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John Hellyer

Jane Rider christened 26 Apr 1817 at South Huish, Devon, England dau of Jane and James Rider from FamilySearch
JohnHellyer wed Apr-Jun 1847 to Jane Rider at Newton Abbot Vol 10 page 223. The district Newton Abbot is in the county of Devon; detail from freebmd
The Victory came Dec 1852 with 253 Assisted British Immigrants including the Hellyer family - John 26, Jane 25, Richard 4, Susan 2 and James infant
John Hellyer and Jane Rider 1816 - 1871 #150 aged 55, daughter of Jane and James Rider lived at Ballarat
6 children 1. Richard Hellyer c1848 aged 4
2. Susan Hellyer c1850 aged 2
3. James Hellyer c1951 aged 1
4. Matilda Louisa Hellyer 1855 #4191
5. George William Hellyer 1856 #12104
6. William George Hellyer 1861 #7300
1. Richard Hellyer c1848 aged 4 born in Devonshire, wed 1884 #409 to Elizabeth Gee born in Cornwall, later called Lavers, and lived at Creswick
3 Children 1. Matilda Louisa Hellyer 1874 #22082 mother Elizabeth Jane Jay
2. Mary Jane Hellyer 1876 #15420
3. Harriet Ellen Hellyer 1878 #23245 mother Elizabeth Lavers
3. Harriet Ellen Hellyer 1878 #23245, daughter of Elizabeth Lavers and Richard Hellyer, wed 1899 to William Iles was born in Mar 1875,
2. Susan Jane Hellyer c1850 born in Devonshire, lived at Ballarat, wed 1886 #7152 to John Duke from Armagh
5 children 1. John Hellyer 1868 #14153
2. William Hellyer 1869 #20176
3. Thomas Duke 1871 #6966
4. Elizabeth Duke 1874 #306
5. Charles Edward Hellyer 1876 #450
6. William George Hellyer 1861 #7300 wed 1883 #5081 to Mary Ann Pitcher 1865 #4551 born at Raglan
3 children 1. Mildred Jane Hellyer 1884 #533
2. William George Hellyer 1885 #23297
3. John Robert Hellyer 1887 #26008

Richard Hellyar wed Olivia Stuart Burns

See Rootsweb notes for Burns family
Olivia Burns Births Apr-Jun 1848 - in Wolverhampton Vol 17 page 395. The district Wolverhampton spans the boundaries of the counties of Shropshire, Staffordshire and West Midlands
Margaret Burns aged 18 came Oct 1863 on the Theresa with Olivia Burns aged 15 by Assisted British Immigration

Cornwall Census 1841 George Hellyar,25,,Farmer, Meriam Hellyar,,30, Mary E. Hellyar,,1,,In county, and at another page Trigatilian,1,Mary Bragg,,25,Female Servant, Richard Hellyar,2,,Son Of Proprietor,
William Clark,15,,Male Servant, Robert Chapman,12,,Male Servant,In county,

Richard Hellyar 1839 - 1903 #6424 aged 64, son of Marion Hawkins and George Hellyar born in Cornwall and died at Maryborough, wed 1866 #3149 to Olivia Stuart Burns 1848 - 1941 #3051 aged 93, daughter of Elizabeth Smyth and William Stuart Burns, died at Prahan, and lived at Avoca when the children were born.
2 children 1. Charles Hellyar 1867 #153
2. Richard David Hellyar 1872 #6663 - 1961 #145 aged 88
1. Charles Hellyar 1867 #153 wed 1887 #5871 to Louisa Amelia Backway 1868 #24455 - 1909 #2922 aged 40.
Charles Hellyar wed 1910 #2262 to Jemima Ann Tranter 1870 - 1948 #22038 aged 78, daughter of Emma Tipper and James Tranter, no known children
8 children 1. Mary Margaret Olivia Hellyar 1889 #23640 wed 1913 #5621 to Ernest Thomas Knight
2. Arena Sarah Marrion Hellyar 1892 #5853 - 1966 #2426 aged 74 wed Allen
3. Beatrice Frances Hellyar 1893 #33285 - 1977 #19723 aged 83, wed 1914 #2350 to Frederick Barrett
4. Florence Maud Hellyar 1896 #21546 - 1970 #3876 aged 73 wed 1913 #10655 to Victor Hugo Owen
5. Ethel Alice Amelia Hellyar 1899 #20286
6. Edith Bessie Hellyar 1900 #4740
7. Eileen Mary Stuart Hellyar 1903 #4839 - 1968 #2462, wed Wilson (her death entry has her mother called Sarah)
8. Keith Charles Thomas Hellyar 1906 #12144 lived 1 month
2. Richard David Hellyar 1872 #6663 - 1961 #145 aged 88 died at Maryborough, wed 1900 #2412 to Edith Barker 1880 - 1972 #6372 aged 90, lived first at Dunolly then Maryborough
5 children 1. Richard John Hellyar 1901 #2758 - 1964 #22236 aged 63
2. Olivia Irene Edith Hellyar 1902 #25775 - 1973 #21369 aged 72, wed Manson
3. Charles Henry Hellyar 1905 #25482
4. Lorna May Hellyar 1908 #2831
5. Muriel Stuart Hellyar 1911 #21737

George Hellyar

George Hellyar and Elizabeth Pierce were the parents of Richard born in Cornwall who wed Margaret Maloney.
George Hellyar died in 1865 the son of George Hellyar and Catherine Martin - I am still looking for Catherine's death.
Richd Hellyar 1839 - 1903 #6424 aged 64, son of Marion Hawkins and Geo Hellyar died at Maryborough

George Hellyar and Catherine Gray came c1855
4 children 1. Edwin Hellyar 1856 #5515 lived 4 years
2. Catherine Hellyar 1859 #20115 - 1933 #14621
3. Joseph Hellyar 1862 #781
4. David Martin Hellyar 1864 #13405
2. Catherine Hellyar 1859 #20115 - 1933 #14621 wed 1883 #5243 to Walter Thomas Brooks who gave Ararat as his residence, parents not discovered.
5 children 1. Mary Ellen Brooks 1886 #14914 - 1968 #24947 aged 82, wed Cameron
2. Walter Brooks 1887 #25093
3. Fredrick George Brooks 1890 #8842
4. Robt Alb Brooks 1892 #37678
5. William Brooks 1897 #32349
4. David Martin Hellyar 1864 #13405 wed c1894 to Carol Loader
1 child 1. Nellie Hellyer 1895 #30603 - 1977 #17360 aged 81, wed Quill
Richard Hellyar from Cornwall, wed 1869 #1229 to Margaret Maloney from Ireland, and lived first at Yambuk the Belfast
Richard Hellyer 1824 - 1926 #2823 aged 82, son of unknown and George Hellyer died at Prahran,
Margaret Hellyer 1850 - 1932 #1996 aged 82, dau of Ellen Donelley and Patrick Maloney, died at Elsternwick,
11 children 1. Sarah Anne Hellier 1870 #6135
2. George Henry Hellier 1871 #13290
3. Edwin Hillier 1873 #6751
4. Thomas Hillier 1875 #26786
5. Margaret Hillier 1877 #12533
6. Catherine Hillier 1881 #20625
7. Herbert John Hillier 1883 #27486
8. David Martin Hellyar 885 #23353 born at Belfast
9. Joseph Hellyar 1887 #689
10. Leslie Wm Hellyar 1890 #16048
11. Lewis Hellyar 1892 #16382 lived 3 months

From on Saturday, 23 April, 2011
Hello, I am researching the LONG family. I have a Thomas Hellyar (birth registration shows surname as Hillier) parents being Richard Hellyar and Margaret Maloney who were wed 1869 #1229. Thomas was born 1875 in Yambuk, Victoria (registration #26786 and he died 1952 Fitzroy #5881, he wed Fanny Louisa Long 10 Apr 1896 who is the daughter of William Long and Lucinda (Lucy) Smith. I just thought that you might like to add Thomas to the family of Richard and Margaret. Kind Regards Sandra

Thomas Henry Hellyar

Thomas Henry Hellyar and Mary Jane Bray 1837 - 1891 #12602 aged 54 died at Timor, came c1857
3 children 1. Charles Hellyar 1858 #6703 lived 3 years
2. Mary Elizth Hellyar 1859 #13002
3. Anne Louisa Hellyar 1862 #23098 - 1918 #2962 aged 51
2. Mary Elizth Hellyar 1859 #13002 had a son
Andrew Hellyar 1895 #14052 - 1973 #14917 aged 78, who wed c1920 to Dorothy Latch and buried their son Keith Andrew Stephen Hellyar 1922 #9775 died at Kew.
3. Anne Louisa Hellyar 1862 #23098 - 1918 #2962 aged 51, wed 1883 #5070 to Frederick Humphries, and then wed 1896 #3687 to William Riley/Reilly
2 children 1. Frederick Thomas Humphries 1884 #21131 lived 6 months
2. Ethel May Humphries 1886 #6768

John Hellyer

John Hellyer 26 came Dec 1852 on the Victory with Jane Hellyer 25, Richard Hellyer 4, Susan Hellyer 2 and James Hellyer infant

From on Wednesday, 28 October, 2009
Dear Elizabeth,
I am the great, great granddaughter of Susan Hellyer whose details I stumbled across by accident on your web page via a Google search.
I am currently researching our family history and would be very grateful to know where this information comes from and if you have any more that you would be good enough to share. I would also be very grateful to know what the numbers next to each name correspond with.
I see Susan Hellyer’s father, John Hellyer, and mother, Jane Rider, came from England. I also note a christening date which conflicts with her age (as shown on the note of the voyage). Is there an explanation for this? Am I looking at a different person perhaps?
Any help you can provide will be gratefully received and I eagerly await your response.
Kind regards, Lelia Di Domenico.

And my Answer to Lelia.

Thankyou for writing to me.
I see that you have found my Hellyer page now moved here as geocities closed their free sites on 26 Oct 2009
You make the comment, after naming Susan - "I also note a christening date which conflicts with her age (as shown on the note of the voyage)."
The only christening note I can see is for Jane Rider christened 26 April 1817 at South Huish, Devon, England dau of Jane and James Rider
When I research a family I start with the Victorian records, available on CD at the library and at the local Genealogy Society rooms.
This is the entry for Jane
Jane Hellyer nee Rider 1871 #150 aged 55, dau of Jane and James Rider of Devon
as you can see it gives a year of death - 1871, and the registration number 150, her age is 55, so we can calculate that she was born 1816 give or take a year depending on whether her birthdate was just before or after she died, and it names her parents as Jane and James Rider.
With these details, it is possible to search for a possible baptism record. All we can assume from the date of the event is that the person was alive at that date. Some churches recorded the age of the person, but this detail has not been added to the indexed details.
This detail comes from FamilySearch. My Home page for this mepnab site has a long column of links to web sites I use for my research. Select the third item - International Genealogical Index,
ask for birth-christening, 1817, and a year range of 2.
Region - British Isles, then in second box, select England
Also to save confusion, enter the names of her father - James Rider

This gives one entry, as I have quoted it, and clicking the underlined part opens a screen where you see the note Extracted birth or christening record for the locality listed in the record. This means the record comes from the parish records.
The IGI also has a lot of contributed data, and knowing the source reminds us of how reliable it may be.

The shipping record comes from one of the two sites of Victorian shipping immigrant arrivals. Assisted meant the Victorian authority paid the shipping Agent a set amount when each healthy and qualified person landed on shore at Melbourne. The adults had to be single and girls over 15, men over 18 and both under 40, or wed and under 40, all had to have an 'approved trade' and this was checked against a list. The baker and his family were disallowed - the Agent did not get his refund for that family. Standard Bounty payment increased in 1840, was in pounds - 19 for adults, 15 for boys aged 15-18, 10 for children 7-15, 5 for children aged 1-7. Infants were not paid for, not issued with food, etc.

I do not know what the rate was in 1852, I am still working on my web pages for 1841, with 10,000 names to check that I have entered them correctly the first time around. My web page "Came to Port Phillip by 1849" deals with this topic.
Assisted Immigration to Port Phillip - starts 1839 goes to 1870
and Unassisted Immigration - starts 1852
Sometimes the names appear in both lists

The age on the shipping list often varies from what later documents show. People could not read and write, so relied on memories. For example every English person would know that in 1813 The Duke of Wellington defeated the French army at the battle of Vitoria in Spain, and Queen Charlotte died 1818
Those who lived in Devon would know people who saw the battle fleet sail out to war, and back home in victory.

Marriage of Jane Rider and John - this is new research today, as when I did the research 29 Feb 2004, this site was not online - it is a copy the Indexes of births, marriages and deaths books which are on shelves at St Catherines House in London. In 1978-9 when we lived at Reading, I made memorable trips to London to look up ancestors, joining the crowd of people getting a heavy volume down, puzzling over the hand writing, and ordering a certificate hoping it was the correct choice. changed all that - marriages are fairly reliable, not common to get the set of 4 names repeated for another couple. Arrived 1852, eldest child 4, family just scraped in, with youngest child 1 (rules said no more than 3 children under 10) so wed perhaps before Richard aged 4 was born, do not know who was parent when children were conceived, so we think they were wed before ship sailed about September 1852.
I entered Jane, Rider, and John, dated 1840 to 1852.
This gives a list to check
Click on the second number - the reference is the district, volume and page where the entry was found.
Looking for John Hellyer
Clicking on the place name gives
Marriages Jun 1847 - RIDER Jane Newton Abbot 10 223 - The district Newton Abbot is in the county of Devon;

We can also check for the birth registrations of the children but this is where the English made their biggest mistake back in 1838, when they started getting the records of births, deaths and marriages from all over the country, and then compiling all the bits of paper into one index - for births they did not include names of mother and of father in the index. South Australia is the best, they also include the actual date of the event, Victoria just put the year when they started their Indexes in 1855.

So we want births of Hellyer babies from 1847 to 1852, and we think the family were in Devon for the births, probably boarded the Victory at Plymouth. The child had to be alive to be registered, could have died before the event was recorded. The only Richard at Newton Abbott was listed after Susan, so the parents may have realised they had forgotten to register their precious boy ... who knows what new parents did? Christening was the traditional thing, but the IGI cut-off date is 1837, when civil registration began. Possibly because less than half the population were getting infant baptism - people were allowed to follow their own religion, and there were even catholics worshipping openly.

Looking for Richard, Susan, James
Births Dec 1849
HELLYER Richard Newton Abbot 10 141
HELLYER Susan Jane Newton Abbot 10 134
Births Dec 1851
HELLYER James Newton A 10 132

In Australia, as I said, civil registration was just beginning once Victoria became the name after New South Wales agreed to Separation and Port Phillip District called itself after Queen Victoria.
"HELLYER" Matilda Louisa" B" John" Jane RIDER" " " BALLARAT" ",1855 #4191
A copy of this historical certificate can be purchased online at, use the page 'Historical certificate' and the cost is about $20. Expect lots of good data - after all, the English had years of experience in making up forms they expected people to fill in, and the Australian officials were quick to learn how to ask questions. There is no way to be sure the truth is not 'polished' or 'bent' but at least we see what the person who made their make (an X or a name) did say at that time.

That last sentence reminds me of the family where for every child a different marriage date and place was given, and though both mother and father did the registrations neither parent could remember, nor could a marriage record be located...

Have I filled in the holes that made you write?
I would be interested in seeing a copy of the certificate you receive, and we can share the details it reveals.


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