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August Johann Diggelmann from Switzerland wed 1887 #7316 to Louise Friderike Eltze and lived at Natimuk then at Roseberry. Louise (Louisa) Friderike Wilhelmine Eltze the wife of August Johann Digggelmann died 13th May 1946 with my family at Sandy Creek Barellan NSW
11 children 1. Johann Bernard Diggelman 1888 #23024
2. Henry Edmund Diggelman 1890 wed 6th March 1926 to Mary Thomas (DOB 27-5-1905)
3. Charles Diggelman 1892
4. Eugen Wilhelm Diggelmann 1894 #24007
5. William Frederick Diggelman 1896
6. Otto George Diggelman 17 January 1898
7. Barbara Wina Diggelman 1900 #21915)
8. Ernst Phil Diggelman 1902 #13484
9. Frederick Berthold Diggelman 14 July 1903 #21014
10. Bertram Ernest Diggelman 17 April 1907 #13849
11. Alfred Diggelman died 1910 at Narrandera, NSW, Australia

From on Sun, 28 Jan 2007
Subject:re- Henry Edmund Diggelmann
To Elizabeth
I am the daughter of the above I've been researching my family tree I came across your site and would like to correct you.
Henry Edmund Diggelmann his real name was Heinrich Edmund Diggelmann
My mother is Mary Thomas (DOB 27-5-1905) they where married on the 6th March 1926 and they had 5 children.
Two daughters have retinitis pigmantosa. Is there any record of this eye condition in the Diggelmann family.

Karen-Anne added 8 children to my list of 3, and more details
From on Sat, 27 Sep 2003
Hello Elizabeth,
Many times I come across your website and each time I've thought "Oh I must send you some information on my family". So, here I am, sending you some information.
August Johann DIGGELMANN
Born: 1860
Place: Baden, Switzerland, UK
Marriage: 14 October 1887 26yrs
Place: Lions Church Vectis East, Victoria, Australia
Death: 11 November 1940
Place: Liverpool, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Notes: Immigrated about 1880 he was about 21yrs, occupation a Farmer arrived on the 1st December 1880 on the ship LIGURIA fron the Port of London in England and ever since his arival, being a period of 23 years, been a resident in said State of Victoria, Occupation Labourer & Farmer 1903 at 42 years of age.
There was a John and Barbara DIGGELMANN departed from Boulogne June 2, 1903 to New York, America arrived 22 September 1903 with children (Anna, John & Emma) and Mrs Aren or Anna DIGGELMANN, a Johann Schneider was also listed on the ship SS NOORDAM. I found an individual record ( for Barbara SCHNEIDNER born 10 Jan 1823 Urloffen, Offenburg, Baden Father:Albinus SCHNEIDER Mother: Theresia JOGGERST Siblings: Maria Anna b.15 Sep 1819, Lazarus b.29 Aug 1824, Casper b.5 Jan 1830, Albin b. 1 Sept 1815. Also Lazarus SCHNEIDER m. 8 Jan 1852 Gertrude Mary AHENS at St Peter's Church, St Peters, St Charles, Missouri.

See the Eltze page.
Louise (Louisa) Friderike Wilhelmine ELTZE (ELTIZE)
Born: Wednesday 18 July 1865 at 11.45am.
Place: Penshurst, Craxton East, Victoria, Australia
Baptised: 24 July 1865
Died: ?

Father: Wilhelm Gottfried Ferdinand ELTZE b. 14 July 1817 Gustrow, Mecklengburg, Schwerin, Germany. d. 6 July 1907 (89 yrs) Natimuk, Victoria, Aust. Buried: Quatong Cemetery, Vectis, Victoria. Father Johann ELTZE (Hairdresser) Mother: Dorothea KLITZING
Wilhelm had a brother Walter ELTZE b. 1813 d. 1903 (90yrs) Occupation: School Teacher (Schodmaster)
Wilhelm's age was given as 42 on the marriage certificate, which would make his year of birth 1823. His date of birth in the Devotion Book given to them on their marriage has been altered. Originally written as 1823. it has been crossed out and 14th July 1817 has been written in the same writing, which corresponds with the age given on his death certificate. His actual age at marriage was therefore 47 years. Wilhelm was a Teacher at Vectis East Lutheran School, Victoria, Aust, where he composed and also translated music from German to English. Naturalised 1901 at 83 years of age. On the 24th December 1860 he arrived in the Colony of Victoria by the ship BOREAS from the Port Hamburg in Germany and that ever since his arrival, being a period of 40 years, been a resident in said State of Victoria.

Mother: Wilhelmine HINNEBERG (Rosina Wilhelmina HINNEBERG) b: 23 September 1845 Kalbe, Rosenburg, Prussia m. 20 September 1864 St Michael's Church, Hochkirk, according to the Evengelical Lutheran Church by Paster C.W. Schurmann. They were living at Rosebery, Mt Rouse then later moved to Horsham, Victoria, Aust. d. 14 December 1894 (49 yrs) Horsham, Victoria, Aust. Cause: Intestinal Obstruction Buried. Quantong, Cemetery, Vectis, Victoria. Father Christoph HINNEBERG aka George Heinrich HINNEBERG (Waterman/Skipper) Mother Christione LEHMANN. aka Maria Christiana LEHMANN. Rosina and her siblings Immigrated to Australia, arriving 1 August 1848 on the ship LEONTINE - this should be corrected to Malvina Vidal arrived 5 Oct 1854, a Dutch ship 959 tons from Hamburg 11 July.
See my Hinneberg entry for a different explanation.
Rosina and her 2 brothers (Friedrich b.1838, d.1919 & Christoph b.16 Oct 1843 Gross Rosenburg, Germany. d.1879) whose father died and mother remarried to Adolph Berkholtz in Germany and became wards, after their mother died soon after reaching South Australia, of Johann their Uncle and Aunt Gottlieb LEHMANN and Karoline Sophie Amalie LEMM.
From South Australian Index - BERKHOLZ Carl Adolf Theodor aged 44 son of Andreas BERKHOLZ wed 1856-07-01 to RICHARDS Elizabeth aged 19 N John RICHARDS at Church Hoffnungsthal Bar A 27/465
They had 10 children, Adolph was a shoemaker.
Note: have received the Naturalization certificate for Wilhelmina's brother Freiderich and it states that he arrived in the colony of Victoria October 1854 on the ship Malvine Vidal then went to South Australia on ship "unknown" then travelled by land back to Victoria May 1856. I do wonder if Rosina is really Wilhelmina or another relation? On Wilhelmina's marriage certificate it states that her parents are Christoph HINNEBERG and Christiane LEHMANN.
Notes: Occupation when married - Domestic and she was 22 years
1. Johann Bernard Diggelman 1888 (#23024 Vic BDM) at Natimuk, Victoria, Australia wed 1917 Iola O'Brien (NSW BDM #8341/1917) at Burwood, Sydney, NSW, Australia Death: 7 May 1969 in Victoria, Australia
Children: William PF Diggelman and Allan John Diggelman
Notes: WWI 17th Battalion #7034. Johann disappeared when his son Allan John was little. Allan at the age of 83yrs told me that Gran Pickering (Iolas side of the family) helped bring up the children. He had also mentioned an Auntie Elsie and Auntie Eddie also helping.
2. Henry Edmund Diggelman 1890, wed 14 June 1916 Sarah HASBROUK b.11 Nov 1892
3. Charles Diggelman 1892
4. Eugene William Diggelman 15 August 1894 at Horsham, Victoria, Australia wed 1922 Thelma DAVIS (#3194/1922 NSW BDM) at Ardelthan, NSW, Australia
5. William Frederick Diggelman 1896 at Hopetown, Victoria, Australia wed 2 October 1917 Larrie Marcella GOODWIN at Granville, Sydney, NSW, Australia died 1960-70 at Sydney, NSW, Australia Children: Clive, Lawrence, William, Marcella, Lesley, Norman (not sure this is correct)
6. Otto George Diggelman 17 January 1898 at Hopetown, Victoria, Australia, Notes: WWII Army Number N201746 N.O.K. Harry
7. Barbara Wina Diggelman 1900 (Victoria BDM #21915) at Rosebery, Victoria, Australia
8. Ernst Phil Diggelman 1902
9. Frederick Berthold Diggelman 14 July 1903 at Hopetown, Victoria, Australia wed Mary (b.1912 d. 28 March 2002-90yrs) Death notice Griffith Area News 15 May 2002
10. Bertram Ernest Diggelman 17 April 1907 at Goyner, Victoria, Australia, wed Myrtle
11. Alfred Diggelman died 1910 at Narrandera, NSW, Australia

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