Greetings from Australia
Pioneer Families in Victoria, Aust.

Max, Bertil and me in sweden
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201 different Pioneer Families featured - duplicate names are listed with wife,
Brothers who come as adults and establish families are listed.

Charles Edward Dadswell, Robert Dadswell, Thomas David Dadswell, Thomas William Dadswell, Manuel DaFonte, Richard Dafter, Matthew Daglish, Shadrack Dainty, John Dalcam, Albert Dale, John Dale, John Dalley, Henry Dally, Thomas Dally, James Dalrymple, William Dalton, John Dalziel, John Strange Dandridge, Giles Daniel, John Daniell, Henry Daniels, Thomas Daniels, Richard Dann, James Dannock, Andrew Atkinson Danson, William Danson, William Danson, Edward Darling, Richard Darling, James Darlot, Alexander Darrock, Thomas Dart, Samuel Date, James Davenport, Thomas and Elizabeth Davenport, Charles Davey, James Soloman Davey, Joseph Davey, Thomas Davey, John Davidson, Thomas Davidson, William Davidson, Arthur Davies, Arthur Davies, Henry Davies, John Davies, Slingsby Davies, Thomas Davies, William Davies, William Davies, David Davis, James Davis, William Davis, Michael Davoren, Oliver Davoren, William Daw, Charles Daws, Alexander Dawson, Cannuth Dawson, Charles Dawson, Thomas Dawson, William and Adelaide Dawson, William and Jessie Dawson, George Day, James Day, Thomas Day, Robert De La Rue, Frederick Dean, Henry Dean, Peter Dean, William Dean, John Deason, James Dedman, Matthew Deering, Jacobus Degraf, Charles DeGroot, Edward DeHenzell, August Dehne, Giovanni Deledio, George Dellar, Dominico Delmarco, John DeMouilpied, Alexander Dempsey, William Dempsey, Joseph Denning, Fernanda Dennis, William and Elizabeth Dennis, William and Mary Dennis, William Henry Dennis, Frederick Dent, Thomas Derham, Joseph Derrick, William Derrick, John Deslandes, Frederick Dettmering, Abraham Deyoung, Thomas Diamond, William Atwill Diamond, John Dickenson, Edward Dickins, Thomas Dickins, Richard Dickinson, James Dickman, Charles Dickson, George Dickson, Georges Didier, August Johann Diggelman, Andrew Dignum, Cornelius Dike, Nicholas Dingle, Richard Dingle, William Dishon, Frederick Diss, William Diss, George Ditchburn, John Ditchburn, Peter Ditchburn, William Ditchburn, Joseph Ditterich, Charles Dixon, Henry Dixon, John Dixon, Philip Dobell, William Dobell, William Dobell, Henry Dobinson, John Dobson, George Dod, James Dodd, John Dodd, Edward Henry Dodkins, John Dodson, William Henry Dodwell, Hermann Doepper, Albert Domeyer, Colin Donald, George Donald, James Donaldson, John Donaldson, William Donaldson, James Doneal, Hugh Donnan, John Donnan, John Donovan, William Doody, Charles Doolan, Joseph Dooling, Henry Dooly, Henry Dorman, William Dosser, James Crawford Douglas, John and Hannah Douglas, Jonathan and Mary Ann Douglas, Thomas Douglas, William Douthat, William Dower, Joseph Dowey, Daniel Down, William Downe, William Downer, Joseph Downie, William Downing, George Downton, William Dowsett, Alfred Dowsing, Bernard Doyle, Patrick Doyle, Patrick Richard Conaly Doyle, Thomas Drake, Edward Drayton, Phillip Drewitt, Patrick Drill, William Dring, James Dripps, Edward Driscoll, Charles Driver, Thomas Driver, Adolph Henrich Nicclaus Droscher, Henry and Annie Drury, Henry and Margaret Drury, Alexander Drysdale, James Drysdale, John Drysdale, Walter McAlpine Drysdale, Charles Ignatz Du Ve, John Duckmanton, Edred Dudeney, Timothy Duggan, Thomas Duke, William Duke, Gustor Dumesny, Richard Duncalf, Andrew Duncan, James Duncan, James Dungan, John Dunham, James Dunlevey, Henry Dunn, James Dunn, William and Hannah Dunn, William and Mary Emma Dunn, Edward Healey Dunstan, John Dunstan, Joshua Dunstan, Peter and Phillippa Dunstan, William Dunstan, Henry Dunster, Robert Dunt, John Dupe, George Durham, Job Durran, John Durran, James Durston, Thomas Dutton, John Dwyer, Robert Dyer, William Dyer, Samuel Dyke, Thomas Dyster,


space 193 different Pioneer Families featured - duplicate names are listed with wife,
Brothers who come as adults and establish families are listed.

Francoies Labat, Henry Lacey, Thomas Lacey, William Lack, Charles Ladd, Joseph Ladd, Thomas Ladd, William Ladd, William Henry Ladd, William Lade, James Ladgrove, George and Susan Ladhams, George and Sybella Ladhams, William Ladner, James Laing, Alfred Lainson, George Laity, Robert Lamb, Frederick Lambert, William Lambert, Richard Lambeth, John Lamperd, Charles Lamprell, Charles Lancaster, Mark Lancaster, Thomas Lancaster, William Lancaster, James Douglas Landells, William Landry, James Landry, Henry Lane, James Lane, Matthew Lane, Zebina Lane, Richard Laney, Bernard Lanfranchi, David Lang, George Lang, Joseph Lang, Thomas Lang, Charles Langridge, Richard Langridge, William Langston, Charles Douglas Lankenau, Henry Lankenau, Thomas Lanyon, Stephen Lapthorne, William Lardner, William Larmour, William Lascelles, Thomas Latham, Richard Latimer, James Laughlin, Samuel John Laurence, Peter Laurie, Peter Laurie, John Lavender, William Lawn, Richard Lawry, Albert Barnett Lawson, Andrew Lawson, John Lawson, John Booth Lawson, Robert Herd Lawson, Isaac Lay, William Lay, George Edward Layton, Frederick Leach, Jonathon Leach, Yves LeBas, Stephen Lebusque, George Lechte, Benjamin Wright Lee, Edward Lee, James Lee, James Coppell Lee, Samuel Bolton Lee, Charles DAuvert Leech, William Leeder, David Lees, Septimus Allen Leete, Alexander Leggett, Michael LeGuier, Thomas Leigh, David Leishman, John William Lemere, Adolph Gottlieb Lemke, William Hardy Leng, Michael Lennett, Patrick Lennon, David Ritchie Lennox, Alfred LeRoy, George Leslie, William Lester, George Letts, Francis Henry Lewin, Caleb Lewis, Charles Lewis, William and Martha Lewis, William and Matilda Lewis, James Lewtas, Charles Liddell, Joshua Liddell, Charles Liddiard, Henry Liddiard, John Liddiard, James Liddle, Thomas Lilburne, Luke Lilley, John Lillie, Daniel Lillingstone, Richard Limbrick, William Lindner, Frederic Linsey/ Lindsay, George Lindsay, Henry Lindsay, Thomas Ling, James Munro Linklater, Robert Linklater, William Linnett, Joseph Lishman, Andrew Lister, Cornelius Lister, George Lister, James Lister, John Litchfield, William Porteous Little, William Littledale, James Littlejohn, Alexander Livingstone, Robert Llewellyn, Frederick Lloyd, Isaac Lloyd, Richard Lloyd, Robert Loader, Joseph Lobb, George Lock, Jacob Locker, James Lockett, George Lockyer, James Clapham Lodge, John Jacob Loffel, Joseph Albert Loftus, William Spence Login, Johann Lohse, William Henry Lombe, James Loney, John Alfred Long, Samuel Long, David Looker, John Loste, Alexis Louis Louchard, Andrew Louden, John Louden, William Love, Lawrence Lovekin, William Lovel, Thomas Loveluck, John Loveridge, George Frederick Lovitt, Thomas Low, Irish James Lowden, James Lowden, George Lowe, Moses Lowry, William Loxton, George Thomas Lucas, Henry Lucas, John Lucas, Frederick Lucke, Edward Luff, Frederick Gridley Luff, Edward Lugg, George Lugg, Samuel Henry Lugg, Benjamin Lukey, Francis Lukey, Joseph Lukey, Reynold/Runnalls Lukey, Samman Lummis, James Henry Lumsden, Charles Lund, Henry Lunn, Franz Luttgens, Henry Luxford, James Luxton, David Lyall, William Lyall, Daniel Lynch, Michael Lynch, Henry William Lyndon, William Lynn, John Lyon, John and Jemima Lyon, John William and Maria Lyon, Peter Lyon, Thomas Lyons, William Charles Lyte,

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