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William Henry Lombe

Thankyou to , who has sent URLs of two of his web sites, Life in Liverpool and Caleb Crompton who wed Fanny.

From Stephanie on Tuesday, 18 March, 2014,
Thankyou for posting the information.
This is copyright information taken from Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site see:-
Whilst, in principle I do not object to you quoting my research, I think it only politeness FOR YOU to quote it was actually my research and where you obtained the information.
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From for Lombe. The second son Thomas was apprenticed to a master weaver in Norwich. Here he established a successful weaving business, purchasing a considerable estate in St Georges, Colgate, where he died leaving his wife Elizabeth, four sons Thomas, William, John and Henry and two daughters Elizabeth and Margaret. Henry Lombe was born in 1659, married Margaret, a widow, with whom he had two sons: Thomas, born September 5 th 1685 and Henry born September 21 st 1686. Both sons were baptized on June 25 th 1704 at the Octagon Presbyterian Chapel, Norwich. By his second wife Willmott he had Benjamin, alive when Henry made his will but who died in childhood, and John born in 1693.

William Lombe Bertram son of Mary Bertram, Christening: 16 Mar 1755 at Tabernacle-Countess Of Huntingdons, Norwich, Norfolk, England
William Henry Lombe Birth: 30 Sep 1788 Christening: 19 Oct 1788 son of Hannah and William Lombe at Octagon-Presbyterian, Norwich, Norfolk, England.
IGI Submitter - Graham Laurence Tomlinson, 1218 Norman St Wendouree Victoria 3355
Confirms Hannah and William Lombe had the family Christened at Octagon-Presbyterian, Norwich, Norfolk England
space1. Maria Lombe Birth 05 Feb 1777, Christening: 10 Feb 1777
space2. Charlotte Lombe Birth 10 Jan 1782, Christening: 22 Jan 1782
space3. Anna Lombe Christening: 5 Sep 1784
space4. William Henry Lombe Birth 30 Sep 1788, Christening: 19 Oct 1788
The Rev. William Enfield 29 Mar 1741 - 3 Nov 1797 aged 56, LL.D, was an eminent Unitarian minister of Norwich. Around 1788 he had an assistant Pendlebury Houghton 17581824, who Christened William Henry Lombe.

From on Mon, 9 Jul 2007

Elizabeth I see from your website that you have an interest in William Henry Lombe who married Julia Sherlock 1848 in Launceston. I am a descendant of William's sister, Frances Louisa Lombe. I am struggling to make any headway on researching their father, William Henry Lombe, but do have some info on their mother.

4. William Henry Lombe Birth 30 SEP 1788, Christening: 19 Oct 1788, wed 14 Nov 1818 to Elizabeth Barrow Milner at St. Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire (Warrington)
William died in 1824. On 05 July 1828 the widow Lombe married, by licence, William Stewart (recorded Steward)
2 children 1. William Henry Lombe born 21 Dec 1820 Cheltenham,
2. Fanny Louisa Lombe christened 31 Mar 1822
From Surnames William Henry LOMBE, Gloucestershire, England Date Submitted: October 11, 2003 Born 21/12/1821, son of William Henry and Elizabeth Lombe, married in Tasmania, Australia on 21/12/1848 to Juliann Sherlock. When and how did he come to Australia? And anything on the family in England.

From: S.L. & Y. L. EBB, Date: 03 June, 2002 03:55 Subject: Lombe Family
We are researching my husband's mother's family, by name Lombe.
We know that William Henry Lombe was christened in St Peter's Church, Liverpool on 5th March, 1826. His parents were William Henry Lombe, born ca. 1788 Norwich, England, and Elizabeth Barron Milner, who were apparently married on 14th November, 1818 in St Nicholas' Church, Liverpool, England.
We understand that at some time either both William and Elizabeth, or possibly Elizabeth alone, were operating a Circulating Library there. We wondered if it was possible to obtain any further information on William Henry Lombe and Elizabeth Barron Milner.
Yvonne and Syd Ebb

I have also found Family Tree which features the two children, Frances Louisa and William Henry, with her baptism cert, and lovely stories of earlier times. Story seems to be first husband died, second husband decided to go to Australia, wife died before they reached Perth.
On 05 July 1828 the widow Lombe married, by licence, William Stewart at St. Cuthbert, North Meols.
Lovely detailed notes
Elizabeth Barrow Milner-Lombe, now Mrs Stewart, died on the voyage from Liverpool leaving Fanny aged 8, her brother William Henry Lombe aged about 10 years(?) old, and Mr Stewart, her step-father. They arrived in the Swan River Colony, on 8 May 1830 as steerage passengers on the brig 'James', the same day as the 'Bombay' arrived in port and quickly arranged a transfer. They arrived in Hobart, Van Diemen's Land, on 26 July 1830 on the ship 'Bombay' from the Swan River Colony, now Fremantle/Perth in Western Australia, which had only been established about 12 months earlier.

William Henry Lombe as Passenger sailed on the Roseanna on 20 July 1846 from George Town to Sydney.

Thankyou to for details of the children of William Henry Lombe and Juliana Sherlock

1. William Henry Lombe born 21 Dec 1820 Cheltenham, Christened 05 Mar 1826 Liverpool, wed 21 Dec 1848 to Julia Sherlock in Tasmania and later moved to live at Ashfield, New South Wales.
Samuel Sherlock, wed 1825 in Launceston,Tasmania to Mary Ann French, chn in Tasmanian records, Julia c1824, Henry `1827, Juliana 1829, Sarah 1832, Samuel 1835,
Juliana Lombe died 1923 #1087 at Chatswood dau of Mary and Samuel (She was the daughter of Samuel Sherlock and Mary French and was born 7 October 1829 in Georgetown, Tasmania, and died 17 January 1923 in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia.)
William H Lombe died 1905 #12918 at Hurstville, son of Elizabeth and William H Lombe
11 Children 1. Mary Elizabeth Lombe born in Tasmania 1849, died 1853 in NSW
2. John W Lombe died 1853 infant death
3. William H Lombe 1853
4. Arthur Pierce Lombe 1855 died 1903 at Kogarah
5. Sydney Albert Lombe 1859 #982 - 1938 #6992 at Rockdale
6. Ada Mary Lombe 1861 #1884 - 1942
7. Charles W Lombe 1863 #1682 - 1864 at Redfern, infant death
8. Frank Edward Lombe 1865 #941 - 1938 #9863
9. Alfred Ernest Lombe 1867 #2018 - 1939 #3819 wed 1899 to Mary F Ardley
10. Herbert Milner Lombe 1870 #3509 - 27 May 1930
11. Zillah Agnes Lombe 1873 #51 wed 1900 to John H Pye
4. Arthur Pierce Lombe 1855 wed 1886 #4008 in Victoria to Esther Maria Cowl and no chn registered in Vic or NSW. Esther died on 8 June 1893 in Ashfield, Sydney
Arthur P Lombe wed 1895 #5669 to Eliza J Abbott at Taree, no known chn. Arthur died 26 May 1903 in Ashfield, Sydney, buried in Roodwood Cemetery, Lidcombe, Sydney.
5. Sydney Albert Lombe 1859 #982 - 1953 #30191 died at Sutherland wed 1881 #1681 in Sydney to Janet Jane McKay 1865 - 1933 #21879 aged 68 yrs died at Manly, dau of Caroline and ?McKay, children born at Glebe, Leichhardt 1886,
11 children 1. Sydney A Lombe 1883 #6113 wed 1913 to Nina AJ Sherlock
2. Duncan W H Lombe 1884 #7627 - 1919 #11475 died at Ryde
3. Frank Edward Lombe 1886 #4853 - 1925 #9903 died at Sydney
4. Caroline B Lombe 1888 #7729 wed 1906 to Herbert R Byatt
5. William Harold Lombe 1890 #4665 - 1959 #16304
6. Herbert J Lombe 1892 #13379 - 1893 #7699 died at Kogarah
7. Juliana Lombe 1893 #13936 - 1902 #5589 died at Kogarah
8. Janet C Lombe 1894 #13356 wed 1920 to Wilfred J Onley
9. Cecil H Lombe 1897 #31139 - 1898 #9793 died at Kogarah
10. Edward V Lombe 1901 #3270
11. Cyril Alfred Lombe 1903 #20882 - 1964 #48547 died at Rockdale
6. Ada Mary Lombe 1861 #1884 - 1942 wed 1879 to William J Sherlock, born in Launceston, Tasmania, on 1 Mar 1856 to John Henry Sherlock and Ann Hart. William John wed 1880 in Launceston,Tasmania to Ada Mary Lombe and had 10 children. He passed away on 1932 in Sutherland, New South Wales,
8. Frank Edward Lombe 1865 #941 wed 1889 #2704 at Newtown to Caroline Reidel died 1945 #25037 dau of Caroline Elizabeth and Gottfried Reidel, children born at Leichhardt, other suburbs of Sydney
8 children 1. Esther C Lombe 1890 #18552 wed 1926 to Robert J Evans
2. Arthur Roy Lombe 1892 #25702 - 1969 #30064
3. Frank Gottfriedt Lombe 1894 #29426 - 1972 #66522
4. Obed H Lombe 1897 #32884
5. Keith E Lombe 1899 #12654
6. Eric O Lombe 1902 #12897
7. Hilda R Lombe 1905 #4420
8. Bruce O Lombe died 1907 #14117
2. Fanny Louisa Lombe christened 31 Mar 1822, died 15 Sep 1900 Miners Rest, Victoria, wed first 14 Aug 1844 to Caleb Crompton and second 12 Nov 1862 to William Brown
Caleb Crompton 11th child of Thomas Richardson Crompton and Martha Hyde born 23 Jul 1821, born at Nafferton, Yorkshire, England, came to Tasmania on the Branken Moor - arrived in Port Adelaide on 04 February 1840, or from London via Cork, arrived Launceston 4 April 1843, wed York Street Baptist Church, Launceston, fell from his horse and died 29 Dec 1854 leaving 5 chn
William Brown, aged 50, whose first wife died Aug 1860, born at St Veep, Cornwall son of Mary Collins and John Brown, wed widowed Frances at Church of England, Miners Rest, Victoria.

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