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John Goode

John Goode 1829 wed 30 Sep 1854 to Harriet Amelia Randle daughter of Alice Rebecca Gardner and Robert Randle born in Coventry, England
John GOODE, it appears, came out to Australia in 1855, and Harriet followed in 1859. They named their house "Gainsboro", possibly from John's birth place Grandborough (a small village south east of Coventry)
6 Children 1. Ellen Goode 1856 died as infant
2. Alice Rebecca Goode 1861 #22980 wed Edmund Boulter
3. Frank Edward Goode 1864 #18480 wed Marie Broadbent
4. Arthur John Goode 9 Feb 1867 #4996 - 1941 wed Charlotte Sanders
5. Lillian Harriet Goode 1870 #13535 wed Thomas Sanders
6. Charles William Goode 1873 #16411
From on Sat, 28 Apr 2007
1. Victor John Boulter 1890 #29710 - 1975 #5082 aged 84 wed 1921 #7259 to Edith Thomas
Dear Elizabeth,
Just a quick email to say hello as I found a relative on your website. Edith Boutler (nee Thomas) had an older sister - Dorothy. Dorothy was my great grandmother. Their mother, Anita Thomas (nee Wolfe) lived to about 90, and is remembered by my aunt when she was a little girl. Anita was known by all as "Ma".
I was also surprised when I landed on your website again after searching "Ann Elizabeth Monk". However, unfortunately it is a different Ann. My Ann was Edith Boulter's grandmother on her father's side.
If you happen to have contact with the Boulters I would be very pleased if you could forward my email address, as I would like to get in contact.

2. Alice Rebecca Goode 1861 #22980 - 1951 aged 90 wed 1889 #2657 to Edmund Boulter
5 Children 1. Victor John Boulter 1890 #29710 - 1975 #5082 aged 84 wed 1921 #7259 to Edith Thomas
2. Evelyn Harriet Boulter 1892 #29536 - 1976 #4102 wed 1915 #5912 to Gordon David Bird
3. Edmund Beaumont Boulter 1894 #26468 - 1979 #3899 aged 84
4. Alice Amy Boulter 1898 #6638 aged 1 yr
5. Grace May Boulter 1898 #16063 - 1979 #11078 wed 1925 #7321 to Roy Alfred Heath and died as Mrs Seale
3. Frank Edward Goode 1864 #18480 wed 1887 #7064 to Maria Elizabeth Broadbent 1865 #2430. Frank Edward Goode was killed at the age of 29 by a falling tree. After Frank's death Maria remarried to a Charles Truelove.
3 Children 1. Ralph Edward Goode 1888 - 1961 2. Arthur Stanley Goode 1891/29858 - 1973/14597
3. Hilda Vera Goode 1893/28745 - 1969/25996 wed 1919 #8739 to Geoffrey Leslie Reid
From on Wed, 30 May 2007
Dear Eliza, I am the great grandaughter of Arthur John Goode through his son Frank Redvers Goode. I also have photos of John and Harriet Amelia Goode with their children if this is of any interest to you. I would love to hear from you and share info. Regards Chris

4. Arthur John Goode 9 Feb 1867 #4996 - 1941, wed c1898 to Charlotte Sanders 1870 #19966
4 Children 1. Frank Redvers Goode 1900 #6450
2. Sylvia Ada Goode 1898 #16070
3. Thelma Dorothy Goode 22 May, 1905 #21607 wed 1933 to Henry Claude Tully 1908 - 1972
4. Cyril Goode 1909 #12085 drowned in a dam at the Lancaster orchard when he was about 20 months old.
5. Lillian Harriet Goode 1870 - 1934 #3584 aged 64 wed 1892 #3294 to Thomas Hedley Sanders 1869, 3 Children
6. Charles William Goode 1873 #16411 wed c1897 to Florence Bates, moved to WA

See the Kinkead pages for details of the Goode family members. One extract is
The following information came from Schedule B of the 1901 Deaths in the District of Balwyn in the State of Victoria;
John GOODE, a Draper, died on 5 February, 1901 at Canterbury Road, Canterbury, Shire of Boroondara, County of Bourke. He was 71 years, 8 months and five days old. He died from Brights Disease of the Kidneys, Uraemia. Dr N. J. CRAIG, was the medical attendant that last saw him, 24 hours before he died. His father was John GOODE, the name of his mother is unknown. The information came from F.H. SANDERS, his son in law, of Canterbury Road, Canterbury. He was buried on 6 February, 1901 at Boroondara Cemetery. The minister was R. LITTERICK of the Wesley Church. He was born in Harwickshire, England and lived in Victoria for 46 years. He was 25 years old when he married Harriet Amelia RANDLE in Coventry, England. They had the following children; Alice Rebecca, aged 38 years, Frank Edward, deceased, Lillian Harriet, aged 30 years, and Charles William, aged 26 years.
Half of the Schedule B of the 1894 Deaths in the District of Geelong, No. 6002, Entry No. 223 contained the following; Harriet Amelia GOODE died on 21 June, 1894 at Lonsdale Street, Town of Geelong, County of Grant. She was aged 62 years. The causes of death were Morbus Cordis Anasurca, which lasted three weeks. The Doctor was Dr J. SMALL who saw her on the day she died. Her father was Robert RANDLE, a maltster, and her mother was Alice Rebecca RANDLE, formerly a Gardner. She was buried on 23 June, 1894 at the Boroondara Cemetery. The minister was Josiah HOLDSWORTH. She was born in Coventry, England. She lived in South Australia for 5 years and Victoria for 30 years. She married John GOODE when she was 23 years old in Coventry, England. They had the following children; Alice Rebecca, aged 29 years, Frank Edward, aged 28 years, Arthur John, aged 26 years, Lily Harriet, aged 24 years, and Charles William aged 21 years.
A certified copy of an entry of Marriage given at the General Register Office, London contained the following; John GOODE aged 25, a Draper of P. John Street, and Harriet Amelia RANDLE, aged 24, of Hertford Street, were married on 30 September, 1854 at the Parish church in the Parish of St Michael, Coventry in the County of Harwick in the presence of Edward HEDGER, Ellen RANDLE and Frances MOFS. John GOODE's father was John GOODE, a farmer. Harriet RANDLE's father was Robert RANDLE, a Maltster.
I thought you might like these two certificates I got for John GOODE; Harriet Amelia. It proves you were right about South Australia, Harriet certainly went there first. It also shows they were married in 1855 in Coventry, Warwick Shire. It must have been shortly after that John GOODE came out to Australia - Victoria, no mention of his having been in South Australia.
However it seems Harriet did not come out till four years later in 1859 and landed in South Australia. What a start to a marriage - 4 years and 12,000 miles apart. It also appears their first child, Alice Rebecca was not born for another four years. Harriet was then 31 years old.
I wonder if there were other children and they did not live. We have looked for South Australia Shipping and in particular the Ship 'Gainsborough' but no luck. I think it will mean a trip to the Archives in Adelaide, but I can't see us doing that for a while. We have found a biographical Index of S.A. 1836 - 1885 in our Geneology Society and it mentions quite a few GOODES, but none that I can connect.
From John's Death certificate I can calculate he was born on 7 April, 1830. It's not unusual to find such an accurate age. I have looked up the I.G.I. for Warwickshire and found two John GOODE's both christened on the same day, 11 April, 1830, one in Grandborough (a small village south east of Coventry) the other in Bedworth (a larger town north east of Coventry).
John born in Grandborough only has his mothers name Fanny GOODE listed. The other John in Bedworth, has his fathers name as Thomas, his mother is Elizabeth GOODE. From this maybe we can deduce our John came from the village of Grandborough as we know his fathers name was John and he was a farmer.
I can't find a marriage for either John and Harriet or John and Fanny. Obviously more research is needed here. It should be possible to get John and Harriets marriage certificate which should hopefully reveal all. When I do I will let you know.
1894 must have been a very unhappy year for the GOODES. Frank died from an accident and Harriet Amelia died in Geelong. I suppose she must have been staying with Sue Randle GOODE at that time.
From the I.G.I. I note; Harriet Amelia RANDLE christened on 29 March, 1820 to Robert and Mary in Luneaton. Harriet Amelia RANDLE christened on 5 May, 1830 to Robert and Rebecca in Coventry, St Michael. Harriet RANDALL christened 19 July, 1832 to Robert and Rebecca in Coventry, Holy Trinity.
Cannot find a marriage of Robert RANDLE and Rebecca GARDENER. It would appear that Robert and Rebecca had a child who died and wanting to preserve the name Harriet named the second girl born in 1832 the same name. The date 1832 fits in with our Harriet Amelia.

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