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Henry Mead

From on 27 Dec 2007
Marcellan Moran was born in 1832, the daughter of William and Sarah Moran of Ireland. She emigrated to Victoria, Australia at the age of 29 with Henry Mead and their daughter, aged 7. She died on 27 Mar 1861.
Henry and Marcellan had five children, three of whom died as infants.
1. Sarah Elizabeth Mead b. about 1851
2. and 3. 4. John William Mead b. 1859 d.1860, aged 10 months.
5. George Mead b. 1860
Henry and family emigrated to Victoria, Australia, as unassisted passengers from a foreign port, arriving on the "Waverley" in March 1858. The shipping records have Henry (aged 30), his wife (aged 29) and daughter (aged 7) as passengers. This suggests that the daughter that emigrated was Sarah Elizabeth but two other children born prior to emigration had died young. His brother John also emigrated to Australia.
Henry Mead wed Mary Anne Cardiff on 13 May 1861 at South Brighton, Melbourne at St. Andrews Church, Brighton, the Uniting Church of England and Ireland. Henry was aged 32 at the time of marriage and Mary Ann was aged 28. The marriage was witnessed by Henry's brother John Mead and his wife Mary Mead (nee Arnold). Henry had two children surviving his first marriage. On their marriage certificate, Henry is listed to be from Buckinghamshire and the son of James Mead, Blacksmith, and Sarah Stevens
Mary Anne Cardiff was born in about 1832 or 1833 in Kingstown, Dublin, Ireland, daughter of William Cardiff, a bricklayer, and Mary Byrne. She travelled to Australia on the "Telegraph" leaving Liverpool, England on 28 Apr 1859 and arriving Melbourne 23 Jul 1859, at the age of 28 as an assisted passenger. She married Henry Mead on 13 May 1861, five months after the birth of their first child Mary Cardiff Mead. On the marriage certificate Mary Ann was listed at being of the Church of Rome.

Henry Mead c1829 came on the Waverley in March 1858 with Marcellan Morran 1832 - 1861 #22 aged 28 daughter of Sarah and William Moran of Ireland, lived at Brighton
Henry Mead wed 1861 #1159 to Mary Ann Cardiff, who came aged 28 in Jul 1859 on the Telegraph as an Assisted Immigrant
5 children 1. Sarah Elizabeth Mead c1851 wed 1884 #3056 to John Trotter Lambert, no known chn
Two died in Ireland
4. John William Mead 1859 #5150 - 1860 #26 lived 10 months
5. George Mead 1860 #11083
7 children 6. Mary Cardiff Mead 12 Dec 1860, South Brighton registered 1861 #10923R
7. Arthur Mead 1862 #19301 wed 1887 #1325 to Isabella Robbins
8. Lilly Cardiff Mead 1864 #927 wed 1883 #2293 to Henry Robbins
9. Walter Cardiff Mead 1865 #13689 - 1866 #4292 lived 9 months
10. Walter Cardiff Mead 1866 #19880
11. Agnes Cardiff Mead 1869 #17535
12. Alfred Cardiff Mead 1871 #18342
5. George Mead 1860 #11083 wed 1887 #2238 to Susan Maria Smale 1860 #2816 -1935 aged 76 died at Oakleigh
As noted in a series of articles in the St. Arnaud Times in April 1882 relating to a court case Habner v Mead, Miss Smale, who was the head teacher of the Darkbonnee State School, was boarding and residing at the Mead residence of the incident in February 1882. Susan married one of Henry Mead's sons, George Mead in 1887.
St. Arnaud Mercury, 14 May 1887 - MEAD - SMALE On the 20th April, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. D.S. Lindsay, George Mead of St. Arnaud, to Susan Marie, eldest daughter of Samuel Smale, Esq. Barrabee, and late State School teacher of Mysia.
George Mead, farmer, died on 24 May 1902 in Boort, Victoria at the age of 42 from typhoid fever, with his Obituary in the "Boort Standard", Fri May 30, 1902.

children from who writes -
George Mead was born in 1860 in Brighton, Victoria to parents Henry Mead and Marcellan Morran. George was aged 9 months 27 days when his mother Marcella died. George was a witness on the marriage certificate of his half-sister Mary Cardiff Mead in 1881 in St. Arnaud. He married Susan Maria Smale in 1887 in Victoria. George Mead died in 1902 in Boort, Victoria at the age of 42 with his parents named as James Henry Mead and Marcella Morne (d). This was at the same time George’s step-sister, Lilly Robbins (nee Mead), was living in Boort.
Susan Maria Smale was born in 1860 in probably Creswick, Victoria (f). The birth index records have the letters CR ES, so the location is Creswick or Cressy, but as the parents in the succeeding years were living in County Talbot - Kingstown (KING), Springmount (SPRI), Mt. Prospect (MTPR), Forest Hill (FORE), it is most likely to be Creswick. Susan was the oldest child of fourteen to parents Samuel Smale (arrived Victoria Jun 1857 age 33 “Norfolk” from a British port, died?1885) and Mary Ann Westcott (probably arrived Victoria Jan 1857 age 19 “Escort” from a British port, died? 1894)(f), who were married in 1858 in Victoria. Her parents moved frequently around the area between Daylesford and Creswick (based on the birth locations for their children), before moving to the Charlton area in the late 1870’s. Susan married George Mead in 1887. Susan Mead (nee Smale) died in 1935 in Oakleigh, Victoria at the age of 76 (d).

6 children 1. Ethel May Mead 1888 #1680 born at Charlton, wed 1923 in Sydney
2. James Henry Mead 1889 #35329 at St. Arnaud, died 13 Oct 1944
3. George Leslie Mead 1892 #11978 at Charlton
4. Pearl Marcella Mead 1893 #17028 wed 1921
5. Alice Daisy Mead 1896 #17537 - 13 Mar 1967, Heidelberg
6. Walter Lindsey Mead 1899 #16187 - 15 Apr 1921, died at Horsham (aged 21)
6. Mary Cardiff Mead 12 Dec 1860, South Brighton wed 1881 to William Henry Hawkey and had 13 children born at St Arnaud

John Mead

John Mead, the brother of Henry Mead, was born 1 Mar 1824 in Bledlow, Buckingshire, England and wed 1854 #1279 to Mary Arnold 1831 - 1873 #9007 aged 42, from London, and lived at Brighton.
9 children 1. Sarah Mead 1855 #5687 wed 1880 to Charles Thomas Pratt
2. James Mead 1857 #6 wed 1876 to Wilhelmina Brinkman
3. Mary Mead 1859 #7 wed 1880 to Henry Thomas Howes
4. Helen Mead 1861 #10892
5. Elizabeth Mead 1862 #19333 - 1862 #8094 lived 6 weeks
6. Elizabeth Mead 1864 #958
7. John Mead 1866 #898
8. Adelaide Mead 1868 #21768
9. Ann Mead 1871 #14376

From on Mon, 28 Jan 2008
Hi Elizabeth,
Some corrections however:
Under John Mead you listed a daughter Emily. I checked the Victorian Birth index in the State Library a couple of weeks ago and Emily is not related.
The Emily Mead born in 1863 had her mother as Mary Ann Earl (birth ref no. 12234) not Mary Arnold.
And the question you asked about John....he was born 1 Mar 1824 in Bledlow, Buckingshire, England and married in 1854 in Victoria (hope to get a few more details on where he got married to Mary Arnold...suspect it may be Brighton, Victoria). Not sure when John Mead died. There is a possible lead to a J. Mead (spouse Mary) who died in Victoria in 1878.
Mary Arnold was probably born in 1834 in London, England. Most likely Mary Arnold emigrated to Victoria, Australia at the age of 19 in Oct 1853 on the ship “Argyle” as an unassisted passenger from a British port (b) as the ages match best. Another Mary Arnold is noted to have emigrated to Victoria, Australia at the age of 22 in Aug 1853 on the ship “Walmer Castle, as an unassisted passenger from a British port
Mary married John Mead in 1854 in Victoria, Australia, and she died from an abscess in the left lung at the age of 39 in 1873 in South Brighton, Victoria and buried at Brighton General Cemetery on 11 Dec 1873, Australia (n). The burial was attended by the Rev. W. Blamires. Cheers for now,

Others called John Mead

John Mead 27 came Jul 1857 on the Carleton as an Assisted Immigrant

John Mead

and Susannah Todd registered 9 children, first child at Schman's Lead 1858 and the last 1876 at Buninyong, where 2 died, Celia in 1885 aged 21 and Ann Maria in 1888 aged 22

John Mead

wed 1863 #2174 to Mary Ann Earl and lived at Ballarat
Is he the John Mead 1832 - 1868 #8718 aged 36 from Tipperary?
Mary Ann Earl from Cornwall wed 1872 #253 to George Ray from NSW and had 6 chn born at Dunolly then Maldon
1. Emily Mead 1863 #12234
John Mead 9 came with Samuel Mead 40 came Dec 1852 Victory as an Assisted Immigrants with Mary Mead 41, Mary Mead 20, Sarah Mead 19, Lavinia Mead 16, Thomas Mead 11, John Mead 9, Caroline Mead 6 and Henry Wm Mead 3

John Mead

wed 1865 #2707 to Delia Amelia Williams, lived at Growlers Creek, Wandiligon
9 children 1. George Edward Mead 1866 #14998
2. Thomas Isaac Mead 1868 #16562
3. Emilia Jane Mead 1869 #22626
4. Charles Isaac Mead 1871 #2878
5. Mary Mead 1873 #16965
6. Jane Delia Mead 1876 #3057
7. James Walter Mead 1878 #9447
8. Jno Edwd Mead 1880 #16216
9. Ida Warder Mead 1883 #9832
10. Elizabeth Ethel Mead 1886 #22728

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