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Families featured
Goymer Shorten, William Sidebottom, John Hurley Silke, James William Sillett,
Joseph Silva, Joseph Silver,

Catherine Frances Short wed 1907 to John Patrick Bernard Carland
Elizabeth Short wed 1862 in Tas to John Walter Garth
Mary Short wed 1857 to Robert Brown
Emma Shorten wed 1866 to Richard Olver
William Samuel Shorten wed 1879 to Susan Jane Whitford
Thos Shortis wed 1899 to Mary Fisk
Rebecca Shreeve wed c1863 to Jesse David Leeder
Sarah Shueard/ Shuard came c1867 with William Bray
Bridget Shunny came c1864 with Patrick Cormack
Elizabeth Ann Sibly wed 1876 to Leonard George Hailes
Lydia Silk came 1851 on the Statesman with Henry Clifford

James William Sillett

James William Sillett 1814 - 1863 #4230 aged 49 from Norfolk came c1853 with Sally Frary and lived at Geelong
Sarah Sillett nee Frary from Fakenham wed 1873 #113 to Edward Henderson White 1833 - 1882 #6210 aged 49 son of Susannah Sarah and John White from London
8 Children 1. Robert Sillett 1854 #566
2. Elizabeth Sillett 1855 #1732 - 1855 #1444 lived 1 day
4. Elizabeth Sillett 1856 #1922
5. David Sillett 1857 #6531
6. Hogarth Sillett 1859 #7847
7. Bircham Sillett 1861 #2766
8. Catherine Emily Sillett 1862 #20931
1. Robert Sillett 1854 #566 wed 1887 #3024 to Marion Flora Login - Mary Anne Flora Login 1857 #12738 born at Sale
7. Bircham Sillett 1861 #2766 wed 1883 #3490 to Elizabeth Jane Price 1869 #15196 born at Durham lead
8. Catherine Emily Sillett 1862 #20931 wed 1887 #289 to Thomas Arthur Marsland from Lancashire

Joseph Silva

Headstone for Joseph and Catherine Silva The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. Friday 26 February 1869 Page 5, list of New Insolvents - Joseph Silva, Jones's Creek, miner. Causes of insolvency-Illness, want of employment, and losses in mining. Liabilities, £85 14s. ; assets, £3 7s. 0d. ; deficiency, £82 0s, 0d.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. Saturday 30 July 1870, Page 6, Certificate Meetings were held in tho estates of the following, and, there being no opposition, certificates of discharge wore granted - Joseph Silva, of Jones's Creek ;

Joseph Silva from Portugal, wed 23 Oct 1870 #3950 to Catherine Rogan and lived at Adelaide Lead, then at Maryborough where Catherine's surname became Rogan till 1891, and the family surname became Silveria
Joseph died 7 July 1896 and his death is recorded as "Jos Silveria parents Unknown 1896 #10376 aged 66 at Maryborough
Cath Silva died 2 Feb 1897, and her death is recorded as Cath Silva parents Unknown 1897 #2202 aged 46 at Maryborough
Catherine Brogan was Christened 1850 #4837 at Roman Catholic, St Marys, Geelong, daughter of Matilda White and John Brogan, born near Buntingdale, site of a former Methodist Aboriginal mission station near Birregurra, west of Colac
14 Children 1. Joseph Antonio Silvi 1871 #13436
2. John Silver 1873 #13766 - 1960 #35240 aged 86
3. Frank Silver 1875 #17200 - 1960 #1646 aged 84
4. Manuel/Emanuel Silver 1877 #12579 - 1926 #15909 aged 49
5. Thomas Henry Silveria 1879 #24415
6. Phillip George Silveria 1881 #17866 - 1961 #983 aged 79
7. James Silva 1883
8. Matilda Louisa Silveria 1884 #18393 wed Sutherland
9. Frances Caroline Silveria 1886 #19889
10. Twin Mary Kate/Catherine Silveria 1888 #31109 - 1967 #25004 aged 79
11. Twin Henry Edward/Attwood Silveria 1888 #31109 - 1889 #12828 lived 8 months
12. Andrew Silveria 1891 #4814 - 1891 #2509 lived 1 day
13. Peter Herbert Silveria 1892 #5880
14. Vincent Albert Silveria 1894 #22479
8. Matilda Louisa Silveria 1884 #18393 wed 17 Sep 1901 to William Edward Sutherland, 1879 #11068 - 1934 aged 54, son of Janet Elizabeth Jennings and William Sunderland (wed 1870 #1467)
3 Children 1. William Alexander Sunderland 1902 #21036 - 1974 #19108
2. Charles Sunderland c1904
3. Jessie Victoria Sunderland 1905 - 1969 #24330 aged 64, wed William Bryant
10. Mary Catherine Silva 1888 - 1967 #25004 aged 79 wed 1908 #7810 to Henry Adolphus Droscher 1885 #9597 - 1949 #699 aged 63,
From Lavinia McEwan, written 17 Mar 2003 - Joseph SILVERIA, SILVEIRA, SILVER and finally the name passed down of SILVA. Parents were Luisa Francisca and Jose Silveira (I think). I find one hospital record that gave the information he was from the Western Islands (Azores) and arrived here on the White Swallow, which sailed from Boston on the 21st of November 1854. It arrived in Port Phillip Bay on the 19th of February 1855. She sailed from Melbourne on the 29th of March 1855 for Guam carrying bales and bags.
Recorded in Argus, Tue 20 Feb 1855, arrived February 19.-White Swallow, U.S. ship, 1192 tons. Samuel Gore, from Boston 21st November. No passengers. Captain Gore, agent. Long list of Imports

Emmanuel Serrao/Serong

Joze SERRAO married Anna De FREITAS in Goncealo, Madeira, Portugal in 1793
They had a son Emmanuel in 1793
Emmanuel SERRAO married Ana De FREITAS in 1820 and in 1824 they come to Australia.
This item refers to Emanuel and Ana, who named a daughter Selina. It is believed that Emanuel helped build the Catholic Church in Warrnambool.

Dr William Redfern came to Australia as a convict after taking part in the Mutiny of the Nore when he was only 19, but he spent four years in jail for his part in it. He was eventually granted a full pardon and went on to become one of the “fathers” of the medical profession in Australia.
Details from Sarah Wills a descendant of Edward Spencer Wills, was born on 23 Apr 1796 in Middlesex,England. She was christened on 15 May 1796 in St Luke Old Str, Finsbury, Middlesex, England. She died on 10 Jan 1875 in Roke Manor, Hampshire, England.
Sarah Wills wed 1. on 4 Mar 1811 to William Redfern by Rev William Cowper by Special Licenc, witness Edward Wills and Henry Colden Antill St Phillip's Sydney.
1. William Lachlan Macquarie Redfern 27 Jul 1819 who later lived in Edinburgh, wed 5 June 1842 to Jane Bastable Walker in Barony Lanark Scotland
2. Joseph Foveaux Redfern was born on 7 Feb 1823 in England. He was christened on 1 May 1825 in St Luke's Church, Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia. He died about 1830. He was buried on 11 Apr 1830 in St Phillip's, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

William Redfern was born in 1774/1775 in Canada, and bought up at Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England. His letters show a command of English and acquaintance with the classics which suggest that he was well educated.
In June 1797 after passing the examination of the London Company of Surgeons, the predecessor of the Royal College of Surgeons, he was commissioned surgeon's mate in the navy. He joined H.M.S. Standard, whose crew a few months later took part in the mutiny of the fleet at the Nore, which followed the success of the mutiny of the Channel Fleet at Spithead. In the course of the trouble Redfern advised the men 'to be more united among themselves', so he was included among the leaders to be tried by court martial. On 27 August 1797 a scrupulously fair court sentenced him to death, but because of his youth he was reprieved. He was kept in prison for four years until sent to New South Wales in the "Minorca", on whose indent his name is bracketed with thirteen others as 'Mutineers'. On board he helped the surgeon and reached Sydney on 14 December 1801.
In May 1802 he commenced duty as assistant surgeon at Norfolk Island. He attracted the attention of Lieutenant-Governor Foveaux and soon received a conditional pardon; on 19 June 1803 he was given a free pardon by Governor King
William Redfern wed 4 Mar 1811 to Sarah Wills and had two sons, William Lachlan Macquarie (b.1819), who later lived in Edinburgh, and Joseph Foveaux (1823-30). In May 1811, as the colony's best known physician, Dr William Redfern was granted 800 acres (320ha) covering much of the modern-day Minto suburb. Like Campbelltown, his property of Campbellfield was named after the Governor's wife, Elizabeth Campbell.
By 1820, Redfern's Campbellfield property had greatly developed and expanded under the guidance of the aging doctor and his able young wife, Sarah. Their splendid homestead was built on a high hill overlooking the farm paddocks and Bow Bowing Creek valley.
Campbellfield, often called "Campbellfields", became one of the finest vineyards and sheep farms in NSW, and at its peak would stretch from the modern Ingleburn to Leumeah railway station. But the property lost much of its impetus and prestige after the much mourned death of Redfern on 17 Jul 1833 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sarah Redfern nee Wills wed in Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland on 24 Jun 1834 to James Alexander, born in 1800 in Barony, Lanarkshire, and christened on 15 Mar 1800 in Murroes, Angus, Scotland.
Sarah and James Alexander of Glasgow returned to her property in Sydney, where her husband and her son went into partnership as importer and exporters in Sydney and possibly on the strength of Dr Redfern's estate, they also went into squatting or at least into financing the stations.
Sarah died on 10 Jan 1875 in Roke Manor, Hampshire, England, and James Alexander died on 29 Jul 1877 in England.

From Wikipedia, Dr William Redfern "He visited England in 1821 as a delegate for the emancipists endeavouring to obtain relief from their disabilities, and in January 1824 he was at the island of Madeira for the benefit of his health. His wife, who was then in London, made application on his behalf for an additional grant of land, which was allowed. He was evidently then in good circumstances. In 1826 he retired from practising as a physician, and for about two years engaged in scientific farming which had been a hobby of his for some time. He went to Edinburgh about the end of 1828 and died there towards the close of July 1833."
From on Sunday, 14 July 2013
“To facilitate, as well as ensure the culture of these fruits, Mr Redfern engaged a Portugese family (natives of Maderia).” However, Dr Redfern returned to England where he died and his plans for wine did not continue. He had offered Emanuel land as an inducement to come to Australia but when he died the government refused to give land to Portuguese which was policy at that time. Emanuel became a policeman. They had (as you mention) a daughter Selina.
Some time soon after their arrival they decided to change their name to SERONG

Joseph Silver wed Selina Serong

Joze Silva born 1813, son of lawyer Joze Silva, in Funchal, Madeira, wed 1846 to Selina Serong and both appear to be still alive in 1888

Working backwards after finding the death entry for Augustianna Fithall, died aged 73 in 1923, daughter of Joseph DeSilva and unknown Selina, and the wedding entry of Augustinia Silver 1868 where her birthplace is shown as Sydney and date about 1850, I found the following items which appear useful.
There were no familiar entries using the surname DeSilva. Silva and Silver were more friendly.
Obtaining the appropriate certificates would show if my deductions are accurate.
Joseph Silver and Selina Serong registered the first three born in Sydney, John in Port Fairy and the remaining 6 in Warrnambool

9 children 1. Julia H Silver in 1847
2. William Silver 1848,
3. Susan Augustiana Silver 1849,
4. Amelia Silver 1851,
5. Mary A Silver 1853,
6. John Silver 1854 at Port Fairy
7. Josephin Silver 1856,
8. Randolph Silva 1862 #5558
9. Joseph Silver 1864 #18818
10. John E Silver 1866
1. Julia H Silver in 1847, as Juliana wed 1866 #1685 to John Roberts born in Tasmania, children registered at Belfast, Warrnambool, Ma ca, Broa
9 children 1. William Joseph Roberts 1867 #799
2. Frederick John Roberts 1869 #12379
3. Alfred James Roberts 1872 #746
4. Henry Francis Roberts 1874 #19964
5. Caroline Roberts 1876 #24287
6. John Vernon Roberts 1878 #17196
7. Gertrude Julia Roberts 1881 #842
8. Herbert Ernest Roberts 1883 #752
9. Augustus Vivian Roberts 1885 #8006
2. William (John) Silver 1848, wed 1875 #661 to Mary Ann Neal born in England, and lived at Warrnambool, moved to Richmond about 1883
William Joseph Silva used to teach Spanish dancing
9 children 1. Selina Silver 1875 #6166 - 1875 #5140 lived 4 days
2. Henry Joseph Silver 1876 #26579 - 1884 #2516 lived 7 years, died at Richmond
3. Albert Thomas Silver 1879 #20082
4. Ernest Herbert Silver 1881 #26822
5. Helena Silver 1884 #4922 wed Edwin Charles Houghton CLARKE b: 06 MAY 1888
6. Caroline Silver 1886 #21361
7. Wm Jos Silver 1889 #6892
Yes - surname spelling changed
8. Percy Benedict Silva 1892 #16941
9. Arth Edwd Silva 1895 #6716
10. Geo Fred Silva 1899 #13195
3. Susan Augustiana Silver 1849, as Augustiana Silver 1848, wed 1868 #1836 to George Fithall.
1st child 1. Jane Silver 1866 #5386 born at Warrnambool
6. John (Joseph) Silver 1854 at Port Fairy wed 1880 #4127 to Mary Lydia Barker and lived at Collingwood, then Williamstown
3 children 1. Ethel May Silver 1881 #22600
2. Francis Joseph Silver 1883 #27374
3. Laura Myrtle Silver 1888 #16684

From on Thursday, 1 July, 2010

Hello Elizabeth,
The Serong family (Selina and her parents Emanuel and Anne) arrived in Port Jackson in 1824 aboard the ship Alfred. Her eleven siblings were all born in Sydney.
I noticed that you have Selina Serong and Joze Silva (Joseph Silver) married 1846 in Sydney.
Their son John Joseph was born at Port Fairy (then Belfast) Victoria in 1854 and married Mary Lydia Barker the sister of my great grandmother at St Kilda in 1880.
According to the Pioneers' Register produced by the Warrnambool FHS the Serong family came to Warrnambool c1849 possibly to work on the building of St Joseph's Church. They had arrived at Port Jackson in July 1842 from Madiera, Portugal.
Selina and Joseph had ten children, the first three born in Sydney, John in Port Fairy and the remaining 6 in Warrnambool. Augustiana was born c1848.
Selina Silver died 1907 at Richmond and is buried at Kew Cemetery.
Regards, Leigh Prideaux

From now extinct web site, Gayle, wrote
This is the direct line - 1932. Helena's parents were William Joseph Silva 1848 - 1931 and Mary Ann Neal 1853 - 1912. William's parents were born in Portugal, Madeira Island. Father was Joze Silva 1813 - 1873. Mother was Selina Serong 1822 - 1907.
Joseph's parents were Joseph Silva, solicitor and Johanna Silva, Madeira Island.
Selina Serong's parents were Emmanuel Serong and Ann De Frittas, Portugal.

The arrival of the ship Alfred, Captain Laughton is recorded in the Sydney Gazette Thurs 22 July 1824, she arrived on Thursday last, sailed from London 19 Feb, touched at Madeira which she left 2 April, and called at Hobart Town from whence she departed 9th July. Some of the passengers remained in that Colony, and the following have come to Headquarters; viz John Mackeness, Esq Sheriff for New South Wales; JB Richards Esq, E Abell Esq, R Wardell and WC Wentworth Esquires, Barristers at Law; Mrs Wardell; Wm Redfern Esq and Mrs Redfern with Masters William and JF Redfern, and two Miss Willeys; Miss Jane Fisher; Mr Claments; Mr Lloyd and family, and Mr C Osbaldeston.
In the next column, The colonists are congratulated on the vast acquisition gained in the very recent arrival of seventeen casks of seeds from Europe.
"Mr Redfern, who returns to the colony after an absence of nearly three years, has brought with him nine rams and five ewes, bred by Mr Weston, MP for Essex, the celebrated africulturist. This gentleman was at Madera some time, and from thence also brings the various kinds of grapes, and other choice friut trees. To facilitate, as well as ensure the culture of these fruits, Mr Redfern has engaged a Portugese family (natives of Maderia). Such efforts as these, the act of one individual too, are entitled to the warmest consideration of the Colonists, and will be thanked by posterity."

Arrived the same morning, from Ireland, the ship Prince Regent, Captain Wales, with 178 male prisoners in good health - having only lost two during the voyage. She sailed from the Cove of Cork on the 13th of February, calling at Rio, which she left the 26th of April. The guard consists of Captain RP Steward, and Lieut William Serjentson of His Majesty's 40th Regiment, with 2 sergeants, 2 corporals, 2 drummers and 50 privates of the same corps; exclusive of Sergeant Jones and wife, of the 48th.
The prisoners that came by the Prince Regent were landed yesterday morning .....The Surgeon Superintendent of the Prince Regent is Dr Wilson, R.N.. This is his second trip to the colony. His first trip was in the Richmond, which vessel was unfortunately wrecked homeward bound. .... He established schools on board, so some of the men can now read, and actually write.
Last Friday the troops that came by the transport Prince Regent were disembarked, and joined the 48thg Regiment.
Sydney Gazette Thurs 15 July 1824, reports the arrival 'On Monday from England with 171 male prisoners, the ship Countess of Harcourt, Captain Bunn, she left the Downs on the 23rd of March, and came direct. Captain Bunn has now visited for the third time. The Surgeon Superintendent of Countess of Harcourt, is Dr Dickson, R. N.
Sydney Gazette Thurs 22 July 1824 reports that the male convicts were inspected on board, on Wednesday se'nnight by His Excellency the Governor. These men evinced the usual symptoms of benevolent treatment during the voyage, and were landed on Saturday morning last.

Sydney Gazette Thurs 29 July 1824 - His Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbane visited Town on Tuesday for the Despatch of Public Business
Yesterday His Excellency left Town for Parramatta.

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