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Brothers featured
Arthur Davies (b. c1803) children who went to Australia:
Arthur Davies b. c1826 - Married in Australia to Elizabeth Christiana Fenwick, returned to England with their children
Henry Davies b. c1829 – Married in London, after his time in Australia with the British Navy, to Louisa Foster
Slingsby Davies b. c1831 – Married in Australia to the Fraser sisters, and remained there
William Davies b. c1828 - Married in London to Sarah Anne Williams, returned to England with their children

Arthur Davies 1803 - 1867

From on Sun, 08 Oct 2006
Many thanks Elizabeth... I forgot yesterday that it was Sunday down your way and you would be busy. I had a look at your website this morning (in bed) and enjoyed reading about your trip diary etc...
You might be interested to know that Arthur Charles Davies (nephew to Slingsby) was a clergyman with the CoE in the Norfolk area... Various parishes such as thorpe Market and some others.. (you know they did the requisite - one a solicitor, one a clergyman, one an officer in the military etc)
Thanks again for all your help, Judith
Arthur DAVIES b. c1802 d. 1867 East Ashford Kent
Married 14/02/1825 at Scarborough Yorkshire to Catherine ATKINSON b. c1805 d 1864 East Ashford Kent
1841 census – Arthur DAVIES and wife Catharine ATKINSON
Parish of Kent
Dwelling: Withersden
Arthur DAVIES 35 Army H.P. (half pay)
Catharine DAVIES 30
Arthur DAVIES 14
William DAVIES 13
Henry DAVIES 12
Sophia DAVIES 10
Slingsby DAVIES 9
Charles DAVIES 7
Frederick DAVIES 4
Thomas DAVIES 1
Richard Freeman 24 Tutor
Elizabeth Pratt 24 Governess
Stephen Woodcock 25 M.S.
John Bayley 20 M.S.
Sarah Stanford 25 F.S.
Harriet Watts 20 F.S.
Caroline Mott 20 F.S.
Sarah Scott 20 F.S.
Source: HO 107 / 476 / 13 p5/6 stamp 26
1851 census – Arthur DAVIES and wife Catharine ATKINSON (night of 30th March 1851)
Dwelling: Withersden House, Wye
Arthur DAVIES (head) 47M Captain unattached? farming 300 acres employing 16 out door labourers b.Wales
Catherine DAVIES (wife) 45M b. Knutsford Cheshire
Sophia Catherine DAVIES (daughter) 20S b. Hartforth, Yorkshire
Emma Mary Jane DAVIES (daughter) 15S b. Kennington Kent
SLINGSBY DAVIES (son) 19S b. Kennington Kent (think this should be Yorkshire)
Fredric DAVIES (son) 13S b. Wye Kent
Thomas DAVIES (son) 11 b. Wye Kent
Annie WILLIAMS (visitor) 23S b. London Middlesex
Ellen Slaughter (servant) 23S b. Wye Kent
Fanny Hulbare (servant) 25S b. London Middlesex
Ann Jordan (servant)19S b. Wye Kent
Charles Goudain (servant) 22S b. Boughton
1861 census – Arthur DAVIES and wife Catherine ATKINSON
Dwelling: Withersdane Hall
Arthur DAVIS (head) 58M Captain unattached (Army) b. Swansea
Catherine DAVIS (wife) 56M b. Cumberland
Arthur DAVIS (son) 35M Proprietor of houses and lands in Australia b. Canterbury
Harry DAVIS (son) 31U Lieutenant R.N. b. Hartforth Yorkshire (Henry)
Sophia C DAVIS (daughter) 28U b. Hartforth Yorkshire
Emma Mary (daughter) 23U b. Kennington Kent
Eliza DAVIS (daughter in law) 38M b. Sweden (British Subject)
Fairfax DAVIS (grandson) 5 Scholar b. Australia
Arthur DAVIS (grandson) 6 Scholar b. Australia
Thomas Rodd (servant) 50M Coachman? B.? Jaspeweek? Pembrokeshire
James Sutton (servant) 29U Butler b. Deal Kent
Susannah Mason (servant) 34U Housekeeper b. St. Margaret Lewiston?
Source: RG 9 / 516 p2

From on Tue, 30 Jan 2007
From at least 1827 to 1831 Captain Arthur Davies leased Startforth Hall, in Startforth and Barnard Castle in Durham. There is reference to this in the Durham Record Office under Business and Industry Records (Solicitors) ref. D-HH-207 regarding the Startforth Hall lease. And also: - The following transcriptions from the baptisms of Headingley Yorkshire
Baptisms Solemnised At Headingley In The Year 1831
July 4 DAVIES Henry S/of Arthur & Catherine,
July 4 DAVIES Sophia Catherine D/of Arthur & Catherine, Startforth Hall, near Barnard Castle. (Captain in Army)
Dec 9 DAVIES Slingsby S/of Arthur & Catherine, Barnard Castle.(Captain in Navy)
The original Lt. Col Arthur Davies and his wife, and his eldest son Arthur are all buried in the pink marble tomb in Wye churchyard, as well as a younger son Thomas. The uncle, Mr. Fuller, comes from Morris' history of 1842. The pink marble tomb/vault in Wye Churchyard is very handsome, and must have been originally built for Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davies senior.
From the Wye Local History, Volume VI, No 1 (Spring 2002)
The Old Hamlet of Withersdane: According to Morris’s History of Wye, 1842, to which Captain Davies of Withersdane was one of the subscribers, there was a medieval hamlet, and possibly a Manor, “formerly of note’, at Withersdane, within the parish of Wye. But most of the ancient tenements, including one with the date of 1631, had fallen into decay.
Captain Davies and his family: By the early 1840’s, most of the Withersdane property appears to have belonged to a Mr. Fuller of London, who had built a mansion on the best site, which was lived in by his nephew, Captain Davies. Perusal of the 1841 census return shows that Captain Arthur davies (aged 37), his wife, Catherine (aged 30) and nine children, ranging from Arthur junior (aged 14) to Thomas (aged 1), lived in Withersdane Hall, with a tutor, a governess, two male and four female servants. So we can imagine a bustling family household.
The more detailed census of 1851 describes Captain Arthur Davies as farming 300 acres and employing sixteen outdoor labourers. He and his wife had five children living at home – the three elder boys had gone, leaving Sophia (20), Slingsby (19), Emma (15), Frederick (13) and young Thomas Harwood Davies (11), with four servants.
By 1861, Arthur junior, now 35 and the proprietor of houses and lands in Australia, is back home with his wife Eliza and two children, Arthur (6) and Fairfax (5). His brother Harry (31) is there and his sisters Sophia (28) and Emma (23) - but the 1860s were not good times for Captain Davies’ family. Go look at the pink marble tomb by the north wall of Wye churchyard overlooking the new graveyard. His youngest so, Thomas Harwood Davies had died aged 20 in 1860, then his eldest son, Arthur, died in 1862 – perhaps leaving his wife and young sons to inherit his property in Australia. His wife, Catherine, died in 1864, and then Arthur Davies himself in 1867. The only other member of the family recorded on the tomb is his daughter Sophia, who died in 1896 in Fulham, but chose to be buried in Wye.
Captain Davies appears to have been quite active in village affairs, and in 1863 was one of the trustees of Wye Charities mentioned in the Scheme of that date.

Arthur Davies 1826 - 1862

has obtained a copy of the wedding entry for Arthur to Elizabeth Christiana Fenwick, which took place on 21 May 1853 at St Pauls, Melbourne, in the County of Burke, in the Colony of Victoria. They were married by License by Louis A Baker, in the presence of A W Fenwick, M Hall, Hester Fenwick and S A Latrobe of Melbourne, and Henry Davies HMS 'Electra'
The number whose names are recorded as witnesses is unusual - the entry is the 4th on the page, after 3 weddings on 7 May 1853 -
64 George Brunton Watson and Charlotte Field were wed in the presence of William Reid, Mary Ann Field and Ann Underwood of Melbourne,
65 Charles Foulkes and Mary Ann Payton were wed in the presence of William Robert Pye and Mary Ann Pye
66 John Weir and Margaret Robertson were wed in the presence of Agnes Telfer and Joseph Dickson
Portarlington : Fairfax Street - This street, which crosses Fenwick Street, seems to indicate that the latter may have been named for Fairfax Fenwick, who did spend more of his time in the Bellarine district than his brother Nicholas, who already had had a street named in his honour in Geelong.
Portarlington : Fenwick Street - Fairfax and Nicholas Alexander Fenwick were joint Crown grantees of a large parcel of land in the parish of Bellarine, hence the old names of Fenwick and Fenwicks Gully in the Wallington area, the latter name also being associated with the Fenwick family seat in the north of England. Nicholas Fenwick was, of course, the second Police Magistrate of Geelong.
Brother may be
Fairfax Fenwick wed 1854 #25720 to Anna Maria Eyre Godfrey at Church of England, Kilmore
Arthur Davies b. c1826 - 1862, wed in Australia on 21 May 1853 to Elizabeth Christiana Fenwick, lived at Prahan then Kew, and returned to England with their children, where he died at Wye
3 children 1. Arthur Charles Davies 1854 #1765 wed June quarter 1880 to Ellen Augusta Davies 1858 #953 dau of William Davies
2. Fairfax Davies 1856 #600 wed Sep Quarter 1881 to Agnes Maude Taylor at Norwich
3. Henry William Davies 1859 #17401 - 1859 #7295 lived 5 months

Henry Davies

Henry Davies b. c1829 – Married in London, after his time in Australia with the British Navy, to Louisa Foster. Louisa Foster was born in Bath, Somerset and her birth is registered in Dec qtr 1844. They had seven children.
Listed as a Witness for his brother Arthur's wedding. - Henry Davies HMS Electra
The HMS Electra, sloop, was detached from the Eastern Imperial Squadron for special duties at Port Philip, Victoria From THE WAR STEAMER VICTORIA
The 18 gun Sloop Electra was commissioned 28 September 1837 and sold in 1862. 18 is the number of great guns or cannon carried, according to an establishment laid down by the Admiralty for each class of vessel. The number does not include any carronades that might be carried.
Australia's first 'real' naval vessel -- Her Majesty's Colonial Steam Sloop Victoria -- was designed as a blue water vessel, able to guard the coastline of the Colony of Victoria, as well as defend Port Phillip Bay. It was during the goldrush of the 1850s that harbour defence became urgent. In response to requests for help, the Royal Navy could only send an outdated relic, the sailing ship HMS Electra. It was this `insult' that made the proud colonists determined to have a warship of their own. Designed by brilliant British naval architect Oliver Lang, the Victoria was built at Limehouse, London, of the finest materials, and launched by Lady Constance Talbot in 1855.
The Rockbank Inn was said to have been “associated with the movement of diggers to the goldfields, and of the troops (12th and 40th Foot and Gun parties from HMS Electra and Fantome), moving with Sir Robert Nickle to quell the Eureka uprising.”
On the 1st December 1854, combined military reinforcements - consisting of the HQ 1st Battn. 12th, and 40th Army Regiments, a mounted police force and a naval contingent - marched from Melbourne to Ballarat, a distance exceeding 200kms. However, they arrived at Ballarat on 5 December 1854, two days after the Eureka Stockade rebellion, and took no part in the actual engagement. The naval contingent consisted of two officers and seventeen seamen from HMS Fantome under Lieutenant Barnaby with the ship’s 6-pounder field piece, and two officers and seventeen seamen under Lieutenant George R Keene from the HMS Electra with that ship’s 6-pounder field piece. Also attached was one gunner (in charge of magazine), possibly William Stanton of HMS Electra, and one assistant surgeon, possibly Thomas B. Purchase of HMS Electra. Lieutenant Barnaby of the HMS Fantotne was in overall charge of the naval contingent. Also landed from the two ships were thirty-seven marines who were posted as guard to the Treasury building, Spring Street, Melbourne. The two field pieces were supplied with shrapnel shells.
ELECTRA - 1949 , ex. HMS BULLHEAD Code letters: MRYX Official Number: 181889
Rigging: steel twin screws steam cable vessel; 2 decks; 6 partly cemented bulkheads; machinery aft;
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbcruiser stern; cellular double bottom, under engine 33 feet, forward 12 feet, 213 tons;
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbtank in way of tunnel 61 tons; Forward Peak Tank 22 tons; Aft Peak Tank 42 tons
Tonnage: 1,538 tons gross, 1,364 under deck and 563 net
Dimensions: 239.1 feet long, 36.4 foot beam and holds 22.3 feet deep; Bridge 41 feet
Construction: 1945, Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd. in Newcastle
Propulsion: triple expansion engine with 6 cylinders of 13, 22 & 36 inches diameter each pair;
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbstroke 24 inches; operating at 200 p.s.I.; 194 machinery numeral; 2 water tube boilers;
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbheating surface 2,900 sq. ft.; engine by the builders
Owners: Cable and Wireless Ltd. Port of registry: London

From on Fri, 14 Dec 2007
Good morning Elizabeth.
This morning I found this information about the time the Electra spent in Australian waters and thought you might be interested.
I also found that Henry Davies, was Lieutenant Commander in charge of the Gunboat "Spider" from 20 March 1856 and HMS "Forward" from 24 October 1857.On June 29, 1859 it was commanded by Lieutenant Commander Charles Rufus Robson, so assume Henry was no longer commanding at that time.
In 1861 he was back in England with his parents at Withersdane Hall, in Wye, Kent (presumably on leave or retired).
In 1870 he is listed in Morris and Co.’s Commercial Directory and Gazetteer 1870 under the Clergy and Gentry as Davies, Henry, Esq., Black Rock House, Buckfastleigh Devon (pages 473-475).
By 1871 he is listed as retired Commander, Royal Navy. So presumably he retired sometime after 1859 and before 1871.
Kind regards
Here is the information on the Electra, 1837
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 28 Sep 1837 ; Disposal date or year : 1862 BM: 462 tons
1830 Portsmouth , building.
20 Dec 1848 North America and West Indies Station
27 Dec 1852 It is reported in Sydney that the vessel is being fitted for the Australian Station
22 Oct 1852 Departed Portsmouth
31 January 1853 Departed Cape of Good Hope.
19 Mar 1853 Arrived Sydney.
16 Apr 1853 Sails for Melbourne.
Mid Jan 1854 Marines of the Electra put onboard the "Wanata," whose crew was in a state of mutiny and threatening the captain's life.
Jul 1854 At Geelong - exercised her great guns
15 Sep 1854 Capt Morris, arrives Sydney from Melbourne, which she left on 8th inst.
23 Sep 1854 Departs Sydney on a cruise.
23 Oct 1854 It is reported that the Senior mate, Mr Henry Davies, has been promoted Lieutenant
13 Nov 1854 It is reported that the Electra has recovered 4 boxes of specie from King's Island, late of the "Brahmin" or "Waterwitch," which have recently gone ashore on King's Island.
30 May 1855 Leaves Port Phillip Heads, Melbourne on a Cruise. Searching for short handed Portuguese vessel Tremelga in the Bass Straits.
1 Jun 1855 Spoke with Captain Adam of the "Thomas Ann Cole," about 12 miles SW of Rodondo, cruising in search of the Portuguese barque Tremelga - MM Herald 3 Jun
26 July 1855 Sailed early yesterday morning from Melbourne, for King's Island, in search of the crew of the schooner Elizabeth, lately wrecked there - MM Herald of 26 July
Sep 1855 Electra about to leave for Sydney for duty and that her place here (Melbourne) will be filled by HMS Fantome, now lying at Port Jackson
13 Oct 1855 Departed Melbourne for Auckland.
24 Oct 1855 Arrived Auckland from Melbourne
19 Nov 1855 Reported that arrived Sydney on Wed. last from Melbourne, from which port she sailed on the 13th inst. We understand that she was despatched from Melbourne on receipt of tidings respecting the lawless state of the Chatham Islands and has called at this port for instructions from his Excellency Col. Browne.
3 Dec 1855 Reported to have arrived from Auckland on Tues, having left that port on the 12 ultimo.. On the 20th ultimo the Electra was struck by a whirlwind which threw her on her beam ends. Ono of the boats was much damaged and the iron davits bent.
1860 Chatham, rated 14.

Slingsby Davies

Slingsby Davies from Yorkskire wed 1869 #3562 to Katherine Fraser 1844 - 1872 #49 aged 28, from Clare
Slingsby Davies Christening: 09 Dec 1831 at Headingley, Yorkshire, England son of Catherine Atkinson wed 14 Feb 1825 at Scarborough, Yorkshire, England to Arthur Davies
Slingsby Davies from Durham wed 1874 #2514 to Hannah Woodhouse Fraser from Cork, who appears to be a sister of Kate
2 children
of Cath
1. Simon Lovat Fraser Davies 1870 #25455
2. Slingsby Davis 1872 #920
8 children
of Hannah
3. William Davies 1875 #7376
4. Susan Mary Davies 1876 #21186 lived 9 months
5. Katherine Isabel Davies 1878 #6396
6. Henry Davies 1879 #20615
7. Hannah Frances Davies 1882 #122
8. Lillian May Davies 1883 #6532
9. Violet Davies 1885 #7276 lived 1 year
10. Sopia Emmie Davies 1888 #855

1. Simon Lovat Fraser Davies 1870 #25455, born at Windsor, wed 1900 #286 to Mildred Jane Rayson 1876 #2520
1 child 1. Mildred Joy Davies 1901 #11661

William Davies

William Davies b. c1828 - Married in London to Sarah Anne Williams, returned to England with their children, one of whom died at 3 days of age. The living children were Catherine Mary, Arthur Harwood and Ellen Augusta - my great grandmother, who married her first cousin, Arthur Charles, son of Arthur Davies (who is the one with the marriage certificate at the top of the page)
4 children 1. Catherine Mary Davies 1856 #950
2. Ellen Augusta Davies 1858 #953
3. Arthur Harwood Davies 1860 #13164
4. Unnamed Male Davies 1870 #8181 - 1870 #3998 lived 3 days

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