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Thomas Dyster was sent out here (1827) as a 14 old boy for being in the company of two 15 year old boys who stole some clothing and a small amount of change, these 2 were hung and lucky??? Thomas Dyster left London 13 Jul 1827 on aboard the Asia and reached Hobart 30 Nov 1827, he served 14 years in Tas for his part, justice certainly was extreme in those times. I have a copy of the court transcript of 7-12-1826 in Chelmsford Essex England.
Kesia Amelia Summers was a orphan girl of 17 years at the work house when the womens committee decided to collect some wayward girls around London who where in trouble with the Authorities and send 200 of them to Tasmania as servant girls in Sept 1832 in the Princess Royal and they where the first fare paid group of women immigrants to Tasmania and Australia.
Caroline was definitely born before Kesia and Thomas could marry as it was extremely hard to get permission to marry as they worked on different farms and Thomas Dyster was the storeman and did delivery`s for his master, the Magistrate of Campbelltown, one Walter Davidson, who owned 6000 ac of prime land and grew wheat and sheep and probably did not want another 2 mouths to feed?. Poor Walter fell of his horse and died in 1856, and there is this huge memorial on his grave in the Uniting Church Cem there which cost then 5000 pounds from Italy.
Kesia and Thomas met on adjoining farms at CampbellTown Tas and were married 30-9-1835 and raised 2 girls there. Caroline Emma Dyster was born in 1834 at Campbelltown, Tasmania. When Thomas received his ticket of leave on 7-12-1840, he was given a job as a sawyer with Stephen Henty and left Launceston on 24-5-1841 on the Minerva with the Stephen Henty family for Portland Vic. Their second daughter Mary Ann Dyster was the earliest born (1837) baby to be christened in the new church St Stephen (15-10-1841) there at Portland. In 1844 Thomas moved to Adelaide to set up a store in Hawden St as he had a lot of experience as a storeman by then. Caroline was in 1845 with her sister Mary Ann to lose their mother Kesia Amelia with cancer of the womb and both mother and child died at birth.
Caroline and Mary Ann were fostered out to a Hotel Keeping family to work in the Hotel as their father was too busy with his store and by 1852 Caroline went to Melbourne and met John Slater Smith and were married there and as John had the Gold fever they took off for the gold fields with their girl Elizabeth and boy John born in Melbourne and ended at Horsham were another little boy John Slater 1860 died there in 1863 and from there to Fiery Ck and Dunolly, Bet Bet Ck on New Years Day 1868 my grandfather Thomas Robert Smith was born in the hut in the bush with the help of his father. From there in 1871 to Avoca Forest Gold Rush near Logan Vic where their children succumbed to the Diphtheria. John 18 (1871 #6362), Elizabeth 15 (1871 #5652), Sarah Jane 13 (1871 #6361), Caroline 6. There was no cure in those days.

Thomas Dyster son of John Dyster, was born 17 March 1812 in Braintree, Essex, England, and died 27 January 1876 in Hawden Street, Adelaide. Son of Sarah Hibbs and John Dyster
He married (1) Kesia Amelia Summers 30 September 1834 in Court House, CampbellTown, in Tasmania. She was born 1815 in London, England, and died 15 April 1845 in Hawden St Store, Adelaide, South Australia, Cause of Death: Cancer of Womb. Lived at Elizabeth Creek, Campbelltown, Tasmania then at Adelaide, South Australia
He married (2) on 29 Nov 1859 at Adelaide, South Australia, Australia to Sarah Jane Florence She was born 14 Feb 1840 in New Zealand. Lived at Adelaide, South Australia
He married (3) Jane Swan and lived at Adelaide, South Australia.
3 Children
of Kesia
1. Caroline Emma Dyster 10 May 1834 - 3 Dec 1899
2. Mary Ann Dyster 2 April 1837 was baptised at Portland Vic but born at Elizabeth River which is Campbell Town Tas. Mary Ann Dyster wed as Maryann Dyson, 1855 #1840 to John Proberts; b. Adelaide, South Australia. Son Thomas died at Amhurst 1859 #8748 aged 4 months
3. Thomas Robert Dyster 1843 - 1918 aged 75, born in Adelaide, South Australia; died at Wentworth, NSW.
4 Children
of Jane
4. Catherine Dyster 1851 infant death
5. Sarah Dyster 1853 lived 2 years
6. John Dyster 1856
7. Alice Dyster 1858
8 Children
of Sarah
8. Ellen Dyster 13 January 1861 wed Harry Daniel
9. Olive Dyster 11 November 1862 wed Charles Brackley
10. Mary Dyster 13 November 1864 - 1928, Adelaide, South Australia; m. ? HARRIS, 1883, Adelaide, South Australia
11. Charles Dyster 25 April 1867 - 1 October 1917, Renmark, South Australia, wed Lily ?
12. Jane Dyster 28 July 1869 lived 1 day
13. Sarah Dyster 12 September 1870 - 1942, Adelaide, South Australia wed Fred Bright
14. Samuel Dyster 5 February 1873 wed Emma Caroline ?
15. John Richard Dyster 15 August 1875 - 4 November 1916 aged 36, WWI death
2. Caroline Emma Dyster 10 May 1834 - 3 December 1899 aged 65, born 10-5-1834, Baptised 27 September 1835, in Elizabeth Creek, Campbelltown, Tasmania, and died in St Arnaud, Victoria.
She wed 14 June 1852 in Presbyterian Church, Heidleburg, Victoria, to John Slater Smith 17 March 1829 - 1886 first child of William Smith and Harriet born in Hatfield, Leeds, Yorkshire, England, and died 1886 in Dunolly Hospital, Victoria.
The family faced tragedy when Diptheria struck and the 4 eldest surviving children died - first Caroline Smith aged 6 then Elizabeth aged 14, 1871 #5652 and the next month Sarah Jane Smith aged 12 died 21 July 1871 at home in their hut, at the gold field of Avoca Forest Rush 3 klms n/w of Logan, then John Smith aged 18 died 24 July 1871 at Inglewood Hospital, both buried at Inglewood Cemetery 25 July 1871.
Husband John left home, and Thomas supported Caroline and her three infants with their 3 children, until John died 15 years later.
Caroline Emma Dyster wed 16 March 1892 in Salvation Army, Butcher St, St Arnaud, Victoria, to widower with 4 children Thomas Collison /Collinson 1832 - 16 March 1904 aged 72, son of Charles Collison, born in Sydney, NSW, and died in St Arnaud, Victoria.
This photo was taken in 1895, of Caroline aged 61, her two daughters Jane aged 24 and Clara aged 17, and two grandchildren. Note how high the fence pickets are, behind the ladies.
Visit the Collison page for maps drawn when a school was built for the area's children, etc
8 Children
of John
1. John Smith 1853 - 24 July 1871 aged 18, Inglewood Hospital, Victoria.
2. Elizabeth Smith 27 November 1856 - 1871 #5652 aged 14
3. Sarah Jane Smith 1858 - 21 July 1871 aged 12
4. Thomas Slater Smith 1860 #9222 lived 3 years
5. James Friday Smith 13 March 1863 - 20 January 1931
6. Caroline Smith 1865 - 1871 aged 6
7. Thomas Robert Smith 1 January 1868 #2270 - 12 March 1945
8. Jane Smith Collison August 1871. (Took step-father's name)
3 Children
of Thomas
9. William Collison 1873 - 8 February 1962 aged 89
10. Lewis Collison 11 August 1875
11. Clara Collison Smith 1878.
5. James Friday Smith 13 March 1863 - 20 January 1931 aged 63, born in Horsham, Victoria, and died in Kenmore Hospital, Goulburn, NSW. He wed in Barrakee, Victoria on 25 August 1887 to Mary Jane Simons 1866 - 1 July 1888 aged 22, daughter of William Simons and Mary Simons born in Echunga, South Australia, and died in St Arnaud, Victoria. He wed in Inglewood, Victoria on 22 April 1889 to Mary's sister, Elizabeth Sarah Simons 13 April 1870 - 12 August 1899 aged 29, born in Adelaide, South Australia, and died in Hay, New South Wales.
Child of Mary 1. John James Smith 30 June 1888 - 1968 aged 80
6 Children
of Elizabeth
2. Louis William Smith 1890 - 1968 aged 78
3. Thomas Robert Smith 1892 - 1968 aged 75
4. Elizabeth Sarah Smith 1893
5. Albert George Smith 1895 - 2 October 1969 aged 74
6. North Smith 1897 #22220 - 27 September 1917 aged 21, Ypres, Belgium, WW1. Buried: 30 September 1917, Ypres, now Leper, No 29, Menin Gate Cemetery, Belgium
7. David Smith 1899 #21531 - 1899 born at Hay, infant death
2. Louis William Smith 1890 - 1968 aged 78, born in Mt Korong, Victoria and died in Corowa, New South Wales, wed Matilda Lewell, a half sister to Amy Rodier who married Albert George Smith. Had 8 children, names not shown if born after 1920
2 children 1. Eileen May Smith 1917
2. Alice Irene Smith 1919
4. Elizabeth Sarah Smith 1893 born in Balranald, New South Wales, wed 1920 #4097 at Wagga Wagga NSW to Leslie Pendrick. He appears to be Leslie W Pendrick born 1889 #28199 son of Annie E Dobson and John W Pendrick at Wagga Wagga. Annie Dobson wed 1888 #6172 to John Pendrick, there appears to be 2 more brothers in Wagga Wagga, Margaret Jane Riley wed 1883 #3305 to William D Pendrick, Fanny Langford wed 1887 #6043 to Thomas Pendrick. John W Pendrick died 1906 #10788, William R Pendrick died 1930 #10363, both son of Emma and William R Pendrick. Thomas Pendrick died 1936 #8551, son of Emma and William Rolandson Pendrick
5 children 1. Daphne Pendrick born after 1920.
2. Eric Pendrick.
3. Jean Pendrick.
4. Neville Pendrick.
5. Leslie Pendrick.
6. Albert Pendrick
5. Albert George Smith 1895 - 2 October 1969 aged 74, born in Moliagul, Victoria, and died in Sydney, New South Wales. He married Amy Rodier, 2 chn. Amy Rodier is a half sister to Matilda Lewell, who married Albert's elder brother Louis William Smith

7. Thomas Robert Smith 1 January 1868 - 12 March 1945 aged 77, born in Bet Bet Ck, Victoria and died in Bundaberg, Queensland. He wed 12 May 1904 in The Parsonage, Wickham Tce, Brisbane, Qld to Annie Mary Zelinski 11 Nov 1887 - 10 June 1946 aged 59, daughter of Henry Ott and Rosalie Zelinski born in Tarampa Store, Queensland, and died in Takalvan St, Bundaberg, Queensland. 8 children, younger ones not listed
Noel writes - Yes, Annie was born out of wedlock due to Rosalie Zelinski`s lover shooting through and leaving her with a child. On Annie`s birth certificate there is no father stated but because Rosalie was a good Catholic she had to state the child's father or no baptism for Annie the baby.
I have the church verified record from St Mary`s at Ipswich, which would be the oldest Catholic Church in Queensland.
4 Children 1. Clara Jane Smith 25 January 1906.
2. Thomas Clemence Smith 18 April 1908.
3. Martha Anne Smith 19 May 1910 - 1948 aged 38
4. Edith May Smith 11 December 1914.
3. Martha Anne Smith was born 19 May 1910 in Bundaberg, Queensland, and died 1948 in Bundaberg, Queensland. She married Arnold Victor Delay Hall, son of Thomas Hall and Mary Dellelay, born 1899 in Woongarra Scrub, Bundaberg, and died 1968 in Bundaberg, Queensland.

15. John Richard Dyster 15 August 1875 - 4 November 1916 aged 36, born in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, and died at Tidworth, buried at Tidworth Military Cemetery, Wiltshire, England
John Richard Dyster wed 12 November 1901 in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia to Margaret Mccallaugh Mckenzie 1884 - 1927.
4 children 1. Thomas Dyster 1902
2. Colin Mckenzie Dyster 1905
3. Kenneth Dyster 1907
4. Ian Dyster 1910

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