Greetings from Australia
Pioneer Families in Victoria, Aust.

Max, Bertil and me in Sweden
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416 different Pioneer Families featured - duplicate names are listed with wife,
Brothers who come as adults and establish families are listed individually.

Richard Babbington James Bacchus, Henry Backler, Daniel Backway, William Henry Bacon, Benjamin Baddeley, Alexander George Bailey, Arthur Bailey, Charles Bailey, Edward Bayley/Bailey, Enoch and Hannah Bailey, George Bailey, JohnBailey, William Bailey, Bartholomew Bainbridge, John Baines, Alexander Baird, Benjamin Baker, Charles Baker, Charles Arthur Cecil Baker, John Baker, Thomas Baker, Alfred Balding, William Bale, Joseph Bales, Charles Ball Robert Ballantyne, Thomas Ballintine, Francis Balsillie, Albert Vincent Balzary, Charles Band, David Band, James and Emma Band, James and Winnifred Band, Robert and Anne Band, Robert and Isabel Band, Robert and Louisa Band, William Band, John Banks, Peter John Bannon, Matthew Barber, Thomas Barber, William Henry Barber, Robert Barbour, James Barclay, William Barclay, Edwin Barelli, Edward Barker, John Barker, John and Elizabeth Barker, Benjamin Robert Barnes, William and Margaret Barnes, Peter Barnet, Alfred Barnett, John Henry Barnett, John Barns, Francis Barr, Henry Barr, John Barr, Stephen Barraclough, Patrick Barrett, Thomas Barrett, Charles Barrow, Michael Barry, Richard Barry, William Barry, Christian Nicholas Bartels, George Bartlett, James Bartlett, Richard Barton, Ely Barwick, George Basan, Azariah Bassett, Caroline Rowe widow Bassett, Charles William Bassett, John Bassett, Joseph Bassett, Richard Bassett, Richard Emanuel Bassett, Robert Bassett, Edwin Bastin, David Bastow, George Batchelor, Henery Bate, William G W Bateman, Henry Weeks Bates, James Bates, James Watkins Bates, Charles Bath, Thomas Bath, William Henry Batten, John Batters, James Battiscombe, Henry Batty, Enoch Baulch, Christian Baum, William Thomas Bavinton, Samuel Bawden, John Baxter, William Baxter, William Baynes, Robert Bazeley, John Beacham, John Beale, Alexander Bean, William Beard, Edwin James Beardmore, George Beardon, John and Ann Beardsley, John and Elizabeth Beardsley, George Forsyth Beattie, Crozier Beatty, George Beaupeurt James Beazley, Jacob Becker, Louis Becker, Hans Heinrick Beckholt, Francis Bassett Beel, James Beel, John Beel, Joseph Beer, Joseph Beeson, Henry Begelhole, John Beith, Charles Robert Belcher, James Belfield, Allan Bell, George Nelson Bell, James and Ellen Bell, James and HenriettaBell, John and Margaret Bell, John and Mary Bell, Thomas and Emma Bell, William and Harriet Bell, Henry John Bellchambers, Jacob Bellett, Samuel Bellingham, Jane Francis Benallack, John Francis Benallack, Stephen Staton Benallack, John Bendall, John Charles N Bendall, John August Bending, Robert Bendle, Henry Benjamin, Charles Bassett Bennett, Francis Bennett, George Bennett, John Nathaniel Bennett, Jonathan Bennett, Samuel Bennett, Thomas Bennett, Gilbert Bennetts, Charles Henry Benning, Edwin Bennion, John Benson, Thomas James C Bentley, John Berkery, George Berry, George William Berry, John Berryman, Joseph Berryman, William Berryman, Thomas Best, William Bethell, Thomas Bevan, John Bews, John and Ann Bewsher, John and Jane Bewsher, Bernard Emil R Beyer, Nicholas Bickford, George Bickham, George Biddington, Christian Ipsen Bidstrup, Benjamin Biggs, John Biggs, Samuel Biggs, Thomas Biggs, William Bigmore, Thomas Biles, John Billman, George Binding, Burton Bindon, Henry Herbert Bindon, John Bindon, Samuel Bindon John Birchall, Alfred John Bird, Frederick Bird, Joseph Bird, Samuel Bird, Thomas Birkett, William Birt, James Bissland, Henry Blabey, Boswell Carnegie Black, Donald Black, George Black, Matthew Black, William Black, John Blackburn, Robert Blackburne, Thomas Blacker, Joseph Blackham, Septimus Blacklock, James Blackney, James 1831Blackney, Thomas Blackwood John Blaikie, John Blain, Edward Blake, William Blake, William Blakeney, William Blamires, Pierce Blanchfield, John Blandy, John Briggs Blanshard, Joseph Edwin Bleechmore, John Blencowe, James Blick, Mary Grannell and Thomas Blight, Mary Lanyon and Thomas Blight, Samuel and Matilda Blight, Nicholas Moses Block, John Rothwell Bloomfield, Stephen Blundell, Charles Blurton, Agnes Staley wed Daniel Blyth, Charles Blyth, Edward Blyth, James Blyth, John Boadle, Charles Boase, James Boase, William and Lucy Boase, William Harvey Boase, William Howard Boase, John and Mary Boase, Thomas Boden, Nicholas Bodilly, William Bodycoat, Martin Bofill, James Bold, William Bolden, Stephen Otto Bolding, James Henry Bone, George Harris Bonighton, Samuel Beswick Bonney, Frederick Bool, Richard William Boom, Rev Caleb Booth, Thomas Wilson Booth, John Borthwick, David Bosher, John Bostock, Robert Bostock, William Bouch, Alfred Bould, William Boulton, John Boundy, George 1780 Bourchier, Henry 1814 Bourchier, James 1807 Bourchier, John 1823 Bourchier, Wesley 1816 Bourchier, Irving Boustead, John Bowe, Edward Bowen, John and Alice Bower, John and Margaret Bower, David Daniel Bowers, James Alfred Bowles, Edwin Alfred Bowley, Robert Box, John and Ann Maria Boyd, John and Elizabeth Boyd, William Boyd, Adolph Braash, John Bracken, William Braddy, James Braden, Joseph Bradford, John Bradney, Mark Wilks Bradney, James Charles Brady, Aaron Brain, James Brain, Charles Brame, Richard Bramley, Thomas Bramley, George Brandon, Enos Brasher Carlos Bravo, Charles Bray, William Bray, Joseph Brearley, John Bremer, Joseph Bremmer, Peter Bremner, William Brereton, Henry Brewer, Thomas Brewer, George Brewster, William Brewster, Philip Brideoake, Arthur Brideson, Lancaster Bridge, William Bridges, John Bridgewater, John Jordan Brimacombe, Edward James Brine, William Terance Briner, Matthew Brisbane, William Brisbane, Jonah Britnell, John Moore Britten, Edwin Britter, Thomas Britton, John Broad, Charles Broadbent, George Adam Broadbent, Joseph Broadstock, Henry Thomas Broadwood, Thomas Broadwood, Edward Broben, John Broderick, William Brodie, Andrew Brodribb, John Brolly, Johan Emil Broman, Joseph John Bromell, William Brookfield, William Broom, Richard Brotchie, Charles Brown, Henry and Diana Brown, Henry and Esther Brown, James Brown, James Shearer Brown, James Stewart Brown, John Brown, John Deniston Brown, John Waddell Brown, Joseph Holloway Brown, Moses Brown, Robert Brown, William Brown, William Brown, William John Brown, William and Margaret Brownbill, William and Sarah Brownbill, John Brownhill, William Browning, Isaac Brudenell, Thomas Brumby, Charles William Brumley, George Bryant, Robert Bryant, Thomas Robert Bryant, David Bryce Robert Bruce Buchanan, Joseph Buck, James Buckland, Arnold Buckle, Daniel Buckle, James Bull, Samuel Bull, William Bull, Richard Bullen, William Bulley, Joseph Bulling, James Bullock, William Bullock, John Bulmer, Alfred Bunn, John Thomas Bunn, William Bunn, Hugh Buntine, William Bunting, Thomas Williams Burchell, Thomas Burden, Samuel Burdett, Peter Burger, Charles Burgess, George Burgess, Richard Burgin, Phillip Burgoine, William Burkby, John Alfred Burke, Michael Burke, George Burkinshaw, Carl Burmeister, George Burnell, Dennis Burnes, Walter Burnet, George Burnham, Elizabeth Burns, Hugh Burns, Alexander Burr, Alfred Thomas Burrell, George Burrows, James Burrows, John Burrows, Richard Burrows, John Burstall, William Burstall, Jabez Burton, Thomas Burton, John Burvill, Thomas John Buse, Lewis Bushby, Levi Butcher, John Butler, Joseph Butler, Edward Button, James Button, John Buzza, Wallace Byerley, Charles Byers, George Byford, Laughlin Byrns,

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