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John McCorkell

MC CORKLE John, wife Elizabeth Holmes, and daughter Margaret came from Londonderry, Ireland and arrived 26 Jan 1842 on the Robert Benn - for ship notes see my Robert Benn page.
John McCorkell and Eliza Holmes had John, Sarah and Mary baptised in 1850 at St Pauls Church of England, Melbourne. Eliza's surname is recorded in John's death entry.
Eliza McCorkell 1808 - 1880 #9189 aged 72, daughter of Mary Thompson and Charles Holmes
5 Children 1. Margaret McCorkell c1840 wed 1871 #4231 to Peter Peterson
2. John McCorkell 1846 - 1877 #7989 aged 31
3. Sarah Jane McCorkell 1848 - 1909 #11579 aged 61
4. Mary McCorkell 1853 - 1896 #1776 aged 43
5. James McCorkell
2. Sarah Jane McCorkle wed 1868 #707 to John Auld, Brunswick 1870.
Their son, William George Fitzroy Auld, wed Ruth Mary Capp in Melbourne 1902, and their daughter Jean Auld 1917-1990, was my mother (email of this person bounced).
3. Mary McCorkell 1853 - 1896 #1776 aged 43 wed 1873 #1853 to James Wilson Auld
4. Margaret Mccorkell wed 1871 #4231 to Peter Peterson from Sweden
1 Child Peter Peterson 1878 #7594 lived 3 years

From Saturday, 21 February, 2009
"Baptism in the State of Victoria : Number 14 Name Sarah Date of Baptism 13 September 1847 Where Bapt'd In the Colony of Victoria Parents John McCorkill Mother Eliza McCorkill Abode Campaspe Inn Occupation of Father Carpenter Sponsors - Name of Minister J. H. Gregory
John Mccorkell born 4 Oct 1845 and baptised 13 Sep 1850, son of John Mccorkell and Eliza, carpenter at Campaspe Inn, 1850 #25751 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
Sarah Mccorkell born 2 Mar 1847 and baptised 13 Sep 1850, dau of John Mccorkell and Eliza F, carpenter at Campaspe Inn, 1850 #25752 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
Mary Mccorkell born 15 Aug 1849 and baptised 13 Sep 1850, dau of John Mccorkell and Eliza F, carpenter at Campaspe Inn, 1850 #25753 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
Alice Raven Barrow born 16 Dec 1849 and baptised 13 Sep 1850 dau of Henry Barrow and Elizabeth Markant, Inn keeper at Campaspe Inn, 1850 #25754 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory

And Alice Barrow's father gets mentioned on the web page called The Diary of a Working Clergyman, May 18.1851 — Lunched at Mr. E 's station, and by nightfall arrived, after a forty-mile ride, at an excellent inn, called the Campaspie Inn, kept by a most respectable man of the name of Barrow.
On the table in the sitting-room were a quantity of books, among which I noticed the "Penny Magazine", some of Chambers' Works, and Bulvver's. A few yards from the doors were savages sleeping around their watchfires. Strange mixture of barbarism and civilisation!

Louisa Dolman born 8 Oct 1849 and baptised 16 Sep 1850 dau of Benjamin Dolman and Elizabeth, hawker at Maiden's Punt, Murray River 1850 #25755 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
William Parr born 10 Sep 1849 and baptised 16 Sep 1850 son of Frederick William Parr and Mary, labourer at Maiden's Punt, Murray River 1850 #25756 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
Edward Charles Ainsworth born 21 July 1849 and baptised 16 Sep 1850 son of James and Mary, shipwright at Tathelia, Murray River 1850 #25757 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
John Thomas Dawson born and baptised 16 Sep 1850 son of Thomas and Anne, Engineer at Tathelia, Murray River 1850 #25758 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
James Dawson born 13 Jun 1845 and baptised 27 Sep 1850 son of Thomas and Anne M, Engineer at Tathelia, Murray River 1850 #25759 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
John Potter born 2 June 1846 and baptised 27 Sep 1850 son of William and Sarah M, dairyman at Murray River 1850 #25760 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
Joseph Potter born 5 Jan 1849 and baptised 27 Sep 1850 son of William and Sarah M, dairyman at Murray River 1850 #25761 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
Emma Jane Weston born 30 May 1850 and baptised 27 Sep 1850 dau of Paul and Mary F, shepherd at near Gumbour Creek, Murray River 1850 #25762 - Church Of England St Pauls, Melbourne by Rev JH Gregory
Fredk Wm Parr aged 24 came Nov 1849 on the James T Foord with Mary Parr aged 19. Mary died 1882 #7859 aged 63, at Bright, dau of Mary and John McPherson. They had 2 chn baptised, William 1850 and Elizabeth Ann 1854 born at Maiden's Punt
According to J.O.Randell in his "Pastoral Settlement in Northern Victoria, Volume 2: The Campaspe District", William BERTRAM was granted a wine and beer license for the Campaspie Inn (sic) in September 1846, on the east bank of the Campaspe River, two miles below Henry BENNETT's Barnedown Station (p105). Randell says that the Campaspie Inn was situated 2 miles below the present Barnedown Bridge, a spot where a road from Melbourne to the Murray River crossed the Campaspe River (pp418-419). It was right on the boundary of the Muskerry and Campaspe River Stations (p530). On 29 Sep 1849 William Bertram, of Campaspie River, Labourer become Insolvent

The first church service in Dandenong was held on 21 July 1850 in Dunbar's Hotel and conducted by Rev. J.H. Gregory, a bush missionary. A local meeting was held soon after to discuss obtaining a permanent church building and a local committee was formed to coordinate its organisation. The indefatigable work of the The Reverend J. H. Gregory, the "Bush Missionary", also provided services, with his covered wagon, a mobile vicarage--and his portable church, a tent, with which he itinerated on the Bendigo diggings.
St Matthew's Anglican Church, Cheltenham has among its treasures, also placed in the chapel was a small silver communion set originally given by 44 residents ‘in or near Cheltenham’ to the Rev J H Gregory in 1859 in recognition of his ministry in the very early days of the district’s European settlement. June, 1873 Rev. J H Gregory All Saints Church, St Kilda seeking certain improvements on the reserve adjoining the school ground next to the Church.

Page 118 - July 5. 1851 — Rode to Maiden's Punt, where an enterprising individual from the Sydney side has arranged a ferry over the Murray, and started a very good inn. Here is already formed, or will shortly be formed, a Township. The hamlet now consists of an inn and about eight or ten huts, with a population of about thirty persons, of whom half are children, all very much neglected.
Page 150 Oct. 7. 1851 — Rode to Maiden's Inn on the Murray, where I received letters which w.ill cause me to ride down to Melbourne directly.
Oct. 8. — Swam my horse over the swollen Murray. Owing to the inundations, the punt, as the great ferry-boat is called, has ceased to work for five or six weeks. My horse was towed behind a boat, and in the middle of the river, getting entangled with the branches of an uprooted floating tree, was very nearly drowned. I went round in another boat a distance of two miles. On the Melbourne side saw a great number of drays camped, awaiting the resumption of the ferry, l rode to Barrow's Inn over thirty-five miles of well-grassed plains. My horse is an old Sydney horse, with a great deal of Arab blood in him, and very much addicted to stumbling. In fact, he fell with me once in the journey.
Oct. 9. — Accompanied by a friend, who was going to Kilmore, I rode to the Mac Ivor inn, a distance of forty miles, through a rich and picturesque country.

William McCorkell

William McCorkell from Ireland, wed 1870 #2024 to Martha Hart (Heart). For a possible connection, see the notes for John McCorkell' who came 1842, and Richard Evans page.
7 children 1. Mary McCorkell 1873 #9584
2. Joseph McCorkell 1875 #3383
3. Margaret Jane McCorkell 1876 #24293
4. William McCorkell 1878 #10137
5. John McCorkell 1880 #17009
6. Twin James McCorkell 1883 #3803
7. Twin Samuel McCorkell 1883 #3804
John McCorkell wed 1908 to Emmeline Radnell, registered as Emma Radnell 1888
3 children 1. John McCorkell 1910 - 1919 aged 8
2. Charles Radnell McCorkell 1914
3. Robert McCorkell 1916

James Mccormack

See - Web page for his story, also The life of William and Bridget O'Neil is described in the book "The Keilor Pioneers - Dead Men Do Tell Tales" by Angela Evans (1994)
James Hugh McCormack wed 3 Dec 1850 to Mary Ann O'Neil 11 April 1842 - 11 January 1930 first of 9 children of Bridget Gorman and William O'Neill. Mary and James had thirteen children, lived at Keilor, Darraweit then 'Neer'
9 children 1. Patrick McCormack 1862 #8849
2. Sarah Ann McCormack 1864 #15852
3. James McCormack 1865 #16061
4. David Neal McCormack 1867 #19345
5. George McCormack 1877 #21664
6. Sydney Francis McCormack 1880 #1784
7. Charles Stanley McCormack 1882 #1919
8. Emma Mary Evelyn McCormack 1885 #20057
9. Edith Gert Maria McCormack 1887 #30632
5. Sarah Ann (Sally) McCormack 29 Jul 1863 - 11 Jun 1946 wed 1887 #3708 to Charles George Barr 1860 - 29 Jun 1933, 6 children

Peter McCracken

See the FirstFamily2001 entry for Peter and Grace McCracken. The notes are transcriptions from this page posted in 1999

Peter McCracken and his brother Robert McCracken, sons of Martha Earle and Robert McCracken who lived in and held the farm of Ardwell parish of Girvan, Ayreshire Scotland, the Property of A.C.B.Crawford of Ardmillan, started from their much loved home and Country on 15th October 1840 for Melbourne Australia in the Nimrod and arrived on January 4th 1841
Their second sister, Grace, Mrs. McGeoch (who had come to Victoria whilst Peter was at Stewarton in about 1852) died at my brother Robert's house, South Yarra on April 19 1859. She was complaining for over 12 months, a gradual decline until she literally wasted away, very patient and resigned and died in good hope of a glorious resurrection through Christ our Saviour.

Peter McCracken wed 20 March 1846 to Grace Robertson at her father's farm of La Rose on the Moonee Ponds. Peter wrote "We left the farm of Stewarton in March 1855 and lived at Kensington near Melbourne until July 1857.
We came to a property of our own about 4 miles from Melbourne where we had built a good house which we named Ardmillan (after the property on which we were all brought up), in February 1857....
Having lost a great deal of money by the Essendon Railway in the beginning of the year 1871 had to sell out the Ardmillan property and remove to East Melbourne on the 4th May 1871."
8 Children 1. Our eldest son Robert was born on the 8 Jan 1847 and baptised by Rev. Peter Gunn;
2. Our second son Coiler was born on 2 March 1848 and was baptised by Rev. Peter Gunn;
3. Our third son William was born on 13 July 1849 and baptised by Rev. Peter Gunn; and was drowned on 18 Oct 1852, he now lies in the Melb. cemetery;
4. Our fourth son James was born on 15 May 1851 and baptised by Mr. D. Chapman;
5. Our eldest daughter Jeannie was born on 26 May 1853 and baptised by Mr. D. Chapman of Broadmeadows.
6. Our second daughter Martha Earle was born at Kensington on 15 Aug 1855 and was baptised by the Rev. D. Chapman.
7. Our fifth son John was born at Ardmillan on 2 Sept 1857, baptised by Rev. D. Chapman. John died very suddenly on 15 April 1860 of Croup and now lies in Melbourne Cemetery, along with his brother William. He was a fine strong boy.
8. Our third Daughter Grace was born on 27 Aug 1859 and baptised by Rev. D. Chapman on Oct.9th at Broadmeadows. Grace died of whooping cough on 28 June 1860. A dear sweet Lamb but was not long spared in this rough world.
2. Coiler McCracken born on 2 March 1848, our second son, wed on 23 April 1874 to Margaret Robertson, the eldest daughter of James Robertson of Aberfeldie. Her mother's name was Jane Ritchie, the marriage at her father's residence (Aberfeldie) Essendon (Rev. Groundwater Fraser officiated)
4. James McCracken born on 15 May 1851, the youngest living, wed to Annie Davies on 20th Feb 1879; daughter of John Davies 'Ngareno' Moonee Ponds where the ceremony was performed by the Rev. D. Chapman.
5. Jeannie McCracken born on 26 May 1853, our eldest daughter, wed to Charles William Langtree from Antrim, on 15 Oct 1874 at St. Andrew's church Carlton. Ceremony performed by Rev. D.S. McEarchan, about 50 at breakfast.
6. Martha Earle McCracken born 15 Aug 1855, our youngest Daughter, wed on 15th Nov 1882 to Daniel Henry Cudmore of Avoca Station Wentworth N.S.W.

John McCraw

Isabella Sneddon aged 21, born at Clackmannanshire, came as a Single Woman, on the passenger list of the Omega 1852, in SA records, for the ship Omega 765 tons, Captain James Potter, from London / Plymouth 29th May 1852, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 24th August 1852.
The other people on the Omega she may be related to are John Sneddon 24, Miner from Clackmannanshire, with Margaret (Allen) 24, Mary 2 and Rosina / Robina 1
and James Sneddon aged 18, Miner of Clackmannanshire

John Mccraw 26, wed Isabella Snedon 22 on 1853-12-08 at Manse, Wakefield, St Adelaide.

John McCraw came c1855 to Victoria with Isabella Sneddon and lived at Sandhurst
9 Children 1. John McCraw 1856 #10240 - 1883 #9483 aged 26 years
2. Catherine Banks McCraw 1861 #22951
3. Thomas Sneddon McCraw 1864 #17866
4. James Banks McCraw 1865 #18340
5. Jessie McCraw 1869 #11238
6. William McCraw 1871 #19221
7. Andrew McCraw 1874 #11788
8. Harry McCraw 1876 #18887 - 1882 #13196 lived 6 years
9. Isabella Fraser McCraw 1881 #12111 - 1951 #13644 aged 61, wed Edward Herbert
2. Catherine Banks McCraw 1861 #22951 - 1942 #29292 aged 81, wed Francis Rocke and lived at Bendigo
6 Children 1. John McCraw Rocke 1886 - 1953 #18101 aged 67
2. Mary Victoria Rocke 1887 - 1977 #18813 aged 90, wed Cook
3. Ivey Isabella Rocke 1890 #27480
4. Elizth Hilda Rocke 1892 #10485 - 1975 #9456 aged 83, wed Chas Fred Brown
5. Walter Mcintyre Rocke 1895 #9633 - 1946 #2887 aged 50, mother listed as Katherine McCraw
6. Irene Rocke 1897 #25882 - 1972 #4132 aged 74, wed Sleeman or Charles Saville
3. Thomas Sneddon McCraw 1864 #17866 wed 1889 #1761 to Annie Heap and lived at Footscray
3 Children 1. Ernest Victor McCraw 1889 #21753
2. Thos Hugh McCraw 1891 #3312 - 1901 #1692 lived 10 years
3. William McCraw 1895 #12302
4. James Banks McCraw 1865 #18340 - 1963 #22541 aged 98, wed 1890 #6033 to Regina James 1866 - 1951 #2981 aged 85, dau of Mary Ann Ellis and John Allan James (Regina said born at New Chum, Victoria (near Healesville), appears to be registered as Pec, 1864 #25531) and lived at Bendigo
5 Children 1. Jean McCraw 1890 #17132 - 1971 #8893 aged 81 wed Jones
2. Jno McCraw 1891 #19828
3. Ernest Banks McCraw 1892 #29884
4. Harry McCraw 1895 #18293
5. Jessie McCraw 1900 #16652
5. Jessie McCraw 1869 #11238 wed 1888 #3454 to Frederick Henry Coldrey 1863 #12191, and lived at Sandhurst, 5 Children
6. William McCraw 1871 #19221 - 1932 #4292 aged 60 (when his mother was remembered as Isabella Fraser) wed 1897 #1570 to Hannah Eunice McNeilly 1868 #15935 - 1952 #18334 aged 78 dau of Hannah Whiteley and Wm McNeilly and lived at Bendigo
1st Children 1. Isabella Banks McCraw 1898 #8684
2. Doris Edna McCraw 1901 #24600 - 1923 #4276 aged 23
3. Donald Wm Thomas McCraw 1907 - 1921 #12830 aged 14 years
7. Andrew McCraw 1874 #11788 - 1930 #3339 aged 55, wed 1901 #7944 to Jessie Rodda 1875 #25618 - 1958 #14182 dau of Mary Ann Goldsworthy and Thomas E Rodda

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