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William and Amelia Jones, William and Margaret Jones, William Thomas Jones, William Jones wed 1847 to Martha French Leeder

William and Amelia Jones

William Llewellyn Jones of Wales wed 1890 #8084 to Amelia McCay and lived at Pakenham
3 children  1. Myvanwy Jones 1891 #36684
2. Erric Verniew Jones 1894 #23324
3. Clive Keown Boyd Jones 1896 #30187
Myvanwy Jones 1892 wed 1913 #7594 to Archbald Valentine Comrie

William and Margaret Jones

William Jones and Margaret Jones came c1864 and lived at Taradale
10 Children 1. Sarah Rachel Jones 1863 - 1936 #3217 aged 73
2. Eliza Jones 1865 #11966
3. John Price Jones 1867 #18639
4. William Jones 1869 #25424
5. Ann Jones 1871 #26736
6. Mary Jones 1874 #5789
7. William Lloyd Jones 1876 #19654
8. Thomas Frederick Jones 1879 #5809
9. Margaret Jones 1881 #19965
10. Llewelyn Tyson Jones 1885 #14053
Sarah Rachel Jones 1863 - 1936 #3217 aged 73, wed 1887 #4802 to Charles Rayson 1865 #14965 - 1945 #16989 aged 79, and lived at Malmsbury, 5 children

William Thomas Jones wed Mary Roach

William Thomas Jones1856 #14285 son of Mary Ann Morgan and Thomas Jones born at Beechworth, wed 1887 #5723 to Mary Roach 1864 - 1936 #17915 aged 72, died at Maroopna, and lived at Caniambo then Violet Town
6 Children 1. Beatrice Maud Jones 1888 #9311
2. William Thos Jones 1889 #29143
3. Ada Grace Jones 1891 #30887
4. Mary Mabel Jones 1895 #18934
5. Norman Hy Harold Jones 1898 #7118
6. Walter Charles Jones 1900 #26570X1921
1. Beatrice Maud Jones 1888 wed 1914 #432 to Archy Croxford

From on Tuesday, 2 December, 2008
Hi Elizabeth,
I was just browsing the net for family references and I found a reference on your site to my grandfather Walter Charles Jones b. 1899 #26570 in Violet Town VIC, died 1951 Talem Bend SA - no certificate but my grandmother gave me the exact date of his death, he was away shearing at the time. I have been avidly researching this side of the tree for many years and have come across some very interesting information recently.
Walter Charles Jones was one of ten children:
Beatrice Maude Jones b. 1888 #9311 Caniambo - died 12.5.1968 Violet Town
William (Billy) Thomas Jones b. 1889 #29143 Caniambo - died 12.8.1964 Shepparton
Ada Grace Jones b. 1891 #30887 Caniambo - died 1985 #29304 Shepparton
Mary Mabel Jones b. 1895 #18934 Caniambo - died 20.11.1989
Norman Henry Earl Jones b. 1898 #7118 - died March 1958 #21445 Violet Town
Ina Margaret Jones b. 1902 #14360 Violet Town - died 1999
George Edward Jones b. 1904 #29306 Violet Town - died 1981 #07720 Wangaratta
Wilfred Alexander (Tommy) Jones b. 1904 #29305 (twin of George) - died 20.12.1962 #25843 Gowangardie
Elsie Irene Jones b. 1910 #10562 Dookie - don't have death detail.

The parents of the above children are:
William Thomas Jones (BC states Thomas William) b. 1866 #10571 Reedy Creek VIC - died 1943 #16545 Violet Town
Mary Roach b. 1864 #7878 Nuggetty Gully VIC - died 5.8.1936 Maroopna (have her will)
They were wed on November 17 in 1887 at Benalla and registered #6818/5723

Now for the interesting bit. I see that Rowland Crone has passed you some information from New Zealand and mentions Betty Joyner who I have also been in contact with some time ago. Betty told me that even though Mary was christened Roach, her father was in fact someone else - possibly a James Wyatt. Mary's mother Margaret Sago had one other child William Charles Sago, with two surnames, and father shown as James Wyatt, b. 1862 #14415R at Fryerstown VIC also possibly with James Wyatt before she wed Peter Roach. Betty told me that there were advertisements in the local papers asking for James Wyatt to return to Margaret to take responsibility for his offspring.

Peter Roach's wife Charlotte had died after a nasty fight that involved a candlestick and a frying pan, though after reading the inquest it seems Charlotte was a heavy drinker and liver failure was the cause of her death. Anyway, Peter was left with 5 children to look after and no wife and Margaret was heavily pregnant with her second child with no one to care for her or her children, so a marriage of convenience took place. Margaret Sago and Peter Roach wed on 29th of August 1864 in Castlemaine VIC and Mary was born on the 26th of September 1864. Margaret and Peter went on to have another 11 children together, so between them they had a total of 18 children!

William Thomas Jones' parents are:
John Jones b. abt 1825 Maidstone Kent UK (Parents John Jones & Anne Anderson) - transported for stealing lead and a brass cock for 10 years arriving in VDL on "Gilmore 3" in 1843, no record of his death has been found to date.
Elizabeth Williams b. 1829 Hobart TAS, baptism 7.12.1829 St Davids, Hobart (Parents John Williams & Elizabeth Taylor) - died 10.5.1922 #4919 Dookie Vic. They were wed 8.7.1859 @ St James Church, Melbourne, under the names John Jones and Elizabeth Moylan.

Elizabeth was wed once before to a Daniel Moylan on 27.8.1849 in Tarraville, Gippsland. Daniel was also a convict sentenced at the Old Bailey for breaking and entering and sent to VDL for life on "Mangles" in 1840. Daniel was speared by members of the Kurnai tribe after he abducted a young girl. Apparently when the tribesman rescued the girl, they were so outraged at how badly Daniel had treated her that they speared and killed him sparking one of the biggest aboriginal massacres in Victoria - there is a memorial in Orbost, though I spent many years holidaying in nearby Marlo, I never knew of this link with my family tree until earlier this year & so have never seen the memorial. Daniel died on 14th July 1851. Elizabeth and Daniel had one child, Mary Elizabeth b. 1850 in Bairnsdale - birth date obtained from Mary's marriage certificate to Charles Butterley in 1867 #3096 Yea Vic.

William Thomas Jones had three other siblings:
1. John Jones b. 1857 Carisbrook VIC - died 1947 #19120 Shepparton (Katandra West) VIC - no bc found for this one yet.
2. Charles Jones b. 1861 #15605 Reedy Creek VIC - no death record found to date. nb. Mothers name is registered as Mieland (Father John who was the informant could neither read or write & would have had an accent, which may explain why Moylan is incorrectly spelled)
3. Elizabeth b. 1863 #16738 Reedy Creek VIC - died possibly 1953 Richmond, but not absolutely sure yet.

The Jones line was particularly difficult to research because of the common names and initially the lack of information, however a relative (Lyn Jones) came to the rescue by sending me some notes her husbands grandfather (Norman Henry Earl) had made which mentioned the name of Elizabeth Williams first husband - it was all pretty straight forward from then on, though to complete the research on this line I would love to find the death certificate of John Jones. However, as we all know, family research never really is complete!
Anyway I hope you find this of interest. If you would like any further information, please email me.
Best wishes, Jenee McCusker

William Jones wed Martha Leeder

See the Leeder page

William Jones 1819 - 1901 widower, wed 27 Apr 1847 to Martha French Leeder 18 July 1823 - 30 July 1893 and lived at Guildford then at Geraldton WA
Martha was born at Bury St. Edmunds, England, arrived in West Australia on 14 May 1830 per the 'Rockingham', with her parents and 4 siblings. See the Leeder page
10 Children 1. Oliver Jones 1848 #1101 wed 1869 in WA
2. Amelia Jones 1849 #1382
3. Susannah Jones 1851 #1728 (b.1851 d.1944) wed William Plotomey
4. William Jones 1853 #2305 (b.1853 d.1875)
5. Evan Jones 1855 #3074
6. Walter Jones 1857 #4067
7. Edward Jones 1859 #4915 (b.1859 d.1928) wed Mary Jane Best
8. Elizabeth Jones 1862 #6459 wed Charles Wright
9. Charles Jones 1864 #7949
10. Samuel Jones 1866 #9320
1. Oliver Jones (b.1847 d.1933) wed 1869 #2970 to Margaret Mary Ann Bogue (b.1847 d.1936) and the children numbers 3 to 6 were born at Greenough WA
6 Children 1. Alice Tennant Jones died before her father
2. Alfred Edmund Jones c1871
3. Amelia Cassandra Jones 1873 #14632
4. William Frederick Jones 1875 #16325
5. Martha Mary Augusta Jones 1877 #18588
6. Thomas Martin James Jones 1880 #20801 (listed as Thomas Morton)
4. William Frederick Jones (b.1875) wed 1900 #1651 to Miriam Eliza Truslove (b.1877 #18143 daughter of Eliza Hunt and Joseph Truslove born at Irwin, WA)
6 Children 1. William Joseph Cornelius JONES
2. Thelma Sylvia JONES
3. Stella Augustas JONES
4. Linda Mildred Alice JONES
5. Emil Thomas Alfred JONES
6. Leonard Wesley JONES wed Gladys
2. Amelia Jones 1849 #1382 wed 1870 #3151 to George Worth (b.1844 d.1897) in West Australia
13 Children 1. Hellen (Ellen) Amelia Worth 1871 #12916 wed 1894 #135 to William George Withnell
2. Edward George Worth 1872 #13919
3. Florence Christina Worth 1874 #15827A wed 1895 #362 to Frederick William Foweraker
4. Mable Jane Worth 1876 #16944 wed 1898 #1548 to Leonard Heardley Thompson
5. Martha Louisa Worth 1878 #18837 wed 1900 #1647 to Richard John Hicks
6. William Conrad Worth 1880 #20810 wed 1905 #1711 to Minnie Edith Templeton
7. Hubert Frank Worth 1882 #23026
8. Decourcy Cleaver Worth 1884 #25262
9. Ivy Hester Worth (b.1886)
10. Arthur Raymond Worth 1888 #88 lived 4 months
11. Victor Worth 1890 - 1891 #91 lived 8 months
12. Harold Charles Worth 1891 #69
13. Leslie James Worth 1892 #2078 lived 2 years
1. Hellen (Ellen) Amelia Worth 1871 #12916 wed 1894 #135 to William George Withnell and lived first at Roebourne then at Guildford WA
7 Children 1. George Harold Withnell 1895 #120
2. John Edward Withnell 1897 #3478
3. Noel Ernest Withnell 1900 #4810
4. Enid Myrtle Emma Amelia Withnell 1902 #5513
5. Twin Eric William Withnell 1904 #6310 lived 3 months
6. Twin Gerald William Withnell 1904 #6311
7. Doris Ellen Wilmott Withnell 1905 #6877
3. Florence Christina Worth 1874 #15827A wed 1895 #362 to Frederick William Foweraker
3 Children 1. Georgina Florence Amelia Foweraker 1897 #3457
2. Percy Frederick Foweraker 1899 #4589
3. Edgar Alexander Foweraker 1903 #6026
4. Mable Jane Worth 1876 #16944 wed 1898 #1548 to Leonard Heardley Thompson and lived at Guildford then at Kalgoorlie
7 Children 1. Leonard Edwin Roy Thompson 1900 #4982
2. Acie Alethea Bernice Thompson 1902 #1545
5. Martha Louisa Worth 1878 #18837 wed 1900 #1647 to Richard John Hicks
3 Children 1. James Richard George Hicks 1901 #4759
2. Edwin Raymond Grenfe Hicks 1902 #5294
3. Arthur Harold Victor Hicks 1904 #2871
3. Susannah Jones 1851 #1728 (b.1851 d.1944) wed 1901 #1300 to William Ptolomey (b.1870 d.1935)
2 Children 1. William Anwyl David Ptolomey 1902 #4053
2. Beryl Nora May Ptolomey 1904 #5406
7. Edward Jones 1859 #4915 (b.1859 d.1928) wed 1883 #5606 to Mary Jane Best (b.1864 d.1943)
6 Children 1. Lily Mary Jones 1884 #25387
2. Amy Rose Jones 1886 #28779 infant death
3. Laura Louise Jones 1887 #1045
4. Gilbert Edwin Jones 1889 #1124
5. Clara Maud Jones 1891 #1381
6. Doris Emily Jones 1897 #3484 infant death
1. Lilly Mary Jones (b.1884 d.1953) wed 1st Francis Theodore Jones (b.1881 d.1966), wed 2nd to Thomas Godley
3 Children 1. Blanche Godley
2. Geoffrey Godley
3. Hazel Godley
3. Laura Louise Jones (b.7 Sep 1887 W.A.,Guilford. d.16 Aug 1973-Australia, W.A., Carlisle Hospital.) wed Alan Morton (b.26 Jan 1888 - Australia, S.A., Quorn. m.10th January 1910 d.23 Mar 1970-Australia, W.A., Carlisle Hospital.) Children born after 1920 not listed
6 Children 1. Alan Cedric Morton (b.26 Oct 1910)
2. Norman Roger Morton (b.26 Oct 1912 d.1985)
3. Minna Isabel Laura Morton (b.6 Sep 1914)
4. Barbara Dawn Morton (b.25 Feb 1920)
4. Gilbert Edwin Jones (b.1889 d.1918-W W 1 England) wed 1911 to Uanita Myrtle
2 Children 1. Dick Jones
2. Nita Jones
5. Clare Maude Jones (b.1891) wed c1911 to Leon Jean Louis Briand, also known as Jaques Briand
Leon Jean Louis Briant
Details found by doing a RecordSearch on National Archives to see a digitised copy of his war service. Leon Jean Louis Briand was born 29 Nov 1884 in St Malo, Brittany, France and became a Naturalised Australian - Certificate shown when he enlisted 7 Sep 1914 as Private number 241 aged 30 10/12 yrs at Helena Vale, West Australia and worked as a Labourer, 5' 5" tall, weight 145 lbs, dark complexion, grey eyes, black hair, Methodist, with Tattoo.
He embarked at Melbourne per HMAT A 40 'Ceramic' on 22 Dec 1914 part of B/16th Batt. He was wounded 30 May 1915 at Gallipoli, after first recorded as Killed in Action. After time in hospital he was returned to Australia 15 Aug 1915 'for Change'.
He enlisted again on 29 Aug 1916 at Blackboy Hill, West Aust. described as 32 yrs 9 months, 5' 5", dark complexion and hair, blue eyes and Religious Denomination is now Free Thinker, has Tattoes. After home leave he re-embarked at Fremantle, WA, per A23 'Suffolk' on 9 Oct 1916 to France. He was a prisoner of war, first in Germany then moved to Holland. His account of his capture on 11 Apr 1917 is Page 51 and 52, in the Digital copy of his service record.
He returned to Aust and on 8 Aug 1818 was discharged, on 25 Oct 1918 granted a Pension of 3 pounds a fortnight, home address 'Amy Villa' Swan St, East Guildford, WA.
2 Children 1. Leon Briand c1912
2. Joffre Briand c1913
Source of this photo is Discovering Anzacs at

8. Elizabeth Jones 1862 #6459 wed Walter Palmer

From on Saturday, 6 September 2014,
I am researching the ANZACs who lived in Guildford WA, or are named on the War Memorials and Honour Rolls as the Guildford Association ANZAC project.
Clara Maude Jones married Leon Jean Louis Briand.
He received serious head injuries in WW1 and returned for a period. He returned to the front lines in France and was again wounded in action, in his right thigh. He received a Military Medal for bravery. On his return or within a few years he deserted Clara, who suffered terribly from depression. Her parents moved to Lions Mill and she went with them with her 2 children Leon and Joffre.
Sadly Clara took her own life. Leon is reported a couple of times in the Kalgoorlie papers when arrested and charged for obscene behaviour and language. he worke as Rigger and and prospector. It is likely he suffered from brain damage and trauma due to his war injuries. I am trying to locate his grave which I believe may be in Kalgoorlie.
Do family have any photos of him.?
It would appear that Joffre may have gone to Ireland. Do you have any information on his children?
Is this Joffre? Birth: 1915 Death: 1986
Grave Inscription:
The seconds sweep, the hours glide, and the minutes are in between, but the forces that govern the heavens wide remain forever unseen.
Burial: The Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, Galway, County Galway, Ireland
What happened to Leon? Thank you, Barbara Dundas.

I found him on as one of 124 men from France who enlisted in WWI his career is as you wrote. and also a comment I am not aware of any photographs of this family.

From on Thursday, 25 September, 2008
Hi Just saw you web site. Just to point out a few mistakes.
William Jones, Snr. Born Wales 1819 was wed to Margaret Tennant, who died, his second wife was Martha French Leeder, Martha came out to Western Australia as a small child with her mother Hannah Leeder and other siblings, on the same ship as he Ė William Jones - and his first wife. I have photos of Martha.
His father was Walter Jones, who arrived in Western Australia, Guildford, in 1829. Walterís Wife was Tabitha Chaplain, also born in Wales. Tabitha arrived in the colony in 1830.
His son Oliver was not wed to Margaret Tennant, she was his fathers first wife. Both Williamís wives are buried at the old cemetery in Guildford next to the Guildford Grammar School.
Oliver Jones was not called William Oliver Jones, but simply Oliver Jones. I have a copy of his birth certificate in front of me. Also a copy of his death certificate. Did 11th February 1933 (not 1932), of senility and debility, aged 85 years. He died in Guildford, buried by Arthur J Purslowe.
Children Alfred then 62, Amelia then 59, William then 56, Augusta then 53, Thomas then 51., 1 female was listed as deceased, that would have been Alice. He often called himself Oliver Llewellyn Jones, Llewellyn being something of a family name. He was a policeman at Greenough. His second child who you have marked not confirmed, was my grandfather, Alfred Edmund Jones , born 24 July 1870, christened 18 September 1870, wed 13 JUNE 1892, Married Bridget Canavan, had five children, the youngest Bertie Edmund, born April 1901, birth not registered, was my father. One died young. Alfred Died 5 August 1959 I am sure Alfredís birth and death certificates (copies) are here somewhere
You have Oliverís wife as Margaret Tenant nee Margaret Marry Anne Bogue. his fatherís first wife was Mary Tenant, Oliverís wife, Magaret Anne Bogue, born 26 January 1847 in Launceston, Tasmania, moved to WA when she was a baby. She died 11 December 1933 I have seen it shown as having a previous husband George Tennant. Whether there is some connection between her first husband and the first, deceased wife of her husbandís father I do not know. Probably there is. Guildford was a small place.

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