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Rediscovered by his great grand children in 1979 and 1987
Swedish ancestoral records are wonderful, and we were helped with the unfamiliar language, after we showed them grandfather's Swedish birth certificate giving the address where he was born.
Penny, Nigel and Barrie lwere thrilled to find a millstone in Kilandra, found in 1987.
The earliest ancestors found are Anders Jansson 1785 11 May died 1865 - 20/4 Angered (April 20) and his wife Maya Andersson 1780 31 Dec died 1861 - 10/11 Angered (Nov 10).
They were born at Angered and were living at Kilandra, where Anders was the miller - used millstones like the one being admired in 1987, when their son Anders Jansson was born 1817 30/11 at Kilanda baptised 1817 30/11 (same day he was born, their custom)
Siblings are Johan 1816 16 May, and Inga Lena 1821 3 Feb (I did not find Aron born 1825 19 Jan)
Inga Lena appears living at Bergsgarten, Angered in the first family census register (ends about 1870). She appears to have a son Johan Adolfbert born in 1850.
I could not locate the birth places of the two parents - not shown against the names in the household census, this detail appears after 1865. The town of Goteborg had a devasting fire in 1802, and the cathedral, together with the archives, were destroyed.

When we visited a village showing the Swedish homes of ancestors we were surprised how low the doorways were - a way of saving heat.
Anders Janson 30 Nov 1817 - 18 Sept 1875, son of Anders (11 May 1785 - 20 Apr 1865) and Maya Andersson (31 Dec 1780 - 10 Nov 1861), wed Augusta Olsson and had 5 children.
All the children were born at Angered Bergsgarden. Victor, Hulda and their father died at Angered. Augusta Sophie died when the family was at Haga, under administration of Gustavi Domkyrhoforsamlings. In 1887 Anders Emil is listed as having left home.
1. Hulda Marie Janson 25 May 1850 - 15 Apr 1865 aged 15
2. Victor Alexander Janson 17 Feb 1852 - 6 Mar 1853 lived 1 year
3. Albert Wilheim Janson 1 Feb 1854 - 17 Oct 1914 wed Johanna Andersdotter - 1 son
4. Augusta Sophy Janson 29 Nov 1855 - 10 Aug 1879 aged 24
5. Anders Emil Janson 24 Nov 1857 - 11 July 1942 in Australia

The photograph, taken in 1979, shows the children, snow, and a home made from wood.

The Canal in Goteborg was used to transport the heavy iron ingots used by the ironworkers
Augusta Elisabet Olsson born 1820 26/3 registered at Gustavi Domkyrk, Goteborg, is the daughter of Ironworker Elias Olsson born 1780 maybe at ?Hurtriv, died 1856 21/7 Goteborg (G Domk), wed 1810 to Anna Gustava Bergstrom born 1785, died 1876 6/10 Goteborg (G Domk)
1. Karl Johan Olsson 2 Sept 1811 died before 1829
2. Johanna Sophia Olsson 17 March 1814 unmarried lived 80 yrs
3. Cecilia Kristina Olsson 8 Jan 1817 died before 1829
4. Augusta Elisabet Olsson 26 Mar 1820 lived 87 years
5. Gustaf Adolf Olsson 13 Nov 1823 sailor drowned 9 May 1843
6. Teodor Olsson 22 Oct 1827 died before 1829

The Household Census 1829..., page 294 for Gustav Domkyrk..., shows Gustaf Adolf became a sailor in 1843, drowned near Scotland 1843 9/5.
Augusta Elisabet moved to Vanersborg 1849 12/8 for her marriage, next appears in Angered.
Johanna Sofia transfers to Haga 1883 1/3 when administration reorganised registration areas. The Janson family grave in Goteborg is carefully tended by the last surviver in Sweden, Uncle Albert's son Bertil, who also had kept in touch with his cousins in Australia. Our trail ended with a letter dated 28 Sept 1987 from Helle Lindqvist Kyrkoskrivare, Pastorsambetet i, Oscar Fredriks forsamling, Box 31018, 400 32 Goteborg
Albert Wilhelm Jansson died in Haga on October 17, 1914 and his wife Johanna Andersdotter died in the same parish on June 9, 1925.
Ernst Gustaf Emil Janson moved from Haga to Orgryte parish on Sept 28, 1926 (also in Gothenburg) where he lived until he died on Nov 5, 1944.

There is no mention of Ernst Gustaf's family, so we assumed that the letter was the end of the story.
The Jansons reunited.
Then Swedish Bertil decided to try to trace his Australian cousins, and the letter was forwarded to us.
This happy photograph taken in 1998 shows the story continues, with second cousins, Australian Max, his wife Elizabeth, and Swedish Bertil, meeting in Lund, Sweden.
Cousin Ernst wed Anna Elizabet Larsson born 24 Jan 1898, who died in 1997, before she could turn 100, and our visit was scheduled.

Greetings from Australia
Anders Emil and Matilda Janson
Max, Bertil and me in Sweden

Anders Emil Janson, born in Sweden, was a member of the crew of the Rotamahana. He was signed off in Melbourne and went to prospect gold at Stawell, Victoria. He met Matilda Theos nee Beaupeurt, a widow with four children, fell in love and decided to marry her and become a farmer.

The Rotamahana The Union Steamship Company of New Zealand started at Dunedin in 1875 and maintained a regular weekly service to Melbourne for many years. The Rotamahana was built in 1879, nicknamed 'Rotten Banana' and known as the Greyhound of the Pacific, was the first ocean-going steel steamship.
She was of 1770 gross tons, square rigged with two masts, and had a gilded figure head carved to represent a Maori princess. She was built to have the best in speed, comfort and passenger accommodation, including a Bridal Chamber.
She was retired in 1921 and put up for sale provided she did not compete with her former owners. Her limited cargo space caused her to be dismantled at Port Melbourne in 1927. The Victoria Library has a photograph of the Rotamahana
Anders Emil Janson 24 Nov 1857 - 11 July 1942, known in Stawell as Charlie, was born at Bergs Mill, Angered, Alfsborg, Sweden and died at Stawell Vic, son of Anders and Augusta Olsson,
who had 5 children. 1. Hulda Marie Janson 25 May 1850 - 15 Apr 1865 aged 15
2. Victor Alexander Janson 17 Feb 1852 - 6 Mar 1853 lived 1 year
3. Albert Wilheim Janson 1 Feb 1854 - 17 Oct 1914 wed Johanna Andersdotter - 1 son
4. Augusta Sophy Janson 29 Nov 1855 - 10 Aug 1879 aged 24
5. Anders Emil Janson 24 Nov 1857 - 11 July 1942 in Australia

Anders Emil was naturalised 16 Aug 1910 aged 53, and first appears in the electoral roll for Stawell in 1912.
He obtained his Swedish birth certificate on 26 Sept 1925 and had it translated for a fee of 11 shillings - this certificate enabled us to find his ancestors in Sweden during our visit in 1987

Anders Emil Janson 2 Jan 1897 - 14 Dec 76, born at Stawell Vic, son of Anders Emil Janson who arrived in Sydney from New Zealand on "SS Rotamahana" about 15 April 1890 and wed 10 Nov 1892 at Ararat CofE to Mathilda Beaupeurt, the widow of Bernard Theos who died 7 Oct 1887.
The Theos children are 1. Louisa Theos 13 Nov 1880 wed Augustus Ullithorne
2. Josephine Theos 1882 wed Edward Adam J Middleton
3. Roman Theos 18 Dec 1884 wed Florence M E M Arnott
4. Mathilda Theos 1886 wed Archibald Ross

The Janson children are
5. Augusta Elizabeth Janson 1893 drowned aged 21 months

6. Hilda Beatrice Janson 22.5.1895 - 1.8.1970, wed in Dec 1913 to John Middleton, son of John Middleton and Lucy Gehan. Photo of Joyce Wilshusen.
Their children are 1. John Edward Middleton 13.10.1914 wed Nellie Christine Long - children are Garry (Sally, John, Anthony), Alan (David, Steven and Mark), Marilyn (Kylie and David), Christine (Daniel and Richard) and Joan (Benjamin and Adam)
2. Andrew Middleton 11.3.1917 wed Joyce Adele Wilshusen, dau of John Clarence Wilshusen and Pearl Hosking
Their daughters are Lynette (Angela, Robyn, Julie and Tanya) and Janice
3. Cora Josephine Middleton 1919 - 1953 - Rheumatoid Arthritis
4. June Gloria Evelyn Middleton 6.6.1921 wed John Corry. Two sons Rodney and John

7. Anders Emil Janson 2.1.1897 - 14.12.1976, wed 23.12.1924 to Hazel Margaret Arnold
Their children are 1. Yvonne adopted
2. Denise stillborn
2. Maxwell Barrie wed Elizabeth Atkinson - Penny, Nigel and Barrie

8. Ruby Sylvestra Janson 1900 - 1990? wed Lars Neilsen Pedersen from Denmark.
Their children are 1. Clive Pedersen wed Noreen - twins Patricia, Margaret, and Leanne
2. Lars Pedersen wed Valda Inman - Robert, Raymond, Jan
3. Garnet Pedersen wed Dorothy Disney - Joanne (twins Alan and Daniel) and Lars
4. Olga Pedersen wed Jack Swadling - Jon, Susan and Kerrie

9. Stanley Clifford Janson 1902 - 5.6.1978 wed Jean Muriel Caulfield Hart, daughter of Adam Hart and Ellen Collins.
Their children are 1. Colin 26.3.33 wed Janet Lockett - Kerryn, Mark, Leanne, Carolyn and David (twins), Ross
2. Dorinda 10.8.42 wed James Ackland - daughters Gabrielle and Shane

10. Lena Olive Janson 1907 - 15.5.1984 married
1. Charles Coates who died in 1938
2. widower Fred C Kingston
Their daughters are
1. Valerie Joyce Coates
2. Faye Charlotte Coates

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