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Alfred Harroven

This page is updated with material from John Harrowven received on 7 Dec 2004.
Received from on Sat, 3 May 2003
I discovered your site today and it raised a number of interesting questions about my own family line. I have added my comments in line with your own for clarity:
See the gold squares.

The Gresham came Dec 1863 with Assisted British Immigrants including Alfred Harrowen 24, Sarah Harrowen 27, Emma Harrowen 4 and Alfred Harrowen infant who died during the voyage and was buried at Sea
Possible brother is Henry William Harrowin 1827 - 1886 #17374 aged 57 son of Emma Carpenter and William Harrowin who wed 1864 #3393 to Emma Johnson and had no children registered in Victoria.
There is reference to an unclaimed letter lying at the Melbourne GPO for HARROWIN. H.W. No.9. in the Victorian Government Gazette No. 10. 30/01/1855. 248. I had assumed that this might have been a transcription error of A W. although it would have placed Alfred in Melbourne at age 14 which seems far too early. You raise the possibility that it may have been Henry William ...
I have no references that tie in well with Henry William nor any records of a marriage to Emma Carpenter. From a study of Parish records, I had thought that Alfred was the son of William Harrowven (b. 1801 Easton, Norfolk, England) and Eliza Barrett as their son Alfred was born on 21st July 1840. However, their son Henry (b. 1834 Easton) wed Matilda Watling and later Martha Pitcher and is listed in the UK until at least the 1891 census. I'd be very interested to know your sources as they could open up some interesting new avenues.
Concerning the list of children I had been sent some information from the 'digger' records and had formulated the same picture. I, perhaps mistakenly, thought Alfred was the same person as I had found listed on a visit to the Family Records Office in London (FRO Visit: Birth Record Mar 1863 Henstead 4b 200).
I was not aware of Emma's marriage, did know of Alfred William's.
Any help in tracing the roots back into the UK would be very welome.


Place only shown if it is not Easton, Norfolk, England
1-William Harrowven b. 26 Sep 1801, d. Jun 1877, Forehoe, Norfolk, England
+Eliza Barrett b. 29 Dec 1807, Honingham, , Norfolk, England, d. Sep 1890, Mitford, Norfolk, England, m. 4 Sep 1826, par. William Barrett and Phylis Roberts
1. James Harrowven b. 1827, d. After 1901
2. William Harrowven b. 1828, d. Jun 1900, St Faiths District, Norfolk, England
3. Thomas Harrowven b. 1829
4. Sarah Ann Harrowven b. 1831
5. Henry Harrowven b. 1834
6. Robert Harrowven b. 10 Aug 1836 - 8 Dec 1837 lived 16 months
7. Robert Harrowven b. 1 Apr 1837, d. After 1901
8. Alfred William Harrowven b. 21 Jul 1840, d. 1909, Melbourne, South Australia
9. Thomas Harrowven b. 28 May 1843
11. Sarah Ann Harrowven b. Jun 1852
From Lesley Burgoyne (email bounced 10 Nov 2006) on Sun, 2 Oct 2005
Dear Elizabeth,
I am a Hunt descendant and writing the history of Rachel Hunt the sister of Sarah Hunt who wed Alfred Harrowven. I hope to organise a family reunion and would love to have descendants of Sarah attend. I have also found references to the life of Alfred in Maldon and we have his photograph in our family album.
Can you put me in touch with any descendants of Alfred and Sarah in Australia please.
All best wishes, Lesley


Place only shown if it is not Shotesham All Saints, Norfolk, England, where they moved about 1831
1-John R Hunt b. c1795, Banham, Norfolk, England +Mary Unknown b. c1805, Shelton, Norfolk, England

1. Mary Hunt b. c1828, Norfolk, England
2. Rachel Hunt b. c1830, Norfolk, England
3. James Hunt b. c1832
4. Sarah Hunt b. 1834, d. 1907, Melbourne, South Australia
5. Honour Hunt b. c1836
6. Henry Hunt b. c1838
7. Israel Hunt b. c1839
8. Reuben Hunt b. cAug 1840
9. Jonathan Hunt b. c1845
10. Eliza Hunt b. c1849
One of the children Hunt + Unknown son Albert Hunt b. 1855, Swainsthorpe, Norfolk, England
From on Thu, 09 Nov 2006
I am researching a Sarah Hunt born in Shottesham Norfolk in 1834. She was my g/g/grandmother and sired a son Albert Hunt in 1854 at Swainsthorpe Workhouse. I think she is the Sarah in the Harroven family tree. Please advise if you can help in this matter.
Regards,Malcolm Howard (Cornwall/England.
On Mon, 27 Nov 2006 John added
The marriage of Alfred and Sarah can be found on FreeBMD
Marriages Dec 1857 at Norwich 4b 279
Bateman Amy and Robert Rose
Harrowven Alfred and Hunt Sarah

With this information, it's easy to order the marriage certificate. Similarly, it would seem worthwhile to order the following birth certiicate which should verify the information about Albert and perhaps, reveal his father.
HUNT Albert Births Jun 1854 Henstead 4b 181

8th child Alfred William Harrowven wed 4th child Sarah Hunt
There is a birth record for Mar 1860 of Emma Harrowven registered at Henstead district in the county of Norfolk, Vol 4b page 202
8. Alfred Harroven/Harrowen 21 Jul 1840 when aged 24 came Dec 1863 as Assisted British Immigrants on the Gresham with Sarah Hunt aged 27, c1836, Emma Harrowen 4 and Alfred Harrowen infant and lived at Maldon then at Eddington
7 Children 1. Emma Harrowvin 1860
2. Alfred Harrowen infant c1862 died
3. Alfred Harroven 1864 #23006 - 1864 #7975 lived 1 day
4. Alfred Harrownen 1867 #5923 died aged 1 day
5. Eliza Harrowven 1868 #17462
6. Clara Harrowven 1870 #16980 lived 10 months
7. Clara Harrowven 1871 #17374
8. Alfred William Harroven 1873 #23670
1. Emma Harrowvin c1862 wed 1886 #1504 to William Duncan and lived at Kyneton
2 Children 1. Esther Duncan 1887 #4352 lived 1 day
2. Alfred William Duncan 1888 #12818
4. Eliza Harrowven 1868 wed 1899 to Arthur Teale 1858 #15123 born at Collingwood
6. Clara Maria Harrowven 1871 wed 1895 to James William Tate 1868 #6594 born at Allansford
7. Alfred William Harrowven 1873 #23670 - 1937 born at Eddington, wed 1895 #2860 to Florence Victoria Burnham 1874 #15697 - 1952, lived in Victoria, Australia.
Served in 24th Battalion, 14th Reinforcement embarked From Melbourne, Victoria on board HMAT A28 Miltiades on 1 August 1916 as 5346 HARROWVEN, Alfred William of Albert Park, Victoria
7 Children 1. Alfred George Harrowven 1895, Albert Park, d. 1948, East Preston
2. Florence May Harrowven 1899 - 1915 lived 16 years
3. Norman Harrowven 1897 - 1898 lived 1 year
4. Ada Louise Harrowven 1901 - 1901 lived short time
5. Phylis Victoria Harrowven 1905
6. Hilda Maude Harrowven 1907 - 1929 aged 22, died at Merbein
1. Alfred George Harrowven 1895 - 1948 aged 53 wed 1920 to Mabel Ethel Johnson 1897 - 23 Feb 1935 aged 37, daughter of Fanny Elizabeth Quantock and Edward Ernest Johnson and wed 1938 to Hilda Mary Noye
Served in 22nd Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement embarked From Melbourne, Victoria on board HMAT A68 Anchises on 26 August 1915 as 1909 HARROWVEN, Alfred George (address not listed)
1 Child 1. Valda Mae Harrowven 2 Sep 1923 - 8 Nov 1975 wed 21 Jun 1944 to Ivan John Kirkham Fiddes 19 Mar 1922 - 28 Apr 1988

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