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Nicholas and Rachel Gallienne

Nicholas Gallienne, of French descent, lived on the Island of Guernsey in the English Channel. The family set sail from England bound for Australia on the 9th December, 1849, on the ship Trafalgar, which left from the port of Plymouth. The family arrived in Port Adelaide on the 11th April, 1850.
According to the nominal roll of passengers the following are shown:-
Nicholas Gallienne Aged 51 years Labourer Married
Rachel Gallienne Aged 40 years Married
Marie Gallienne Aged 26 years Servant Single
Frederick Gallienne Aged 24 years Labourer Single
Sophia Gallienne Aged 18 years Servant Single
Louise Gallienne Aged 13 years
Harriette Gallienne Aged 11 years
Lucrece Gallienne Aged 8 years
Elise Gavet Gallienne Aged 3 years died at sea on 27th February, 1850

From John Lewis on Tue, 21 Feb 2006
Hello Elizabeth,
I had just stumbled on your website and thought I might be able to tell you a bit more about the Gallienne family.
Nicholas Gallienne 5th who came out to South Australia aboard the Trafalgar in 1850 is my Great Great Grandfather I believe. He and his family departed Plymouth aboard the Trafalgar 26 Dec 1849.
I was also able to find the family on an 1841 Census for Guernsey.
Louisa Gallienne did not die. She was aboard the Trafalgar.
The names I have on board were:
Nicholas, Rachel, Marie, Frederick, Sophia, Louisa, Lucrece, Elise who died at Sea aged 3, on the voyage on 27 February 1850.
For more information look at:Waanyarra web site
Lousa married Thomas Lewis at Dunolly. They moved to Mt Gambier area and are buried there.
They had some ten children. Nicholas Frederick born 11th Oct 1876 was one of them. Nicholas married Margret Woodrow from Cookes Plains SA on 13/8/1907
There were three children. Leopold Jack (My Father) born 1907, Ada Agnes (Queenie) born 1908, and Frederick Victor James (Ted) born 1910
Louisa Gallienne :Born 22 Sept 1837 Les Issues Channel Islands
Married Thomas Lewis 11 Mar 1857
Died 11 Aug 1930 Mt Gambier S.A.
Thomas Lewis : Born 1829 Bakingstoke UK
Died 19 July 1915 Mt Gambier S.A.
Thomas's parents were Edwin and Mary both from Bakinstoke Hampshire UK.
I have an old photo which I believe is Louisa Gallienne and can Email you a copy if you like.
I hope this is of interest.
John Lewis

Nicholas Gallienne was born 22 Jul 1797, Island of Guernsey in the English Channel, son of Nicholas and Marguerite (Mary) Brehaut (Brohart).
He wed 1822 to Marguerite Torode died 1828.
Nicholas Gallienne died 1888 #16109 aged 91 and is buried at Waanyarra, Victoria
4 children 1. Marie Gallienne 2 Jul 1824 - 18 Oct 1893, wed 9 Jun 1850 to Charles Baker.
2. Sophia Gallienne died 26 Dec 1825
3. Frederick Gallienne 1826 - 1888 aged 52 went to Aust, died at Waanyarra.
4. Marguerite Gallienne 1828 died
Nicholas Gallienne wed 16 Dec 1830 to Rachel Gavet, daughter of Daniel Gavet.
7 children 5. Sophia Gallienne 29 Jul 1832 - 23 Dec 1871 wed (1) LeMessurer and (2) Pierre Pallot and delivered 19 babies
6. Louisa Gallienne born 1835 chr 22 Sep 1837 wed 1857 to Thomas Lewis
7. Harriette Gallienne 23 Apr 1837 - 17 Oct 1944 wed 1870 to Robert Scholes
8. Lucretia Gallienne 29 May 1841 - 6 Jan 1887 wed 1886 to Peter Pallot after Sophia died
9. Twin Guilleme Gallienne 5 Jan 1843 - 24 Jan 1843 aged 19 days
10. Twin Elise Gavet Gallienne 5 Jan 1843 - 27 Feb 1850 died during the voyage to Australia
11. Alice Louise Gallienne 25 Sep 1844 - 17 Oct 1844 lived 23 days
The parents and 7 surviving children, Marie, Frederick, Sophia, Louisa Harriette, Lucretia, Elise (died during the voyage) and Alice, boarded the 'Trafalgar' at Plymouth on 26 Dec 1849 and arrived at Port Adelaide on 31 March 1850.
1. Marie Gallienne met Charles Baker aboard the 'Trafalgar' and wed him in Adelaide on 9 June 1850 and had 10 children.
The Gallienne and Baker families and William Davies travelled overland towards Berlin (now called Rheola). On stopping to wash dishes in a creek near Barnes Flat, they found gold, and settled there. The area became known as Jones Creek. Both Nicholas and Rachel are buried at Tarnagulla Cemetery.
5. Sophia Gallienne 29 Jul 1832 - 23 Dec 1871 wed in Adelaide to (1) LeMessurer and (2) Pierre Pallot
7. Harriet Gallienne 1838 - 20 Sept 1924, wed 1868 to Robert Scholes
8. Lucretia Gallienne 29 May 1841 - 6 Jan 1887 wed as second wife to Pierre Pallot
11. Louisa Gallienne wed 1857 #2337 to Thomas Lewis and after their second child eas born, moved to South Australia.

From John Lewis on Thu, 23 Feb 2006 (Email bounced on 21 Mar 2011)

Go here to see my Gallienne page with the images showing.
Subject: Re: Gallienne Family - Louisa Gallienne Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for your reply. I have included here the photo that I believe is of Lousa Gallienne. Also here is a list of the births of Louisa's children taken from official SA records (Diggers SA Births 1842-1906). You will also see on the list the births of two of Thomas Junior and Alice Louisa Pallot's children. It would seem young Thomas married his cousin. Also notice the varied spellings of Gallienne.
The only information I have on the Children born outside SA are from the Waanyarra site.
I was fascinated with the story of the gold discovery. A SA Govt Gazette of the Era (1855) shows unclaimed mail for Nich so this more or less dates when they went overland. It seems perhaps they did well out of gold and also Thomas as he was able to buy land near Mt Gambier.
I wonder if Nicholas and Rachels' graves are still to be seen. If so I might make the trek across from WA to visit them and also Thomas and Louisa's in SA. I would also like to ride the Dunolly cycle track tour.
Clarice Millowick is unfortunately no longer alive but her husband, in his eighties, was going to try to find what information he could for us. We've not heard back yet but he telephoned my sister late last year.
With reference to the Tarnagulla book where might I find a copy ? or just the appropriate pages I guess.
I would love to get a copy of the photos of Nicholas and Harriet.
Best wishes,
John Lewis
Rachel Gallion 1808 - 1882 #3719 aged 74, dau of John Gravery died at Tarnagulla

Births in Victoria
1. Eliza Louisa Lewis 1858 #3803 at Dunolly - Gallianna
2. Thos Lewis 1859 #21289 at Jones Creek - Gallienne
Digger - South Australian Births 1842-1906 (c) SAGHS
John Lewis wed 1857 #2337 to Louisa Gallienne in Victoria
Births in Victoria then in South Australia
1. Eliza Louisa Lewis 1858 #3803 at Dunolly, Vic - Gallianna
2. Thomas Lewis 1859 #21289 at Jones Creek, Vic - Gallienne
3. George Lewis 1861-07-10 at Adelaide - Gallienne
4. Mary Ann Lewis 1864-09-28 at Adelaide - Galline
5. Lucy Lewis 1868-01-12 at Mount Gambier - Gullinne
6. Ellen Augusta Lewis 1869-11-14 at Mount Gambier - Gallen
7. Charles Edward Lewis 1872-02-19 at Attamurra - Gallinne
8. Harriet Lucretia Lewis 1874-03-11 at Warrolong - Gallinne
9. Nicholas Frederick Lewis 1876-11-10 at Worrolong - Gallim
10. Eugene Anthony Lewis 1879-06-05 at Worrolong - Galline

Alice Louisa PALLOT and Thomas LEWIS
1. Alice Louisa Lewis 1885-10-16 at Claraville Mount Gambier
2. Thomas Alfred Lewis 1889-09-30 at Nr Mount Gambier

From the book by Edna Arnold, 'Tarnagulla the Way it Was'
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