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Families featured on this page
Alexander Poad, Andrew Poad, Edwin Poad, Henry Poad, John Poad, William Poad, William Reynolds

UK Directories is a website of old trade directories. It can be very slow and cumbersome to use but you can often find ancestors with their addresses/occupations. The other bonus is that there will be a contemporary description of each place at the beginning of the list of inhabitants. I tried finding Poads on it yesterday but couldn't get it to move at all. I had better luck today and found Poads in Cornwall and Benjamin in Bristol as a Furniture Broker in Lewins Mead. This was in the 1850's Slater's Directory of Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

William Poad 1865

William Poad from Cornwall wed 1892 #3534 to Annie Matthews and lived at Eaglehawk
5 children 1. Edwin John Poad 1893 #12274
2. Regd Poad 1895 #30750
3. Lydia Jane Poad 1899 #26184
4. Wm Matw Poad 1901 #26490
5. Alex Poad 1908 #18860

Andrew Poad 1869

Andrew Poad from Cornwall wed 1895 #3203 to Mary Batten and dau Minnie lived 1 day
Andrew Poad 1871 - 1898 #6120 aged 27 died at Bendigo Hospital, son of Lydia Reynolds and Alex Poad

Edwin Poad 1869

Edwin Poad born c1874 in Cornwall wed 1893 #3345 to Margaret Annie Crowl 1873 #8954 and lived at Eaglehawk
He is a son of Alexander Poad wed Lydia Reynolds
8 children 1. Lewis Alex Poad 1893 #31072
2. Mabel Poad 1895 #20292 lived 1 year
3. John Reynolds Poad 1896 #19436 lived 1 month (January 1897)
4. Andrew Poad 1898 #10628 lived 1 month (January 1899)
5. Albert Ernest Poad 1899 #18135 - 1901 #5475
6. Wm Robert Poad 1900 #26107 - 1900 #12630 lived 1 month
7. Leslie Poad survived
8. Margaret Poad wed Trigwell.

Margaret Lydia Allenby Trigwell passed away on Saturday 7th July 2013 at 94 1/2 years. She was the daughter of Edwin Poad and Margaret Annie Crowle.
Kind regards, Jenny

From on Sun, 14 Oct 2007
Hi Elizabeth
I came across your family tree when researching info on the Poad family.
Just to update you –
Margaret Annie Crowl and Edwin Poad moved from Eaglehawk, to the goldfields in Western Australia near Kalgoorlie. From there they took up a land holding near Bunbury , WA .
The only surviving son, Lewis, came with them, a son Leslie was born on the goldfields, and daughter Margaret Lydia Allenby was born in Bunbury WA. She was not adopted.
She is actually my mother in law, still alive and living in Perth. Les died just a few years ago.
Kindest regards,
From on Mon, 26 Nov 2007
Hi Elizabeth and Jenny- My name is Bill Bilkey and I'm working on my family tree for my Son and Daughter. My Parents had started it a long time ago and stopped. We have Emily Poad born on 6/18/1866 in Cornwall, England as the daughter of Lydia Reynolds (Born 1835) and Alexander Poad (no info). Do you have any information on them and their parents, etc? Not sure how detailed you get, but on our tree Emily Poad married William Warrick and had my Grandmother Winifred Warrick... who married John Bilkey and had my Father Richard Bilkey (first born in US - Detroit, MI) and then it comes to me and my two kids (near Chicago, IL). Thanks for any information you can offer, Bill Bilkey

Our John Poad

St Stephen in Brannel, Cornwall - parish web site
Three web sites were used for this data - FamilySearch, Freebmd UK after 1838, and Cornwall Census 1841 to 1891
Other sites are linked to, where the reference is quoted.

Joseph Poad wed 10 Apr 1765 to Mary Phillips at Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall, England
All children Christened at Saint Dennis, Cornwall,

5 Children 1. John Pode Christening: 13 Apr 1766
2. Mary Pode Christening: 07 Feb 1768
3. Susannah Poade Christening: 25 Dec 1773
4. Joseph Poad Christening: 14 Jul 1776
5. Samuel Poad Christening: 03 Jun 1781
1. John Pood wed 15 Jul 1788 to Ann Colmer at Saint Mewan, Cornwall, England
This is not a Spelling error - but the way the name is recorded by FamilySearch
Children of Ann and John Poad are born at Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall
5 Children 1. Mary Poad Christening: 06 Mar 1791 died
2. John Poad Christening: 07 Jun 1795
3. Mary Poad Christening: 30 Oct 1803
4. Michael Poad Christening: 04 Aug 1806
5. Elizabeth Poad Christening: 21 Jun 1807
5. Samuel Poad wed 20 Feb 1805 to Grace Mellow at Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall,
2 Children 5.1. Samuel Poad Christening: 05 Aug 1805 Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall,
5.2. Joseph Poad Christening: 02 Oct 1808 Cornelly, Cornwall,

John wed Mary

1st Marriage JN POAD Marriage: 29 AUG 1819 to Mary Trethewy at Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall,
John Poad's first wife - Mary Trethewey died 22 September 1836 aged 45
Extracted record at Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall, England
Mary Trethewy Christening: 22 May 1791 to Susanna and Richard Trethewy
Mary Trethewy Christening: 20 JUL 1793 dau of Elizabeth and John Trethewy
2nd Marriage quarter to Sep 1838, John Poad to Mary Ann Roberts, district of St Austell Vol 9 page 23

This copy from Ron Conner who should get the credit and passed it to ,
At St Stephen in Brannel, Cornwall, John POAD to Mary Ann ROBERTS on 13 Jul 1837 by Banns. John POAD was a Miner from Whiteman. He was a Widower. His father, John POAD, was a Labourer. Mary Ann ROBERTS was from Coombe. She was a Widow. Her father, George TRUSCOTT, was a Miner. (George PINCH & George YELLAND were witnesses)

Children of John Poad

1841 Census Book 3 Folio 15 Page 5
Carthew,1, John Poad, 45, Clay Labourer, all born In county,
Mary Ann Poad, 38, William Poad,19, Clay Labourer, Joseph Poad,16, Clay Labourer, John Poad,15, Clay Labourer, Samuel Poad,13, Andrew Poad,10, Michael Poad,7, Mary Poad,3,
also John Roberts,16, Clay Labourer, Eliza Roberts, 13, In county,

List suggests that the Roberts children are step children and second wife was Mary Ann Roberts

Children of Mary Trethewey
(From Dawn Bowen) Name: Joanna POAD Sex: F Birth: 5 Mar 1819 in St Stephen in Brannel, Cornwall. Baptism: 5 Mar 1820 St Stephen in Brannel. Death: 9 Feb 1882 in St Stephens in Brannel, Cornwall Burial: X FEB 1882 St Stephens in Brannel Churchyard. Note: Daughter of John Poad & Mary Trethewey.
1. Joanna Poad Christening: 05 Mar 1820 Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall
2. William Poad Christening: 10 Feb 1822 Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall
3. Joseph Poad Christening: 16 May 1824 Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall
4. John Poad Christening: 22 May 1826 Saint Austell, Cornwall
5. Samuel Poad Birth: 23 Aug 1828 Christening: 23 Sep 1828 Bible Christian, Luxulyan Circuit, Cornwall, England Father: John Poad Mother: Mary Trethewey
6. Andrew Pode Birth: 18 Jan 1831 Christening: 22 Feb 1831 Bible Christian, Luxulyan Circuit, Cornwall
7. Michael Pode Christening: 07 Jul 1834 Saint Dennis, Cornwall

Children of Mary Ann Truscott
1. John Roberts Christening: 05 Jun 1825 Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall, England Father: Thomas Roberts And Mother: Marianne
2. Eliza Roberts Christening: 25 May 1828 Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall, England Father: Thomas Roberts Mother: Mary Ann
8. Mary Poad Births Jun 1838 St Austell Vol 9 Page 23

1851 Census

Joanna wed 21 Dec 1836 to John Best at Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall, England Thankyou Bill Bilkey

Folio 214 Page 13 Civil Parish of St. Stephen Brannel where all were born
41,Whitemoor, John Best, Head,M,35, China Clay Labourer, Johanna Best, Wife,M, 31,Labourers Wife, Mary Ann Best, Dau,U, 14,Scholar, Elijah Best, Son, 12, Scholar, John Henry Best, Son, 6, Scholar, Frederick Best, Son, 3, Baby, Hannah Best, Dau, 4m, Baby,

1851 Census Folio 19 Page 9,
27,Yondertown, John Poad, Head,M,58, China Clay Worker, all except last child born at St. Stephens Cornwall,
Mary Ann Poad, Wife, M, 48, Samuel Poad, Son,U,22, Tin Miner, Andrew Poad, Son,U,19, Clay Waggoner, Michael Poad, Son,U,17, China Clay Worker, Mary Poad, Dau 12, Scholar, and Alexander Poad, Son 8, Scholar, St. Austell Cornwall,
Alexander Poad Births Mar 1842 at St Austell Vol 9 page 11, Alexander Poad born 10 March 1842, mother Mary Ann Truscott">

Son William not in Census.
Son Joseph - found by Jenny -
Cornwall Online Census Project 1851 Enumeration District 1a St Austell Eccl. District of Treverbyn Folio 50 Page 19
Joseph Pode Head 26 Miner B St Austell Cornwall.. Residence – 62 CARNSMERRY
Louisa Pode Wife M, 25, B St Austell Cornwall
Child – Joseph H Pode, 4 months old, B St Austell, Cornwall
Grace Dyer, sister in law to Joseph, Unmarried, 22 Tin Mine Girl, B St Austell Cornwall
This would be John Poad’s son Joseph as shown on the 1841 Census.
Spelling of Poad changed to Pode again!
Louisa was probably Louisa Dyer

Son John not seen

1861 Census

1861 Census Folio 3 Page 2, (Recorder error?)
9,Trenance Grove,1,John Poad,Head,M,67, China Clay Labourer,St Stephens Brannel Cornwall,
Mary Ann Poad,Wife,M, 57, St Stephens Brannel Cornwall,
Aillick Poad,Son,U,19, China Clay Labourer,St Austell Cornwall,
Son John born 1826, found by Jenny
1861 Civil Parish of St. Austell, Eccl. Parish of Treverbyn, Folio 24 Page 25
116,Carthew,1, John Poad, Head,M,33, Tin Miner, St Stephens Cornwall,
Ann Poad, Wife,M, 32, Anna Poad, Dau 11,Scholar, Samuel Poad, Son 7, Scholar,
all family born at St Austell Cornwall

(no sign of Samuel aged 32
Andrew 1831 Folio 25 Page 26 - 119,Carthew,1,Andrew Poad, Head,M,29, Farmer,St Austell Cornwall, Elizabeth Poad,Wife,M, 29, St Dennis Cornwall, Selina Poad,Dau, 8,Scholar, William Poad,Son, 4, Joseph Poad,Son, 10m, St Austell Cornwall,

85,Middlehill,1,Michael Poad,Head,M,27, Copper Miner,St Stephens Cornwall,
Grace Poad,Wife,M, 25,Miners Wife,Madron Cornwall,
Mary Poad,Dau 5,Scholar, William Poad,Son 4, Scholar, Michael Poad,Son 2, Elizabeth Poad,Dau 3m, St Ive Cornwall,

Age fits for this to be daughter Mary -
165,Carludden,1,Thomas Burton,Head,M,27, Farmer 25 Acres,St Austell Cornwall,
Mary Burton,Wife,M, 23, St Stephens Cornwall,
John Burton,Son,U,2, Mary Burton,Dau,U, 1, St Austell Cornwall,

and in 1871, son John
69,3 Blowing House Hill,1,John Poad,Head,M,44, Miner,St Austell Cornwall,
Ann Poad,Wife,M, 42, St Austell Cornwall,
Hannah Poad,Dau,U, 21,Domestic Serv,St Austell Cornwall,

Alexander POAD wed Lydia Reynolds, 1864

Checking for a marriage at freedmd, I found
Alexander Poad wed >Mar 1864 to Lydia Reynolds and lived in the district of St. Austell
Certificate copy sent by Bill Bilkey
Marriage Number 114 solemnized 9 Jan 1864 at the Register Office, in the district of St Austell in the County of Cornwall, Alexander, aged 21, Bachelor, Copper miner, son of John Poad, Husbandman signed with his mark, Lydia Reynolds aged 23, Spinster, Dressmaker, dau of William Reynolds a Farmer, wrote her own name, in the presence of Susan Homiah, before James Hochins (or Hookins) Registrar, and Robert Lakes Sup Registrar
Alexander Poad wed 9 Jan 1864, to Lydia Reynolds
1. Wm Poad Jun 1864 - 1924 #11121 aged 60, son of Lydia Reynolds and Alex Poad
2. Emma Poad Sept 1865
3. Bessie Poad Mar 1867
4. Andrew Poad Sep 1868
5. Mary Poad Sep 1870
6. Edwin Poad Mar 1872
7. Selina Poad Jun 1874
8. Samuel Poad Dec 1875
9. Janie Poad Sep 1877

1881 Census

1881 Census is via FamilySearch Dwelling Screeda, St Austell, Cornwall, England
Alexander POAD Head M Male 39 St Austell, Cornwall, England China Clay Labourer
Lydia POAD Wife M Female 41 Padstow, Cornwall, England
William POAD Son U Male 16 St Austell, Cornwall, England China Clay Labourer went to Vic, Australia
Bessie Poad Daur Female 13 St Austell, Cornwall, England Scholar
Andrew Poad Son Male 12 St Austell, Cornwall, England Scholar went to Vic, Australia
Mary Poad Daur Female 11 St Austell, Cornwall, England Scholar
Edwin Poad Son Male 9 St Austell, Cornwall, England Scholar went to Vic, Australia
Selina Poad Daur Female 7 St Austell, Cornwall, England Scholar
Samuel Poad Son Male 5 St Austell, Cornwall, England Scholar
Jane Poad Daur Female 3 St Austell, Cornwall, England

Missing is second child, Emily Poad whose grand-daughter went to USA, born c1866, found her
Dwelling Stenalees, St Austell, Cornwall, England
Thomas GROSE Head M Male 34 St Austell, Cornwall, England China Clay & Stone Agent
Harriet A. GROSE Wife M Female 34 Bodmin, Cornwall, England
Frank GROSE Son Male 5 St Austell, Cornwall, England Scholar
Sydney GROSE Son Male 3 St Austell, Cornwall, England Scholar
Percy GROSE Son Male 2 St Austell, Cornwall, England
Julyan GROSE Son Male 9 m St Austell, Cornwall, England
Emily POAD Serv Female 15 St Austell, Cornwall, England Servant (Domestic

1891 Census

Edwin Poad came in August 1892 when aged 19, on the Oruba

he is in the 1891 Census for Cornwall, Civil Parish of St. Austell, Eccl. Parish of Treverbyn, Folio 49 Page 10
65,Stenalees,1, Elexender Poad, Head,M, 49, China Clay Labourer, Employed, St Austell Cornwall,
Lydia Poad, Wife,M, 50, Padstow Cornwall,
Bessie Poad, Dau,S, 22, St Austell Cornwall,
Edwin Poad, Son,S,17, China Clay Labourer, Employed, St Austell Cornwall,
Jane Poad, Dau, 13, St Austell Cornwall,
John Poad, Son, 8, Scholar, St Austell Cornwall,

Henry Poad

William Henry Poad c1828 (son of Sarah Cole and Benjamin Poad) wed 1851 Bristol to Eliza Fry and emigrated to Australia
From Cousin Connect FRY/LUCE/POAD
Edward Fry born abt 1799 Somerset married Mary Luce born abt 1805 Somerset died 1883 England children Eliza Fry born abt 1831 Bristol
and Harriet Ellen Fry born abt 1832 Bristol
Looking for information on any of above.

Henry Poad wed Mar 1851 to Eliza Fry at Bedminster spans the boundaries of the counties of Gloucestershire and Somerset
Harriet Pode came Assisted British Immigrants in Dec 1856 on the Medway with Eliza Pode aged 4
Henry Poad and Harriet Fry lived at Armstrong, Cathcart and settled at Ararat
Harriet Fry 1832 - 1894 #8089 aged 62, dau of Mary Luce and Edward Fry died at Ararat
Henry Poad 1831 - 1919 #4330 aged 88, son of Sarah Cole and Benjamin Poad, died at Ararat -

11 children 1. Eliza Fry Poad c1852 born at Bristol, wed 1874 #3678 to John Hugh Jones
2. Unnamed Female Poad 1859 #3495
3. Ellen Poad 1860 #9162 wed 1882 #1452 to Thomas Johnson
4. Alice Mary Poad 1861 #22376 wed 1885 #6149 to John Langton Steed
5. Harriet Sarah Poad 1863 #11812
6. Selina Poad 1864 #19354 wed 1884 #5285 to William Percival Miller
7. Henry Benjamin Poad 1866 #139 - 1868 #7838 lived 2 years
8. Rose Poad 1867 #12253 wed 1888 #5261 to Sampson Kent
9. William Henry Poad 1869 #6153
10. Isabella Poad 1870 #20645
11. Elizabeth Amelia Poad 1873 #13903 wed 1899 2109R to Geo Thos Wallis
1. Eliza Fry Poad 2.7.1852 - 30.10.1924 born at Bristol, wed 1874 #3678 to John Hugh Jones 1847 - 1884 #32 aged 37 died at Ararat
4 Children 1. Harriet Ellen Jones 1875 #78
2. Eliza Fry Jones 1876 #20522
3. Henry John William Jones 1878 #23714
4. Arthur Jones 1885 #14796 - 1888 #8180 lived 3 years
William Torvil Patterson was born 1858 in Sleswick Holstein Germany, and died Bef. 1906 in after 1901 ?. He married Eliza Fry Poad 22 Sep 1886 in Church of England, Ararat Victoria Australia, daughter of Henry Poad and Harriet Fry. She was born 02 Jul 1853 in 3 am, Trinity St, Saint Augustines Parish, Bristol, England, and died 30 Oct 1924 in Ballarat East Victoria Australia.
Headstone reads, PATTERSON New plaque reads, Patterson, Eliza Fry (Jones nee Poad) 2.7.1852 - 30.10.1924 Born Bristol

There's a Benjamin Poad in Bristol in the 1851 census who gives his place of birth as St Dominick, Cornwall.
Benjamin Poad 1804- 21/11/1885 is my great etc grandfather, he married Sarah nee Cole 1807- 26/11/1885
Benjamin's parents are Mary Bond Fowell and John Poad they never lived in Bristol that I know of, they were both born in St Dominick Cornwall.

1851 census HO107/1950 - Reg Dist Bristol - Sub Reg Dist St James Enum Dist 1i - Folio 176 - Page 31 Schedule number 125 Lewins Mead
Benjamin Poad - Head - Mar - 49 - Furniture Broker - born Cornwall St Dominic
Sarah Poad - Wife - Mar - 43 - born Bristol St Philip
John Poad - Son - 14 - Assistant Broker - born Gloucester St George
Selina Poad - Daur - 8 - Scholar - born Bristol St James
Edward Poad - Son - 5 - Scholar - born Bristol St James
Albert Poad - Son - 1 - Scholar - born Bristol St James
Richard Poad - Nephew - U - 26 - Assistant Broker - born Cornwall St Dominic
Henry Poad - Son - Mar - 20 - Treacle Maker - born Gloucester St George
Harriet Poad - Wife Son - Mar - 19 - born Bristol Nicholas

Sarah Martin - Servt - U - 20 - General Servant - born Bristol St James
Robert Barnwick - Lodger - U - 22 - Cabinet Maker - born Devon Barnstaple
Only 5 of the children at home but it does show son Henry with wife Harriet Fry and yes, 1-yr-old Albert is recorded as a scholar!

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began 1st Nov, 1998.
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Andrew Poad aged 21 came to Melb, Vic, May 1891 on the Cuzco Chas Poad aged 30 came to Melb, Vic, Dec 1900 on the Omrah John Poad aged 33 came to Melb, Vic, Dec 1900 on the Omrah Edwin Poad aged 19 came to Melb, Vic, Aug 1892 on the Oruba Samuel Poad aged 24 came to Melb, Vic, Jun 1903 on the Ormuz Infant Poad aged 0 came to Melb, Vic, Apr 1908 on the VilleDeLaCiotat Mrs Poad aged 35 came to Melb, Vic, Apr 1908 on the VilleDeLaCiotat Family Name Given Name Age Ship Name Month Year Destination Film_Mth Film_Yr Page Poad A Mr 33 Flinders I Mar 1894 Albany W A Mar 1894 004 Poad E Mr 25 Coolgardie Ii Jul 1901 Adelaide & Wa Ports Jul 1901 002 Poad Child 8 Sydney Ii Feb 1903 Adelaide & Wa Ports Feb 1903 001 Poad Mrs 33 Sydney Ii Feb 1903 Adelaide & Wa Ports Feb 1903 001 Poad E Mr 47 Dimboola I Oct 1915 Adelaide & W A Oct 1915 001 Poad E Mrs 49 Dimboola I Oct 1915 Adelaide & W A Oct 1915 001