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John William Lemere

From on Saturday, 19 December, 2009

I have found details on the Irene at Ozships, but not the Lemere surname or any variant of it. My descent is via the daughter Anna Maria Lemere who was born 1847 as per the birth certificate to James Henry Lemere. She married Seth Lawson in 1870. Her daughter Gertrude Louise Lawson (1874 to 1914) married William Beaumont in 1896
Their son Bernard William Beaumont (1901 to 1976) married Clara Thurstun (1903 to 1990) in 1924 and then my mother was born 1937
I have found these details about the father of John William Lemere -
John Lemere born 26 Mar 1783 Christened 06 Apr 1783 son of Mary and John Lemere at Saint Matthew, Bethnal Green, London, England
John Lemar wed c1805 to Elisabeth
James Henry Lemere Birth: 18 Jan 1806 Christening: 09 Feb 1806 Saint Matthew, Bethnal Green, London, England
John William Lemere born 17 Mar 1811 Christening: 24 Jan 1813 Saint Matthew, Bethnal Green, London, England
The public execution records show John Lemere to have been executed for forgery on 25 Jan 1813.
Widowed Elizabeth Lemere remarries in Feb 1814 to a Thomas Pitkin
James Henry Lemere, son of Elizabeth and John Lemere - see notes after John William Lemere's family

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John William Lemere was born in March, 1811 to John and Elizabeth Lemere, in UK.
He wed at Bethnal Greens on 17 Aug 1836 to Sophia Burley, born 1818 in UK and they, by family tradition in Australia, sailed to Sydney, Australia on the 821 ton ship Irene arriving 16 Oct 1852 from Liverpool 10 July, with Knyvett family of 5, and Mrs Robinson (wife of ship's Captain Robinson) as Cabin passengers and 398 Government Emigrants (during voyage 3 females died, Mary aged 29 and 2 girls aged 15 - Catherine Brownlee and Anne McCart, 6 infants were born, and a different 32 infants aged 2 or less, died). The Irene departed 10 Dec 1852 for 'Callao'. Copy of Sydney Mormning Herald for Fri 10 Dec 1852 is missing, Sat 11 Dec reparts she has departed. Conclusion - John Lemere paid and travelled Intermediate or Steerage, so was not listed for Gov allowance, or by newspaper as an important arrivee.
See Bounty Immigrants on the Irene for original handwritten copy of their list, includes name of birth village.
A different family reports this voyage - Hardy & Mary Robinson set out for Australia in the ship Irene - Mary died at sea, Hardy arrived in Sydney 16th Oct 1852 with 3 small children, Harvey 5yrs, Elizabeth 3yrs & Hannah 2mths. Hannah died at 10mths."
John Lemere died at Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia on 28 June 1882 and Sophia Lemere nee Burley died on 2 Sep 1899.
See Gov Gazette, where on page 976, Return of Insolvencies for two weeks ending 28 Apr 1866, go down list to 26 April and there is John William Lemere baker, Tarnagulla, Jacamb (his official assignee)
Their children born in UK are
10 children 1. Sophia Lemere born 4 Nov 1837 lived 13 years
2. William James Lemere born 28 Jun 1839 lived 2 years
3. James Lemere born 6 Jun 1841 lived 2 months
4. Hannah Lemere born 17 Aug 1842 died 1936 aged 93
5. William Lemere born 5 Sep 1844
6. Alfred Lemere 1846 lived 4 months
7. Marion Lemere 1850 died in UK
The family sailed to Australia on the Irene 1852 and settled at Sandy Creek, with a stop in Adelaide for Sophia to be born.
  8. Sophia Lemere 1855 - 4 Oct 1896
9. Mary Ann Lemere 1858 #8521 - 15 Nov 1950 aged 93
10. Elizabeth Lemere 1860 #21667 lived 4 years
4. Hannah Lemere 25 Sep 1842 died 1936 aged 93, wed 1869 #831 to Andrew Paul Mitchell from Paisley, and lived at Footscray
8 children 1. Lillias Sophia Mitchell 1869 #23679
2. William Lemere Mitchell 1871 #10708
3. Andrew Paul Mitchell 1872 #24771
4. Arthur James Mitchell 1875 #2482
5. Frank Love Mitchell 1876 #23110
6. Charles Mathew Mitchell 1878 #23013
7. Flor Agnes Mitchell 1880 #22795
8. Alice Elizabeth Mitchell 1882 #23163
8. Sophia Lemere 1855 - 4 Oct 1896 wed 1878 #2862 to John Findlay from Scotland, no children in Victorian records
9. Mary Ann Lemere 1858 #8521 - 15 Nov 1950 aged 93, wed 1888 #391 to Albert Henry Chamberlain

From on Saturday, 19 December, 2009

James Henry Lemere

born 18 Jan 1806 and buried 20 Feb 1862, son of Elizabeth and John Lemere, wed 8 Dec 1831 to Hannah Aedlia Livermore born 10 Jun 1811 and died Jan-Mar 1854 aged 42, dau of Hannah Claiden wed 6 Oct 1794 to Isaac Livermore at Wickham Bishops Essex. Chn Anna Maria (Fanny) 1847 and sons Henry Bedford Lemere 1832 (died?), Frederic Lemere 9 June 1834 and Bedford 1840 (in 1841 Census as 18 months old) born at Malden, Essex. Daus Fanny lemere 1845 - 1921 and Anna Maria Lemere born 1847 and registered Jan-Mar 1848, wed Jan-Mar 1870 aged 23, to either Thomas England or Seth Lawson, the second bride listed is Rose Ann Frankland, District of Burnley

From Henry Bassett Lemere Memoirs - James Henry Lemere was an orphan and adopted by Peter Bedford, a Spitalfield silk manufacturer, who was a great philanthropist, and who established the Bedford Institute. James Henry Lemere became a citizen of London, and was a successful linen draper at 1 Bishops Gate Without, and also at Maldon Essex, where he had the principal business of the town. Peter Bedford was buried in Abney Park Cemetery, London.

On 19 Nov 1845 James Henry Lemere in Debtor's Prison, in 1851 was free with Prisoner's discharge, then declared a bankrupt and on 27 Aug 1861 was in Queen's prison applying for relief of Insolvent Debtors. James Lemere wed Jul-Sep 1857 to Charlotte Bishop born 1835 (who has sister Maria E Bishop born c1845) The widowed Charlotte weds John Butler in 1867
Son Henry Bedford Lemere buried 17 Feb 1858 aged 25
James Henry Lemere buried 03 Jan 1862, followed by daughter Alice Mary buried 20 Feb 1864
In 1881 Census Frederic Lemere aged 45 was boarder with William Bence at 2 Philips Parade, Swansea, Wales; He is an Boiler Insurance Agent and travels a lot. His family are in the 1881 census living in Cheetham, Lancashire, England at the family home (Wife Elizabeth Jane Lemere nee Park and children Florence Ardlie; Emily Maud; Henry Bassett)
Fanny Lemere aged 36 born in London, Middlesex, England was Governess Unemployed and Boarding at 90 & 92 Rusholme Rd, Chorlton On Medlock, Lancashire
Bedford Lemere 1839 - Dec 1911 aged 72, in Lambeth District, London, wed 15 Nov 1862 to Harriet Annie Pennyfeather at Saint Peter, Saint Pancras, London, England He started the famous Architectural Photography firm called Bedford Lemere & Co. His son Harry Bedford Lemere took this company forward into the 20th Century. The firm specializes in photographing famous building and famous ships of the time including pictures of the interior of the Titanic.

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