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Families featured
George Evans wed 1846 to Ellen Heffernan
Henry Coles Evans 1846 and Eliza Stewart Eyles
John Evans 1843 and Alice Emma Sanders
Richard Evans 1786-1866 and Jane Peake,
Richard Evans 1816 and Catherine Coles,
Richard Evans and Violet Henry
Rosehannah Evans wed 1851 to William Ellingworth
Samuel Evans wed 1850 to Amelia Ann Pain

Richard Evans and Jane Peake

wrote on Thu, 15 Aug 2002 updated Thu, 29 May 2008
Richard Evans 1786-1866 and Jane Peake, Dear Elizabeth,
Thanks for your great site. My ancestors were Richard Evans 1786-1866 and Jane Peake, 1784-1876
Richard Evans 1786-1866 and Jane Peake, 1784-1876 and 3 younger children arrived 25 Feb 1841 at Port Phillip on the Georgiana. They came from Cheshire and Staffordshire and were joined by their eldest son Richard, who came to Australia as a convict.
Richard senior was a sawyer and they settled in Albert St., Brunswick, and Richard had a sawmill in Little Burke St. Melbourne. He died in 1866, aged 79 and Jane died 1876 aged 92

Nola's father was the son of James Burnett Evans, the last child of Richard Evans and Violet Henry.

Richard Evans 1786-1866 and Jane Peake, 1784-1876 and 3 younger children arrived 25 Feb 1841 at Port Phillip on the Georgiana.
Richard Evans 1787 - 1866 #2308 aged 79, son of unknown and George Evans from Chester
Jane Evans nee Peake 1784 - 1876 #11141 aged 92, dau of Sarah and Richard Peake from Staffordshire
Samuel Evans 1825 - 1890 #14082 aged 65, son of Jane Pekin and Richard Evans, died at Taradale
4 children 1. Richard Evans 1816-1901, the convict came on Lloyds 2 to NSW July 1837, wed 1842 to Catherine Coles
2. George Evans aged 19 born 1822
3. Samuel Evans aged 15 born 1826
4. Rosehannah Evans aged 11 born 1829

Son 1 - The Convict

1. Richard Evans 1816, from Staffordshire, arrived July 1837, to Botany Bay as a convict on Lloyds 2. He was assigned to Thomas Iceley at Carcoar. His wife to be, Catherine Coles, arrived May 1838 on the British Sovereign, as a steerage passenger. They married at Scotts Church Sydney, 22 August 1842, service taken by Rev. John Dunmore Lang.
They came south to be with the family about 1842, and then later settled at Glenlyon where he had a sawmill. He and his wife Catherine Coles, had two sons, John and Henry and daughter Jane who died ? in infancy.
Wife Catherine Coles died in 1869 after falling from a cart, and Richard wed 1870 #3799 to Violet Hennessy nee Henry, widow of Phillip Hennessy with 3 children, and had seven more children.
Richard Evans 1816 - 1901 #13831 aged 85, son of Jane Pekin and Richard Evans, died at Glenlyon
3 children
of Catherine
1. John Evans 1843 #13464 baptised at St James Church of England, Melbourne, wed 1868 to Alice Emma Sanders
2. Henry Coles Evans 1846 #14632 baptised at St James Church of England, Melbourne
3. Jane Evans 1846 #14842 baptised at St James Church of England, Melbourne, seems to have died in infancy.
7 children
of Violet
4. Richard Peake Evans 1871 #16534 wed Elizabeth Elvas.
5. Isabella Violet Evans 1873 #9604 - 1946 #16477 aged 73
6. Peter Henry Evans born 1875 #23199
7. Joseph Ellingworth Evans 1877 #22596, wed Elizabeth Cowan
8. Rose Hannah Evans 1880 #16125 - 1947 #18995 aged 66, wed Hugh Caldwell
9. Violet Jane Evans 1882 #23446, wed Antonie Tori
10. James Burnett Evans 1886 #18670, wed Eveline Agnes Tate 1914

1. John Evans 1843 #13464 baptised at St James Church of England, Melbourne, wed 1868 #1503 to Alice Emma Sanders and lived at Glenlyon and later at Tatura
Alice Emma Sanders born in Benalla, 1850 #17028 baptised CofE, in St James list, dau of Sarah Emma Coles and Thomas Sanders. Possibly cousins.
9 Children 1. Jane Catherine Peak Evans 1869 #2634
2. Jno Richd Horace Evans 1871 #2814
3. Angelina Alice Evans 1872 #23567
4. Mary Amelia Evans 1874 - 1883 #5875 aged 9 years
5. Francis Ernest Evans 1877 #12021
6. Arnold Claude Evans 1881 #5981
7. William Evans 1883 #5820
8. Thomas Raymond Evans 1885 #6501
9. Herbert John Llewellyn Evans 1887 #7239
2. Henry Coles Evans baptised 1846 #14632 at St James Church of England, Melbourne, wed 1868 #1502 to Eliza Stewart Eyles and lived at Glenlyon and later at Tatura
Eliza Stewart Eyles born at Sea, baptised 1849 #16440 dau of Hannah and David Eyles lived at Moonie Ponds, baptised at St James, Church Of England, Melbourne with her brother William 1849 #16336.
Her mother appears to be Hannah Hurlston/Hilestone, from Wilcot, Wiltshire.
David Eyles aged 40 came May 1848 on the William Stewart with Hannah Eyles aged 35 and children Rosanna Eyles aged 13, John Eyles aged 11, Thomas Eyles aged 7, Anne Eyles aged 5, Mary Eyles aged 3 and Infant Elizabeth Eyles born on board
9 Children 1. Catherine Gertrude Emily Evans 1869 #15861
2. Amy Alice Evans 1871 #3544
3. Minnie Elizabeth Evans 1872 #23575 lived 3 weeks
4. Blanche Evelyn Evans 1874 #1837
5. Elijah Cecil Evans 1876 #12637
6. Amy Anne Evans 1880 #19199
7. William Richard Evans 1882 #26204
8. George Bernard Evans 1884 #28281
9. Herbert Sydney Evans 1886 #30134
4. Richard Peake Evans 1871 #16534 wed 1897 #3925 to Elizabeth Pearl Elvis born at Daylesford, possibly dau of Elizabeth Young and Peter Elvis from Germany who lived at Barkstead, Peter died at Korweinguboora, south of Daylesford, 1885 #9640 aged 55, son of unknown and Peter Martin Elvis
Eliza Young wed 1873 #2739 to peter Elvis from Germany.
1 Child 1. Robert Evans 1897 #18333 - 1897 #8496 lived 1 day, at Collingwood
8. Rose Hannah Evans 1880 #16125 - 1947 #18995 aged 66, wed Hugh Caldwell 1874 #19343, born at Snapper Point, son of Jane Linsdsay and James Caldwell who registered Chn in Victoria from 1867 to 1882,
From on Wed, 21 May 2008
Hi Elizabeth,
My grandfathers stepsister was Elizabeth Pearl Elvis, who married Richard Peake Evans. Richard being the eldest child of Richard Evans and Violet Hennessy (nee Henry).

Son 2 - George Evans 1822

2. George Evans 1822, Richard's brother lived in Brunswick and was a farmer and sawmiller. He wed 1846 to Ellen Heffernan.
The letter from Lyn who lists the children of Ellen and George
Geo Evans 1819 - 1901 #10523 aged 82, son of Jane Pekin and Richard Evans, died at East Melbourne

From , with many thanks. She writes
I am the great great granddaughter of George Evans and Ellen Heffernan.
Ellen Heffernan was born in Tiperary Ireland on 28 October 1827. She came to Port Phillip with her parents George and Mary Heffernan and her brother William in 1841, on the Brankinmoor.
George Evans was born in Staffordshire England on 9 July 1820.
They married in the Wesleyan Chapel, Collins Street Melbourne on 6 January 1847. One of the witnesses at their wedding was John Pascoe Fawkner, one of the founders of Melbourne. He gave them a cow and a calf as a wedding present.
Their 9 children are listed in the family bible: (EJ has added registration details)

Lyn concludes her letter with the comment - Jane Evans 1856-1946 was my father's grandmother

George Evans 1819 - 1901 #10523 aged 82, son of Jane Pekin and Richard Evans, died at East Melbourne. He wed 1846 to Ellen Heffernan. Possibly lived at Kangaroo Flat.
9 children 1. George Richard Evans, born 1847, possibly wed 1880 #3457 to Catherine Thomas
2. John Henry Evans, 1849 #10559 (Baptised at the Methodist Church, Melbourne)
3. William Evans, 1850-1860 lived 10 years (Baptised at St Peter's Church of England, Melbourne)
4. Roseannah Evans, 1854 #5507 died as Rose Hannah 1864 #358 aged 9 years
5. Jane Evans, 1856 registered 1857 #11868 in Taradale has descendants - see letter
6. George Elmsford Evans, 1859 #5260 lived 3 years
7. Sarah Ann Evans, 1861 #12481 - 1873 #6289 aged 12 years
8. Elizabeth Evans, 1863 registered Mary Elizabeth 1864 #999
9. Rosehannah Therresa Evans, 1867 registered Rose Hannah Teresa 1867 #13285 - 1868 #3295, lived 1 year.

From on Mon, 17 Dec 2007
I was directed to your wonderful web sites by Nola Roughton, whose letter regarding convict Richard EVANS you quote on Australian Pioneer Families web page. Richard's parents, Richard and Jane EVANS, and his siblings, George, Samuel, and Rosehannah, came to Melbourne in 1841 aboard the 'Georgiana'. In the extract from Surgeon Bowker's diary for 12 Oct 1840, "Punished Evans junior for throwing scalding water in a President's face, keeping him on poop from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with biscuit and water for dinner." Samuel EVANS is the young Evans referred to. The immigration records show Samuel aged 15 yrs when he arrived in Melbourne.
I am intrigued as where you found the name Richard Howley EVANS as listed on your surnames page ( This Richard EVANS was my great great great grandfather, by way of Richard (convict) EVANS. In all my research so far he has only ever been Richard EVANS. His mother's maiden name was SIME and his grandmother's maiden name POOLE as far as I have been able to ascertain. I would love to know your source for "Howley". It does appear as though some of your data has got mixed here. I know of no connection between my EVANS family and either "Mary Anna Burn 1845" or "John Hawley 1847".
Thankyou, I have sorted out that I was wrong. The early Evans entries are now corrected.
Richard Howley Evans c1820 - 1882 #3535 aged 61 son of Anna Hawley and John Evans, came 1845 with Janet Burns
Graeme continues -
The R Evans you have recorded in this same list as "R Evans - Evans Directory 1847 timber merchant Bourke lane and Brunswick" is in fact the same Richard EVANS who arrived on the 'Georgiana'. Richard was a sawyer in his native Cheshire, and is mentioned in "Jubilee History of Brunswick" published 1907 in the following terms - "The only pretentious house (two stories) was that old-fashioned one which stood for many years fronting Albert Street near Lygon Street, occupied by a Mr Evans, who carried on a timber-sawing business in Little Bourke Street, and who used to walk in and out of town from Brunswick."
In his will Richard left his estate in trust to his wife for the term of her natural life and then stipulated bequests totalling 1,375 pounds sterling be made to his children. Clearly the timber-sawing business in Bourke Lane had prospered for a man who came to Melbourne as a bounty immigrant. The joint trustees of the will were his son George EVANS and his son-in-law William ELLINGWORTH.
Melbourne in the 1840s would have been a very small community and so it is not surprising that there are many connections between these pioneering families. As Nola has noted, Richard's children married in and raised families in and around Melbourne. George EVANS married Ellen HEFFERNAN in 1846; Samuel EVANS married Ann Amelia PAIN in 1850; and Rosehannah EVANS married William ELLINGWORTH in 1851. William and Rosehannah's son John Richard ELLINGWORTH would follow his father into local government politics, becoming the first mayor of the newly incorporated City of Box Hill in 1928.
There are other connections, but a personal one concerns my great grandfather Henry Coles EVANS, son of convict Richard EVANS and Catherine COLES, and grandson of Richard EVANS above. Convict Richard was transported to Sydney in 1837 and was assigned to a Thomas Iceley at Carcoar. Catherine COLES arrived in Sydney in 1838 as a free settler and found employment as governess to Thomas Iceley's children. Richard and Catherine were married in Sydney in 1842. The records show Richard's ticket of leave was transferred to Melbourne that same year but there is no record of him obtaining permission to marry. He obtained his certificate of freedom in 1843. Although the records give his occupation as apprentice sawyer there is no evidence he ever worked for his father's business in Melbourne. Richard and Catherine's first child John was born at Pentridge in 1843 (long before the gaol was built and the district changed its name to Coburg), and Henry was born at Kangaroo Ground in 1844. Later Richard established a saw mill at Glenlyon near Dalesford.
Henry Coles EVANS in 1868 married Eliza Stewart EYLES who was born in 1848 aboard the ship 'William Stewart" seven days out from Plymouth bound for Melbourne, and so was one of the seven births you note occurred on that voyage.
I am sure you will find many other interesting connections between the persons who arrived in Melbourne in the 1840s.
Thank you for sharing all your wonderful research.
Graeme Adam

Son 3 - Samuel Evans 1826

3. Samuel Evans 1826, Richard's brother, wed 1850 #29237 to Amelia Ann Pain at St Peters Church of England, Melbourne
5 children 1. Samuel Evans 1852 #11213
2. Sarah Kate Evans 1856 #3232
3. Anne Evans 1858 - 1922 #13413 aged 64
4. John Evans 1861 #9038
5. Ambrose Pain Evans 1864 #2917
6. Richard Henry Evans 1862 #2823
3. Anne Evans 1858 - 1922 #13413 aged 64, died at Inglewood, wed 1879 to Charles Radnell 1856 - 1923, 10 Children

Daughter - Rosehannah Evans 1826

4. Rosehannah Evans 1829, their sister, wed at St Peters Church of England, Melbourne in 1851 #29384 to William Ellingworth -

John McCorkle, wife Elizabeth Holmes, daughter Margaret arrived on the Robert Benn 26 Jan 1842. They had Sarah, John, James, Mary. They came from Londonderry, Ireland.
CAPP Robert Friend, wife Anne Hadley arrived from Shoulden, Deal, on the Saxon 1849 to Port Phillip. See the Capp entry.
HALDEN, Robert and Mary Craig, arrived at Port Phillip on the Alan Kerr 1841.

Best wishes Nola

William Ellingworth aged 27 came Apr 1853 on the James L Bogert
William Ellingworth's parents - Mary Ellingworth nee Beaver 1803 - 1881 #392 aged 78 dau of Mary Kirby and Nicholas Beaver and John Ellingworth, and John Ellingworth 1800 - 1886 #4493 aged 86 son of Violet and Seth Ellingworth, both died at Box Hill.
(Nicholas Beaver wed 29 Apr 1790 to Mary Kirby Bisbrooke, Rutland, England
Seth Ellingworth wed 19 Jun 1803 to Violet Piser at Grimston, Leicester, England)
See Building a Shire Hall, where William Ellingworth is a builder with an unsuccessful tender after a meeting 5 April 1866, - the rest of the story has some very funny (haha) memories.
Australia’s first electric tram - From October 1889 until January 1896, an electric tram ran between the Box Hill Post Office, on the corner of Whitehorse Road and Station Street, and a terminus near the intersection of Elgar and Doncaster Roads, Doncaster. It was the first electric tram in Australia, and the southern hemisphere, to operate as a regular service. The company went bankrupt and the Sheriff sold the trams and equipment to George Thomson .... Mr Thomson, through his agent William Ellingworth, ran the line satisfactorily until June 1891 when the South Doncaster Estate Company threatened to blow up the line with dynamite if ‘certain conditions’ were not met. The tram service was stopped and the employees dismissed. William is remembered by the street name of Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill.

From on Saturday, 5 July, 2008
William Ellingworth and Rose Hannah Evans are my Great Great Grandparents.
My mother was Valda, daughter of William Henry, son of John Richard, eldest son of William Ellingworth and Rose.
See the NSW record at Passenger list scroll down to 1839, 4 April Orient, and check page 2, family 17. William Ellingworth aged 9 arrived in Australia April 4 1839 aboard the Orient (out of Plymouth), with his parents John aged 35, a brickmaker from Rutland and Mary aged 34, and his sister Violet aged 11 years, born in Okeham. 1841 or 42 the family, now including Mary Ann (born in Sydney after arrival) traveled by bullock wagon to a cattle station in the Riverina.
In 1852 the family (minus Violet, who had married) arrived in Melbourne after a brief period on the goldfields, and opened a butchery in Fitzroy. In 1855 they sold the business and purchased land in what is now Box Hill. Part of that land is now occupied by the Box Hill Cemetery.
In the early 1880’s with the railway coming to Box Hill, William began subdividing part of their property. Quite a few streets were named after family members, and Rose St. Box Hill is named after Rose Hannah.
One correction, my grandfather William Henry Ellingworth, son of John Richard, died in 1949, not 1985, aged 64, not 100.
For interest, Ralph Oswald Ellingworth, son of John Richard, died at Gallipoli.
Hope this is of some interest, your info on Rose Hannah has certainly been to me.
Simon Dennis

4. Rosehannah Evans 1829, wed at St Peters Church of England, Melbourne in 1851 #29384 to William Ellingworth.
3 children 1. John Richard Ellingworth 1860 #88 - 1958 #12874 aged 98
2. Wm Henry Garibaldi Ellingworth 1864 #2023 - 1954 #7130 aged 90
3. Joseph Ellingworth 1868 #7602 lived 4 years

1. John Richard Ellingworth 1860 #88 wed 1883 #4665 to Harriet Ainger 1861 - 1949 #11034 aged 88, died at Box Hill
5 children 1. Twin William Henry Ellingworth 1884 #14766 - 1949 aged 64
2. Twin Ernest John Ellingworth 1884 #14767 - 1964 #12156 aged 80
3. Ethel Rose Ellingworth 1888 #8881
4. Gladys Valetta Ellingworth 1896 #9207
5. Ralph Oswald Ellingworth 1896 #9206 KIA, France WWI

2. Wm Henry Garibaldi Ellingworth 1864 #2023 wed 1887 #5203 to Eleanor Carol Serpell 1866 - 1956 #13703 aged 90, the two sons both married Parson daughters
2 children 1. Clifford Ellingworth 1888 #26940
2. Vincent Ellingworth 1897 #8862

From on Sat, 2 Jun 2007
John Ellingworth and Mary Queenborough from Oakham Rutland England were my gggg parents. His grandson John left England in 1838 with his wife Mary Beaver and two children William and Violet, Mary Ann was born in 1840 in Sydney.
From on Saturday, 11 December, 2010, This is the first web site I looked at - thankyou for the information on my ancestors Violet and Henry Daniels.

In NSW records - V1855424 43b/1855 Jones James wed Ellingworth Mary A

Violet Ellingworth born 27 NOV 1827, Christening: 06 APR 1828 at Wesleyan Methodist, Oakham, Rutland, England
In NSW records - V1844484 29/1844 Daniel Henry wed Ellingworth Violet
Violet Ellingworth and Henry Daniels came to Victoria about 1848, lived at Collingwood, later Hotham
5 children 1. William Daniel NSW number V18463186 31a/1846 1846 - 1863 #847 aged 17 years born in NSW
2, Mary A Daniel 1847 NSW number V18473516 32a/1847 3. Ellen Maria Daniels Christened 1849 #26377 at Church of England, St Peters, Melbourne
4. Henry James Meridith Daniel Christened 1851 #27172, Church of England, St Peters, Melbourne
5. George Lewis Daniels 1854 #118 (mother Vilot, father George Lewis)
6. Charles Henry Daniels 1856 #6661 (mother Vilot)
7. Frederick Edwin Daniels 1858 #9672
8. Eliza Daniels 1860 #11297
9. John Lilley Daniels 1864 #1663 - 1866 #5975 lived 2 years

A different William Ellingworth 03 Nov 1822 son of Nanny and Robert Ellingworth at Ellel, Lancashire, or William Ellingworth christened 02 Nov 1823 son of Ann and William Ellingworth at Morton Near, Bourne, Lincoln, England. This William Ellingworth wed 1856 #3007 to Louisa Watkinson then William died 1858, son of Mary and John.
Louisa Ellingworth wed 1859 #1568 to Thomas Brimacom Mallett and they had 6 children - 4th dau died Jan 1868 aged 11 weeks, and at the end of 1868 a second son was born. Louisa died 1870 aged 30.

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