandrl ; William Weston, Duncan;
Looking up Convicts,
CON18/1/27 William Weston from Devonshire. on page 118, copy of page numbered 231, second description
CON33/1/8 Conduct record he is aged 32, can read and write, single, stole an Opera Glass at Drury Lane Theatre, a Butler and Gentleman's Servant, 'only associates with the best', Ticket of Leave 20 April 1846, Conditional Pardon 20 Sep 1847
CON27/1/8 Appropriation at New Town Farm
CON14/1/5 Indent - charged at Central C Court 2 March 1840, gived 10 years, from Axminster, lived with the Honorable Henry Ellis as Butler at 40 Guiness rd?

from on Wednesday, 24 November, 2010

Congratulations Elizabeth, wonderful site. I am the great grandson of William Weston and Eleanor Jones….A Springsure Qld Weston…as we are known….It was nice to see the family info up in lights… I only wish I were more computer savvy. My dad William Evan Osbourn Weston was born at Mt Hope NSW. In 1896 on the way to Queensland…his dad was Edward Richard Weston and mum Louisa Jane Smith….
Anyhow well done and good luck…..Maurice n. Weston…Yeppoon Qld

Thanks for your reply Elizabeth William Weston 0ne of 259 convicts transported on the “Duncan” 10 December 1840. Convicted at central criminal court for a term of 10 years. Place of arrival: Van Dieman’s Land. Source: australian joint copying project. Microfilm roll 91,class and piece number ho11/12, page number 261 (132) What ever all of that means. Is part of crimnal .Convict transportation registers. Indexed record from British convict transportation registers.
Ellen Jones. From a property near Wangarratta vic. I think it is still called ’Bonserambo’ her mum and dad lived there. They settled at Taminik on the east end of the Winton swamp (Lake Makoan) they are buried in the Nth Winton cemetry. I put a brass memorial plate on a rock my cousin...Stirling Jones put in place....At one of the family reunions. I have also been to the Old Bailey London. And Drury Lane Theatre where he was picked up by the boys. Its recorded on the Old Bailey Report. But I am unable to find any english family of his. Keep well. Maurie

I found Ellen Jones aged 16 came Jul 1848 on the Mahomed Shah, and looking at Mahomed Shah see Ellen Jones listed as a single woman, and listed as a family also Wesleyan and from Oxford are John Jones 42, Alice Jones 42, Emma 10, Prudence 8 and Eliza 5, another single woman is Charlotte Jones, 19, again Wesleyan from Oxford.
Charlotte Jones Christening: 25 Apr 1830 dau of Alice and John Jones at Aston Rowant, Oxford,
Helen Jones - Christening: 29 Jul 1832 Aston Rowant, Oxford, England

At Winton Cemetry, Victoria, thanks to Dead Person's Society.
in memory of William Weston born Devon England 1820 died Winton Nth 1907 and Eleanor Weston nee Jones born Nth Wales 1833 died Winton Nth 1894 True Pioneers Parents of Thomas, Jane (Mrs Gamble), Edward, Margaret (Mrs Lindsay), William, Eleanor (Mrs Crutch), Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Selena (Mrs Freitag), Evan & James Erected by their descendants November 6th 1993
in loving memory of Irene. J. M. Weston beloved wife of Evan Weston died Nov 14th 1951 age 74 years also Evan Weston died Feb 20th 1965 age 92 years reunited
in loving memory of our dear parents Emily Weston 1866 ? 1950 William Weston 1860 ? 1951 Shalta Weston 1863 ? 1901
in loving memory of our dear parents Margaret Weston 1863 ? 1936 Thomas Weston 1863 ? 1951 in Gods keeping
419718 Flt/Sgt Alexander Harold Weston (R.A.A.F.) 12 squadron died 4 March 1945 aged 22 England Lest We Forget
in memory of Laura Evelyn Weston died 3-11-1987 aged 91 yrs at rest
3368 Private Evan Harold Edward Weston 8th Light Horse died 25 May 1982 aged 85 Lest We Forget
in memory of Lewis James Weston 1st March 1877 - 12th January 1886
Elizabeth Ann Weston 1st June 1868 - 17th August 1893 beloved son and daughter of William and Eleanor

William Weston 1820 - 1907 wed 1851 #5714 to Ellen/Eleanor Jones 1832 - 1894 #4817, daughter of Margaret and Thomas Jones, and moved to Benalla

12 children 1. Thomas Weston 1852 #17631 born at Merri Creek
2. Jane Weston 1853 born at Somerton
3. Edward Richard Weston c1854 born at Somerton
4. Margaret Sophia Weston wed 1876 #1895 to Richard Lindsay
5. Willaim Weston 1860 - 1951
6. Eleanor Weston wed 1884 #34 to Thomas Crutch
7. Thomas Weston 1864 #7045 born at Benalla
8. John Weston
9. Elizabeth Ann Weston 1869 #911 - 1893
10. Selina Lydia Weston 1871 #7380
11. Evan Weston 1874 #737 - 20 Feb 1965 aged 92 wed Irene JM (could be Irene Jane Mabel Eyre registered 1877 #4762 dau of Sarah Agnes Oakley and Ewan Eyre)
12. Louis James Weston 1877 #6882 lived 8 years
2. Jane Weston wed 1870 #1044 to John Nathaniel Gamble, 7 children
3. Edward Richard Weston c1854 born at Somerton wed 1879 #2312 to Louisa Jane Smith 1862 #24039 born in Wangaratta, daughter of Susan Hayward Payne and Henry Daniel Smith
12 Children 1. William Robert Weston 1880 #6227 aged 5 months
2. Margaret Grace Weston 1882 #605
3. Edward Richard Weston 1883 #26948
4. Eleanor May Weston 1885 #29357
5. Susan Hayward Victoria Weston 1887 #32516
6. Henry Daniel Weston 1890 #18178
7. Louis James Weston 1892 #36982
8. Albert Weston
9. William Weston
10. Louisa Jane Weston
11. Alfred Ernest Weston
12. Elizabeth Julia Alice Weston

From on Wednesday, 10 August, 2011
Hi Elizabeth,
I happened upon your website whilst looking up some ancestors and just wanted to let you know about Edward Richard Weston, that you have listed under the Weston family. He was indeed married to Louisa Jane Smith in 1879. However, her parents were not Jane Fox and Adam Smith. They were in fact Henry Daniel Smith and Susan Hayward Payne. Also Edward and Louisa had more than 5 children, they actually had 12, beginning with William Richard who died aged 5 months.
I do not know if you are still updating your site on the pioneer families but I have to tell you that you have done a marvellous job!
Henry Smith wed 1852 #2761 at Presbyterian church, Melbourne & Geelong to Susan Heywood Payne. Their first known child was registered at Beechworth
10 Children
1. Julia Smith 1856 #6318
2. Henrietta Jane Smith 1858 #19794 - 1860 #4157 lived 2 years, born at Milkman's Flat
3. Edward Seymour Smith 1860 #22585 - 1874 #9351 lived 13 years
4. Louisa Jane Smith 1862 #24039 who wed 1879 to Edward Richard Weston
5. Susan Hayward Smith 1864 #25399
6. Emeline Henriett Smith 1871 #14210
7. James Osborne Smith 1873 #14583
8. Emma Lillian Smith 1875 #22775
9. William Edward Smith 1878 #19794
10. Harriett Lilly Smith 1881 #636

4. Margaret Sophia Weston wed 1876 #1895 to Richard Lindsay and lived at Benalla and after 1883 at Thoora
10 Children 1. Isabella Lindsay 1877 #6861
2. Richard Lindsay 1880 #594
3. Thomas Lindsay 1882 #580
4. William Lindsay 1883 #21537
5. Eleanor Lindsay 1886 #30160
6. Jane Lindsay 1889 #17056
7. Mary Elizth Lindsay 1892 #8528
8. Selina Mabel Lindsay 1894 #24823
9. David Allan Jas Lindsay 1896 #31478
10. Flor Ida Louisa Lindsay 1900 #6990
5. Willaim Weston 1860 - 1951 wed 1883 #29 to Shallta Bain 1863 #12632 dau of Frances Chandler and George Bain of Winton, and lived at Benalla
5 Children 1. George James Weston 1883 #21557
2. John Stanley Weston 1885 #23384
3. Frances Rubina Weston 1889 #18719
4. Eleanor Elizabeth Weston 1893 #28890
5. Wm Sholto Gordon Weston 1901 #16465
6. Eleanor Weston wed 1884 #34 to Thomas Crutch 1866 #10138 son of Ann Ford 1842 - 28 Dec 1892 (dau of Eliza Robinson and Thomas Ford) and James Crutch (who wed 1863 #1336) and lived at Benalla then at Devenish. James's parents Ann Robinson 1817 - 28 Aug 1895 dau of John Robinson, and John Crutch c1813 - 25 Jan 1879 in Vic when James was born 1842 at Winchelsea, Vic, died 3 Aug 1929
5 Children 1. John Evan Crutch 1885 #658
2. William James Crutch 1886 #15876
3. Thomas Albert Crutch 1889 #11652
4. Eleanor Jane Crutch 1891 #2584
5. Harold Robert Crutch 1898 #10482
7. Thomas Weston 1864 #7045 born at Benalla, wed 1890 #2191 to Maggie Rowan
10. Selina Lydia Weston 1871 #7380 - 1954 (Mrs Freitag) wed 1897 #6760 to Wm Fredk Freitag 1869 - 1939 and lived at Benalla
in loving memory of our beloved brother Edgar Henry Freitag died 17 Aug 1916 age 1 ½ years
in memory of our beloved parents Thomas Ernest Freitag died 27th Jan 1943 age 71 years and
SARAH FREITAG died 23rd July 1974 age 94 years
in memory of our beloved sister Martha Freitag died 5th May 1975 age 73 years
in loving memory of our dear parents Selina Freitag 1871 ? 1954 William Freitag 1869 ? 1939
in loving memory of Maria Freitag 1876 ? 1956 John Henry Freitag 1867 ? 1949 this was on the stone in 1981 but has been replaced with a stone reading) Freitag Maria And John Henry loved by May
Albert Henry William Freitag 1898 #24141
Ellenor Hannah Maud Freitag 1900 #8554

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