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John Strange Dandridge wed 11 Oct 1792 at Oxford, England to Catherine Chester
Edward Dandridge christening: 08 Jul 1797 Saint Michael Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcester, England
From (who has the 9 generation Nares Family web site) on Fri, 24 Oct 2003
One of the ancestors, George Nares (1683-1755) married 6th March 1699 at St Magnus the Martyr in London to Jane Dandridge, but there is little information about her.
George's son, Sir George Nares (1716-1786) married 1 Oct 1751 to Mary Strange, daughter of Sir John Strange (master of the Rolls) and Susanna Strong
Mary's sister, Laetitia Strange, married 21 OCT 1760 at Kings Walden, Hertford, England to John Dandridge, son of John and Penelope Dandridge (who must be related to Jane Dandridge, above, but we can't make the link!) and they had four children; Edward (1762-1789), Emily Laetitia (1763-?), John Strange (1765-1841) and George (1766-1823).
John Strange married Catherine Chester and they had three children; Charles, John Strange (b.1795) and George (1799-1858)
We knew that John Strange (b.1795) had a son, Edward (1829-1911) but it would seem that the John Strong Strange Dandridge in your pages was also one of his sons, with two such unusual family names as his middle names and the dates working out as well!

Letter 2

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003
Dear Elizabeth,
I have dug out my files this morning, and found the source of my information. My grandfather commissioned a genealogist (Henry Curtis) in 1934, to do research into the Nares, Dandridge (and other) families. The Dandidge line goes down, as I outlined in my first email, to Rev. John Strange Dandridge but does not give any info on who his wife was. Indeed, you may have the key that unravels a puzzle, because the entry for John Str D reads;
"(born c. 1795)........A prolonged search, early and late, of Clerical Guides and Directories indicates that the Rev. John Strange Dandridge No2 never held a cure, and no other Rev. John Dandridge's name appears, from the earliest Clerical Guide, ed 1819, in the British Museum, down to the '90's.
He appears, therefore, to be the Rev. John Dandridge of Rettenden, near Raleigh and Billericay, Essex, and father of Gen. Edward D........."
I wonder whether this was an incorrect assumption and that Rev J S D went to Australia (hence didn't appear in British records) and his son, John Strong Strange D may have been born in Australia but sent to the UK for schooling and then returned in 1853? Edward may therefore be nothing to do with this branch of the family. Alternatively, (and more likely?) the Rev. JSD may have died young and hence "..never held a cure".
Whatever, I am still convince that he is John Strong Strange's father! ATB, Oliver

From Tasmanian records - DANDRIDGE John Strange - Superintendent of Aborigines - Date of Appointment to present Office July 1855 Date of First Appointment under Government - March 1855 he appears to be in Tasmanian archives as JJohn Strange Dandridge born 1825 in UK and died 1874 in Hobart, wed 1847 in Hobart to Maria Prout and registered 6 chn
6 children 1. John Strange Dandridge 1848
2. F Dandridge 1850
3. Catherine Mati Dandridge 1852 wed 1876 to Henry John Chalmers in Hobart
4. George William Caesar Dandridge 1859 - 1862 died at Kingston, Tas
5. Charles Edward C Dandridge 1863
6. Chester Owen Dandridge 1866

John Strong Strange Dandridge 1822 - 1904 #14166 aged 82, son of Susan Williams and John Strange Dandridge with a christening: 25 NOV 1823 at Saint Peter, Droitwich, Worcester, England. He came to Victoria Jan 1853 on the Wandsworth, aged 30 and died at Tarnagulla, wed 1859 #2662 to Hannah Twigg 1822 - 26 Jan 1900. John was a school teacher, died 7 Oct 1904 and both are buried at Newbridge.
4 children 1. John Dandridge 1860 #10525
2. Susan Elizabeth Dandridge 1862
3. Hannah Maree Dandridge 1862 #11559 lived 11 months
4. Laura Anna Dandridge 1865 lived 3 months
1. John Dandridge 1860 #10525 - 1948 #3418 aged 87, wed 1885 #929 to Margaret Anna Ester 1860 - 1943 #11563 aged 83, daughter of Jane McCullagh and Andrew Esler born in Bangor, Ireland
4 Children 1. Andrew Strong Strange Dandridge 1885 #25006 wed 1918 #6493 to Tessa Elvie Lord
2. Hannah Dandridge 1887 #19069
3. Jane Dandridge 1891 #6174 lived 2 months
4. Jno Leslie Dandridge 1898 #21578
2. Susan Elizabeth Dandridge 1862 wed 1884 #2085 to Francis George Griffiths from Tasmania
1 Child 1. Clara Margaret Griffiths 1885 #14097
2. Percival Dandridge Griffiths 1896 #7298

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