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Joseph Waters, George Frederick Waters,

Joseph Waters

From TheShipList
The barque China, 658 tons, Captain George McMillan, from London / Plymouth 26th July 1852, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 12th November 1852 with Mary Stevens 25 Domestic Servant Middlesex and Elizabeth Stevens 18 Domestic Servant Middlesex
Using FamilyHistorySA, the next Mary after July 1852 is
PRING William, 26, married STEPHENS Mary, 32, on 1855-04-22 at Christ Church, North Adelaide
I found his name (does not mean only one person of this pair of names) in the South Australian Register, Wednesday 6 January 1847, Column 2, Police Commissioner's Report, second case - several drunkards were severally fined five shillings, namely William Priest, John Bonnar, William Bailey, William Pring and Thomas Murray. The next person was fined ten shillings - David Graham was drunk and lying on the footpath asleep during the night.

From on Saturday, 12 March, 2011
Hi Elizabeth,
In regard to Joseph Waters and Elizabeth Ann Stephens...
Joseph was born in Kent (either Bethesden or Tenterden) 1833 to William Waters (1810 – 1880) and Harriet Webb (1811 – 1885).
William Waters married on the 7th April 1832 to Harriet Webb in Bethersden, West Ashford District, Kent . This came from Mid Kent Marriage Index 1745 – 1911 on their website MidKentMarriages
They arrived in South Australia on the 24th August 1839 on the Somersetshire from London, with children Joseph, Harriet, William (my husband’s ancestor) and Phoebe. - see Di Cumings Passenger List

They apparently had another son Samuel after Harriet, (from another researcher), but he wasn’t on the passenger list and I haven’t confirmed that be belonged to this family. They had another 9 children in SA. Checked and confirmed with Digger.
Joseph died in Richmond Victoria 13 August 1893 aged 63 years. On his death certificate he was an engine driver.
Regards, Rosie Poole ( Perth, WA)
Using IGI to find references to children of Harriet (did not include surname) and William Waters, there are Submitted Entries for births of Joseph about 1833, and Phoebe Waters about 1837 died 15 Sep 1911
The Somersetshire came from London, arrived at Port Adelaide 24 Aug 1839 with three families each fathered by William Waters
William Waters, Harriet nee WEBB, Joseph, Hrt, Wm, Phoebe arrived 1839-08-24 on Somersetshire from London (Joseph, Harriet/Harriot, William, Phoebe)
William Waters, wife Hannah, Ed, Hy, Amelia, Georgianne, Henrietta arrived 1839-08-24 on Somersetshire from London (Edward, Henry, Amelia, Georgianne, Henrietta)
William Waters, wife Katherine, Chas, Rd, Eliz, My arrived 1839-08-24 on Somersetshire from London (Charles, Richard, Elizabeth, Mary)
SA to 1855 has more details -
1. Mary Waters born 1844-10-09 at Mt Barker, father WATERS William, mother WEBB Hrtt
2. Susanna Waters born 1848-05-15 at Green Hill Survey, father WATERS William, mother WEBB Harriet
3. James Waters born 1849-06-04 at Green Hills, father WATERS William, mother WEBB Hrtt
4. Jane Waters born 1851-04-12 at Green Hills Survey, father WATERS William, mother WEBB Harriet
5. Charles Waters born 1854-06-13 at (Ade), father WATERS William, mother WEBB Harriet

1. Martha Waters born 1844-08-25 at Adelaide, father WATERS William, mother POLLARD Ann
2. Mary Waters born 1844-08-25 at Adelaide, father WATERS William, mother POLLARD Ann
3. Thomas Ivey Waters born 1846-08-17 at Adelaide, father WATERS William, mother POLLARD Ann and James Ivey died 1846-12-14 aged 4 m
4. William Henry Waters born 1848-04-23 at Nth Kapunda, father WATERS William, mother POLLARD Anne

Joseph Waters, 21, married STEPHENS Elizabeth Ann, 19, on 1853-12-01 at Res of Mr Waters, Green Hills Survey, South Australia
1. Joseph Waters born 1854-08-25 at (Ade), father WATERS Joseph, mother STEPHEN Elizabeth Ann

The nearest shipping arrival I can see is Elizabeth Stephens aged 17, came 17 Nov 1849 on the Nelson to Melbourne with John Stephens aged 36, carpenter from Guanop (Gwennap), Cornwall, Church of England, both read and write, with wife Mary A aged 36, Elizabeth 17, Thomas 15, John 10, Edwin 9, James Henry 4 and William aged 1 year

The 1834 Voters' List for the Parish of Gwennap, in the Western Division of Cornwall includes John STEPHENS (living at) Tuplett, Leasehold, address Tuplett. Self and others Independent (under nobodys control) Mary and John Stephens Christened Elizabeth Stephens 24 Apr 1834 at Breage, Cornwall, England

Joseph Waters c1832 wed 1 Dec 1853 in South Australia to Elizabeth Ann Stephens c1834, lived at Stawell, Clunes then settled at St Arnaud in Victoria.
12 Children 1. Joseph Waters 25 Aug 1854 in South Australia
2. William Thomas Waters 1856 #9265 Stawell Vic
3. Harriet Ann Waters 1857 #16474 - 1875 #8950 aged 17
4. John Waters 1859 #8309 Clunes
5. Louisa Waters 1861 #14133 - 1945 #9361 aged 84
6. Mary Ann Elizabeth Waters 1863 #17554 St Arnard
7. Jane Waters 1865 #18843
8. Ellen Waters 1868 #5764
9. Charles Waters 1870 #12045
10. Walter Waters 1872 #12387
11. Henry Waters 1875 #5715 - 1875 #8949 lived 5 weeks
12. Samuel Henry Waters 1877 #5504

From on Wednesday, 26 October 2011
Joseph and Elizabeth Ann both in their mid fifties, were both admitted to the outpatients of Dunolly District Hospital in Jan 1885. First, Joseph with Infectralgia, then Vermes (worms) for three weeks. During which time Elizabeth Ann had three visits for Dyspepsia, then an emergency three visits for Bilious Diarhoera.
They were living in Bealiba at the time...
They both relocated to Richmond in Melbourne, where their youngest son Sam, established a Hide and Tan factory.

On the admission records for Dunolly Hospital in 1885 it stated Elizabeth Ann left England for Australia from Plymouth. England. On board the ‘Cressy’ in 1846 .. was born in 1841? In 1885 was aged 43/44 yrs. she gave this info herself on admission.. when ill.
She listed as arriving on the ‘Cressy’ in 1846... although the ‘Cressy’ did not arrive in Adelaide until 1847..... an easy mistake as she was very young at the time of arrival... her birth year and age appear incorrect... and could be a calculation by the hospital after an incorrect age given..

1. Joseph Waters 1854-08-25 born in Adelaide, wed 1879 #2693 to Elizabeth Youren 1861 born in Inglewood, moved to Hawthorn
8 Children 1. Mary Elizabeth Waters 1880 at St Arnaud
2. Ethel Emma Waters 1882 at Bealiba
3. Charles Henry Waters 1884
4. William Francis Waters 1886 at Hawthorn
5. Arthur Thomas Waters 1888 at Richmond
6. Ruby May Waters 1890 #7080
7. Richard James Waters 1892 #333
8. Samuel Henessey Waters 1900 #28076 at Matlock
2. Ethel Emma Waters 1882 at Bealiba, wed Robert Peter Lawson, 4 chn
2. William Thomas Waters 1856 #9265 wed 1876 #4134 to Elizabeth Currie and lived at Swanhill, St Arnaud, Charlton, Wycheproof then about 1896 moved to Northcote, then Richmond
10 Children 1. Louisa Agnes Waters 1877 #19018
2. Elizabeth Ann Waters 1879 #19583
3. Jane Waters 1881 #22200
4. William Thomas Waters 1884 #6509
5. John Waters 1886 #7275
6. Ellen Waters 1888 #16774 - 1892 #4620 lived 2 years
7. Margt Waters 1890 #37678
8. Grace Gladys Waters 1894 #16841
9. Florrie Melbourne Waters 1897 #5484 - 1898 #4138 lived 1 year
10. Jos Jas Waters 1899 #5694
3. Harriet Ann Waters 1857 #16474 - 1875 #8950 aged 17, wed 1874 #1459 to Theodore Cenel born in Mauritius. Note Harriet's baby was registered the same time as her brother Henry who died aged 5 weeks and his death is registered just before her death, so she died 5 weeks after her baby was born.
Cenel T aged 24 came May 1854 on the Aristide Marie, and Mrs Cenel aged 35 came Feb 1855 on the Australia.
1 Child 1. Sophie Loetitia Cenel 1875 #5713
4. John Waters 1859 #8309 Clunes wed 1880 #2907 to Maria Goldspring 1860 #15817 born at Amherst, lived at Maryborough, Korongvale, Avonplains
5 Children 1. Jno Chas Waters 1880 #19986
2. Alice Louisa Waters 1882 #6544
3. Twin Clara Waters 1883 #24441
4. Twin Eva Waters 1883 #24442 - 1884 #4945 lived 1 month
5. Arthur Edward Waters 1885 #4053

From on Fri, 28 Jan 2005
I came upon your info re Australian Pioneer families, this is part of my husbands ancestors, except some of your info appears a little different to mine. My Joseph Waters isn’t from Cornwall but from Kent, and Elizabeth Ann Stephens I have quoted on one document as being from St Ives in Cornwall. I have been tracing this family for years and just need proof of where Elizabeth was actually born, as you would know its not stated on the marriage cert in SA. I have also researched in Cornwall, and feel I know who her parents where, but don’t want to link them up until I have more conclusive proof.
We are descended from daughter Louisa Waters who married Peter McNally Farish, there were 11 children,
Thankyou for the Cornwall clue. Finding the exact family is difficult,
Another thought - do names of children have any significance?
First boy is called Joseph - after his father? or Elizabeth Ann's father (doubtful)
Second boy is William Thomas - Joseph is son of William, so child is named after grandfather - with perhaps Thomas after Elizabeth's father
First girl is Harriet Ann, named after Joseph's mother, with possibly Ann from Elizabeth's mother. Sadly, this child died aged 17, with her baby brother aged 5 weeks.
Then follows John, Louisa and Mary Ann -

5. Louisa Waters 1861 #14133 wed 1881 #4737 to Peter McNally Farish 1861 #15739 born at Lexton, 10 Children
7. Jane Waters 1865 #18843 wed 1884 #2744 to George Wood born in England, and lived at Hotham West
5 Children 1. James George Theodore Wood 1886 #2386
2. Ruby May Wood 1887 #12020
3. Bertie Wood 1888 #27386
4. Ethel Ruby Wood 1889 #32239
5. Ellen Gerte Wood 1891 #13757
8. Ellen Waters 1868 #5764 - 1890 #9320 aged 23, wed 1887 #4409 to Phillip Jones 1859 #9115 born at Maryborough
3 Children 1. Twin Rachael Jones 1888 #22194
2. Twin Ellen Jones 1888 #22195 - 1889 #3135 lived 6 months
3. John Jones 1890 #7172 born in Richmond

on Tuesday, 25 October, 2011
Hi Elizabeth and Rosy and Di, Firstly, thank you Elizabeth for your excellent web page on Elizabeth Ann Stephens and Joseph Waters. Thank you also Rosy and Di for the contributions you have made. The site has filled in quite a few blanks for me regarding Elizabeth Ann and Joseph and their descendants. I had lost the trail of Joseph and Elizabeth after the birth of their first son, Joseph jnr. I must have looked in every jurisdiction except Victoria! I am a descendant of both John and Richard Stephens, who I believe to be this Elizabeth Ann’s brothers. (I am descended from both John and Richard as my paternal Grandparents were second cousins).
I believe this Elizabeth Ann to be the daughter of John Stephens and Mary Ann Barrett who were married on 12 Feb 1831 in Kenwyn, Cornwall (Cornwall Parish Clerks On-line database - Marriages Record No: 491845). The Cornwall Parish Clerks records also show a number of children born to this couple:
Thomas, christened 20 Aug 1831, at Todpool, Chacewater;
Elizabeth Ann, christened 26 May 1833, at Gwennap;
Thomas, christened 20 Sep 1835, Todpole, Chacewater;
John, christened 09 May 1839, at Triplet;
Edwin, christened 13 Jan 1843, at Triplet;
James Henry, christened 15 Jul 1846, at Todpool.
Another child, William, was born in 1848, at Chacewater. There is no christening record but according to his Marriage certificate he was born in Chacewater. On the Assisted Immigrants shipping list for the family he is said to be 1 year old in 1849. The appearance of a second child named Thomas suggests that the first Thomas died as an infant, although I can’t find a matching record of his death.

This Stephens family left the United Kingdom via Portsmouth on 08 Aug 1849 onboard the “Nelson”. They arrived in Port Phillip, in present day Victoria, on 17 Nov 1849. The State Records Office of NSW has digitized the shipping lists for Assisted Immigrants for this period. The Stephenses are family number 33 on page 25 for the “Nelson” and are described as John, aged 36, “carpenter”, Mary A., “wife”, children Elizabeth (17, “house servant”), Thomas (15, “farm labourer”), John (10), Edwin (9 - should be 6), James Henry (4), William (1). “Native place and County” for the family is rendered as “Guanop” i.e. Gwennap. Under the heading “Religion” all are said to be "Church of England". This may have been a ruse to be seen more favourably by officialdom as they were actually Methodists, as is evidenced very strongly in their later lives. Two further sons were born in South Australia - Richard, on 11 Apr 1851, in Kooringa (recorded in the Burra District register only), and Alfred, on 11 Dec 1854, in Burra.

An Elizabeth Ann Stephens married a Joseph Waters at Green Hills Survey, SA on 01 December 1853 “at the residence of Mr Waters”. (SA Marriages Index No: b17, p254.) Unfortunately, the parents’ names are not recorded. A William Stephens (possibly this Elizabeth Ann’s younger brother) married a Jane Waters (possibly Joseph’s younger sister) on 22 March, 1870 “at the residence of John Stephens, Moonta” (SA Marriages Index No b82, p732). The Bride’s father was named as being William Waters and the Groom’s father as John Stephens. This second marriage of a Stephens to a Waters (with a father “William”) is the most compelling evidence I have that links my Elizabeth Ann Stephens with the Waters family descended from William Waters and Harriet Webb i.e. the unlikely coincidence of two unrelated people with the surname Waters marrying two Stephens siblings. Whilst I cannot conclusively prove that the two Waters involved were the siblings Joseph and Jane i.e. the children of William Waters and Harriet Webb, or that the Elizabeth Ann Stephens that married Joseph was related to William Stephens, there is little doubt that the William Stephens who married Jane Waters was a member of the original Stephens family that arrived on the “Nelson” in 1849, which included an older sister, Elizabeth Ann. Also I could not find any other matching marriages for an Elizabeth Ann Stephens. I think the two marriages are just too much of a coincidence to ignore.
Best Regards, Peter Hansson.
Wonderful - you have found a goldmine of details.
I found
The 1834 Voters' List for the Parish of Gwennap, in the Western Division of Cornwall
includes John STEPHENS (living at) Tuplett, Leasehold, address Tuplett. Self and others Independent (under nobodys control)

George Frederick Waters

Included on this page because I have now had 2 emails relating to this family.
From "Lesley Graham" on Thu, 28 Dec 2006, emails to her bounced Aug 2010
Hello Elizabeth, I have just been surfing looking for further information on my husbands family history and I came apon your entrance for Waters on your Pioneers site
I am researching the Waters line, George Rutledge Waters, was born in 1824 Hampshire England and died in Naracoorte South Australia, he married Mary Jane Harris in 1852 at Dundas Stn, Victoria she was born in 1833 Dublin Ire, she died in Apsley Vic in 1911
As George Frederick Waters he wed Mary Jane Harris. (1852 Dundas Station) They had a son Mark Henry Waters who died in 1930 at St Arnaud in Victoria,
I have often wondered if there is a connection between your Waters and mine as some of mine went to Kerang and Alexander and Bendigo and also St Arnaud but most have died in either SA or Hamilton area of Victoria
Have you ever come across any connection? I know the Rutledge ( Routledge ) name comes down the line, George Rutledge Waters was a Bullock Driver, and his son Mark was a shearer
cheers Lesley
Ps I was wondering what your connection to the Tarnagulla area was, as we have a link to Waanyarra and Tarnagulla also.

The Port Augusta came Jan 1887 with Willoughby Flower 30, Emily S Flower 30, Charlotte Flower 22 and an unnamed infant
George Rutledge Waters born in 1831, Hampshire England, wed 1852 in Vic (marriage not indexed) to Mary Jane Harris 1833 - 1911 born in Dublin, Ireland
7 Children 1. Unnamed Male Waters 1855 #11308, as George James Waters died 1922 aged 67
2. Mark Henry Waters 1858 #3318 - 1920 born at Harrow
3. Unnamed Male Waters 1860 #15267 called Edward Daniel Waters
4. Isaac Waters 1862 #19115
5. Elizabeth Waters 1864 - 1864 #3733 lived 2 months, died at Edenhope
6. David Waters 1866 #20114 born at Casterton
7. Mary Jane Waters lived 3 weeks
2. Mark Henry Waters 1858 #3318 - 2 Sep 1930 #4274 aged 72, born at Harrow, wed 1880 to Martha Deans at Narracort SA, and lived at Edenhope then Apsley
9 Children 1. Elizabeth Agnes Waters 1881 #2335 - 1901 #9837 aged 20 died at Hlton
2. Mary Jane Louisa Waters 1882 #13291 - 1959 #23764 aged 76, wed Gorrie
3. Margaret Waters 1884 (on father's death cert) - 1960 #25311 aged 76, wed Finn
3. Emily Ethilda Waters 1886 #15211 died before father
4. Edward Daniel Waters 1888 #16984 Survived WWI died 1967 #24497 aged 80
5. George Waters 1890 #9056 had flat feet, discharged from WWI died 1986 #21204 aged 94
6. Georgeania Annie Waters 1892 #9475 - 1946 #16003 aged 54 wed Richards
7. William Henry Waters 1893 #31192 - 5 Aug 1915 died of wounds, buried at Alexandria KIA
8. Ivy Amelia Beat Rutledge Waters 1897 #18842
9. Ethel May Rutledge Waters 1899 #25379 - 1977 #3756 aged 76 wed Valentine, born at Casterton

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