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Richard Mylrea wed 1868 to Mary Smith
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John Mylrea

The first family in Victoria, Australia, was John Mylrea and Alice Warren, who lived in the Wimmera area, north of Portland Bay, in 1846 when William was born, then moved to Port Fairy, and later Lexton. They were married 1853 #23849, at the Church of England, Christ Church, Geelong, five years after their eldest two children were Christened by the Presbyterian minister for Pyrenees & Port Fairy. Few clergy ventured into the outer reaches of Port Phillip, with Melbourne just declared a city, and the county still 8 years to separation from New South Wales.
5 Children 1. William Mylrea 1848 #8387 - 1854 #3474 lived 8 years, born in the Wimmera
2. Isabella Mylrea 1848 #8388
3. Mary Jane Mylrea 1854 #4935
4. James William Mylrea 1856 #5762 - 1857 #3507 lived 13 months
5. Unnamed Female Mylrea 1858 #3535 possibly stillborn

Isabella Mylrea aged 65 and Edward Mylrea aged 22, came Sep 1858 on the Albion, and Isabella died 1863 #198, aged 73, dau of Isabella and William Corkhill of Isle
There is a record of ISABEL CORKIL Christening: 14 Oct 1792 dau of Jane Callow and William Corkil at the Kirk German, Isle Of Man, England
Mylrea of Dept Com Genl arrived Sep 1859 on the Emeu - he is Frederick Thomas Mylrea.
Philip Mylrea aged 20 came Aug 1860 on the Commodore Perry
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Interested in Mylrea surname, & in particular a William Mylrea on the Isle of Man who married Isabella about 1812. She was the widow of Stephen Cowley and her maiden name was Corkhill. William and Isabella had 2 sons and 2 daughters including Edward Mylrea born in Liverpool in 1835. Isabella later emigrated to Australia with Edward, and a married daughter in 1858. A son from her first marriage, William Cowley was already in Australia. A nephew, John Mylrea married to Alice Warren was also already in Australia. I think William Mylrea's father was a John Mylrea and that William was born on the Isle of Man. Can anyone add anything to any of this?
Emily Garland 1805 - 1873 #2267 aged 68 dau of Elizabeth Jones and William Garland came c1856 from Spain with Frederick Thomas Mylrea 1803 - 1862 #9216 aged 59 son of Sophia Bozeley and Daniel Mylrea born in London

From on Saturday, 20 September, 2008
I'm writing a book about John Mylrea and you're right - he was a shepherd, but at Decameron in 1846 when William was born and then at Woodstock when Isabella was born. He went on to own the Lexton Hotel before going to Qld and becoming quite a significant pastoralist.
I'd be very keen to know about the John Mylrea who was living at Port Fairy in 1848, and any other info you come across in the Mylrea vein. At this stage, I'm still trying to figure out WHEN he arrived in Australia and if he came with someone - such as an uncle. He was very young to have come alone.
Serafina Maria Correa Mylrea 1833 - 1861 #666 aged 28 born in Spain daughter of Emily Garland and Frederick Thomas Mylrea
The Taranaki Herald was the first newspaper published in Taranaki, New Zealand, with New Plymouth being the last of the early European settlements to get its own newspaper.
News for Taranaki Herald, Volume IX, Issue 453, 6 April 1861, Page 2, included
On the 13th Februa-y, in Simpson street, Weilington parade, Serafina Maria. A. Q. de Correa, aged 28, wife of F. Garland Mylrea, Esq., of Sydney, New South Wales, eldest son of Deputy Commissary General Mylrea. On the 31st ult., of diptheria, Mart Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Veale, aged 11 years. On the 2nd inst., of diptheria, Thomas, youngest son of Mr. Thomas Veale, aged 3 years. On the 2nd inst., of diptheria, William, third son of Mr. Joseph Hawke, aged 14 years.
The Band of H.M. 57th Regiment will perform on Tuesday next, at 4 o'clock p.m.
NSW records show Births to
1. Frederick F Mylrea 1856 #2123 to Frederick G and Serafina M A Q at Concord
to Frederick G and Emma A at Paddington
2. Rose E Mylrea 1864 #3602
3. Edith I Mylrea 1865 #3703
4. Clarence G Mylrea 1866 #3760
5. Mary M Mylrea 1867 #4243

Marriages Dec 1852 - Serafina Maria Antera Quilina De Correa wed Frederick Garland Mylrea in District of Hackney Vol 1b page 362
Frederick Gordon Milred wed 1166/1863 in NSW records to Emma Ann Stuckey at Paddington widow as Peter Stuckey wed V1851697 123/1851 in NSW records to Emma Dight with son John registered 1853
Two marriages in Dec quarter, 1875 in the Kensington District Vol 1a, page 112 - James Stuart Laurie and William Stigand who wed Emily Serafina Mylrea and Agnes Catherine Senior.

Richard Mylrea

Richard Armstrong Mylrea wed 1868 #3601 to Mary Christina Smith and lived in Melbourne
4 Children 1. Herbert Wm Mylrea 1870 #3508
2. Thomas Mylrea 1871 #12597
3. Richmond Percy Mylrea 1878 #11216
4. Ruth Emeline Mylrea 1885 #26465
1. Herbert Wm Mylrea/Mybrea 1870 #3508 wed 1897 #862 to Sarah Jane Woods Brolly nee Shanks

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Peter STUCKEY wed 3 March 1818 to Ann HOUSE. He arrived in Australia on "Earl Spencer" in 1813. An inscription in a family bible has the address 181 Salisbury Street, Strand, London
She was the daughter of Captain William(?)House who was lost at sea when taking supplies between Port Dalrymple and Sydney. (Date and ship not known)
Peter and Ann had the following children
Lydia Stuckey (1820 - !910) married Thomas Tyrwhitt BALCOMBE
Peter Stuckey (1821 - 1860) married Emma DIGHT
Rebecca Stuckey (1824- 1890) married John CHISHOLM
Annie Stuckey 1826 - 1900
Charlotte Stuckey 1828 - 1897 married Thomas MITCHELL
William Stuckey 18830 - 1894 married Emma HUON
Emma Stuckey 1832 - 1851 married William HUON
Clara Stuckey 1833 - 1885 married Alexander COLLINS
George Stuckey 1836 - 1880 married Emily PERROTT then Ellen OBRIEN
Amelia Stuckey 1838 - 1881 married RM COLLINS
Henry Stuckey 1840 - 1894
Emily Stuckey 1843 - 1915 married Henry HUON

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