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Surnames mentioned on this page
Evans, Gould, Gunn, Henderson, Howie
Leeder, Morrow, Rose Smith, Thomas Smith,

This is the companion page for Ernest Nicholas Leeder's entry, where his children are repeated

Thomas Scudder 1783 - 1863 of Kent, England, wed Sarah Clark 1794 - 1874.
Their son Frederick Scudder 1829 - 1889, married Emma Louise Holton 1829 - 1870, and then Mary Ann.

9 Wells Place Sydenham in the 1881 Census
Frederick Scudder head 52 carpenter married Sydenham
Mary A Wife 42 married Norwich , Norfolk
Florence Dau 18 dressmaker Un Sydenham

Frederick & Emma's children where the date is of Baptism at St Bartholomews, Sydenham,
Frederick & Emma 1. Walter James Scudder 2 May 1853
2. Harriet Ellen Scudder 8 Oct 1854 died (not in 1861 census)
3. William Frederick Scudder 30 Nov 1856
4. Lydia Odell Scudder 8 May 1859
5. Florence Scudder 1863
6. Louise Emma Scudder 10 June 1866

Son William Frederick Scudder 13 Sep 1856 - 20 Dec 1939, was born at Upper Sydenham, Kent, UK and died at Bendigo. He came to Victoria on the Bowen arrived 2 January 1882, which carried 5 adults and 4 children called British, and 8 Chinese (4 men, 2 women and 2 children) from Hong Kong.
William Frederick Scudder had two wives. First wife wed 1886 was Mary Jane Howie 1865 #14311 - 1889
Second wife wed 1890 was Rose Ann Smith 1861 - 2 Mar 1939 daughter of Elizabeth Hempenstall and Benjamin Smith
From on Sun, 15 Oct 2006

Hi Elizabeth
Been a long time, Hope you are well. and that this gets to you,
I don't know if you have the 1851 census stuff but this is yours.
1851 High Street Sydenham
Thomas Scudder Head 68 Rustic seat and summer House maker. born Sydenham
Sarah Scudder Wife 57 b White Roothing Essex
Frederick Scudder son 21 Carpenter b Sydenham
Stephen Scudder son 16 Sawyer b Sydenham
Cooper Hill grandson 9 Scholar b Deptford
Hope it is of some help, also I have some old pics of Scudder Pub Later became the Wood man and of the Scudder Houses have I ever sent you these?
all best Be well Terry

Completely beside the point -
The Hempenstall (Hepenstall - probably derived from the English place name Heptonstall) family are in Irish records in the County Wicklow area from the 17th century. These at Ashwood which is very near Arklow were related to "The Walking Gallows", Jack Heppenstall or Hempenstall of the Yeomanry Corps. He was a very tall man, near seven feet, and hated rebels. During the Great Rebellion of 1798, he earned himself the dubious fame of executing the enemy on the spot. He carried a hangman's noos with him in his saddle and upon confronting the enemy, he looped it about the person's neck, threw the rope over his shoulder and stood up to his full height and literally hanged the poor fellow until dead. His name has been hated by the Irish all through these two hundred plus years ever since.
Rose Ann Smith is the fourth child born in Victoria of Thomas Smith 1809 - 1898 (son of Margaret Monaghan and Owen Smith) and Ann Hempenstall 1822 - 1873 (daughter of Elizabeth and Benjamin Hempenstall), sister of
1. Catherine Smith 1856 - 1860, born Blackman's Lead, died Maryborough
2. Thomas Smith 1858 - 1870 #9409 lived 12 years, at Maryborough
3. Bridget Smith 8 Mar 1860 #5149 at Blackmans Lead
4. Rose Ann Smith 1861 - 2 Mar 1939, born at Maryborough and died at Charlton
5. Benjamin Michael Smith 1863 #3108 - 1870 #9407 lived 12 years
6. Catherine Smith 1865 #23236

Children of Mary Jane Howie and William Frederick Scudder are
       1. Florence Jane Scudder 1887 - 1888 lived 17 months
2. Mary Scudder 1889.

Children of Rose Ann and William Frederick Scudder are
       3. Ellen Frances Scudder 1890 - 1977 married Ernest Nicholas Leeder
       1. Wilfred Robert Leeder 23 June 1908 - 22 Dec 1977, no children
       2. Rose May Leeder 31 July 1909 - 17 Jan 1976, 4 children
       3. Iris Rose Isabel Leeder 11 May 1911 - 12 Feb 1916 aged 4
       4. Leila Dorothy Leeder 25 Sep 1912 - 15 Aug 1982, one daughter
       5. Robert Vivian Leeder 2 Sep 1914 - 2 Mar 1974, 3 children
       6. Kevin Vincent Leeder 5 Feb 1917, 6 children
       7. Ernest William Leeder 23 June 1919 - 10 July 1998, one son
       8. Arthur Desmond Leeder 11 Apr 1921, 8 children
       9. Brian Francis Leeder 14 Feb 1923, 2 children
     10. Audrey Patricia Leeder 3 Oct 1925, 5 children
     11. Vincent Lionel Leeder 13 July 1927, 6 children
     12. Leo Lawrence Leeder 6 Dec 1929, 3 children
     13. Elaine Carmel Leeder 28 July 1932, 4 children

4. Evaline Julia Scudder 1891 - 1971, married Thomas Smith

5. Annie Edith Scudder 1893 - 1975, married 1917 to Alexander Gunn
      1. Colin Francis Gunn 1919

6. Walter James Scudder 1895 - 1980, married Henrietta Henderson 1889 - 1986

7. Rose Florence Scudder 1900 - 1992, married 1919 to John Joseph Morrow
      1. John Morris Morrow 1919

8. May Harriet Scudder 1904 - 1948, married Ambrose Martin Gould

A very interesting list of Scudders baptised at Lewisham

From , who writes a very lengthy letter, has this Fletcher web site in UK

These births are all the ones I have so far managed to copy form the registers at the family records office, I am seperateing the Lewisham ones for you, Lewisham covers Sydenham and Lee,
The way this is written is the numbers and details you would need to order certificates.
All are Scudders,
James Frederick Lewisham 1d 816 Dec 1870
Cooper Roger Lewisham 1d 883 June 1872
Walter George Lewisham 1d 583 June 1873
Alice Anne Lewisham 1d 909 Sept 1873
Janet Lewisham 1d 921 Sept 1874
John Francis Lewisham 1d 951 Mar 1875
Lillian Lewisham 1d 941 Sept 1876
Eliza Lewisham 1d 1006 Sept 1878
Arthur Lewisham 1d 1062 Dec 1878
Ada Francis Lewisham 1d 1051 Dec 1879
George Lewisham 1d 1086 Mar 1880
Albert Lewisham 1d 1034 Sept 1880
George William Lewisham 1d 1060 June 1882
Ruth Lewisham 1d 1101 June 1884
Female Lewisham 1d 319 Mar 1845
Rose Ann Lewisham 5 297 Dec 1845 the 5 in this is actually written v as in roman numerals
John Lewisham 5 287 Dec 1843 as above, this is my gt grandfather
William Lewisham 5 279 June 1842 again 5 as above
Thomas William Lewisham 5 269 June 1843 again as above
Daisy Phillips Lewisham 1d 1089 June 1885

This is as far as I have got attempting to copy all the info from the ledgers.

The following are from the Church registers for St Mary's Lewisham. This is an older church than the St Bartholomews Church at Sydenham, This from upper Sydenham would have been a considerable walk,
But then was the nearest Church. Again all Scudders,
Name - Date of Christening - parents
John 30 Mar 1712 John of St James Westminster

Holding 21 Dec 1719 William
Mary 5 Feb 1720 William
William 4 Oct 1722 William
Ann 29 May 1723 William
Rebecca 15 Oct 1725 William
Catherine 17 Apr 1730 William
Elizabeth 14 Mar 1732 William
Sarah 16 July 1735 ??? William
Samuel 16 July 1738 William
Samuel 16 March 1752 William & Jane
Hannah 22 Feb 1764 William & Jane
Charlotte 10 Sept 1773 Samuel & Elizabeth
Mary Ann 25 April 1798 Thomas & Ann ( this is proberly mine)
John 4 Dec 1803 Thomas & Ann ( this is mine)

I do have a lot of info on Scudders of Sydenham, All my info I have colated my self,
The Sydenham bits and the Lewisham bits have come from the church records at the Archives office at the London borough of Lewisham.
It is difficult not knowing what you have or have not got,
I also have lots of census info, plus some other bits,
Did you know that Sydenham was origiginally calles Sipenham, and people moved there for its spa waters,
There was a Scudder walk, this later became an extension of Willow walk,
Most of the Sydenham Scudders were originally Rustic workers, This actually makes sense of the willow walk.
My own love of the Scudder bit above most of the names I am reseaching is because my Nan was Alice Ann Scudder born in Erith kent in 1887,
My parents not only did not get on but also both worked so my nan mainly looked after us.
She was by then married and became Alice Webb, Her Father was John Scudder he was born in 1843 in Sydenham and Married to Elizabeth Ann Durrant
His Father was also John Scudder born 1803 Sydenham he was married to Ann Quin of Beckenham.
His Father on the christening was Thomas Scudder of Sydenham and married to an Ann, This is as far back as I can go, But having said that I do have tons of info on Sydenham Scudders,
It is awkward not knowing what you have, I feel we should swap what we do have and see what we come up with, I record all the names I am reseaching on an own design Data Base on Microsoft Excel,
We Have Births, Christenings, Marriages and Deaths also census info on Scudders from all round Kent and London,
Anything I send you if I know it is definate my family I will write in red, and Yours in Blue, The rest in Black.
I will try to send you the odd attachments so you can see I do know what I am doing,

In have a reference to an Ann Scudder dying being buried at St Mary's Lewisham 13 Nov 1727 Dau of William
St Bartholomews Church at Sydenham was a relatively new Church in our history, Before that it was St Mary's
Lewisham being the local Church, Though I would not have liked to walk from upper Sydenham th St Mary's.
The regiater of Births Deaths and Marriages for Sydenham, Also came under Lewisham as a District,
The following is from the records ledgers at the Family Records Office, Myddleton Street, Islington, London,
All records are recorded from 1837 to nearly up to date, and recorded in quarter year periods for this time.
James Frederick Scudder 1d 816 Dec 1870 Lewisham
Cooper Roger Scudder 1d 883 June 1872 Lewisham
Walter George Scudder 1d 583 June 1873 Lewisham
Alice Anne Scudder 1d 909 Sept 1873 lewisham ( not my nan )
Janet Scudder 1d 921 Sept 1874 Lewisham
Lillian Scudder 1d 941 Sept 1876 Lewisham
Eliza Scudder 1d 1006 Sept 1878 Lewisham
Arthur Scudder 1d 1062 Dec 1878 lewisham
Ada Francis Scudder 1d 1051 Dec 1879 Lewisham
George Scudder 1d 1086 Mar 1880 Lewisham
on these again this is a sample of what I have, The dates in no way imply the birth date but the quarter in wich the enty got made,
Clara scudder of full age 32 willow walk Sydenham father William Scudder rustic worker Married Frederick William Gaved of Full age 27 july 1891 at St Bartholomews Sydenham
Florence Jane Scudder age 29 father Frederick Scudder Carpenter Married William Wilson age 40 30 Aug 1890 at St Bartholomews Sydenham

Sarah Scudder buried 15 Aug 1740 St Marys Lewisham
Thomas Scudder buried 9 may 1746 St Mary's Lewisham
Sarah Scudder buried 18 Jan 1738 St Mary's Lewisham mother to Thomas and Samuel Scudder of Sipenham
Thomas Scudder Snr buried 14 June 1733 St Mary's Lewisham
again this is a sample,
1841 census my family 7 Willow Walk Sydenham
John Scudder Head 35 Labourer born 1803 Sydenham
Ann wife 27 1812 Kent
Eliza Dau 10 1831 Sydenham
Ann Dau 8 1833 Sydenham
Ellen Dau 5 1836 Sydenham
Mary Dau 10 mnth 1840 Sydenham

1851 they are at 94 sydenham Hill I these details and now there are more offspring incuding my gt Grandfather John
1861 they are at Friends Place Sydenham with more offspring and Son Daniel now married Also 1861 Willow walk Sydenham are Thomas Scudder age 41 with wife Rebecca and offspring 1861 Willow Walk George Scudder age 41 living with a sister Jane Scudder age 39
by 1871 mine are now down to my Gt granddad being with Elizabeth Ann durrant and have their own offspring and he is a brickmaker living in erith
By 1881 he is srill a brickmaker and now got 8 offspring at home and living in Fulham, Mary is a widow with her offspring at 34 Willow Walk this is the mother of Roger Cooper and Clara in the births
Thomas and Rebecca and 2 offspring grown ups are at 28 Willow Walk
1891 there is a Harry Scudder age 22 with wife Carry age 22 at 19 Springfield Rd Sydenham with a child Harry 5 months,
Also 1891 my gt garnddad is now in Erith Arthur st with 10 offspring including my nan Alice Ann now age 4
They have a Rose born fulham in 1881.
Also in 1891 there is Mary now 54 a laundress with Clara. Roger Cooper, and Janet at home at 32 Willow walk
Rebecca is at 28 Willow Walk age 68
1901 Mine are still in Arthur St and still brickmakers some of their offspring grown up married and have cottages in Arthur St,
I left this seperate as it is yours you may have it already.
Its from the 1961 census Frederick Scudde - Head - 31 - Carpenter and Joiner - 3 Wells Place Sydenham born sydenham
Emma wife 31 born Back ????????
Walter Son 9 Sydenham
William Son 4 Sydenham

I hope this has not been boring or taken to long to download, I do have more on Scudders from all over Kent

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