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William Tyzzer/Tizzer

Charles Tyzzer wed 29 Oct 1832 to Mary Ann Harris at Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
She appears to be Mary Ann Tyzzer from Cornwall who died in Victoria 1813 - 1876 #267 aged 63, daughter of John Harrison.
The Queen Bee came Sept 1863 with Mary Ann Tyzzer 48 and Susan J Tyzzer 19.
In 1851 Susan Tyzzer, Servnt,U, 12, House Servt, Newlyn Cornwall, is working at 258, Rejourra Mills, for William Searle, Head,M,40,,Miller,
Susan Ellen Tyzzer Christening: 25 Dec 1838 dau of Maryanne and Charles Tyzzer at East Newlyn, Cornwall, England
No record of Susan J Tyzzer in Victoria.
David Williams has their family as
i. John Tyzzer, b. 1833, Cubert, Cornwall.
ii. William Tyzzer, Christening: 01 Nov 1835, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall.
iii. Emma Tyzzer, Christening: 25 Dec 1836, East Newlyn, Cornwall.
Susan Ellen Tyzzer Christening: 25 Dec 1838
iv. James Tyzzer, b. 1840, East Newlyn, Cornwall. (appears to die before 1851)
v. Elizabeth Ann Tyzzer, b. 1842, East Newlyn, Cornwall;
vi. Joseph Tyzzer, b. 1845, East Newlyn, Cornwall.
Elizabeth Ann Tyzzer wed 1863 #3529 to William Cook and lived at Springhill then Creswick, Elizabeth Ann Cook 1843 - 1870 #3996 aged 27 dau of Mary Ann Harris and Charles Tyzzer of Cornwall
3 children 1. Elizabeth Cook 1866 #2876
2. Frederick William Cook 1869 #1823 - 1870 #916 lived 1 year
3. Lydia Susan Cook 1870 #15139 (looks like mother died soon after Lydia was born she was later registered.)

Cornwall 1851 (not listed 1841) Folio 567 Page 69
261,Rejourra, Mary Ann Tyzzer, Head,W, 39, Farm Lab, Newlyn Cornwall,
John Tyzzer, Son,U,17, Lead Miner, Perranzabuloe Cornwall,
William Tyzzer, Son,U,15, Lead Miner, Perranzabuloe Cornwall,
Elizabeth Ann Tyzzer, Dau,U, 8, Newlyn Cornwall,
Joseph Tyzzer, Son,U,6 Newlyn Cornwall,
On the previous page, Emma Tyzzer,Servnt,U,,13,House Lab,Newlyn Cornwall,
Emma appears to be working as the youngest of 3 house servants for Philip Hawke, Head,M,31, Farmer 80a 4 Men 2 Women, St. Agnes Cornwall, and his wife Agnes Tucker Hawke, Wife,M,,25, who have 6 children (Philip Hawke aged 26 wed Agnes Tucker Bawden aged 23 on 01 Feb 1840 at Madron, Cornwall, England, which just goes to show that ages on a Census record do not always fit with age given in marriage record)
From on Fri, 26 Jan 2007
Dear Elizabeth- I began researching my Tyzzer ancestors last year and I just came upon your website. My family is from St Agnes, possibly kin to Constantine Tyzzer. I see that your William Tyzzer married Mary Pollard. When I go to and enter the same marriage, I see the marriage date was 24 Nov 1855 in East Newlyn, Cornwall, and there is an entry stating that Charles Tyzzer is William's father. I believe that the family you show from 1841 is a different family.
When I check IGI I see that Charles Tyzzer married Mary Anne Harris on 29 Oct 1832 in Perranzabuloe, Cornwall. I cannot locate a birth date or place for Charles.
I am attempting to determine how all of the Tyzzer families in the area might be related to each other. If you have done any research, please email me. If you are aware of any other Tyzzer researchers, please ask them to email me. Thank you.
Best regards,

I found
This cached site of people goung to Queensland
has 2 Tyzzer boys listed, Charles Tyzzer 23 and William Tyzzer 20 on 5 Mar 1879 on the ship Selkirkshire (do not fit in Victorian family)
David found they are sons of William's elder brother, John Tyzzer,
John Tyzzer wed Jun Quarter, 1855 to Isabella Glanville Cavall Christening: 01 Apr 1832 dau of Mary and Mathew Cavall at East Newlyn, Cornwall, England.
Mathew Cavall wed 28 Apr 1828 to Mary Glanvil at East Newlyn, Cornwall, England

Children of John Tyzzer and Isabella are:
i. John Tyzzer, b. Abt. 1853, Newlyn, Cornwall.
ii. Charles Tyzzer, b. Abt. 1855, Newlyn, Cornwall.
More About Charles Tyzzer:
Emigrated to Australia: 05 Mar 1879, ship Selkirkshire (age 23)
iii. Mary Ellen Tyzzer, b. Abt. 1857, Newlyn, Cornwall.
iv. William Tyzzer, b. Abt. 1859, Kenwyn, Cornwall.
More About William Tyzzer:
Emigrated to Australia: 05 Mar 1879, ship Selkirkshire (age 20)

William Tyzzer

Marriages Dec 1855 - William Tyzzer and Mary Pollard in St Columb Vol 5c page 207. The district St Columb is in the county of Cornwall, from FamilySearch, wedding was William son of Charles Tyzzer wed 24 NOV 1855 at East Newlyn, Cornwall, England to Mary dau of Edward Pollard
William Tizzer/Tyzzer aged 21, c1835, came Jan 1857 on the William, with Mary Pollard aged 23 from Cornwall as Assisted Immigrants with infant Susan, and lived at Creswick
8 children 1. Susan Harris Tizzer 1856
2. Mary Ann Tyzzer 1858 #5025
3. Ellen Tyzzer 1860 #8236
4. Emma Jane Tyzzer 1862 #1876
5. William Tyzzer 1864 #8061
6. Alfred Charles Tyzzer 1867 #14258 - 1875 #827 lived 9 years
7. Elizabeth Tyzzer 1870 #1929 - 1872 #9490 lived 2 years
8. Louisa Tyzzer 1873 #10156 - 1875 #826 lived 2 years
1. Susan Harris Tizzer 1856 wed 1880 #749 to George Frederick Wood born in Sydney and lived at Creswick
3 children 1. Laura Wood 1880 #7943
2. Bertha Wood 1881 #15593
3. Arthur William Wood 1883 #8434
2. Mary Ann Tyzzer 1858 #5025 wed 1877 #321 to Robert Mitchell born at Ballarat
5 children 1. Helena Frances Mitchell 1880 #441
2. Amy Florence Mitchell 1881 #10511
3. Beatrice Mary Mitchell 1884 #19137 - 1885 #2697 lived 10 months
4. Robert Earnest Mitchell 1886 #4972
5. Herbert Mitchell 1887 #30540
3. Ellen Tyzzer 1860 #8236 wed 1881 #1806 to Henry William Wallace 1869 #19413 and lived at Creswick 7 children
4. Emma Jane Tizzer 1862 #1876 wed 1882 #4376 to Robert Hobden Bowley 1857 #8263 and lived at Creswick, 4 Children
From on Thu, 11 Oct 2007
Ellen Tyzzer (Tizzer) 9 April 1860 - April 1946 born at Spring Hill nr Ballarat Vic, buried at Fawker Cem Melb Vic. wed at Wesley Ch, Creswick Vic (Rev M Dyson) on 7th April 1881 to Henry William Wallace 27th Aug 1859 - Feb 1946 born at Creswick Vic,
7 children 1. William George Wallace 17 Feb 1882 - 21 July 1951 (or 1942?) born at at Creswick Vic, wed 17 Oct 1933 Sylvia Doris Barker 22 Sept 1898 - 4 May 1959, 2 children
2. Henry Guildford (Gil) Wallace 28 April 1884 - 8 July 1894 aged 10 years. Gil died on the way to Sunday School one Sunday morning. He and his other siblings were on the way to church and Gil was either dared or decided to “ride the Rocker arm” of the Maloort Gold Mine nr Ballarat Vic. This may have been an activity of the local children or he may have been just silly. Either way Gil was crushed and died instantly. The other children, rather than go straight home and tell their parents went to Sunday School first and only on their return home did they tell their family what happened, this was some hours later.
3. Ethel May (Sis) Wallace 6 Oct 1886 - 25 Dec 1920 aged 34 born at Bellvue Vic and died at Benalla Vic of Typhoid Fever. wed 6 Dec 1911 to David Swanson Albert Pk, Presb Church, Campbelltown Vic who died in Takopa in South of South Island, New Zealand, 2 Children (Sis & Dave went to live in the south of New Zealand to be near Mabel, Dave died over there and Sis moved back to her parents place at Banalla where she later died of Typhoid.)
4 Mabel Wallace (5'3" tall and a redhead) b 22 Oct 1888 - 1 May 1969 born at Kingston nr Creswick Vic and died at Roma Private Hospital East Gosford from Stroke,
wed 3 Feb 1909 at Presb. Ch , Kerang Vic. to Murdoch Macdonald b 18 March 1875 - 20 Feb 1956 born at 2.30pm in Mayfield, Talbotshire County, Vic
(Murdoch McDonald as he was knows for most of his life changed the spelling of his surname in the early 1920's so he was able to work in a firm staffed and owned by Roman Catholics, the Macdonald spelling was protestant and the catholic man was very bigoted and one eyed. His and Mabel's eldest daughter Ethel Ellen (Judy) always used the 'Macdonald" spelling although the other three used the Cap"D". In later years the "Macd" was used by the others occasionally, The New Zealand side of the family (Murdoch's first wife's children) have always used the" Macd" spelling.) They lived in Ngkawau north of Westport South Is New Zealand, then in 1928 moved Canberra, then back to Vic , Perth WA and then back to Melbourne. Murdoch moved back to New Zealand in Aug 1937, returning to the two oldest children and their family. He died there in 1956 (at Gisbourne Nth ISland).
First 2 of 4 chn
1 Ethel Ellen b 16 May 1910 - 23 March 1998. A journalist (known throughout the Pacific as Judy Tudor) (5'1" tall)wed 16 May 1934 to Len Tudor div 1939/40 Eng Ernest Henry d 1941 in Egypt (shot/wounded in Crete, WW2)
2 Keith 30 Dec 1920 - d Sept 2007 a musician, trombonist and trumpeter, died Gold Coast Qld.
5 Elsie Maud Wallace (“Auntie”) 21 Nov 1890 - 1981 wed 19 Dec 1919 William Shoebridge at Grey St RC Church St Kilda and he died in 1921 soon after son John was born)

6 Lily Wallace b March 1892 - March 1893 at Inverloch Vic lived 1 year

7 Alfred Edward (Alf) Wallace b 25 Feb 1900 - 1985 born at Bethanga Rd nr Albury Vic, wed 16 Nov 1927 to Emily Vera Barker (Em) b 29 Nov 1902 and had 2 chn.
(Alf and Em were a tiny couple in stature, following the physical side of the Cornish. The Tyzzer side of this branch were very small and slender) Alf was a dairy farmer.

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