Greetings from Australia
Pioneer Families in Victoria, Aust.

Max, Bertil and me in sweden
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365 different Pioneer Families featured - duplicate names are listed with wife,
Brothers who come as adults and establish families are listed.

William Cabble, Frederick Thomas Cadman, William Cadman, John McLean Cadzow, Jeremiah Cahill, John Cail, Michael Cain, Adam (Rev)Cairns, Adam Cairns, Robert Cairns, Alexander Calder, John Caldow, Frederick Calf, John Callinan, John Calvert, David Cameron, James Cameron, James Cameron, John Cameron, Robert Cameron, Charles Camfield, William John Camin, Josiah Camp, Donald Campbell, Donald Campbell, Edward Campbell, Hugh Campbell, John Campbell, Horatio George Canham, John Capeness, Robert Friend Capp, Henry Capron, William Cardwell, William Cardwell, Edward Carey, William Carin, John Bowden Carkeek, Patrick Carland Carland, William Carling, Martin Carlton, Frederick Carman, George Carmichael, John Carne, John and Ellen Carr, John and Mary Ann Carr, Robert Carr, Alfred Carrington, Joseph Carruthers, Edward Carse, Doug Carson, John Carson, George Carter, George Carter, John Carter, Robert Carter, Samuel Carter, William Carter, Frank Carver, Thomas Carvosoe, Michael Casey, Michael Cashmore, Jonathan Casson, George Castle, John Castley, William Castley, Edwin Castree, John Catamole, Henry Catchpole, John Cater, William Cato, Henry Catt, Duncan Cattanach, John Cawood, Jaques and Elizabeth Cazaly, Guiseppe/Joseph Cerini, Peter Cerutty, Benjamin Chaffey, Edward Chaffey, Thomas Chaffey, George Chalk, John Challis, Archibald Chalmers, Edwin Chamberlain, George Chamberlain, John Chamberlain, Thomas Chamberlain, William and Rosa Chamberlain, William Ernest Chamberlain, Archibald Chamberlin, John Chambers, William Chambers, George Chandler, James Chandler, Archibald Chapman, George Chapman, John Chapman, John Chapple, John Chard, George Charlesworth, Jonathan Charlesworth, William and Mary Charlesworth, William and Sophia Charlesworth, William Chaston, John Chatwin, Samuel Cheatley, James Cheetham, William Chellew, William Cherry, John Chesterfield, William Chesterman, Hill Chestnut, Anthony Chibnall, Charles Chiller, John Cottle Ching, Richard Ching, William 1821 Ching, William 1831 Ching, William Chinnock John Chipman, John Chivers, William Chivers, Arthur Christey, Charles Christian, George Chubb, George Church, Thomas Church, George Chute, Jonathan Clack, George Clancy, Thomas James Clapham, William Clapham, Edward Clapp, James Claridge, Jesse Claridge, Horace Claringbold, Alex Clark, Andrew and Isabella Clark, Andrew wed Margaret Clark, Daniel Clark, George Clark, Henry Clark, Henry Donaldson Clark, James Clark, William and Elizabeth Clark, William and Julia Clark, George Henry Clarke, Samuel Clarke, Henry Clarkson, Johan Classon, John Clay, James Claydon, John Claydon, George Edward Clayfield John Clayfield, John Clayton, Joseph Clayton, William Clayton, Andrew Cleary, Charles Cleary, James Cleary, Thomas Cleary, John Cleaver, William Clegg, George Clemensen, Thomas Clements, David Cliff, Henry Clifford, Henry Clifford, James Clifton, Josiah Climas, Thomas Climas, Henry Clinnick, James Clissold, James Cloke, Elijah Close, Henry Clotz, James Clough, Thomas Clough, James Clowser, Matthew Clune, George Coad, Robert Coad, George Coates, John Coates, Samuel Cobbledick, Thomas Cochrane, William Cochrane, James Cock, Edward Cockayne, Joseph Cocking, Thomas Cockram, Robinson Cocks, George Coddery, James Cogswell, Frederick Coldrey, Amos Cole, James Cole, John Cole, Robert Cole, William Coleman, William Coleman, George Collard, Joseph Collard, Edward Collas, John Collicoat, John Collier, Edward Collins, Edwin Collins, Frederick Collins, James Collins, John Collins, John Collins, Phillip Collins, Thomas Collins, John Collison, Thomas Collison, James Colliss, William Collopy, Samuel Colman, John Colston, Archibald Colville, Thomas Comb, James Comerford, Henry Comport, Michael Comport, Thomas Comrie, Thomas Conboy, Edward Conder, Matthew Condie, Henry Conduit, Robert Conning, Patrick Connor, Denis Conole, Edward Conway, Frederick Cook, George Cook, James Cook, Page Cook, William Cook, Charles Cooke, Alvin Cooper, Phillip Cooper, Richard Cooper, Simpson Cooper, Thomas Copeland, Robert Copley, Elias Coppel, James Coram, John Corbett, William Corby, James Corfield, Frederick Corke, Patrick Cormack, John Cornell, Richard Cornish, William Cornish, Charles Henry Corrie, George Corrie, William Corrie, Patrick Corrigan, John Coster, Henry Lazenby Costin, Thomas and Eliza Costin, Thomas and Maria Costin, Thomas and Martha Costin, Samuel Cottingham, Benjamin Cotton, Charles Cottrill, Richard Couchman, John Coughlin, Irvine Coulter, John Cousins, Josephus Cousins, James Coutts, Henry Couzins, James Cowen, Thomas Cowie, Thomas Cowl, Henry Cowley, Joseph Cowling, Francis Cox, George Cox, Thomas Cox, Walter Cox, John Coxall, George Coxhead, Thomas Coxshall, Thomas Crabb, Henry Cracknell, Charles Crago, John Crago, Thomas Crago, William Crago, Thomas Craig, Francis Craigie, Robert Craigie, Thomas Craigie, James Craik, John Craik, Elias Crameri, Peter Crane, James Cranwell, Thomas Cranwell, John Crapper, James Albon Creaton, Thomas Creaton, Edward Crellin, William Crews, Jonas Crewther, Thomas Crewther, Harry Cripps, John Crisp, Ebenezer Crocker, Alexander Crockett, William Cronk, John Crook, Benjamin Cropley, John Cropley, Joseph Cross, Thomas Woley/Wesley Cross, William Cross, Hugh Crothers, Samuel Crothers, Timothy Crotty, Alfred Crowe, Thomas Crowe, Henry Crowhurst, Lewis Crowl, John Crowle, Sam Crowther, James Croxford, Albert Crump, John Cruthers, John Cullen, Jeremiah Cullum, William Culpitt, George Cummings, Philip Cummins, Richard Cummins, John Cundall John Cunliffe, William Cunning, Hugh Cunningham, John Cunningham, Samuel Cunningham, William Henry Cunningham, Robert Cuppage, Patrick Curley, Charles Curnow, James Curnow, Edward Curr, Gilbert Currie, James Currie, John and Ellen Currie, John and Mary Jane Currie, Patrick Curry, Ralph Curry, Thomas Curtain, Samuel Curtis, John Curwood, Joseph Curwood, Michael Cusack, Alexander Cuthbert, John Cuthbertson, Henry Cuttler, Francis Cutts,

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