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Nicholas Sadleir


My g.grandfather, Nicholas Sadleir was baptised on 7 Jan 1835 (Richard Sadleir's recent research uncovered this), so I assume he was born in 1834. This would mean he emigrated to Australia aged 17, not 15 as I had supposed. This would seem more likely.

Nicholas Sadleir (1837-1904), emigrated from County Tipperary, as did his brother, John Sadleir (1833-1919), who served in the Victorian police from 1852 to 1896 and was involved in capturing Ned Kelly in June 1880. John Sadlier in his memoirs says that he arrived in Hobson's Bay, on 12th November 1852, on the maiden voyage of the refloated SS Great Britain.

This branch is descended from John Sadleir, the brother of Sir Ralph Sadleir (1507-1587). The latter was English ambassador to Scotland on four occasions, and took part in the trial of Mary Queen of Scots. His home, Sutton House, in Hackney, London, is now a National Trust property, open to the public. The custodian there, Mike Gray, is trying to track down Sadleirs worldwide in advance of Sir Ralph's quincentenary in 2007.

From on Thu, 7 Oct 2004

The Sadleirs of Brookville, Co Tipperary, Ireland

Dear Elizabeth, I am a Gt-gt-gt-grandson of Mary Crozier Clarke Long (1804-1853), who was the sister of Eliza Selina Hare Clarke [daughters of the Rev Marshal Clarke (1755-1833, of Abbey, Tipperary, by his wife, Elizabeth Hare (1768-1847)],
Eliza Selina Hare Clarke (b 1799, Tipperary, Ireland; d 1889, Ireland) wed 1819 to James Sadleir (b 1792, Tipperary; d May 27, 1864, Tipperary),
Children - 1) James Robert Sadleir;
C h il dren2) John Sadleir (1833-1919)
C hil dren 3) Nicholas Sadleir baptised on 7 Jan 1835 (1834 - 1904)
C hil dren 4) Richard Sadleir;
C hil dren 5) Marshal Sadleir;
C hil dren 6) Elizabeth Sadleir;
C hil dren 7) Grace Sadleir;
C hil dren 8) Alicia Sadleir;
C hil dren 9) Helen Sadleir;
Children 10) Mary Sadleir.

Here is a transcript of an Irish newsclipping regarding the marriage of Nicholas Sadleir (1834-1904) & Anna Sturgess:

Extract from the Phillips of Gaile Clippings Book which contains 19th Century Irish Newspaper clippings:
April 18, 1874; Name of Newspaper not given:
"SADLEIR AND STURGESS - 25th February [1874], at St. Paul's Church, Geelong, Australia, by the Rev. R. Barker, Nicholas Sadleir, Darling River, New South Wales, youngest son of the late James Sadleir, Esq., J. P., of Brookville, county Tipperary, to Anna Georgina, only child of W. G. Sturgess, Esq. (late the Royal Navy), Survey Office, Geelong, and grand-daughter of the late Captain Henry Davis Hunt, of Cappagh, county Tipperary."

If you are a descendant of James Sadleir & Eliza Clarke, then we would be distant cousins. Cheers!
Count Caragata of Toronto

Single Mentions
Benjamin Sadlier born 1857 #9878 son of Jane Sadlier at Kangaroo Ground
Thomas Sadlier born 1865 #23565 son of Jane Sadlier at Melbourne
James Sadlier and Ann Styles son William Walter 1859 #22169, born at Black Dog
Leonard Sadlier born 1876 #23262 son of Leonard and Lucy Annie Connor at Geelong
William Sadlier and Ella Mitchell at Sealake had an Unnamed Male Sadlier 1879 #13100

Annie Elizabeth Sadlier wed 1862 #4310 to Mark Phillips
Bridget Sadlier of Limerick wed 1875 #1847 to Timothy Oleary
Margaret Sadlier of Melbourne wed 1882 #5374 to Robert Troy Carey
Margaret Jane Sadlier of NSW wed 1874 #4026 to Ephraim Maddock
Mary Ellen Sadlier of Hotham wed 1887 #7396 to William Jamieson Stewart
Richard Marshe Sadlier of Tipperary wed 1876 #1455 to Eliza Selina Grattan
Sarah Perrse Sadlier wed 1886 #285 to Robert Colin Cumming

Bridget Sadlier died 1860 #10098 aged 62, daughter of Winny Bryan and John Reardon
Bridget Sadlier arrived June 1858 on the Atalanta aged 46
Mary Sadlier died 1876 #8033 aged 78, daughter of Ellen Mcdonald and Patrick Hoben
George Sadlier and Mary Keys son George died 1855 #1422 aged 10 months
Geo John Sadlier 1833 son of Matda Frances Massey and Richard Sadlier died at Foster
Annie Elizabeth Sadlier wed 1862 #4310 to Mark Phillips
12 children   1. Ellen Norah Phillips 1863 #22630
2. Annie Phillips 1865 #11159
3. Maria Phillips 1867 #10649 wed William John Powderly
4. Georgina Phillips 1869 #10603
5. Margaret Jane Phillips 1871 #4443
6. William Ambrose Phillips 1872 #25227
7. George Luke Sadlier Phillips 1874 #19292
8. Mary Corinne Phillips 1876 #10934 lived 13 months
9. Albert James Phillips 1878 #4122
10. Violet Maudave Phillips 1879 #17948
11. Mark Vincent St John Phillips 1881 #24949
12. Rubert Roy St Clair Phillips 1887 #13333

George Gibson Sadlier came c1879 with Mary Jane Dacey and lived at Echuca then leave Victoria
6 children 1. Laura Frances Sadlier 1883 #2174
2. Gertrude Daisy Sadlier 1885 #17323
3. Kathleen Marguer Sadlier 1886 #25792
4. Arth Stanley Sadlier 1889 #2974
5. Elsie Mary Sadlier 1890 #31983 lived 5 days
6. Ella Xavier Sadlier 1893 #3219

John Sadlier 1833 - 1919 #11482 aged 86, son of Eliza Clarke and James Sadlier, died at Caulfield, wed 1857 #3890 to Isabella Maria Crofton, lived at Beechworth
5 children 1. Harman James Sadleir 1859 - 1866 #8675 aged 7 months
2. Frederick Crofton Sadleir 1862 - 1866 #8707 aged 4 months
3. Ralph Crofton Sadleir 1863 #20713
4. Melesina Crofton Sadleir 1867 #16872
5. Dora Webber Sadleir 1878 #3810 wed 1901 #6633 to Wm Theodore Hodge

From on Saturday, 10 March 2012
Hi do you have any further information on John Sadlier m. Isabella Crofton?
This is my partners Great Great Grandfather. We are from Australia.
My partner Lachlan’s grandpa Robert Vere Hodge passed away last week and I am looking into the family tree a bit. Robert’s father was Theodore Heathcote Hodge who’s father was Dr William Theodore Hodge.
Dr William Theodore Hodge married Dora Webber Sadlier, the daughter of John Sadlier and Isabella Crofton.
I did a Trove search, and found
Western Mail Perth, WA Friday 16 October 1896
MEDICAL.-The following additions have been made to the Register:-William Theodore Hodge, Claremont, M.E.C.S, England, 1884; L.S.A,, London, 1886; D.F.H. Esc. P. and S., Glasgow, 1889.
and the last item appears to be The West Australian Perth, WA : Friday 16 April 1915
Notice is hereby given that the PARTNERSHIP 'heretofore subsisting between WILLIAM THEODORE HODGE, of Kellerberrin, Medical Practitioner, and ALEXANDER JAMES WRIGHT, of Perth, Dental Surgeon, carrying on business as Graziers at Westfield near Cranbrook, aforesaid, under the firm name of "Hodge and Wright," has been DISSOLVED by effluxion of time, as from the undermenitioned date. All Debts due to and owing by the 'said late firm will be received and paid respectively by the said Alexander James Wright. 'Dated the 31st day of March,' 1915.

Next I selected only Victoria, Argus, and got nil result
so I cut the name back to Theodore Hodge, and BINGO - The Argus Melbourne, Vic. Saturday 14 December 1901
HODGE- SADLEIR.-On the 10th December, at St.Mary's, Caulfield, by the Rev. A. J. H. Priest, Theodore Hodge, M.R.C.S., of Claremont, W.A., son of the late Rev. Henry Vere Hodge, rector of Middleton, Warwickshire, to Dora Webber, daughter of John Sadleir, Orwell, Kooyong-road, Elsternwick.

and The Argus Melbourne, Vic. Saturday 15 November 1902 - Births
HODGE.—On the 11th November, at Claremont, W.A., the wife of W. Theodore Hodge, M.R.C.S., of a son.
Rev. Henry Vere Hodge died Oct-Dec 1884 aged 80, was father of Wm Theodore Hodge, then, you say, son Theodore Heathcote Hodge born 1902, called his son Robert Vere Hodge who died 2012, and he is Grandfather of Lachlan 6 generations and we have spanned 200 years.

Richard Sadlier came c1879 with Margaret Howard and lived in Melbourne
2 children 1. Johanna Sadlier 1880 #7696 lived 6 weeks
2. Margt Sadlier 1880 - 1901 #14732 aged 21

IGI submitted after 1991 - John Sadlier wed 1826 to Elizabeth Stanley at Diocese Of Killaloe, Munster Province, Ireland

Thankyou to on Sun, 5 Jun 2005, with the marriages for Stephen's children

The Thetis brought 236 Assisted British Immigrants to Melbourne Feb 1849, including John Weller 42, Elizabeth 40, Rebecca 20, Mary Ann 17, Richard 14, Edward 12, Elizabeth 10 - 1838 and John 8

Stephen Sadlier 28 January 1829 wed 1864 #2624 to Elizabeth Weller 1848 - 1934 #13588 aged 86 daughter of Rebecca White and John Weller died at Yarra Glen, lived at St Kilda then Maidstone Stephen Sadlier 1838 - 1912 #12645 aged 74 son of Elizabeth Stanley and John Sadlier died at Yarra Glen
Elizabeth chr 28 APR 1839 Saint Margaret, Rochester, Kent, England
7 children 1. Rosena Elizabeth Sadlier 1865 #11884
2. Annie Jane Sadlier 1866 #18184 wed 1889 #6845 to Charles Albert (Herbert) Wicks 1864 #15082
3. Lilly Isabella Sadlier 1869 #11961 wed 1905 #6681 to Geo Jas Joyce Keets
4. Emma Georgina Sadlier 1870 #26555 wed 1892 #4101 to Edmund Wicks 1861 #18377
5. Eliza Matilda Sadlier 1874 #12442
6. William John Sadlier 1877 #16836
7. Mary Florence Sadlier 1879 #24305 - 1970 #12412 aged 90 years

3. Lilly Isabella Sadlier 1869 #11961 wed 1905 #6681 to Geo Jas Joyce Keets
2 children 1. George Stephen Keets 1906 #15090
2. Ralph James Keets 1908 #15859

Thomas Sadlier 1833 - 1889 #8531 aged 56 died at East Melbourne, wed 1857 #678 to Sarah Heffernan 1833 - 1878 #9317 aged 45, daughter of Johanna Farrell and Thomas Heffernan
4 children 1. Bridget Sadlier 1861 #11749
2. Thomas Sadlier 1863 #9356 - 1944 #4265 aged 81
3. Richard Sadlier 1865 lived 2 months
4. Michael Sadlier 1868 #25012 - 1945 #8198 aged 77

Thomas George Sadlier from County Waterford, Ireland, wed 1887 #4018A to Mary Ann Roberts 1863 - 1930 #15019 aged 67, daughter of Rhoda Appleton and Edward Roberts, and lived at North Fitzroy, then Camberwell
Thomas George Sadlier 1865 - 1951 #11520 aged 86 son of Elizabeth Latham and Chris Townsend Sadlier died at Hawthorn
5 children 1. Egbert Geo Harold Saddlier 1887 #27170
2. Estella Lorrette Myr Sadlier 1889 #3290 - 1974 #16665 aged 85, wed Iredale
3. Thomas Edw Reg Sadlier 1890 #12589
4. Clifford Wm King Sadlier 1892 #20816
5. Clarence Andrew Jas Sadlier 1895 #18898

From and on Fri, 20 Jun 2003

Diane says -"it would appear that my great grandmother - Mary Ellen France Sadlier was aunt to Thomas George Sadlier who is mentioned on your web page."

Jim writes - Our Thomas George Sadlier is the one who married Roberts. This Thomas George was born in Ireland in 1864 and he was the son of Christopher Townsend Sadlier. Christopher's father was John Sadlier who was born in Ireland about 1815 and died in London in 1900. I have John's death certificate and also the marriage certificates of most of his family in Australia. John Sadlier was a Custom House Official and he was my great-grandfather. His famous great-grandson was Clifford William King Sadlier VC who was a cousin of my mother and whom she met in the WW!. I myself met him in 1956 at the VC parade in London when he came over with his wife.

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