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John Elmore, James Frederick Elmore

Surnames mentioned on this page
Alfred James Bailey, Emily Ruth Cottingham, Fanny Louisa Hunter,
Mary Ann James, James Duncan McIntyre, James Blenheim McMaster,
Alexander McNair, Annie Elizabeth Murie, Violet Mary Parker,
Louisa Rohr, Mary Ann Sleep, Joseph Wallace,

John Elmore came Nov 1860 aged 27, on the Empress of the Sea
John Elmore died early in 1866 #122, aged 33, when his parents are listed as 'unknown' and his birthplace is shown as Devon. The place of death in Victoria is not shown in the Index.

From on Wed, 6 Sep 2006, James Elmer / West Winch

Hello Elizabeth,

When you were at Swaffham you were just 12 miles from J F Elmer's birthplace at West Winch.

James father John Elmar b 26th Feb 1804 West Winch wed Jane Lake b 1803 West Winch at W W on 6th Nov 1829.
They had 4 children William 1830, Robert 1831, John 1833, Elisabeth 1835. Jane died in 1836.

John married again to Jane Mason b 1820, they had 4 more children.
Henry 1839, Sarah Jane 1841, James 1842 and James Frederick 1844.

The 1851 census is a bit confusing as the 2 elder children John and Elizabeth are by John's first wife and it is from this John b 1833 that I am desended,

It seems that J F came to Australia with the name Elmar, it had somehow got changed from Aylmer which it is on the 1851 census, but by the next census it was Elmer and has been since.

You may be aware that J F sailed on the ship "Lucibelle" , on the same ship was a family, husband and wife with 2 children with the surname CUTLER, I know nothing of them after the voyage, They were W W people and I would love to know how they got on.

When J F left W W it was a village of about 400 inhabitants all of them being farm workers with not much to look forward to.
It has grown a great deal in more recent years with lots of new houses and people moving down from London.
As for pictures I can only suggest you put West Winch in to Google and see whats there,we do not have a local webb site.

I do have lots more information the Elmer family and I'll try to answer any further questions you may have.

James F Elmores mother died 12th August 1907 at "The Chequers Inn" West Winch where her grandson James Boughen was the licensee, She was aged 86.

From a hot and sunny West Winch Cheers .


James Elmar aged 23 came May 1868 on the Lucibelle
Also on board were
Abraham Cuttler aged 31, Lydia Cuttler aged 26, Amnie Cuttler aged 10, Georgiania Cuttler aged 7, Elizabeth Cuttler aged 5 and infant Cuttler possibly board during the voyage
ABraham Cutler and Lydia Laws registered the birth at Carngham of Martha Cutler 1869 #7357

The Melbourne Argus reported on Monday 1 June 1868,
arrival of Lucibelle, ship, 914 tons, Charles Forster master, from the Downs 7 Feb. Passengers cabin- Mr Thos Morton, Mr S Silcock, and 18 in the steerage. Holmes, White and Co, Agents. In the adjoining column is a long list of merchendise she brought. And the third column reports - The Lucibelle ... was delayed a week in the Channel (UK) which was not cleared till Feb 14, in consequence of the ship having to beat down the whole distance against strong south-westerly gales. Light variable weather was then experienced to the equator, which was crossed on 15 March, in Long. 25deg 10min, W. The SE Trades were very light and shy, and light weather prevailed to the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, passed on 22 Apr. Cape Otway was passed on Friday and the Heads entered at 0ne pm on Saturday.

The Lucibelle came 30 May 1868, and was in Sydney in August 1868 when a Tsunami was experienced.
Following the 13 August 1868 earthquake off the coast of Chile and Peru, resulting tsunamis travelled across the Pacific Ocean. They were eventually observed at 44 locations in Australia and New Zealand. Wave run-up heights of between 0.5m and 2.5m were observed at Newcastle and Sydney in NSW, Hobart in Tasmania and at Albany in WA.
The following article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald (18 & 19/8/1868):
At 8.30 the vessels in Newcasle Harbour were thrown into great confusion. The 'Alexander' broke from her moorings and had to anchor in the stream. The 'Planter' was shaken so much by the action of the tides that the captain expected this masts to fall. The ship 'Lucibelle', 1000 tons, was swung around four times, although a strong ebb tide was running, and the vessels in harbour swung around in all directions. The tide ran down sometimes at a rate of 12 knots, the same as if there was a strong fresh in the river. At 11.30, the extraordinary sudden rise and fall of the tide was between four and five feet which caused great consternation amongst shipping. The steam tugs 'Warhawk' and 'Rapid' were left stranded in the blind channel by the retreating of the water. The action was experienced the same at Port Waratah. The sandbanks in the channel were left quite dry at times, and as suddenly covered. Mr Keene, Government Examiner at Coal Fields, was watching a gauge at the time of low water, shortly before 12 o'clock, and he witnessed a rise and fall of 2 feet 4 inches (710 mm) in fifteen minutes.

In thanking Ray, I looked up the Cutler family to 1888, see this family after the Elmore notes, here at the bottom of this page

James Frederick Elmore (came as James Elmar)

James Frederick Elmore 22 Dec 1844 - 20 Mar 1906 #3196 aged 49, born in West Winch, Norfolk UK, son of Jane Lake and John Elmore (stepson of Jane Mason listed in death index), died at Korumburra, Victoria, wed 1883 #4306, at Ballarat, to Julia Stewart 23 Sep 1860 #19347 - 1 Apr 1943 #17924 aged 83, born in Ballarat to Mary Ann Attewell
Mary Ann Attewell wed 1858 #1279 John Creen, and did not name him as father when she registered her daughter Julia Hoist Attewell 1860 #19347. Mary Ann Attewell gave her birth place as Bristol when she wed 1866 #298 to James Stewart, lived at Korumburra, Victoria.
11 Children 1. Julia Elmore 1884 #6512 - 1955 #13368 aged 71
2. Jane Elmore 1885 #29888 - 1975 #4147 aged 89
3. James Frederick Elmore 1887 #33071 - 1951 #23758 aged 65, born at Wycheproof,
4. Ellen Elmore 1889 #18099 - 1976 #11212 aged 86
5. Marion Elmore 1891#29419 - 1970 #24681 died as Mrs Smith
6. Twin Thomas Henry Elmore 1894 #316
7. Twin William Albert Elmore 1894 #317 - 1966 #26645 aged 73
8. George Stewart Elmore 1897 #4432 - 1963 #7516 aged 66
9. John Alexander Isaac Elmore 1900 #27632 - 1970 #7422 aged 69, wed Margaret
10. Elizabeth May Elmore 1902 #27340 - 1906 #2180 lived 3 years
11. Olive Margaret Elmore 1904 #26787 born at Korumburra
12. Alexander Elmore born 21 July 1904 - 25 June 1999 aged 95, birth not registered

From on Thursday, 4 June 2015,
I just read with interest your history of the Elmore family. You omitted to include my father from the children of James Frederick and Mary Ann Elmore. My fathers name was Alexander Elmore and he was born on the 21st July 1904 and passed away on the 25th June 1999. Thank you for the information you provided about my family history
My parents were Alexander and Amelia Frances but Mum was known as Frances. They lived in Queensland. Aunty Alice was Dad's sister

6. Alice Myrtle Elmore 1919 shown with her son Noel

1. Julia Elmore 22 Feb 1884 #6512 - 1955 #13368 aged 71, wed 1902 to Alfred James Bailey, 5 children 2. Jane Elmore 1885 - 1975 wed 1904 to James Blenheim McMaster 1880 #22299, 8 Children 3. James Frederick Elmore 1887 - 1951, born at Wycheproof, wed 1906 #7046, to Mary Ann James 1884 #26737 - 1968 #26676 aged 84, daughter of Margaret Harrington wed 1876 #1206 to James Frederick James, 8 ChildrenAlice, with son Noel 1. Olivia May Elmore 1907 #11563 - 1907 #5057 lived 1 month
2. Arthur Henry Elmore 1909 #25005 - 1985
3. Eva Margaret Elmore 1912 #651 - 1951 #14527 aged 31, wed McMaster
4. Florence Vera Elmore 1915
5. Violet Victoria Elmore 29 Jul 1917 - 15 Sep 2008 aged 81
6. Alice Myrtle Elmore 1919 shown with her son Noel
7. James Frederick Elmore 1922 - 1947
8. Robert Elmore died 1927 #14946 at Korumburra 6. Violet Victoria Elmore 29 Jul 1917 - 15 Sep 2008 aged 91, wed 11 Jan 1936 to William Atkinson 19 Feb 1903 - 28 Mar 1984, 7 children, 16 grand children 4. Ellen Elmore 1889 - 1975 wed 1913 to Joseph Wallace 3 Children 1. Gladys May Wallace 1914 #5061 died
2. Jean Mary Wallace 1915 #13989
3. Thelma Joyce Wallace 1917 #19959 5. Marion Elmore 1891 - 1970 #24681 aged 78, wed 1910 #425 to Alexander McNair 1880 #20247 son of Letitia Riley and Robert McNair born in Ballarat, and (2) Smith 1 Child 1. Olive Vera May McNair 1910 #13195
From on Thu, 25 Aug 2005

Marion Elmore married four times, after divorcing Alexander McNair in 1920
she then married Ernest Kelly in 1921, he drowned in 1948 in a duck shooting accident (I guess you could say the ducks won that round).
She then married James Pullin in 1949, he died in 1964.
She then married Joseph Smith in 1968, she loved looking after people.

James Frederick Elmore 1887-1951 & Mary Ann James 1884-1968, also had another son also named James Frederick Elmore 1922-1947.
He was a prisoner of war and died at Ambon South East Asia, Indonesia on the 23 March 1947 and is buried at the Ambon War Cemetery,

Other Elmores

Mary Ann Elmore married 1857 #2919 to Hugh McAuley.

Patrick Elmore and Margaret Flemming recorded the birth of Margaret 1860 in Cast - could be Casterton? or Castlemain?

George Elmore and Mary Ann Sleep appear to have lived in Victoria between 1859 and 1866, at Springhurst, Beechworth and Bowmans Forest. 3 children   1. Elvina Elmore 1860 at Springhurst
2. John Philip Elmore 1862 lived 2 years
3. Mary Ann Elmore 1864 lived 9 months George Elmore and Catherine Goodwill Morris registered the birth of Emily Georgina Elmer 1874 at Melbourne South.

Alfred Elmore 1863 - 1892 #6666, aged 29, died at Heidelberg Hospital. His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Wood.

Samuel Marsden Knight assumed the name Frederick Elmore

Samuel Marsden Knight from Hull, wed 1881 #1278 to Louisa Roher and died 16 Mar 1890 Herrn Huth, Mt. Rouse, Victoria, Australia., at 75 years of age.
See Herrnhut Utopian Commune. The leader was Johann Friedrich Krumnow and his followers fled Germany to escape religious oppression and to seek a safe haven for their radical way of life. Herrnhut, the settlement they established in western Victoria in 1852, was based on a strange blend of Moravian Christianity, personal charisma, millenarianism, mysticism and communism. It was to last nearly forty years
Samuel Marsden Knight assumed the name Frederick Elmore, when he visited Herrnhut as a journalist, see 4 wives
Samuel Marsden Knight from Yorkshire wed 1868 #4611 Elisa Matilda Simmonds just before she departed to UK. After Elisa's death at sea in 1870 on the return journey to Australia, Samuel left his three children in the care of a solicitor, George Butler and his wife.

Samuel left Melbourne 1871 and was travelling through the Western District of Victoria when he decided to visit the Herrn Huth Community - a Morevian Religious Community, near Mt Rouse, 3 miles from Penshurst.
Louisa Rohr 1851 - 1927 aged 76, daughter of Anna Dorothea and John Samuel Rohr, was a resident of Herrn Huth Community - a Morevian Religious Community, near Mt Rouse, 3 miles from Penshurst led by Johann Frederick Krumnow.
He introduced himself as Frederick Elmore and decided to stay for awhile. Samuel (Frederick) became friendly with Louisa Roher, a daughter of the community and they had 5 chn. Soon after he left Herrn Huth, Louisa joined him and they married.
He introduced himself as Frederick Elmore and decided to stay for awhile. Samuel Marsden Knight alias Frederick Elmore) became friendly with Louisa Roher, a daughter of the community. Buried at the tiny Herrnhut Cemetery is her father Johan Samuel RHOR d. 17 Jul 1890
And another source
One couple is worthy of comment, the Elmores. 'Frederick Elmore' was the pseudonym of the journalist Samuel Marsden Knight, whose great uncle was the historical Rev.Samuel Marsden. Educated at Eton and Cambridge, Elmore had not intended to stay at Herrnhut: "I never heard of Herrn Huth (sic) until I was near Mt. Rouse, nor of the German parson (i.e. Krumnow-CM) and I determined to see the place. I never intended remaining more than a day or two... I thought Herrn Huth was inhabited by very simple-minded religious people, although labouring under many great delusions " he wrote in a letter of 3.11.1872 to his wife Louisa (nee Rohr). Louisa had come to Herrnhut at its foundation with her parents and after getting to know Elmore through his offer of English lessons, married him in 1871 They had eight children whose deaths are registered with surname Elmore.
8 children   1. Lydia Louisa Elmore 1873 - 1947 #3854 aged 74 died at F'roy, father Fredk Elmore, mother Louisa ROHR,
2. Samuel Montague Marsden Elmore 1874 - 1935 #12733, died at Hamilton, father Frederick Elmore, mother Louisa ROHR,
3. Edith Ann Dorothy Elmore 1876 - 1952 #16971 aged 76, died at Hton, father Fredck Elmore, mother Louisa ROHR,
4. Ernest Theophilus Scot Elmore 1878 - 1950 #20736 aged 72, father Fredk Saml Montague Elmore, mother Louisa ROHR,
5. Charles Cloudesley Elmore 1880 - 1959 - 1959 #11007 aged 79 father Samuel Elmore, mother Louisa ROEHR,
6. Algernon John Elmore 1882 - 1961 #10568 aged 79 father Frederick Elmore, mother Louisa ROHR,
7. Septimus Elmore 1884 - 1969 #28254 aged 85 father Frederick Ma Elmore, mother Louisa ROHR,
8. Frederick Elmore 1886 - 1957 #10291 aged 71 father Unknown, mother Louisa UNKNOWN 3. Edith Ann Dorothy Elmore 1876 - 1952 aged 76, wed 1907 to James Duncan McIntyre 2 children 1. Marian Eila McIntyre 1908 - 1976, wed Elmore
2. Neil Malcolm Flinders McIntyre 1911 - 1933, died at Ballarat 4. Ernest Theophilus Scot Elmore 1878 - 5 July 1950 aged 72, who was resident at Portland, wed 1910 #300, to Annie Elizabeth Murie 1885 - 1917, who died possibly with her 4th child.
Ernest Theophilus Scot Elmore (2) wed 1919 to Ellen Editha Dudeney 1872 - 1944,

From on Saturday, 11 February 2012
Hello Elizabeth,
I am not a relation but I am in the process of researching the 2nd Victorian Mounted Rifles of which Ernest Elmore was a member [Private 205]. I would dearly love to be able to get in touch with a descendant of Ernie Elmore to see whether they might have anything from the Boer War period that could assist me in my research. I have a reasonable bio on Ernie and can certainly provided information on his military activities.
Thankyou for this detail
Ernest Theophilus Scot Elmore served as Number 205, 2nd Victorian Contingent, Boer War which is recorded here, - "The Second Contingent embarked in the Euryalus on the 13th January, 1900, and arrived at Cape Town on 5th February.
The 2nd Victorian Mounted Rifles, comprised of 15 officers, 250 of other ranks, with 305 horses, and 6 wagons. Of these, 1 officer and 9 others were killed or died: 2 officers and 4 others were transferred; 2 officers and 13 others were struck off the strength in South Africa; 1 officer was commissioned in the Imperial Army; 10 officers and 223 others returned to Australia."
"Arrived at Cape Town on the 28th, end on the 5th November embarked in the Harlech Castle, which reached Melbourne on 4th December 1900. Disbandment followed."

3 children   1. Edith Mervynne Elmore 1911
2. Ralph Theopholus Elmore 1912
3. Lionel Kenneth Murie Elmore 1915 5. Charles Cloudesley Elmore 1880 - 1959 aged 79, wed 1912 to Emily Ruth Cottingham, 1881 - 1965, 3 children   1. Harold Lawrence Elmore 1913
2. Herbert Frank Elmore 1915
3. Stanley Raymond Charles Elmore 1917 6. Algernon John Elmore 1882 - 1961 aged 79, wed 1913 to Fanny Louisa Hunter 1874 - 1946, daughter of Emma Louisa Peers and Henry William Hunter 1 Son   1. Jack Elmore 1914 8. Frederick Elmore 1886 - 1957 aged 71, wed 1912 to Violet Mary Parker 1888 - 1939, daughter of Isabella Chamberlain wed 1886 #6473 to Charles Parker. 2 children   1. Enid Adelia Elmore 1915
2. Henry Elmore 1918

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