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Ann Orwin nee Green

For more on this family see FamilyHistory where Thomas and Ann Orwin are recorded as having 8 children, the first 4 lived (and came to Victoria), the next 3 died at Sunderland as infants, and the death of last child Sarah Ann born in 1850, is recorded at Newcastle on Tyne where her parents had wed, and her father was born.

From Debbie White on Fri, 23 May 2008 (email to her bounced on 7 Sep 2010
Hello Elizabeth,
My name is Deborah White and my great great grandfather was George Dixon Orwin who, with his brothers Thomas and Joseph & his mother, Ann (nee Green) and sister Elizabeth came to Australia on the barque Ebba Brahe in 1857.
George married Martha Cook and their first child was Mabel Eleanor, born 1866.
Grace Isabel Orwin (one of Mabel's younger sisters) was my great grandmother. There is also another sibling, Robert Forrest Orwin born 1870. Most of George & Martha's children were born in the Melbourne area, not Taradale.
Would love to share more information if you are interested.
Deborah White

Assisted list for Ebba Brahe Dec 1857 - Ann M Orwin aged 44, with George D Orwin17, Thomas W Orwin 15 and John J Orwin aged 9 came from Sunderland, England
Elizabeth J Orwin 18, is listed as 'Unassisted' on the Ebba Brahe.
Ann Milburn Green Christening: 30 Mar 1812 - 28 Feb 1870 aged 58, born at Newcastle daughter of Margaret Dixon and Ralph Green, wed at Newcastle On Tyne, England Jan-March 1838 to Thomas Orwin.
A man maned Thomas Orwin, adult, came Dec 1861 on the Latona and may be the same person whose death is indexed 1814 - 7 Jul 1878 died at Taradale, Victoria aged 64 son of Elizabeth unknown and George Orwin born at Tyne
Elizabeth Jane Orwin registered March 1839, George Dixon Orwin registered Sep 1840, Thomas William Orwin Dec 1842, Joseph Green Orwin Dec 1844 died June 1845, Margaret Ann Orwin birth Dec 1845 died Dec 1845
1. Elizabeth Jane Orwin c1840 wed 1858 #2350 to William Alexander Bliss and lived at Taradale.
From on Wed, 2 Apr 2008
Re your Question, re William Alexander Bliss.
"is he the William Bliss aged 27 came Nov 1853 on the Sea Ranger"
His full name was William Alexander Read Bliss. And yes he did arrive in Melbourne, Victoria, Aust 1953. But not on the ship the Sea Ranger.
On his Application for Naturalization paper's 1876 & 1911, he has written that the ship's name was the British ship Countess of Elgin. And it was Feb not Nov.

William A.R.Bliss was my Great Grandfather. He died on the 18 Jun 1919 in Moe, Vic. Aust. Regards
Stan Bliss

IGI record Submitted by 2 researchers - William Alexander Read Bliss born 16 Oct 1833 at New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts son of Mary Spooner Reynolds and Isaac Bliss, and died 17 June 1919 at Tralagon, Victoria, Australia, wed 15 April 1858 to Elizabeth Jane Orwin at Faraday, Vic and children born at Taradale
Elizabeth Jane Orwin born 13 Jan 1839 at Sunderland, Durham, England and died Abt 1916 at Traralgon, Victoria, Australia, dau of Anne Milburn Green and Thomas Orwin
4 Children 1. Henrietta Abby Shadforth Bliss 1862 #17865
2. William Thomas Frederick Bliss 1864 #18606
3. Charles Henry Bliss 1868 #20009 also registered Charles Henry Spooner Bliss 1869 #5486
5. Anne Isabella Orwin Bliss 1874 #12574

From on Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Re: George Dixon Orwin married Martha Cook at Kyneton in 1865. I have their marriage certificate and HER mother is listed as MARY MASTIN not Emma Mastin. Father is William Cook.
Emma Maslin Cook (Martha’s sister) married a Mr. Llewellyn.
Regards, Debbie White
Thankyou again - and spelling was so fluid.
William Lewellen 1823 - 1882 #4607 aged 58, died at Carlton, wed 1850 #29212 to Emma Maslin Cook at St Peters, Church of England Melbourne, and children were born at Taradale.
Emma Maslin Lewellen 1828 - 1896 #5264 aged 68, dau of unknown Martin and Wm Coote, died at Carlton
9 Children 1. Richard Lewellen 1853 #21544 lived 6 months, buried by Church of England, St Marks, Collingwood
2. Frances Mary Lewellen 1856 #5821 - 1864 #6904 lived 8 years
3. Robert John Lewellen 1858 #8389
4. Susanna Martha Lewellen 1859 #15613 - 1860 #6483 lived 10 months
5. Eleanor Fearn Lewellen 1860 - 1928 #9914 aged 69, wed 1885 #1439 to Wm James Fearn Wannan 1863 - 1941 aged 78
6. Annie Walton Lewellen 1864 #11991 - 1864 #4973 lived 10 months
7. Lydia Mary Ann Lewellen 1865 #25303
8. Hannah Elizabeth Lewellen 1868 #5924 wed 1896 #1153 to John Hutchison
9. William Thomas Lewellen 1869 #25438 - 1875 #7475 lived 5 years

2. George Dixon Orwin 1841 - 1881 #11143 aged 40 years son of Ann Green and Thomas Orwin, wed 1865 #2687 to Martha Cook 1844 - 1922 daughter of Emma Mastin and William Cook, and lived at Taradale, and after 1873 in Melbourne suburbs
8 Children 1. Mabel Eleanor Orwin 1866
2. George William Orwin 1868 #12678 wed 1889 #6324 to Sophia Julia Brain
3. Robert Forrest Orwin 1870
4. Thomas Ernest Orwin 1872 #26755
5. Grace Isabel Orwin 1874 #17539 wed 1895 #6961 to Wm Sampson Tease
6. Sydney Orwin 1876 #21490 wed 1898 #3681R to Kate Ameer
7. Marion Alice Orwin 1879 #21536
8. Florence Hilda Orwin 1881 #21854

From on Saturday, 18 September, 2010
I have been going through the list of names on your Pioneer Families
The first correction is George William Orwin, his wife Sophia Julia Brain was born 6.8.1871 and died at St.Kilda 18.12.1953. They married on 10.7.1889 at Moor Street , Fitzroy, ’According to the rites of the Free Church of England’.
Ann Milburn Orwin (46) brought her four children Elizabeth Jane (18) George Dixon (16) Thomas William (15) and John Joseph(10) to Australia on “Ebba Brahe” arriving 8.12.1857.
Why did they come and surely she would have brought her family to someone she knew not waited four years for Thomas, her husband, to come out.
George Dixon Orwin and his wife Martha settled in North Carlton and his family stayed in the near vicinity.
Julia Elder
Thankyou Julia.
I see Sophia Julia Brain was registered 1871 #17836, daughter of Julia Woollends and William Henry Brain, born at Hotham.
William Henry Brain born in Launceston, Tasmania, wed 1870 #3667 to Julia Woollands who was born in Essex

3. Thomas William Orwin registered in UK Oct-Dec 1842, from Sunderland wed 1867 #3610 to Annie Rosina Charlotte Hough and lived at Taradale
9 Children 1. Rosena Charlotte Orwin 1869 #19160
2. Fanny Amelia Orwinn 1873 #20544 4. Sydney Smith Orwin 1875 #19804
5. Elizabeth Annie Orwin 1876 #26247
6. Mabel Zoe Orwin 1878 #25984
7. Wm Hy Orwin 1880 #19146
8. Charles Albert Orwin 1882 #19631
9. Frederick George Orwin 1883 #20213 - 1884 #3107 lived 6 months
1. Rosena Charlotte Orwin 1869 #19160 wed 1889 #583 to Wm White and lived at Taradale
6 Children 1. Ernest Norman Rodolp White 1889 #26803
2. Gladys Irene White 1891 #28136
3. Olive Gertrude White 1893 #7967
4. Leonard Oswald White 1894 #33414
5. Brenda Merle White 1898 #14700
6. Mabel Alexandra White 1901 #18597
2. Fanny Amelia Orwin 1871 #12699 wed 1890 #344 to John Holmes and lived at Maldon, Seymour etc
5 Children 1. Fanny Holmes 1890 #34079 - 1890 #16412 lived 7 days
2. Ernest Hopetoun Holmes 1893 #5413
3. Irene Mabel Orwin Holmes 1894 #10477 - 1895 #3424 lived 10 months
4. Elaine Maud Brassey Holmes 1896 #6706
5. Daisy May Holmes 1897 #20523
3. Alice Maud Orwin 1873 #20544 wed 1895 #2136 to Thomas Staley Monteith and lived at Castlemaine, 3 Children
6. Mabel Zoe Orwin 1878 #25984 wed 1899 #611R to John Shaw Maddern and lived at Carlton
2 Children 1. Jno Shaw Maddern 1900 #1860
2. Thelma May Maddern 1901 #27984

George Orwin

From on Sunday, 26 August 2012
Hej Elizabeth!
I am related to George Orwin through his daughter Margaret Alice in her marriage to Thomas Simpson.
George Orwin (Urwin) - baptised 26 November, 1826 (Old Parish Registers Washington & Usworth, Co. Durham) - was the fifth child in a family of 10 children of George URWIN (Orwin) who was christened on the 31 January, 1796 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Elizabeth Anderson born about 1798 in Gateshead.
First child of the marriage of George Urwin and Elizabeth Anderson was Thomas, baptised on the 16 October, 1814 (OPR Washington & Usworth).
George Orwin b. 1826 married Margaret Nixon born 1830 in Gateshead, Co. Durham on 1 May, 1848 (No. 361) at Easington, Parish Church, Co. Durham. George's occupation at the time of his marriage was Pitman and George and Margaret lived at Haswell at that time. George's father was George Orwin (note the change in the spelling) also a Pitman.
George and Margaret Orwin (as Margt Irwin aged 24) with their child Valentine arrived in Melbourne on the 20 January, 1857 aboard the vessel "Merrie England".
Valentine Orwin 1848-1921, Easington Lane, Co. Durham - Bendigo, Vic.
George Orwin 1850-1850 Co. Durham
Elizabeth Jane Orwin 1854-1857 Co. Durham
George Orwin 1860-1926 Sth. Micklesford, Vic - Yowie Bay, N.S.W.
Elizabeth Jane Hannah Orwin 1863-1946 Bendigo, Vic - Hursville, N.S.W.
Margaret Alice Orwin 1864-1884 Newstead, Vic - Leichhardt, N.S.W.
Mary Isabella Orwin 1866-1884 Mt. Ord, Vic - Balmain, N.S.W.
Richard Nixon Orwin 1870-unknown Newstead, Vic - unknown
Richard Orwin 1870 - 1929 Castlemaine, Vic - Hurstville, N.S.W.
The family lived first in Victoria and from 1880 in Sydney where George Orwin worked as a Tramway employee. George Orwin died 3 November, 1894, 68 years old. Margaret Nixon Orwin died 17 November, 1912, 82 years old at her home in Darlington, Sydney.
I hope this fills in some of the gaps in your research. Kind regards, Nellie Nordin.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Monday 19 January 1857 Arrived at Hobson's Bay, 16 Jan 1857, ship Merrie England, 1034 tons, William Kelly master, from Liverpool 20 Oct. Passengers - cabin: Misses Henrietta and Jessie Ross, Mrs. Elizabeth Young and family of 5, Mr and Mrs Robert and Mary Wright, Messrs. Donald Ross, James Meyer, John Thomas, Lucas Sylvester, Leslie Chalmers, Hugh McCune, Thomas Taylor ; and two hundred and fifty in tho steerage. G. F. Train and Co., Agents

Geo Orwin 1826 - 1894 #13022 aged 68 son of Elizth Anderson and George Neagle, arrived 20 January, 1857 aboard the vessel Merrie England with Margaret Nixon and Valentine aged 8, and lived at Myrtleford, Newstead
9 Children 1.Valentine Orwin 1848
2. George Orwin 1850 died
3. Elizabeth Jane Orwin 1854 died
4. George Orwin 1860 #21432
5. Elizth Jane Hannah Orwin 1862 #13272
6. Margaret Alice Orwin 1864 #17195
7. Mary Isabella Orwin 1866 #4042
8. Richard Nixon Orwin 1868 #18466 died
9. Richard Orwin 1870

Mabel Eleanor Orwin

Mabel Eleanor Orwin 1866 - 1946 #4360 aged 79, dau of Martha Cook and Geo Dixon Orwin, wed 1887 #3185 to James Henry Green born in New Zealand, possibly 1866 - 1933 #8743 aged 67, son of Maria Mckenzie and George Green, and lived in Carlton
4 Children 1. George Henry Green 1887 #26920 - 1950 #3889 aged 62
2. Rhoda Green 1888 #27817
3. Stella Gladis Grace Green 1892 #11702
4. Herbert Eastwood Green 1912 - 1979 #17181 aged 68

Valentine Orwin

Valentine Orwin birth registered June quarter 1848 in the District of Easington Vol 24 page 146 The district Easington is in the county of Co. Durham
Valentine Orwin wed 1876 #2382 to Harriet Filmer and children are registered with mother called Louisa Reeves, and lived at Sandhurst
7 Children 1. Elizabeth Jane Hannah Orwin 1879 #15630
2. Louisa Orwin 1881 #12203
3. Richard Henry Orwin 1883 #19378
4. Mary Orwin 1885 #21143 - 1885 #11838 lived 4 months
5. William Orwin 1887 #27867 - 1887 #13497 lived 1 month
6. Mary Orwin 1888 #28955
7. Sarah Orwin 1891 #32576

From on Sunday, 17 January, 2010
I am very intrigued by your comment about the children of Valentine Orwin and Harriet Filmer ( married 1876), that they were registered with a mother named Louisa Reeves living at Sandhurst.
My GG'Grandmother was Louisa Marshall, who married George Reeves at Sandhurst in 1866. Her husband, George Reeves, died in 1870. Do you have any information at all about her connection with the Orwin family that you could let me have?.

My answer

From what I have seen in the Vic Index of Births, marriages and deaths, it was normal for girls to get married and be listed with their previous married surname. This shows up when the girl's father has a different surname. Normally any children that follow, are registered using the mother's maiden name. This can lead to confusion when trying to list their family, using the Index.
Starting at the wedding of Louisa Marshall from London wed 1866 #2309 to George Reeves from Launceston, Tasmania
Children are registered at Sandhurst
1. Reeves, George, B, George, Louisa Marshell, Sand, 1865 #11423 buried as Henry, D, George, Louisa Marshall, 10m, Sand 1866 #6445
3. Reeves, John William, B, George, Louisa Marshall, Shurst 1866 #23808 and John William, D, George, Louisa, 17m, Sand, 1868 #2456
4. Reeves, Alfd, B, George, Louisa Marshall, Sandhurst 1868 #11935 and Alfred, D, George, Louisa Marshall, 1, Sand 1869 #2681
5. Reeves, Edwin Arthur, B, George, Louisa Marshall, Sandhurst 1869 #18468
Reeves, George, D, George, Sarah Unknown, 28, Tasm, 1870 #6737 so born c1842
Looking in Tasmanian records,
Reeves, George born C1815, Marriage/Relationship: 1839 - Oatlands,Tasmania (Rowland, Sarah)
And checking The 'Convicts Permission To Marry' there is no Reeves, but there is a Sarah Rowland
Rowland Sarah Free Reeve George Arab 18 Apr 1839 CON52/1 p169 RGD37/1 : 1839/227
So the wedding date was probably 18 Apr 1839, and George came on the Arab (in 1834 it took 230 for Hobart and 2 died during the journey)
Finding Louisa Marshall and her arrival from London is harder, would need a copy of the wedding certificate, to know her parents names, and by searching for them, locate child Louisa.
When George Reeve died, he appears to have one living son, Edwin 1869

Louisa Reeves nee Marshall appears to marry
Reeves, Louisa, F from London, wed 1873 #62 to Colombo, Batiste, M from Ticino,
Colombo, Louis Angelo, B, Balista, Louisa Marshall, Nerring, 1873 #23582
Colombo, Giovani Baptista, B, Giovani Baptist, Louisa Marshall, Eaglehawk, 1877 #8402

Two girls called Louisa Reeves ...
Louisa Reeves who provided children for Valentine Orwin after 1880 could be connected to George Reeves as a sister, and as there is no wedding certificate, no way of finding her parents names. The birth certificates of the Orwin - Reeves children would show her age and birthplace and should show her wedding year to Valentine. Those with no wedding often invented dates to suit the Official doing the Recording.

David Replied

Hi Elizabeth
Louisa Marshall was born about 1849 in London to parents George and Mary (Fleming) Marshall. The family, including another girl named Georgiana (wed George Broom 1864), arrived in Sydney NSW about 1852/3 where another child, George, was born in 1853.
They then moved to the Victorian gold fields working at Iron Bark, Sandhurst where young George died in 1854 and they had another daughter Mary Isabella, in 1856.
Their mother, Mary Marshall, died in 1860. A very young Louisa Marshall, about sixteen, had a child in 1864 #11369 named George who is my GGrandfather. His birth certificate shows he was born at Iron Bark and his mother was assisted by her sister Georgiana. He went on to be known as George Armstrong, and his death certificate states his mother was Louisa Marshall. I am very proud when I reflect on the famous "Man from Ironbark" poem.
Louisa had a second son before marrying George Reeves on 6 April 1866, son of convict George Reeve and wife Sarah Rowland (a free orphan from Cork, Ireland, per Bodicea) Tasmania. George Reeves (junior) died in 1870 and Louisa went on to marry Batiste Colombo in 1873. They had two sons Louis Angelo 1873 and Giovani Baptisa 1877.
Louisa Colombo died in Melbourne in 1900.
George Marshall b 1825 Deal, Kent, came from a family with a distinguished Royal Navy history, including the US Battle of Independence 1812 (British) and the Battle of Trafalgar 1805.
Cheers, David

Georgina Marshall, sister of Louisa, wed George Broom, and later
In 1880 there is a comment - from our Correspondent by Telegraph
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848-1954) Tuesday 13 March 1883, page 10 of 10 pages, last column, the Correspondent from Sandhurst reported the City Police Court on Monday's hearings. The first was a woman named Georgina Broom on a charge of bigamy. The accused a short time ago was concerned in a quarrel with a person named Miller and after that case was heard in the police court, Broom became an inmate of the hospital and discharged on Saturday last. Miller gave information to the police that the prisoner (who was known as Mrs Story, and was married to Story on the 8th of last month by the Rev Canon McCullagh at St Pauls Church) had a husband living to whom she was married at All Saints Church in the year 1864, the accused being then only 15 years of age. From inquiries made, it was ascertained that her first husband was still living, and Mrs Broom was arrested, and brought up as stated today. A remand was granted, bail being allowed in two surities of 50 pounds each.
The next case against Hugh Macqueen for shooting at Police-Constable Henry Yelland is adjourned to the Assize to be held in Sandhurst on 17 July.
The next case concerned the further hearing of the charge against John Clune for making a false declaration of an illegitimate child was adjourned for a week, bail being allowed of 100 pounds The prisoner went to the Registrar of births and deaths at Axedale on 14 Dec 1881 to register the birth of a child, and swore he was married to Mary Kelly of Heathcote, the fact being that he was unmarried.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848-1954) Tuesday 3 April 1883 page 7 of 10, acquital because could not prove her first marriage on 18 Aug 1864.
This is a surprise to David, who has a copy of the first wedding, thanks to the centralising of records making retrieval possible.

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