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William Sperin

NSW authorities have released their Bounty Immigration Passenger Lists - go here for the Sea Queen. See Page 5 for William and Agnes Sparing
William Spering, as Sparing aged 27 came Apr 1844 on the Sea Queen with Agnes Sparin aged 24, from Limerick. For more on the Sea Queen see my notes.

William Sperin c1823 came with Agnes Mcdonald and lived at Geelong

6 Children 1. Agnes Sperin 1847 #21853
2. Rachel Sperin 1848 #10475
3. Francis Sperin 1850 #10769
4. William Sperin 1853 - 1855 #6222 lived 2 years
5. Josephine Grace Sperin 1856 - 1857 #3208 lived 1 year
6. Hartwell Speiran 1859 - 1883 #3859 aged 24, other details unknown
1. Agnes Sperin 1846 - 1885 #4770 aged 39, wed 1873 #4800 to John Talmage 1840
2. Rachel Sperin born 20 May 1848 in Geelong, died 1890, wed 1872 #3352 to Pierce Hutton 1850 - 1920, and lived at Collingwood
From Rootsweb, Rachel SPERIN was born on 20 May 1848 in Geelong, Vic, Aus, christened on 23 Jul 1848 in Wesleyan Chapel, Geelong, Vic, Aus. She married 1872 in Collingwood, Vic, Aus. to Pierce Hutton, born about 1850 in Melbourne, Vic, Aus and died in 1920 in Brunswick, Vic, Aus., son of Charles Benjamin Hutton 1818 - 1873 #799 aged 55 from Devon, wed 1846 #5018 to Eliza Mcsweeney.
5 Children 1. Francis Archibald Hutton 1876 #2645 died
2. Pierce Philott Hutton 1878 #8242 - 1934 #610 aged 55
3. Archibald Hutton 1882 #22079
4. Agnes Hutton 1884 #23577
5. Francis William Hutton 1888 #19221
3. Frank Sperin wed 1874 #960 to Kezia Elizabeth Utting and lived at Geelong
2 Children 1. Francis William Hartwell Sperin 1874 #22020 - 1875 #1155 lived 2 months
2. Isabella Maud Sperin 1882 #18509 - 1883 #7788 lived 1 year

From on Sunday, 10 February 2013
Hello Elizabeth and thankyou - your site is beyond brilliant and has been very helpful to me over the years. I just wanted to drop you a line to give you some information;
I have been looking into Francis Sperin born 1850 as he was a despicable character who was eventually hanged in 1891 after 3 separate convictions as a child molester.
I have copied my page from ancestry rather than rewrite it. As Frank was born in Victoria it is probably not relevant to your site but just in case I thought it was an interesting addition. There is much newspaper coverage on this man, including a perjury charge against the victim and her mother, and evidence that his 2 sisters publicly defended him and hid him from authorities and yet later he assaulted one of their daughters! There was also much public outcry that he was innocent of the assault on Harriet Uttings and yet he went on to be charged and then hanged for further assaults! Who knows how much damage this man caused that he was not charged for.
It is always interesting to find someone bad enough to get plenty of newspaper coverage. Unfortunately in this case he really was a very nasty character.

Source Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 - 1918) Tuesday 4 May 1875
At the City Police Court this morning: Harriet Utting senior, and Harriet Utting junior, were charged with perjury. The case - arises out of the trial of Frank Sperin, who at the March sittings of the central bailiwick was sentenced to ten years imprisonment with two floggings for attempting to criminally assault the latter defendant. The child was also charged tnth committing perjury at the Collingwood Police Court on the 23rd February Last. Mr. M'Kean appeared for the prosecution. The case was remaaded to the Collingwood Police Court, where it will be heard tomorrow morning.
The case continued in the Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 - 1918) Monday 13 August 1877

From on Sat, 15 Dec 2007
Dear Elizabeth,

I am researching various Limerick families with a number of other cousins from branches in Australia, Canada, Ireland and America. Your website listing for William Sperin is DEFINITELY connected to the Limerick branches.
Purposely, the different branches changed the spellings of their surnames. The first families came from London to Cappagh parish, Limerick between 1680 and 1700 a.d. spelling the name Spierin.
By 1800 the family branched out into several parishes and the spellings morphed at that point into Sperin, Speirin, Speiran, Speerin, Speering, Spearin and Spearing. My main problem is the lack of records from 1760 to 1800. I have a lot of kids with known first names born in this time frame and very few father's names.
HOWEVER, I do know certain things about this time period....
Your specific branch in Geelong appears to come from the parish of Croagh just below Cappagh in Limerick.
The William in your tree had a son Frank who had a son WILLIAM FRANCIS HARTWELL who died as an infant. HARTWELL is a uniquely Limerick name and was the key to determining your origins. Here's why.
The London Spierins were friends a British Naval Captain named Samuel Hartwell who died in battle near the Netherlands about 1689. His son was Barry Hartwell AND HERE'S THE CONNECTION ON HOW SOMEONE IN YOUR TREE ENDED UP WITH THE NAME HARTWELL......
The first 2 Spierins in Limerick were Luke and Matthew Spierin. Matthew died in 1717 in Adare parish Limerick. Luke died in 1726 in Cappagh parish Limerick. Matthew's daughter married Barry Hartwell and Luke's eldest son was named Hartwell Spierin. This first of many, many Hartwell Spierins was born in 1680. This Hartwell had 3 brothers Mark, Nicholas and Luke Jr. Spierin.
I am descended from Luke Jr. If I have my theories correct your William Sperin may be descended from Hartwell and not just because of the name. You are definitely part of the Limerick families even if I have the wrong brother. Records are so hard to come by but I am making progress using Irish land deeds from the 18th century.
I believe your William is the son of William Sperin/Speerin who came to Australia on the prison ship Asia in 1824. The elder William left behind a wife and 5 children in Croagh parish, Limerick. These children we all born between 1815 and 1824. I lost the trail of the elder William once he got to Australia but your William is a perfect age based on when his children Agnes, Rachel and Frank were born.
Croagh parish is important because of its proximity to Cappagh parish. The first Hartwell inherited land in Croagh and took over land in Croagh left to his other brothers. At this point some of the branches apparently split and go to Adare parish.
Another researcher is researching a Patrick Speerin/Sperin/Sperrin who came to Australia in 1831 and I believe he is connected to your William. He was born either 1796 or 1806. Patrick was sentenced in Newport, Tipperary county, Ireland where he lived at the time. His wife Ellen and son John followed him to Australia in 1849. While Tipperary is a different county than Limerick, the town of Newport is only about 20 miles from Adare and Croagh parishes in Limerick.
Here's the link. In the 1856 elector rolls for Geelong district, there is a William Sperrin (most probably yours) and a Patrick Sperrin. I believe they are either brothers and sons of the elder William or Ppatrick is the brother of the elder William and thus your William's uncle.

There is also a 3rd and a 4th Limerick family in Australia.

In the 1850s another Adare parish Limerick branch came as freemen. They were George, John, Luke and Tobias Speiran. In Limerick they spelled their name Spearin. They are connected also to 2 Canadian branches. George, John and Tobias went to NSW and Luke went to Perth.

The fourth branch begins with a James Speering who came to Australia in 1822 on the prison ship Mangles with his brother Michael aka Thomas Michael. They also were from Adare parish, Limerick. Their brother Luke is my great great great grandfather. Luke went to England instead of Australia and his son Michael came to New Jersey where we are to this day.

Yet another branch I believe directly related to you went from Croagh to Ballingarry parish Limerick in the 1790s and changed their spelling from Spierin to Sperin. A Nicholas Sperin of Ballingarry and his brothers left Ballingarry and went to Cherokee county Georgia in 1834. This branch is almost certainly descended from the first Hartwell Spierin.

My hope here is that you may have additional information not currently on your website which would verify the Limerick/Tipperary and/or Patrick Sperrin connections or you may possess a larger tree that I would appreciate seeing. I have an enormous amount of material I can share on the family history that would occupy about 2 cdrom disks. I also have a very large tree on concerned with linking all these families.

My goal (and the goal of 9 other researching cousins around the globe) is to link all the families to their common ancestor about 1760 when the original brothers Hartwell Mark Nicholas and Luke split into different families.

I love to share so feel free to use this info on your website if you wish.
Can you help? Please!!! We are so close to figuring out the whole story!
Bob Spearing

Old Bailey when THOMAS WEBB, theft : burglary, 18th September, 1820. Webb was judged Guilty, Recommended to Mercy. by First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice Richardson.
JAMES SPEERING. I lodged in the prisoner's house, and do now; he called me up on the last morning in June, I had been in his company the night before, and left him between nine and ten o'clock; he called me up between two and three, and soon after I heard the watchman call half-past two; it was earlier than I wished to get up, and I went to bed again. I saw him go out and fastened the door after him.

James McRail

Bridget Mcspeerin wed 1864 #1805 to James Mcrail and lived at Collingwood, Melbourne
2 children 1. Catherine Mcreaile born 1865 #21274 to Bridget Speerin
2. James Mcreail born 1868 #3718 to Bridget Spearon
James Mcspeerin from Co Limerick wed 1869 #660 to Catherine Ried
2 children 1. Bridget Mcspeerin 1878 #9072
2. Margaret Mcspeerin 1880 #2453

Arthur Macmahon McSpeerin

Arthur Macmahon Speerin from Limerick wed 1872 #4148 to Mary Josephine Breen from Tipperary

and lived at Fitzroy, Carlton, suburbs of Melbourne

6 Children 1. Hartwell John Mcspeerin 1874 #24128
2. Annie Teresa Mcspeerin 1876 #7541
3. James Frederick Mcspeerin 1878 #7309
4. John Mcspeerin 1880 #7044
5. Arthur Mcspeerin 1880 #7045
6. William Mcspeerin 1881 #21966

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