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John Robertson, Thomas Robertson, Demster Robson, Edward Robson, Frederick Robson, William Robson,

Gilbert Robertson

See Mary Cotter's page for this family
Gilbert Robertson From Richard Carlow as Rootsweb dated 6 Dec 2006, Gilbert and Agnes Robertson, had children George, Meg, Aggy and Ann, Robertson...all said to be born in Tasmania, Gilbert Robertson was stationed on Norfolk Island as The superintendant of agriculture their oldest daughter Francis wed James Beveridge Murdock, in Tasmania, and did not come to Norfolk Island with the family and second daughter Elizabeth died here on Norfolk Island, they left Norfolk Island 1846,
in 1819 Gilbert Robertson wed 1819 to Agnes LEES at Gladsmuir and their first daughter Frances de Bruton R. was born 1820. Around 1822 the family left Scotland for Australia (Hobart) possible via Jamaica. George was the youngest child, and only son, born in/around Richmond Tasmania Australia c1832. The last mention I can find of him is December 1846 when Gilbert R and young George sail from Norfolk Island after the termination of Gilbert's position as Agricultural Superintendent.
Agnes and her remaining daughters joined Gilbert R. in Geelong were he had taken up the position of farm managers for a Mr William Robertson. I have no idea if they were related. Gilbert R. died unexpectedly in 1851 and Agnes in 1853, all their daughters married
Allegedly Robertson snr was a plantation man in the West Indies, possibly British Guaina. Historians seem to believe Gilbert Robertson was the result of the relationship between his father and mistress (a slave), he was allegedly darker in colour than the average scotsman.
Apparently Gilbert Robertson was sent back as a youngster to his grandfather in Mid Lothian being apprenticed to learn farming. (he later became the Agricultural Superintendent on Norfolk Island 1845-1847).
Gilbert R. married Agnes Lee c1820, their first daughter was born in Gladsmuir Scotland, their second, Elizabeth White Robertson appears to have been registered in Jamacia, she later died on Norfolk Island 1847. Gilbert R. remained in Australia and died as result of an accident in c1854. He is buried in the Geelong Cemetry Victoria.
. Gilbert Robertson was born Dec 1794 in West Indies, and died Sep 1851 age 56 in Geelong or Colac, Victoria, Australia. He was buried in Eastern Cemetery, Geelong. He was the son of 12. Gilbert Robertson.
7. Agnes Lee or Lees was born 1801 in Whittingehame?, East Lothian, Scotland, was christened 21st May 1801 in Whittingehame, and died Jan 1853 age 51 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. She was buried in Eastern Cemetery. She was the daughter of 14. John Lee or Lees and 15. Elizabeth White.
Agnes Lee or Lees and Gilbert Robertson came to Victoria with 5 children
 5 Children i. Frances D'Bruton or De Bruton Robertson was born 29th Sep 1820 in Gladsmuir, East Lothian, Scotland, was christened 7th Oct 1820 in Gladsmuir, and died 1880 ? in Geelong?, Victoria?, Australia? or ?. She married James Beveridge Murdoch 5th June 1845 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, son of James Murdoch and Grace or Grizzel Beveridge. He was born 31st July 1820 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, and died 2nd Aug 1871 age 51 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
ii. Elizabeth White Robertson was born Abt 1823 in Jamaica, West Indies, Caribbean Sea, and died Jan 1847 in Norfolk Island, (Australia), Tasman Sea.
iii. George Robertson was born Abt 1825-1835 in West Indies or East Lothian, Scotland?, and died in Australia?.
iv. Margaret Rainey Or Rainy Robertson was born Abt 1827 in West Indies or East Lothian, Scotland?, and died 1901 age 74 in Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She married Alexander Cameron McDonald 1852 in ?, son of Alexander MacDonald or McDonald and Sarah Warby. He was born 9th Aug 1828 in Campbelltown, NSW, Australia, and died 18th June 1917 in Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
v. Anne or Ann Rainey or Rainy Robertson was born Abt 1829 in West Indies or East Lothian, Scotland?, and died 1892 age 63 in Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia. She married John Young 1856 in Victoria, Australia, son of James Young and Helen Paterson. He was born Abt 1827 in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, and died 1904 in Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia.

James Robertson

There are several web pages that deal with the loss of the India and subsequent arrival on the Grindlay, including my summary page Grindlay arrived 22 Oct 1841 from England to Port Phillip (via Rio De Janeiro on 22 Aug 1841 with emigrants saved from the India which caught fire in the southern Atlantic).
This page for James Robertson and Ann Coupar gives more details.
James Robertson and Ann Coupar came 1841 on the India, which burned and they were rescued, then completed journey on the Grindlay
James Robertson 1808 - 28 July 1888 aged 80, came 1841 with Ann Coupar, 1814 - 17 Dec 1872 aged 58
8 children 1. Agnes Robertson 1841
2. Helen Robertson 1843
3. John Robertson was born in a tent in 1845 wed 1877 #670 to Kate Kirkland
4. James Alexander Robertson 1848
5. Peter Robertson 1850 - 1865 #9049 aged 15 years
6. Alexander Robertson 1853
7. Mary Betsy Anne Robertson 1855 #9166 - 14 Mar 1901 #1369 aged 45, died at Dnong, wed 1866 #1894 to Hugh Moodie
8. David Jeffrey Robertson 1858 #14954 - 1918 aged 60, wed Mary Law 1858 - 1918
1. Agnes Robertson 1841 - 12 Nov 1914 wed 1860 #4253 to James Moodie 1831 - 1923 #4258 aged 92, son of John Moodie and Mary Mcgeachin, and lived at Kyneton, Benalla, Youarang, Dandenong, 11 chn
2. Helen Robertson 1843 wed 1881 #5231 to David Stewart, lived at Williamstown, Melb, Coburg,
3 Children 1. David Robertson Stewart 1883 #13400
2. Helen Agnes Stewart 1884 #26143
3. Malcolm Gordon Stewart 1887 #1998
3. John Robertson was born in a tent in 1845 wed 1877 #670 to Kate Kirkland from Ireland, lived at Coburg, Hawthorn, Campbellfield
10 Children 1. James Archibald Robertson 1878 #21888
2. John Kirkland Robertson 1880 #2320
3. Alfred Ernest Robertson 1881 #23980
4. Douglas Errol Robertson 1884 #9951
5. Amy Caroline Robertson 1886 #2788
6. Kate Kirklnad Robertson 1887 #24151
7. Muriel Jessie Robertson 1889 #14261
8. Noel Melrose Robertson 1890 #30404
9. Ann Robertson 1892 #30501
10. Agnes Helen Mary Robertson 1896 #1556
7. Mary Betsy Anne Robertson 1855 #9166 - 14 Mar 1901 #1369 aged 45, died at Dnong, wed 1866 #1894 to Hugh Moodie, lived at Kyneton, Benalla, 7 chn
8. David Jeffrey Robertson 1858 #14954 - 1918 aged 60, wed 1888 #5763 to Mary Law 1858 - 1910, lived at Port Albert, Alberton, Leongatha
8 Children 1. Agnes Howard Robertson 1889 #24898
2. Allen Coupar Robertson 1891 #15896
3. Howard Jeffrey Robertson 1893 #34307
4. Kathleen Stewart Robertson 1895 #7 - 1895 #8985 lived 10 months
5. Roy Montgomerie Robertson 1896 #8053
6. Helen Marie Robertson 1897 #15727
7. Jas Alexr Robertson 1898 #23390
8. Jean Marjory Robertson 1900 #20141

John Robertson

John Robertson from Port Glasgow wed 1870 #4491 to Cath Sheilds and lived at Collingwood
3 Children 1. Jane Robertson 1864
2. Christina Robertson 1872 #13023
3. John Edward Robertson 1875 #14910
1. Jane Robertson1864 wed 1887 to William Alexander Cunningham Hurford

Thomas William Robertson

Thomas William Robertson came c1858 with Mary Ann Pooley and lived at Ararat then Stawell
5 Children 1. Fran Wm Robertson 1859 #8730
2. George Thomas Robertson 1861 #21704
3. Mary Elizabeth Robertson 1863 #16554
4. Isabella White Robertson 1866 #4177
5. Elizabeth Emma Robertson 1868 #18641
3. Mary Elizabeth Robertson 1863 #16554 wed 1887 #2419 to Thomas Duke

Demster Robson

Demster Robson from Northumberland, wed at Wollongong NSW on 26 Dec 1874 #3924 to Emma Maria Chandler 1854 #2335 Parents - George Robson died 17 Dec 1905 son of Mary Jobling and Matthew Robson, wed 17 Dec 1837 to Hannah Hornsby at Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Demster Robson 06 Oct 1844 - 27 Sep 1905 #11193 aged 61 son of Hannah Hornsby and George Robson born at Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England died at Wollongong, New South Wales,
5 children 1. George Robson 21 Sep 1875 #25608 - 04 Aug 1942
2. Hannah Eliza Robson 1877 #5172
3. Demster Robson 1878 #11570
4. Emma Jane Robson 1882 #5309
5. William Robson 25 Jul 1883 #21105 - 29 Jul 1964 born at Wollongong wed 18 May 1910 to Catherine Ann Waples at Brownsvile, NSW
3. Demster Robson 1878 #11570 wed 03 Oct 1906 to Emily Elizabeth Buckland at Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

From on Friday, 31 January, 2014,
Subject: George Robson married Hannah Hornsby
Dear Eliza,
George's father was indeed Matthew Robson b 1771 and his mother was Mary Jobling. I believe that Matthew's father was William, no mother was listed on his birth record. I believe that Matthew's elder brother was William Robson who married Eleanor Morris and they had a huge family, one of their children was Matthew Robson who married Margaret Miller. After Margaret's death and a second marriage to Ann Hutton, as a widower he emigrated to Australia to reside with his son William Robson in Wollongong. He then married Eleanor Neville in Wollongong. They are all buried in Wollongong old cemetery, Wesleyan section in one large monument grave.
This branch of the family are my direct ancestors. William Robson arrived earlier in 1841 on the Emerald Isle, with his wife Ann and young daughter, Margaret, a son Matthew Emerald was born during the voyage. He was employed by the AAC to develop the coal industry in Newcastle NSW. Ten years later he became involved as manager and later owner of Mt Keira mine in Wollongong. I have an old family tree listing Matthew Robson and Mary Jobling but it is not clear on this tree as to their relationship to my William Robson, who married firstly Ann Veitch in Newcastle upon Tyne and secondly Margaret Wiseman nee Elliott in Maitland NSW.  I am still trying to establish the ship that Matthew Robson emigrated on. Do you know anything regarding the relationship between Captain Matthew Robson and William Robson? A legend my father used to tell me was that a Robson sea captain bought out many Robsons to Australia aboard his ship.
I noticed a reference to the Bellona and the Liberty Plains settlers. I hope you don't mind my pointing out that you have left off Frederick Meredith, who is my husband's 4X Great Grandfather. I have done quite a bit of work on him, and so have many others. Frederick and Thomas Webb were the only two men on board who were returning to Australia. Both had arrived on the first fleet. Frederick was steward to Captain Marshall aboard the Scarborough, he joined the fateful trip to Norfolk Island aboard the Sirius where it sank. After returning to Sydney aboard the Supply he returned to England aboard the Waaksamheild and was de-comissioned. Encouraged by his friend Thomas Webb, he gained a land grant at Liberty Plains (Charlotte Farm) just in time to board the Bellona bound for Sydney.
Kind regards, Virginia Rundle nee Robson, B.A. Syd U, Cert. Gen. SAG.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 15 December 1934 in The Supreme Court Of New South Wales -Probate Jurisdiction -In the Will of DEMSTER ROBSON late of Wollongong in the State of New South Wales Storekeeper deceased
~Application will be made after fourteen days from the publication hereof that Probate of the Will of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to Emily Elizabeth Robson the Executrix in the said Will named. All persons having any claims against the Estate of the said deceased are hereby required to furnish particulars to the undersigned within the said period and all notices may be served at the undermentioned addresses. RUSSELL and McLELLAND, Proctors for the Executrix Wollongong. By their Agents BARKER and JONES 38 Hunter-street Sydney
See Buckland notes

Source Longbenton St. Bartholemew in the Tynemouth district of Northumberland/ - quote -
There were two men named Deemster Hornsby, having children in the same place in Durham at the same time. But there are, in these sample baptisms:
15 Aug 1813 Hannah Hornsby, of Low Row, daughter of Deemster (pitman) & Margaret Hornsby
2 Jan 1817 Deemster Hornsby, of Craister Pit, son of Deemster (pitman) & Dorothy Hornsby
14 Oct 1827 John Hornsby, of High Row, son of Deemster (pitman) & Jane Hornsby
Deemster Hornsby married Margaret Wild or Wile at Longbenton in 1803. “Dempster” Hornsby married Dorothy Carnaby in 1812 at Newcastle All Saints. It appears that Deemster who married Dorothy is a different person than Deemster who married Margaret, because both couples baptize several children at Longbenton between 1813 and 1816, in alternating years.
Sample burials:
2 Jan 1817 Dorothy Hornsby, of Crastor Pit, age: 25

Note that Dorothy Hornsby, who is likely the mother in the middle baptism above, was buried on the same day her son was baptized, so she probably died as a result of childbirth. Dempster Hornsby then married Jane Urron in Newcastle St John in 1818; this is most likely the couple in the third baptism sample. He & Jane started baptizing children in 1819 at Longbenton.

More Robson notes from Virginia, Monday, 3 February, 2014.
I have found the relationship -
Hannah Hornsby married George Robson in 1837 at Newcastle Upon Tyne, St.Nicholas, Northumberland, England source - England Marriages, 1538–1973
Hannah's father was called Deemster Hornsby, this record below came from "England and Wales Christening Record 1530-1906" which I found on ancestry, and this is where this interesting name of Dempster enters the Robson line. This is Margaret Wile, as you correctly state. I am not sure about the other marriage record from durham records online, of 1812 of Dempster Hornsby to Dorothy Carnaby - maybe a cousin? Longbenton is the next parish to Wallsend. These men were miners.
Hannah Hornsby christened 15 Aug 1813 dau of Margaret and Deemster Hornsby, at Long Benton, Northumberland, England George Robson's parents were Matthew Robson and Mary Jobling and the link to St Peters Wallsend was paramount to my connecting the two families - George Robson to William Robson
From St Peter's, George Robson christened 07 Dec 1817 son of Mary and Mattw Robson, at St. Peter's, Wallsend, Northcumberland, England
and the marriage, Matthew Robson wed 22 Dec 1798 to Mary Jobling, at Wallsend, Northumberland, England
Virginia concludes - I believe this Matthew Robson was the younger brother to William Robson who married Ellenor Morris. Their son, Matthew Robson maried Margaret Miller, and their son William Robson was owner of the Mt Keira Colliery in Wollongong.

I see that you have resolved the problem of William Robson.
You conclude
Generation 1. Unnamed parents of William and Matthew Robson
Generation 2. William Robson who married Ellenor Morris.
Generation 3 - Their son, Matthew Robson maried Margaret Miller,
Generation 4 - their son William Robson was owner of the Mt Keira Colliery in Wollongong

Generation 2. Matthew Robson wed 22 Dec 1798 to Mary Jobling, at Wallsend, Northumberland, England
Generation 3 - Matthew had a son named George Robson who wed 17 Dec 1837 to Hannah Hornsby
Generation 4 - Demster Robson 06 Oct 1844 - 27 Sep 1905 #11193 aged 61 son of Hannah Hornsby and George Robson born at Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England died at Wollongong, New South Wales,

Edward Robson

Edward Robson wed 1862 #1845 to Annie Ellis and lived at Ballarat and later at Queenscliff
13 children 1. Thomas Edward Robson 1863 #504 - 1884 #10299 aged 21
2. Caroline Annie Robson 1865 #592 lived 11 months
3. Annie Elizabeth Robson 1866 #12597 lived 9 months
4. Edwd James Robson 1868 #609 - 1895 #10843 aged 27
5. Mary Emma Ellis Robson 1870 #627
6. George Henry Edwd Robson 1872 #519
7. Herbert Edward Robson 1874 #247
8. Alfred Edward Robson 1875 #6888
9. Owen Crighton Edward Robson 1877 #516 lived 1 year
10. Annie Amelia Robson 1878 #13323
11. Owen Walt Edwd Robson 1880 #13272
12. Esther Maude Robson 1882 #6779
13. Archibald Edward Robson 1884 #27025
Geo Hy Edw Robson 1872 #519 wed 1897 #6136 to Harriet Eva Thwaites 1877 #24314 and lived at Queencliffe
8 Children 1. Murial Minnie Robson 1898 #28638
2. Owen Geo Robson 1901 #6037
3. Jno Edw Robson 1903 #13104 - 1919 #18771 aged 16
4. Owen Geo Robson 1903 #7316
5. Geo Hy Robson 1906 #2936
6. Bert Robson 1909 #13862 lived 3 years
7. Robt Lionel Robson 1912 #6545
8. Wilfred Thwaites Robson 1916 #24037

Frederick Robson

Frederick John Robson wed 1855 #3731 to Mary Ann O'Neill and lived at Sandhurst, Iron Bark, Peg Leg, Eaglehawk
5 Children 1. Edward Robson 1856 #14181 - 1873 #8244 aged 17 years
2. Jane Margaret Robson 1858 #19292
3. Fanny Robson 1861 - 1861 #10081 lived 2 days
4. Frank Robson 1866 #21061
5. Frederick John Robson 1868 #8923
2. Jane Margaret Robson 1858 #19292 wed 1876 to Charles Winnell, 3 children

William James Robson

William James Robson wed 1890 #4309 to Margaret Addison 1867 #4703
4 children 1. Elsie Isabel Robson 1891 #1147
2. John Leslie Robson 1893 #10387
3. Margt Dorothy Robson 1895 #9988
4. Ernest William Robson 1900 #27068

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