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Scraping around for John Edward Wellard - from a letter written from an email no longer active
The Rootschat page - had another look, as yesterday I had some time on Ancestry at the Library, and drew blanks.

Back to the wedding cert dated 6 Feb 1862 of John Edward to Emily Ann Cleverly, John says born at Dover, Kent UK, profession a Brewer, aged 25, Father a Mariner named Edward Wellard, mother Sarah Fagg, and he signed his name - Edward divided Ed m wd and looks like Willird

In the death cert of John Edward Wellard 7 May 1905, Emily Jane has recalled that her husband's father was a Sailor's Home official, and his mother was Sarah Fagg, so I would conclude that the family were aware of his origen.

Chasing Sarah Fagg, using FamilySearch, I found the usual ambiguities
Sarah Fage born 22 Jul 1807 Chr 16 Aug 1807 dau of Sarah and Joseph Fagg at Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England and same parents names are shown for Sarah Fage born 25 Feb 1811 Chr 24 Apr 1811, both daus of Sarah and Joseph Fagg at Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England
Sarah Fagg wed 30 May 1827 to Edward Wetland at Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England (extracted entry)

There is another wedding of Sarah Fagg on 15 Jun 1828 to William Henry Sellen at Saint George The Martyr, Southwark, Surrey, England
And following Edward Wetland, IGI, which uses Soundex system to get names with similar sounds, produced Edward Whiteland born 6 Aug 1802 Chr 1 Sep 1802 son of Jane and Edward Whiteland at Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey, England

There is a census entry in 1841 with 3 matching names 0- Edward, Sarah and John aged about 6
1841 - Loats Buildings, St Botolph, Aldgate, Middlesex
Edward WELLARD or WILLARD 30 lab each shown as b.Middlesex
Sarah 30 wife, Mary 25 dressmaker, Elizabeth 11, Catherine 8, John 6 and Mary 5.
HO107/695 book 2 folio 4 page 3
The transcriber has interpreted the birthplace, which is probably 'in this county' as meaning Middlesex, where they were living.

1851 Census for the same address has
1851- Loats Buildings, St Botolph Aldgate, Middlesex
Sarah WILLETTS (a transcription error?) head mar 42 wife of a mariner b.Dover Kent
John son 16 assistant to a druggist b.Dover Kent
Mary dau 14 assistant to mother b.Dover Kent
My imagination concerning Edward's father is that he was involved in a home run by the Mission to the Seamen, one of the oldest of the 'Hospitals', with centres in London and in Gotebord and I expect other ports too. A bit like the Chelsea Pensioners for old soldiers.

The same Rootsweb page has followed Sarah into 1861 when she appears to have some lodgers
1861- 16 Havering .....?, Stepney, Middlesex
Sarah WELLARD head wid 53 b.Ewer (Ewell nr Dover perhaps?) Kent
+ some lodgers named HARVEY from Scotland.
RG9/284 folio 35 page 61

The birth year is consistent with the birth in 1807, suggesting there were two named Edward Fagg with wives named Sarah in Saint Dunstan, Stepney - we are familiar with cousins in other surname groups, having these situations.

John Edward Wellard 1834 - 1905 aged 71, son of Sarah Fagg and Edward Wellard, wed 6 Feb 1862 to Emily Ann/Alice Cleverly 1842 - 1929 aged 87, daughter of Eliza Blanchard and Thomas Cleverley - Emily Anne Cleverley - b.1843 Clarence, Tas .
From the same Rootschat website. They were married on 6 Feb 1862, at the residence of Mr Pennington, Navarre. Emily was born in Navarre and her parents were Thomas James Cleverly and Eliza Blanshard. John was born in Dover, UK
John Edward Wellard wed in Victoria, it is indexed as 1862 #6 to Emily Ann Cleverly and displayed in Stephen's letter. Navarre is in Victoria.
11 Children 1. Twin William Harry Wellard 1863 #8672 - 1863 #3207 lived 8 weeks
2. Twin Edward Francis Wellard 1863 #8673
3. Richard Harvey Wellard 1865 #6223
4. Sarah Maria Wellard 1867 #64
5. Mary Eliza Wellard 1869 #12846
8. Emily Alice Wellard 1870 in Talbot and died in Wonthaggi in 1930.
6. Alfred John Holden Wellard 1872 #49
7. Amy Annie Wellard 1873 - 1875 #53 lived 1 year
9. Maximilian Thomas Wellard 1879 #6506
10. Edith Louisa Wellard 1881 #12850
11. Beatrice May Wellard 1882 (she is Beatrice May McGregor (according to her death certificate - died 25 July 1939, aged 57 years, buried Ballarat, born in Talbot?)

2. Twin Edward Francis Wellard 1863 wed 1889 to Martha Muir 1869 #18967, born at St Arnaud
8 Children 1. Annie Martha Wellard 1889
2. Edward Francis Wellard 1891 wed 1918 to Isabel May Constable
3. Charles Wellard 1893 lived 4 years
4. Arthur Wellard 1895
5. Ivy Muriel Wellard 1897 - 1966 #4040 aged 68,
6. Leonard Wellard 1900 #6578 lived 1 day
7. Albert John Wellard 1900 #29876
8. Leslie Wellard 1904 lived 1 day
4. Arthur Wellard 1895 wed 18 May 1927 to Edith Hartley, 2 chn

From on Sunday, 17 October, 2010
Hi elizabeth, I am the granddaughter to Arthur Wellard born 1895 is the son of Edward and Martha Wellard . Arthur married Edith Hartley and had two children Martha Wellard and Ronny Wellard. Martha married James Flanagan and had 8 children and I am one of them So thank you for putting this information out there .

5. Ivy Muriel Wellard 1897 - 1966 #4040 aged 68, wed Alfred Sydney Cazaly and he died 27th Sept 1965 and had no chn
3. Richard Harvey Wellard 1865 wed 1889 to Annie Martha Sharpe 1868 #5763 daughter of Jane Lambie and Thomas Sharpe born at St Arnaud
5 Children 1. Ruby Lilian Wellard 1890 wed 1916 to James Pearce Scarff
2. Ivy Beatrice Wellard 1893 wed 1920 to Harold Henry Young
3. Sydney Maxwell Wellard 1894
4. Richard Roy Wellard 1895 wed 1915 to Ivorine May Lowe
5. Jean Emily Wellard 1903
4. Sarah Maria Wellard 1867, born at Amherst, wed 1888 to James Cracknell 1869 born at Lexton, 9 Children
6. Alfred John Holden Wellard 1872 wed 1898 #4102 to Angelina Lanfranchi 1879 #12268, daughter of Mary Ann Casey and Bernard Franci Lanfranchi born in Switzerland
8 Children 1. Alfred Harold Wellard 1899
2. Arthur Horace Wellard 1901
3. Hilda Muriel Wellard 1903
4. Albert Leslie Wellard 1905
5. Percy Claude Wellard 1910
6. Melva Eileen Wellard 1912
7. Maurice Lindsay Wellard 1914
8. Gordon Raymond Wellard 1919

8. Emily Alice Wellard 1878 in Talbot and died in Wonthaggi in 1930.
She married 1/7/1899 #5748 in Ballarat to James George Albert Watson Beck (born in 1878 at Hull confirmation on that one..all hearsay). Details of their children from on Sat, 9 Feb 2008
13 Children 1. Ruby Beck born and died 1895 in Ballarat (correct)
2. William Henry Beck born 1896 in Ballarat and died in 1963
3. Leslie Beck born 1900 #16164 in Ballarat and died in 1981
4. Elsie May Beck born in 1901 #24361 in Ballarat and died in 1959
5. Gladys Irene Beck born in Berringa and died 26/4/1965 in Wonthaggi
6. Beatrice Beck born 1905 in Berringa and died 26/5/1990 in Wonthaggi
7. Alice Maud Beck (Julie's gran!) born 3/12/06 at Bromfield and died 26/12/1983 in Mckinnon
8. Marguerite Beck born and died in 1908 in Rutherglen
9. Francis Horace Beck born 1910 in Geelong and died 23/6/1994 at Wonthaggi
10. John Edward Beck born 3/9/1911 in Geelong and died 12/10/1997 at Wonthaggi
11. Charlotte Beck born 1913 in Ararat and died ????
12. Myrtle Beck born 1914 and died 1990
13. Olive Beck born 1915 and died ?????
9. Maximilian Thomas Wellard 1879 wed 1909 to Gerte Beatrice Fishwick 1884 #305
4 Children 1. Florence Edith Wellard 1910
2. Maxwell Garfield Wellard 1912
3. Septimus John Wellard 1916
4. Olwyn (Peggy) Wellard c1918

From on Friday, 1 October, 2010
Hi there, I was on the computer looking for anything to do with the surname of Wellard, and found this one. My grandfather is Maximillion Thomas Wellard mentioned on your page. I am the daughter of Maxwell Garfield Wellard. You mentioned that Maximillion had three children, Florence, Maxwell and Septimus but they had another daughter known as Peggy she was the youngest of the four. They all lived in Ballarat. Most of the names from Maximillion were Maxine, Maxwell, and Maximillion going back quite a few generations. And also to the present day. With regards, Anne Maxine Hardy (Wellard)

Received from on Thu, 8 Jan 2004
I stumbled across your website by chance in a search I am doing to complete a family tree for my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday.
I’m not sure if you can help me, but having seen your website I’m now a little unsure whether I’ve got the family tree right after all. I had determined that my mother-in-law’s grandmother is Beatrice May McGregor (according to her death certificate - died 25 July 1939, aged 57 years, buried Ballarat, born in Talbot?). The certificate lists her parents as being John Wellard (miner) and Emily Alice Wellard (M.S. Cleverley). Your website shows 9 children born to John and Emily between the years 1863-1881. The death certificate would imply that Beatrice was born in 1882. Although Beatrice’s death certificate refers to Emily’s middle name being Alice, rather than Ann, surely it refers to the same people, in which case Beatrice would be a 10th child to John and Emily. Or perhaps could she be adopted?
I’d be very interested to know your view on this. Is it possible that your list is incomplete? I am hoping to present the family tree to my mother-in-law in one week.
For your information, I also obtained the marriage certificate for John Edward Wellard (Bachelor) and Emily Ann Cleverly (Spinster) and note the following details – married on 6 Feb 1862, at the residence of Mr Pennington, Navarre. John born in (D)over, Kent, England, profession – brewer, age 25, parents Edward Wellard (mariner) and Sarah Fogg. Emily born in Tasmania, age 21, presently residing in Navarre/usually Red Bank, parents Thomas James Cleverly (Blacksmith) and Eliza Blanshard.
The document is signed by both John and Emily, with Emily spelling her last name also without the “e” in Cleverl(e)y. I noticed that your website did not know the name of Emily’s mother. Another source suggested her mother’s name may be Elizabeth Blanchett/Blanchard – but I will assume that Emily knew best when signing her marriage certificate.
At any rate, as mentioned, I’d be delighted if you could let me know your view as to whether I am wrong to assume Beatrice is the 10th child.
Kind Regards, Stephen Ryan

Thomas Hartley

Thomas Hartley wed 1858 #3381 to Isabella Mcleod and children were registered at Creswick, except Dorotha
6 Children 1. Eliza Isabella Hartle 1859 #7742 - 1860 #5536 lived 1 year
2. Henry Edward Hartly 1861 #2636
3. Isabella Hartley 1862 #20218
4. Thomas Hartley 1864 #8054 - 1865 #8576 lived 1 year
5. Dorotha Hartley 1866 #1774 registered at Bloody Gully
6. Mary Ann Hartley 1869 #8076

Henry Edwards Hartly 1861 - 1925 aged 64, wed 1890 #4937 to Sarah Lamprell 1868 - 1930 aged 62
14 Children 1. Elizabeth Lamprell 1887 #13423 - 1887 #7614 lived 13 days Mount Prospect, VIC
2. Ada Hartley 1891 #21983 - 1892 #1491 lived 7 months Creswick, VIC
3. Florence (Florrie) Hartley 1892 #22229 - 1978 wed 1920 to Francis Furneaux Merrett 1890 Prahran, VIC,
4. Lilian Hartley 1893 #30814 - 1947 wed 1925 to John Fitzgerald Fetherston 1892 - 1953 Melbourne, VIC
5. William Hartley 1895 #28557 - 1975 wed 1920 to Irene S 1896 - 1975 Prahran, VIC
6. Isabella Hartley 1897 #2653 - 1898 lived 2 years
7. Henry Edward (Jimmy) Hartley 1898 #25677 - 1929 wed Vera Ladysmith James 1900 - 1969
8. Eliza Hartley 1900 #18211 - 1973 wed 1922 to Francis John Stevens 1895
9. Thomas (Tom) Hartley 1901 #26232 - 1979 Creswick, VIC
10. Edith Hartley 1903 - 1932 wed 1927 to Arthur Wellard
11. John James (Jack) Hartley 1905 - 1963 Ballarat, VIC
12. Jane Hartley 1908 Creswick, VIC
13. Isabella Hartly 1910 - 1934 aged 24
14. Ruth Alderman Hartley 1912 - 1933 aged 11

From on Monday, 18 October, 2010
Dear Elizabeth . Edith Hartley born 1903 at the Creswick hospital . Died the 5th FEBRAURY 1932 at tyhe age of 28 years, She died from TB at the Wychproof hospital. Death certificate no 1932 #7979 (944) Edith Hartley Married Arthur Wellard on the 18 th May 1927 out of this marraige there were two children Ronald Wellard and Martha Lorraine Wellard (Lorna ) was what she was called all her life Ronald died at the age of 14 years . He was born on the 22.6.1927 in charlton and died on the 22.5.1942 buried at St.Arnaud death no ( 4065 )19958 Martha was born on the 13.6.1928 and died the 25.6.2003 Martha(lorna) married James Flanagan and had eight children. Arthur was the son of Edward Francis Wellard and Martha Wellard nee Muir Edith was the daughter of Henry Edward Hartley and Sarah Hartley nee Lamprell from Cresiwck If this is not clear enough or you want more detail please let me know

Charles Lamprell

See the Lamprell family page for more details of this lamily.

Charles Lamprell 1843 - 1898 aged 57, born Little Wratting, Suffolk, and died at Creswick, VIC, aged 57, son of Elizabeth and James Lamprell came to Victoria and wed 1866 #73 to Jane Searle 1849, 1906 born in Bromley, Kent, died at Prahran, VIC, children registered at Mount Prospect
14 Children 1. Henry Lamprell 1867 #2776 - 1867 #5807 lived 3 months
2. Sarah Ann Lamprell 1868 #4526 - 1930 wed 1890 4937 to Henry Edward Hartley 1861 - 1925 Creswick, VIC
3. James Henry Lamprell 1870 #10614 - 1915 wed 1895 #1911 to Edith Mary Richardson 1875 #18117 - 1957 dau of Emily Thorne and George Richardson
4. Elizabeth Lamprell 1872 #18321 - 1942 wed 1895 #3896 to Samuel John Robertson Perry 1870 #4247 - 1959 son of Jessie Bennett Milne and Samuel Perry
5. Ann Jane (Jennie) Lamprell 1873 #25888 - 1948 wed 1907 to Robert Birt 1870 #4154 - 1933 son of Maris Frances Godsell and William Birt
6. Charles William Lamprell 1876 #11020 - 1940 wed 1905 to Elizabeth Christina Scholes 1889 - 1937 possibly dau Eliz Parish and Wm Scholes
7. Louisa Lamprell 1878 #10596 - 1879 #5745 lived 1 year
8. John Lamprell 1880 #3994 - 1880 #10896 lived 9 months
9. Benjamin Preston Lamprell 1881 #25021 - 1971 wed 1903 to Catherine Ann Parish 1883 #6379 - 1960 dau of Elizabeth Parish
10. Ruth Lamprell 1883 #25299 - 1968 wed 1907 to Geoffrey Fran Alderman c1880 - 1957 Heidelberg, VIC
11. Walter (Wally) Lamprell 1885 #19951 - 1964 wed 1910 to Emily Louisa Knight 1888 - 1959 Malvern, VIC
12. Thomas Jubilee Burnett Lamprell 1887 #13427 - 1937 wed 1909 to Blanche Sale 1890 - 1973 Fitzroy, VIC
13. Maud Lamprell 1889 #24336 - 1967 wed 1913 to Arthur Merrin Witt 1887 #23482
14. William Lamprell 1890

Thomas James Cleverly

Thomas James Cleverly 1808 - 1878 #4060, aged 70 son of Hannah and Thomas Cleverly born in Wiltshire died in Victoria, and Eliza Blanchard 1825 - ? lived in Tasmania and later moved to Victoria. It looks as if Emily Ann was baptised after she had been recorded as Un-named. Eliza's surname is variously written Blanchard, Blanchart, and settling to Blanchett.
9 Children 1. Emily Anne Cleverly baptised 09 Aug 1843, Tas 1843 #2262 wed 1862 #2 to John Edward Wellard
2. (Un-Named Female) Cleverly 09 Aug 1843, Tas 1843 #1716
3. Frederic Mewman Cleverley 18 Sep 1844 Tas 1844 #538
4. Alfred David Cleverley 01 Mar 1846 Tas 1846 #1610
5. William Arthur Cleverly 18 Dec 1847, Tas 1848 #1024 wed 1876 #1664 to Julia Agnes Kierse
6. John Lewis Bourn Cleverly 12 Aug 1849 Tas 1849 #1065 as Lewis wed 1870 #3315 to Henrietta Kerr
7. Elizabeth Mary Ann Cleverley 31 Jul 1854 Tas 1854 #20 as Mary Ann wed 1884 #1151 to Francis Horace Stubbs
8. Angelina Beatrice Cleverley Vic 1858 #10994 at St Kilda wed 1885 #757 to Alexander Knox McCleave
9. George Albert Cleverly Vic 1866 #19022 at Talbot
Lloyds ship - Ship: 500 Tons Captain: William Green Surgeon Superintendent: George F.Bush Sailed Gravesend 11th September 1841 - arrived Nelson 9th February 1842
The Lloyds brought out the wives and children of the men who had gone ahead on the expeditionary ships.
But I have not found what Expedition is being referred to!
Includes these
Blanchett Elizabeth 33 Wife of Thomas Blanchett
with Uriah 10, George 9, Julia 5 and Emily 1
Blanchett Eliza 16 Sister of Thomas Blanchett

Problem - where does Thomas Cleverly come from? He is not mentioned as a convict, nor is he otherwise in Tasmanian records.
AUSSIE-GEN-RESEARCH-L Archives 09 June 2001
From: Sherrie Blackman - blackman at speednet dot com dot au
Subject: Re: [A.G.R. ] Cleverley, Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2001
I have Cleverley's from Wiltshire, they travelled to New Zealand, Tasmania Aust. and then Victoria, Aust. From memory I think a branch also went back to New Zealand.
Thomas Cleverly (b.1808) and his wife Hannah Butler sailed to New Zealand with their 3 children. Hannah died just before the ship reached New Zealand.
Children of Thomas & Hannah Cleverly:
1. Thomas James Cleverley - christened 11 Sep 1836 Chippenham, Wiltshire, England - married Elizabeth Ann Goyen 1865
2. Thurza Cleverley - b. 1839 - married George Hanslow in 1859 Tasmania
3. Louisa Cleverley - b.1841 - married Maximilian Wills in Victoria

4. Male lived 6 hours
Thomas Cleverly married Elizabeth Blanchett/Blanchard around 1842.
From Ms Julie Hepburn on Sat, 9 Feb 2008, email to her bounced 24 Oct 2010
Thomas & Eliza and the three children..Thomas, Thurza, and Louisa left Port Nelson New Zealand on 20th Sep 1842 on the cargo ship "Sisters". They arrived at Port Nicholson Tasmania 9/10/1842. They were the only passengers on board.

Children from Thomas' 2nd marriage are:
5. Emily Anne Cleverley - b.1843 Clarence, Tas married John Edward Wellard - 1862
6. Frederic N/Mewman Cleverley - b.1844 Hobart, Tas - married Beatrice Eliza Wills - 1901 - notice Frederic marries his sister's (Louisa) daughter.
7. William Arthur Cleverley - b.1847 Hobart, Tasmania - wed 1876 #1664 to Julia Agnes Kierse
8. Alfred David Cleverley - b.1846 Hobart, Tasmania - married ?
9. John Lewis Bourn Cleverley - b.1849 Hobart, Tas- married Henrietta Kerr 1885 - my branch
10. Angelina Beatrice Cleverley - b.1858 St Kilda, Victoria - wed 1885 #757 to Alexander Knox McCleave from Ayr
11. George Albert Cleverley - b.1866 Talbot, Victoria - married Mary Ann Johnston
12. Elizabeth Mary Ann Cleverley - b.1854 Clarence, Tas - married ?

In Australia the name Cleverly is spelt 'ly' and 'ley'. Please let me know if you see a connection.
Kind regards, Sherrie Blackman.

Hannah Butler wed 04 MAY 1833 at Heddington, Wiltshire, to Thomas Cleverly
Thomas James Cleverly 11 Sep 1836 - 26 Dec 1906 christened at Chippenham, Wiltshire, England and died at Amhurst, Victoria, Australia
Found at the website for the Fifeshire a Ship: 557 Tons Captain: Harford Arnold, Surgeon Superintendent: William Spence, sailed London 17th September 1841 & Downs 2nd October 1841 - arrived Nelson New Zealand February 1st 1842
Cleverly Thomas 34 Smith and Farrier
Hannah 29 Died on board 03/01/1842, Consumption
Thomas James 4, Theresa 3, Louiza Infant and Male Infant Born on board 31/12/1841 Died in 6 hours
Fifeshire was one of the first four ships to Nelson and on her maiden voyage when bringing out settlers of the New Zealand Company to Nelson. 'Lord Auckland', 'Mary Ann' and 'Lloyds' all set out on the same day, the 'Fifeshire' being the first to arrive. These four ships brought out 764 people to Nelson. The Fifeshire was an unlucky boat from the start. During the voyage fever broke out and 17 passengers died, their bodies being buried at sea. Until the scourge began to abate the passengers were in a most melancholy state, as they did not know where it was going to end. When navigating Cook Strait the ship nearly came to grief. The pilot took her between Stephen's Island and the mainland and, the wind failing at a critical moment, it looked as though she would go ashore, but Captain Arnold sent away a boat with a kedge, which dropped in the nick of time and the ship hauled of into safety.
Referring to the Fifeshire's arrival the Nelson "Examiner" said that as the ladies (cabin passenger) dressed in the London fashions of the 1841, were carried ashore from the ship's boats the Maori broke into loud exclamations of wonder and delight. "Kapai!" "Kapai te wahine!" Kapai te piccaninny!" said the natives, who though familiar enough with white men, had never before seen the prevailing European fashions for women and children..
After disembarking passengers and discharging cargo the ship was cleared for China but unfortunately never made it out of Nelson Harbour. On the morning of 27th February, in charge of an acting Pilot (Captain F. G. Moore-the regular Pilot was unwell), she got under way. She had nearly passed through the narrow channel entrance when the wind failed, and the tide carried her on Arrow Reef.
Strenuous efforts were made to get her off, but it was useless and at low water she was lying nearly high and dry. Her hull could not stand the strain and her back was badly broken. She was condemned and sold for breaking up.
Source: White wings. Sir Henry Brett
Our thanks to Peter Dillon of Christchurch for providing the births and deaths on boad Fifeshire
2. Thurza Cleverley b. 1839 wed 1858 #3436 in Victoria to George Hanslow and went to Tasmania in 1859 Tasmania
8 Children 1. George Hanslow 14 Oct 1859 Tasmania 1859 #437 wed 30 Apr 1885 Tas 1885 #20A to Louisa May Briggs, both aged 25
2. Emila Hanslow 01 Oct 1864 Tasmania 1864 #226
3. Thomas Edward Hanslow 08 Jul 1866 Tas 1866 #169 wed 11 Feb 1892 to Agnes Hastie aged 21
4. Eliza Hanslow 06 Sep 1868 Tas 1868 #192 wed 01 Dec 1892 Tas 1892 #23 at Brighton, Tasmania to Edward Hollingsworth aged 30
5. Louisa Hanslowe 1870 wed 09 Jul 1894 Tas 1894 #16 at Brighton Tasmania to Charles Stone aged 24 - she aged 27
6. Elizabeth Hanslow 1872 wed 22 Apr 1897 Tas 1897 #29 at Brighton Tasmania to William Ball aged 23
7. Susan Hanslow 21 Jan 1875 Tas 1875 #172
8. Henry James Hanslow 26 Jun 1878 Tas 1878 #62

William Ball c1874 was not in Tasmania
Louisa May Briggs c1860 28 Apr 1860 Tas 1860 #587 daughter of louisa Nichols and Joseph Briggs
Agnes Hastie c1871 no match found
Edward Hollingsworth aged 30 born in 8 Oct 1862 in Tasmania is son of Mary Townsend and William Hollingsworth
Charles Stone born in Tasmania about 1870 is Charles Albert Edwd Stone 25 Mar 1869 Tas 1869 #604 son of Mary Ann Johnson and Thomas Stone.
3. Louisa Cleverley b.1841 - wed 1858 #2795 in Victoria to Maximilian Wills and lived at Sandridge, Williamstown and visited Tasmania
8 Children 1. Unnamed Male Wills 1859 #6680 lived 1 day
2. Louisa Jane Wills 1861 #6816 - 1864 #8895 aged 3 died at Sandridge
3. Laura Lavinia Theo Wills 1866 #5598
4. Korah Halcomb Wills 1869 #4962
5. Beatrice Eliza Wills 06 Jul 1871 Tasmania 1871 #552
6. Constantine David Wills 1873 #27928 - 1875 #15448 lived 2 years
7. William Thomas Wills 1876 #20131
8. Albert Booz Wills 1880 #12501
7. William Arthur Cleverley b.1847 Hobart, Tasmania - wed 1876 #1664 to Julia Agnes Kierse and lived at Ballarat
6 Children 1. Arthur Ernest Cleverley 1876 #20893
2. Amelia Blanche Cleverley 1878 #13127
3. Edith Mabel Cleverley 1879 #13499
4. Walter Albert Cleverley 1881 #6808 - 1885 #11003 lived 4 years
5. Francis Michael Cleverley 1882 #20580
6. Minnie Lily Cleverley 1885 #447
6. John Lewis / Louis Bourn Cleverly / Cleverley 12 Aug 1849 Tas 1849 #1065 as Lewis wed 1870 #3315 to Henrietta Kerr born in Glasgow, lived in Ballarat with Walter born in Melbourne
9 Children 1. John Lewis Cleverley 1870 #13724
2. Henrietta Cleverley 1872 #13768
3. Emma Maud Cleverley 1874 #13582 - 1887 #5166 lived 10 years
4. Beatrice Cleverley 1876 #20839
5. Thomas Cleverley 1879 #259
6. Robert Cleverley 1881 #417
7. Walter Cleverley 1883 #443
8. Alfred David Cleverley 1884 #447 - 1885 #11002 lived 22 months
9. Catherine Ella Cleverley 1886 #7862

More about Nelson, and the settlement there

at The Survey - Whitby passengers
The 347 ton Whitby was one of three vessels fitted out to carry out a survey for the new settlement at Nelson. Whitby and Will Watch departed London on Sunday afternoon, May 2nd 1841. A service had been held on board Will Watch and their passeg down the Thames was marked by a 21 gun salute. Arrow did not depart until May 21st but beat the other two ships to Port Nicholson. All three ships first arived at Port Nicholson until the question of the site of Nelson had been resolved. Whitby brought to New Zealand, Capain Arthur Wakefield R N (brother to Edward Gibbon Wakefield) along with 59 officals and labourers.
At NZ bound we find
Captain Arthur Wakefield arrived at Wellington in 1841, in command of the expeditionary vessel, the 'Will Watch,' to found the Nelson settlement somewhere in the Middle Island, and to take his instructions from his brother, Colonel Wakefield, the New Zealand Company's agent. The Colonel wished his brother to go south to Port Cooper, where, as whalers had told him, there was a good harbour and plenty of level country. Lieutenant Governor Hobson, however, forbade the southward expedition, and limited the choice of a site for the settlement to Blind Bay; hence Nelson was for years known as "Hobson Choice." The other expeditionary vessels were the 'Arrow' and the 'Whitby' with 100 pioneers from England. A year later they were joined by their wives and children.
Port Nelson is a natural haven situated in the SE of Tasman Bay, at the top of the South Island. During 1842, over three thousand people were brought into Nelson by the New Zealand Company in twenty four ships and by 1850 four thousand had come as company settlers. The first emigrant vessel into Nelson was the Fifeshire which arrived 1 February 1842, which is considered the date of establishment of the settlement. She was a 557 tons barque and had arrived in Wellington 16 January 1842 after departing London 26 September. The Fifeshire under the command of under Captain Arnold was wrecked while leaving Nelson on 27 February 1842 when the tide carried her onto Arrow Reef named after a vessel that was part of the survey expedition.
Allan, Ruth. (1918-1958) Nelson - A History of Early Settlement. Wellington : A. H. & A. W. Reed, 1965 458 pp
Allan, Ruth. The History of the Port of Nelson. Christchurch : Whitcombe & Tombs, 1954. 154pp Index.
Briars, Jenny, 1956- Road to Sarau : from Germany to Upper Moutere / Nelson, NZ: J. Briars and J. Leith, 1993. Immigrants New Zealand Moutere River Valley. 166 p. Ships- 'St. Pauli' & 'Skiold'
Buckley, Barry F., 1936- Sails of suffering : the story of the "Lloyds", an original emigrant ship to Nelson, 1841-1842 Napier, N.Z. : B.F. Buckley, 1990. 79 p.
Holdaway, Mary. "The Holdaway Family - Pioneers of Nelson" ISBN 0-473-01553-6 compiled by Mary Holdaway of "Bentworth", 31 Meehan St, Blenheim 7301, NZ. 1991 It has, 15-20 pages, on the Whitby from several people, including a reproduction of the passenger list from the A's to the start of the P's (one page). There are accounts of the entire voyage and anecdotes from some of the passengers and describes the various minor incidents, shore parties, etc leading to the founding of Nelson. The Whitby arrived in Wellington (Lambton Harbour) soon after the Will Watch and the Arrow, on 18 Sep 1841 (source Star newspaper, 1 Feb 1932). During its expedition to Nelson Haven, it was initially grounded on the point on 1 Nov 1841, and finally landed on 5 Nov 1841. The Mary Ann arrived with immigrants on 5 Feb 1842 but it had to stay in the bay for two nights before disembarking (source Ethel Holdaway's writings, Nelson archive 1969).
Eckford, H S (Bert) History of the Eckford Shipping Co. and Blenheim River Traders 1881 - 1965 94 pp Self-publication; 1995 A history of the Eckford family of Blenheim and their shipping ventures across Cook Strait.
Fell, Alfred, 1817- A colonist's voyage to New Zealand under sail in the "early forties" by Alfred Fell ; with a foreword by his son, Sir Arthur Fell. Exeter : Townsend, [1926] (Ch : Capper Press, (1973) 112 p. The voyage of the Lord Auckland to Nelson, 1841-1842. Facsimile ed.
Field, A.N. - Nelson Province 1642-1842 : From Discovery to Colonisation - Nelson, 1942, A G Betts & Son. 144pp. A history of New Zealand's Nelson Province.
Lists of Passengers to Nelson, 1841-1850 is available at Alexander Turnbull Library and the Nelson Provincial Museum. See Application and Embarkation #s
McMurtry, George, 1919- Versatile community : the history of the settlers of central Moutere / 1992
Motueka and District Historical Association: Not Without Courage - Our First Settlers. Pub. 1992 Four young men from Camborne were approached by the New Zealand Company's agent, Mr William Budge, to join the Expedition party which was going to NZ to found the colony of Nelson under the direction of Captain Arthur Wakefield. They were the Rawlings brothers - William 30 years, Richard 27 years and Thomas 22 years. The fourth was Richard Ching. They left Gravesend on 2 May 1841 on the 'Will Watch' and 'Whitby'. The wives and children followed in Feb 1842 on the infamous Lloyds. (65 children died enroute probably due to poor ventilation, malfunctioning oil lamps and overcrowding. All further vessels were sent with women and children protected by their husband's.) All three of Thomas and Elizabeth's children died en-route. They eventually settled in Riwaka near Nelson. ISSN 02112-0271
Neale, June E., 1919- Landfall Nelson : by sailing ship, 1642-1842: Anchor Press, 258 Wakefield Quay, Nelson NZ 1978, 1989. Focuses on the original four emigrant ships into Nelson: Fifeshire sailed 26 September 1841, Mary Ann sailed 24 September 1841, Lloyds sailed 11 September 1841 and Lord Auckland sailed 21 September 1841. Also Whitby sailed 27 April 1841, Will Watch sailed 27 April 1841. There are passenger lists recorded for each of the ships named.
Neale, June E. Pioneer passengers : to Nelson by sailing ship, March 1842-June 1843: Anchor Press, 1982, 1989. Focuses on the ships arriving 1842/3, and includes a voyage account and passenger lists for each ship: Bolton, Martha Ridgeway, London, Clifford, Sir Charles Forbes, Thomas Harrison, Olympus, New Zealand, George Fyfe, Bombay, Prince of Wales, Indus, Thomas Sparkes, Phoebe and the German immigrant ship St Pauli.
Nelson Provincial Museum & Library, located at Isel Park, Stoke, Nelson ph 3-547- 9740, is run by the Nelson City Council. Email Appointments are necessary for photographic or library research. Holdings. Best to contact them several weeks in advance if you are researching a particular surname. Researching in the photographic section is complicated as their large collection consists mainly of negatives, not prints. The museum has a research fee. Isel Park was donated by Thomas Marsden, landowner and prominent citizen in Stoke. The name Isel is from his birthplace in England. He and his son James spent their lifetime landscaping the grounds of Isel house with trees from throughout the world. The house is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Research services will close at 4 pm on Monday 23 Dec. 2002. The library and archives will re-open at 12 noon on Monday 6 January 2003. Normal hours of Mon-Fri 12-4 pm will continue from this date.
Ship Diaries at the NPML:
John Gibson 'Fifeshire' 1841
Kater William Henry (ships surgeon) 'Sir Charles Forbes' 1842
J. Hounsell 'Bard of Avon' 1863
George Page 'Arethusa' 1879
Edwin White 'Adamant' 1874

Passenger Lists at the NPML:
New Zealand Company 1840-1850 (passenger application numbers enable you to find the place of origin) A large microfilm of applications by emigrants that covers a large number of vessels 1839 to 1850 that were under the NZ Co. scheme. Gives the actual street address of their residence when they applied in some cases and the county in others. It also states the relationships, sister, nephew etc. of various passengers.
Nelson Provincial Government 1853-1867
New Zealand Government 1874-1880
Local newspaper shipping columns are available and include coastal and Trans-Tasman shipping
The Attic (library) at the Wakapuaka Cemetery, Atawhai Drive, Nelson is were the Nelson branch of the NZSG meet and have a library. Open 2.00pm to 4.00pm on Sunday.
Nelson also has a Historical Society (meets at Founders Park) and a Family History Center on Nayland Rd in Stoke. On display at the Founders Historic Park, 87 Atawhai Drive, Nelson. ph 0-3-548 2649 are scale models of the Edwin Fox, the Fifeshire and the Lord Auckland.
1842 Fifeshire to Nelson 16 dying of fever
1842 Lloyds to Nelson. 65 children died
Return of Births & Deaths
on board the emigrant ship FIFESHIRE during the voyage from London to the settlement of Nelson - National Archives - NZC 36/8 Fifeshire papers, enclosure 5337/458, p.3 (some writing in this document is difficult to decipher and is therefore open to interpretation)
Name of Mother Date of Delivery Sex Remarks
Elizabeth GIBSON 1841 Nov 13 male
Mary MAGGARY 18 male
Anne BIRD 26 female
Isobel MOORE Dec 5 female
Elenor DILLON 21 male
Hannah CLEVERLY 31 male Died in 6 hours
Mary Anne JONES 1842 Jan 13 female Died in 28 hours
Fanny RICHARDSON 14 male
Elizabeth PENNELLS 18 female
Jane 26 male
Name of emigrant Age Date Nature of disease
Infant daughter R. CARTER 14 wks 1841 Oct 6 Diarrhoea
Infant daughter W. RICHARDSON 1½ yrs 9 Disease Mesentine?
Son of W. PENNELLS 1½ yrs 14 Diarrhoea and
Mary HARPER 35 16 Abdominal inflammation
Daughter W. JONES 16 mths 22 Water on the head
Do Mr PENNELLS 1 yrs Nov 10 Do
James DRAPER 28 26 Inflammation of brain
Son W. DRUMMOND 3 29 Disease of Mesentine glands
Josiah WILLEY (WILLINGS?) 27 Dec 17 Fever
Mr A. WILLINGS 21 22 Do
Son of E. JONES (JAMES?) 2 25 Do
Hannah CLEVERLY 29 1842 Jan 3 Consumption
Edward JAMES 37 4 Abdominal Inflammation caused by a worm? perforating small intestines
Daughter W. JONES 8 16 Putrid sore throat
MAGGARY (MARGARY?) Feb 1 Consumption 4 hours after landing, 8 hours after ship arrived
"The foregoing returns are correct. Wm SPENCE Surgeon Superintendant."
Also see NZC/34/-/5/pp150-162 : various FIFESHIRE papers including passenger lists plus Deaths & Births at sea.

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