Greetings from Australia
Pioneer Families in Victoria, Aust.

Max, Bertil and me in sweden
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space 344 different Pioneer Families featured - duplicate names are listed with wife,
Brothers who come as adults and establish families are listed.

John Haas, Charles Haase, Gustavus Haasy, Andreas Haberle, Thomas Hackett, William Hackland, John Hacon, John Henry Hagg, James Hagger, John Haig, George Hailes, Richard Hain, Henry James Haines, James Halbert, Robert Halden, Henry Hale, George Haley, Alexander Hall, Armstrong Ritchie Hall, Charles Hall, George Hall, James and Mary Hall, James and Mary Ann Hall, John Hall, Joseph and Emma Hall, Joshua Hall, Samuel and Sarah Hall, Thomas Halliday, James Halligan, William Halliwell, Charles Hambleton, Mary Ritchie Staley wed Robert Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Samuel Hamilton, William Hamilton, John Clark Hammond, Archer Hancock, George Hancock, John Steven Hancock, Richard Hancock, William Hancock, Thomas Handley, Henry Hands, Thomas Hands, Thomas Hanks, John Frederick Hanley, James Hanlon, James Hannan, Thomas Hannigan, Henry Hannington, Thomas Harbridge, William Harbrow, Frederick Harding, James Standley Harding, Francis Hardisty, David Hardy, John Hardy, Daniel Hare, William Harford, James and Jane Hargreaves, John and Frances Hargreaves, John and Mary Hargreaves, Samuel Hargreaves, William and Ann Hargreaves, William and Sarah Hargreaves, Christian Harnath, Thomas Herbert Harridge, Alfred Harris, John and Anna Harris, John and Elizabeth Harris, John Shorland Harris, John Spencer Harris, Joseph Harris, Joseph Arthur Harris, Samuel Harris, Solomon Harris, Stephen Harris, Thomas Harris, Walter Harris, Cuthbert Harrison, George Harrison, Isaac Harrison, Luke William Harrison, Robert Harrison, Thomas Harrison, William and Isabella Harrison, Alfred Harroven, Richard Harry, Adam Hart, Thomas Hartley, Barnabas Harvey, George Harvey, James Harvey, John Harvey, William Harvey, Benjamin Harwood, James Harwood, Margt Alice Fleaslewood/ Haselwood, Alexander Haslett, John Hassett, Peter Hastings, Thomas Hastings, William Hatch, John Hatherell, David Hatt, Alexander Hattersley, James Hatton, Charles Hawken, Henry Hawken, William Hawkes, John James Hawkey, William Hawkin, Thaddeus Hawking, William Hawking, Alfred Hawkins, James Hawkins, John Hawkins, William Hawkins, Robert Hawksley, George Haworth, Frederick Haydn, Charles Dyer Hayes, Edward Hayes, Jeremiah Hayes, Jeremiah Hayes, John Hayes, Thomas Hayes, Walter Hayes, James Hayhoe, George Hayman, Thomas Haynes, George Hayter, Elizabeth Hazelwood, Frances ( "Fanny") Hazelwood, Frances Elizabeth Hazelwood, Robert Hazen, Henry Head, Amos Heal, Joseph Heap, Samuel Heard, Charles Hearle, Humphrey Hearn, James Hearn, William Hearn, Henry Hearnden, Charles and Maria Heath, John Heaton, Arthur Joseph Heazlewood, Florence Agnes Mary Heazlewood, Henry Heazlewood, James Heazlewood, Joseph Heazlewood, Robert Heazlewood, Robert Henry Heazlewood, William Leslie Heazlewood, John Hebbard, John Henry Hebbard, Edward Hedger, John Heidenwag, Henry Heidorn, William Height, Richard Heighway, John Heilbronn, John Hein, Frederick Heinnen, Herman Heitmann, Charles Heley, Charles Heley, George and Catherine Hellyar, Richard and Margaret Hellyar, Richard and Olivia Hellyar, Thomas Henry and Mary JaneHellyar, John and Jane Hellyer, David Hemley, George Hemley, James Hemphill, James Henderson, Thomas Henderson, George Taylor Henman, Arthur Hennessy, Phillip Hennessy, John Hennesy, Alexander Henry, John Henry, Thomas Henry, Thomas William Henry, John Hepburn, Robert Hepburn, Martin John Heraud, Peter Heraud, John Heritage, James Hester, Charles Hetherington, John Hetherington, George Hewett, Richard Hewett, Henry Hewitt, Peter Hickey, Robert Hickleton, James Hickling, William Hickling, Isaac Hicks, Joseph Hicks, Richard Hicks, Edward Hickson, Thomas Higgins, John Higgs, Robert W Higgs, Henry Hilder, Edward Hill, Henry Hill, James Hill, John Hill, Joseph Hill, Thomas Hill, William and Ellen Hill, William and Mary Hill, Robert Hillard, Thomas Hillard, John Hillgrove, Edward Hillman, George Hillman, Nathaniel Hillman, Alfred Charles and Sarah Hills, Charles Hills, Henry Hince, Amos Hinchcliffe, Joseph Hinchy, Henry Hinck, Henry Hindle, Charles Hine, Freiderick Hinneberg, Heinrich Hinneberg, George Hipwell, Joshua Hipwell, William Hipwell, George Hiscock, Joshua Hiscock, John Hislop, Daniel Hitchcock, Joseph Hitchcock, Martin Hitchings, Henry James Hoad, Abraham Hobbs, Alfred Hobbs, Henry Hobbs, John Hobbs, John Lowe Hobbs, Thomas Hobill, Alfred Hockey, Tiras Hockey, Andrew Hocking, Christopher Hocking, Elisha Hocking, John and Christina Hocking, John and Phyllis Hocking, William Hocking, William Hodder, George Hodge, William Hodge, Alfred Hodges, James Henry Hodgetts, William Hodgetts, Richard Hodgson, James Hogan, John Michael Hogan, Jane Jarvis wed Andrew Hogg, James Holden, Moses Holden, Joseph Holdsworth, Robert Hole, Benjamin Holgate, Henry James Holgate, Alfred Holland, John Holland, William Hollingsworth, John Holloway, Edward John Holmes, Nathan Holmes, Thomas Holmes, William Holmes, William and Sarah Holmes, William James Holmes, William wed Honora Holmes, William and Amelia Holt, William and Mary Ann Holt, George Holyoak, George Honeyman, John Hookey, Robert Hooks, John Hooper, Thomas Hooper Henry Hooton, John Hooton, Edward Hope, John Hope, Thomas Hopkins, James Horn, John Horn, George Habbijham/ Hornby, William Horrell, James Horsburgh, Joe Horsfall, John Harold Horsfall, Daniel Hortop, James Malachi Hosking, Joseph Hosking, Philip Hosking, William Hough, William Houghton, Charles Howard, Joseph Howard, Hanson Howarth, James Howarth, James and Alice Howarth, Peter Howat, William Howden, John Howells, John Evan Howells, William Howie, James Martin Howlett, John Howlett, Lazarus Howlett, William Howlett, James Hoy, Frederick Hucker, John Hucker, John Huddy, Heinrick Hude, George Hudson, Thomas Hudson, August Huf, Alfred Hughes, Hugh Charles Hughes, John Samuel Hughes, Peter Hughes, George and Caroline Hull, George and Georgina Hull, James Hull, James Humphries, William Humphries, Frank Hunt, Henry Hunt, James William Hunt, Richard Shaw Hunt, James Hunter, Samuel Hunter, Charles Huntingford, Jesse Huntingford, John Charles Hurford, William and Isabella Hurford, William and Mary Ann Hurford, William and Sarah Julia Hurford, Peter Husband, William Hussey, Arthur Hutcheson, John Hutchinson, John Hutchinson, Robert Hutchinson, Rudolph Huthsteiner, Jonah Hyatt, John Thomas Hyland, James Hynson,

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