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From on Monday, 28 January 2013
Hullo Elizabeth,
I have just revisited your site as I am in the process of writig a piece of the daughters of Edward and Elizabeth Curr.
I have a correction for you re the birth of Elizabeth Sarah Curr- daughter No 4 and child number 10 and my great grandmother.
I have now established that she was born in Sheffield England-- NOT Sheffield Tasmania as indicated in your website.
This became clear as I searched forher BDM. I also have records of her birth and death certificates. She lived to a ripe old age as did her elder sister Augusta Field Gurner
Born at Park Cottage, Sheffield, Yorkshire on January 15, 1834. and was baptised on 17 February 1834, recorded in the Register of Births and Baptisms at the Roman Catholic Chapel on New Row in the Parish of Sheffield, Yorkshire from 1826 to 1840.
However it is clear from family, VDL compay and shipping records that both of her parents, Eward and Elizaberh Curr, went from van Diemen's Land to England in 1833 and did not return until late 1834. Her marriage certificate gives the place of birth as Sheffield. This was Sheffield England. Sheffield in Tasmania was not established until the 1840s.
After much hard work, I found her record of baptism, Jocelyn O'Neil

From on Tue, 01 Apr 2008
Hi Elizabeth
I have current possession of a birthday book that appears to have been used with new entries over a couple of generations and many of the entries appear to be the individual's signature at their day of the year that is their birthday. Some of the entries appear to have been made by one person, probably the then current owner of the book. One of the 'signatures' is Edward Curr not Edward Morrison Curr.
It would appear that the safest thing nowadays is to refer to the former CEO of the Van Diemen Land Co. and "Father of Separation" (of Vic from NSW) as simply Edward Curr as distinct from his son Edward Micklethwaite Curr (often referred to as Edward M. Curr). I have looked further and have not been able to find any reference during the elder Edward Curr's life to him being Edward Morrison Curr. I currently believe that the Morrison is a furphy that has somehow crept in after Edward Curr's by confusion with his son.
regards, John

From on Friday, 28 September 2012
Hi, I was looking for Constance Mary Micklethwaite (as shown on the Victoria BMD indices on Ancestry) and Google found your site. Thanks for making the data available - she was obviously actually a Curr, being daughter of Edward Micklethwait Curr and Margaret Vaughan, so I can discard her from my Micklethwait(e) database.
You record Edward Curr's wife as Elizabeth Micklethwaite, daughter of "unknown" Micklethwaite and Sarah Lister. He isn't unknown - he is Benjamin Micklethwait 1762-98. The marriage of Benjamin Micklethwaite and Sarah Lister at Sheffield is recorded on FamilySearch in batch M007758 16 May 1795.
Further details of Benjamin's extensive ancestry are to be found on John Micklethwait's excellent site under tree 1a, ID 141, although John mentions a possible marriage in Chesterfield which is contradicted by the FamilySearch data.
HTH Andy at andymick/micklethwaite.htm

Edward Curr 1798 - 1850 #44642 aged 52 burial in Roman Catholic records, of St Hiliers, and Elizabeth Micklethwait 1798 - 1866 #12013 aged 68, daughter of Sarah Lester and Unknown Micklethwaite of York, came c1840 to Melbourne from Tasmania.
They had Florence baptised in 1842, Geraldine in 1842, and eleven siblings baptised in St Francis Roman Catholic Church, Melbourne 1846.
Child 11 - Arthur's birthplace is VDL - Van Deiman's Land or Tasmania, registered in Victoria.
Tasmanian birth records show
space1. Edward Micklethwait Curr 1821
space2. Carolus Henricus Curr 1826
space3. Walterus Curr 1827
space4. Augusta Maria Curr 1829
space5. Juliana Theresa Curr 1832
space6. Flora Mary Curr 1841
15 children 1. Edward Miclethwait Curr born 1821 baptised 1846 #39544
2. William Talbot Curr 1822 - 1846 #40358 aged 24 born at St Helvin
3. Richard Taylor Curr baptised 1846 #39545
4. Agnes Henrietta Curr baptised 1846 #39546
5. Charles Henry Curr born 1826 baptised 1846 #39547
6. Walter Curr born 1827 baptised 1846 #39548
7. Augusta Mary Curr born 1829 baptised 1846 #39549
8. Arthur Curr 1830, baptised 1846 #39550 - 1854 #4857 aged 24 born in VDL
9. Juliana Theresa Curr born 1832
10. Elizabeth Sarah Curr baptised 1846 #39551, born at Park Cottage, Sheffield, Yorkshire on 15 Jan 1834, and was baptised on 17 Feb 1834
11. Marmaduke Curr baptised 1846 #39552 12. Julius Curr 1836 - 1892 #12016 aged 56 baptised 1846 #39553
13. Montague Curr born 9 Sep 1837 baptised 1846 #39554 14. Florence Mary Curr born 1841 baptised 1842 #36352
15. Geraldine Mary Curr baptised 1843 #36787

2. Edward Miclethwait Curr 1821 - 1889 #14376 aged 68, baptised 1846 #39544 wed c1855 to Margaret Vaughan 1831 - 1886 #7553 aged 55, died at St Kilda.Notice in two cases Edward's second name becomes the child's surname. The family lived at St Kilda and South Yarra
Edward Miclethwait Curr wed c1890 to Mary Cunninghame McLeod 1864 #11239 daughter of Lillian Cunninghame and Donald McLeod
5 Children 1. Constance Mary Micklethwaite 1856 #11865
2. Ela Mary Curr 1864 #4586
3. Justice Micklethwaite 1866 #11332
4. Hubert Carr 1868 #12412
5. Ernest Joseph Curr 1870 #5362
2 Children
of Mary
6. Lilias Mary Margt Curr 1891 #27918
7. John Vaughan Curr 1898 #3015
Anne Curr c1821 - 1890 #11943 aged 69 died at Geelong, parents unknown, wed 1843 #34800 to Thomas Fuller and lived at Geelong
Ann's surname is rendered Curr, Carr and Kerr. The first four children are recorded from their baptisms, later ones by registration
7 Children 1. Thomas Fuller 1843 #34451
2. Edward Fuller 1845 #1040
3. Joseph Fuller 1848 #2976
4. Samuel Fuller 1849 #4229 - 1875 #15410 aged 26 died as Samuel James Fuller
5. Ann Fuller 1859 - 1861 #7348 lived 2 years
6. Ann Fuller 1862 - 1866 #5091 lived 4 years
7. Frederick Fuller 1865 #22284
4. Agnes Henrietta Curr c1830 baptised 1846 #39546 wed 1849 #33753 to Hastings Cunningham at both Roman Catholic and Presbyterian Churches, and the first child was baptised in the Church of England at Mt Emu Creek
6 Children 1. Rebecca Harriet Cunningham 1852 #17738 - 1936 #9032 aged 82 died at Toorak, did not marry
2. Hastings Cunningham 1856 #4299 - 1867 #8478 aged 11 years
3. Unnamed Male Cunningham 1857 #10487
4. Twin Alexander Cunningham 1864 #14500
5. Twin Percy Cunningham 1864 #14501
6. Allan Vernibauld Cunningham 1868 #21784 - 1869 #8519 lived 1 year

From on Tue, 24 Apr 2007
Hello Elizabeth...sorry to spam you like this. I have been searching the web and noted your web-site in relation to the Curr family. I have a slight connection in as much....Augusta Mary Curr was married to Henry Field Gurner.
Henry's mother (Rebecca Gallifant) was the daughter of my gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather Daniel Gallifant. Do you have any other info on the Gurner family that you can share. I would be willing to exchange info on the Gallifant/Gallafent family which go back to the time of the Tudor kings of England.
Thanks, Tim

Web sites Henry Field Gurner (1819-1883), solicitor, was born on 31 March 1819 in Sydney, the second son of John Gurner and his wife Rebecca Ann, née Gallefant. He was educated at W. T. Cape's School, became a clerk under his father in the Supreme Court in 1834, then worked for the crown solicitor, Francis Fisher, and in 1841 was admitted as an attorney, solicitor and proctor in New South Wales. On 10 February he was appointed deputy-registrar and clerk of the Supreme Court of New South Wales for the Port Phillip District and in May became the first attorney, solicitor and proctor admitted in Melbourne. He entered private practice in November but on 6 January 1842 became clerk of the peace and crown solicitor at Port Phillip and in September agreed to act until December as the first town clerk of Melbourne.
Gurner was crown solicitor of Victoria from July 1851 until he retired in November 1880. Gurner Street, St Kilda, was named in his honour. During a brief recall as crown solicitor he died at the Melbourne Club on 17 April 1883 and was buried in the St Kilda cemetery; he left an estate worth £61,000. His wife Augusta Mary, daughter of Edward Curr, was a skilled horsewoman and travelled widely before she died aged 88 in 1917. Of their eight surviving children, Henry Edward and John Augustus were barristers and the latter became crown prosecutor in Victoria.
The Gurner parents came to Sydney 1816 as staff on the convict ship Lord Melville

6. Augusta Mary Curr 1829 baptised 1846 #39549 wed 1851 #31739 to Henry Field Gurner 1819 - 1883 #5831 aged 64, son of Rebecca Ann Gallefant and John Gurner died at South Melbourne, marriage in both Catholic and Anglican records. The first two children were baptised 1854 #18784 and #18785, as soon as the second was born, he was then registered early in 1855
10 Children 1. Henry Edward Gurner 1854 #1808
2. John Augustus Gurner 1855 #665
3. Evelyn Percy Gurner 1856 #3947 lived 7 months
4. Unnamed Male Gurner 1857 #9068
5. Unnamed Female Gurner 1862 #9375
6. Adeline Florence Gurner 1863 #9076
7. Unnamed Female (Laura Shirl De Courcy) Gurner 1864 #11936 - 1864 #8786 aged 6 months
8. Unnamed Female Gurner 1866 #5134
9. Victor Gallifant Gurner 1869 #25316
10. Unnamed Female (Shirley Annie) Gurner 1871 #12593 - 1877 #12578 aged 7 years
6. Adeline Florence Gurner 1863 #9076 wed 1889 to James de Vere Allen and had 8 children - link to different web site
10. Elizabeth Sarah Curr born at Park Cottage, Sheffield, Yorkshire on 15 Jan 1834, and was baptised on 17 Feb 1834, also baptised 1846 #39551 wed 1854 #896 to Daniel Pennefather and lived at Brighton, also wed 1855 at Launceston, where Evelyn was born, 4 Children
15. Geraldine Mary Curr c1844 wed 10 Mar 1864 #170 to Chas Warburton Carr c1824 - 1888, and lived at Avoca
4 children 1. Florence Dora Carr 17 Apr 1865 #18884 - 26 Sep 1866 lived 1 year
2. Percival Warburton Carr 6 Aug 1866 - 27 Jul 1932 wed 1896 #2092 to Constance Mary Wadsworth 1861 - 1932, 3 chn, no issue 3. Ethel May Geraldine Carr 14 May 1870 #13034 - 25 May 1954, did not marry
3. Cecil Garnet Warbuton Carr 1873 #21503
4. Chas Warburton Leonard Carr 14 Oct 1876, registered 1877 #6328 - 6 Jan 1896 #3396 aged 19 died as a result of falling from his horse
9. Cecil Garnett Warburton Carr 1873 #21503 - 1904 #1109 aged 31, wed 1899 #404 to John Mickle Lyall 1869 #14921, 5 Children

From on Friday, 31 December, 2010
You have a small error in your excellent website regarding my relation Charles Warburton Carr.
On the Lyall page, John Mickle Lyall is shown as marrying Cecil Garnet Warburton Carr, “daughter of Geraldine Mary Curr and Charles Warburton Curr born at Avoca”. Charles Warburton Carr’s surname should be Carr, not Curr – it is an easy mistake because a Carr married a Curr.
He’s an interesting character because he was warden of the goldfields in a few locations and gave his name to the town of Warburton. He is most famous in Avoca where he eventually settled and where they have a beautiful oil painting of him, recently restored. He is my gt-gt-grandmother’s brother.
Charles Warburton Carr
* Born c1824 in Dublin, Ireland to Rev Thomas Carpenter Carr and Frances Susanna Mongan.
Arrived in Vic c1850 but we can’t find a record. Two of his sisters, including my ancestor and her family, arrived in at Port Phillip on the Ben Nevis in 1853 as Unassisted Immigrants, and he was already here.
Spouse: Geraldine Mary Katherine Curr (you already have her and her family on your site). They married 10 Mar 1864 #170
Thankyou for filling in the exact dates for each of the children of Geraldine and Charles Carr.
I also checked The Melbourne Argus, and found the page dated Saturday 12 March 1864, where his wedding is listed, at Kew by Rev Rowland Heyward. Charles Warburton Carr, Esq., P.M., only son of the late Rev Thomas C Carr, rector of Aghavor, Queen's County, Ireland, to Geraldine Mary Curr, youngest daughter of the late Edward Curr, Esq., of St Hilliers.

And on Wednesday 19 April 1865 the birth of a daughter on 17 April was announced.
On Wednesday 6 January 1869 Charles Warburton Carr of Avoca, is in the list of Police Magistrates for the colony of Victoria

This letter shows how errors creep in -

From on Sat, 1 Sep 2007
Hi Elizabeth, Here is some info for your web page, reference is 'Historic Stanley, Marguerite Close (Stanley) 1982. Regards,
Note - I have changed dates to format day/month/year - my standard, put date beside name of event such as birth, and put lower case instead of some capital letters. The original copied here is a jpg file sent by Geoff. Ask and I will send you a copy - it is filed under the surname Curr.

From the Diary of Elizabeth Curr

Edward Curr, born 1 July 1778 at Belle View House, Sheffield, England
wed 30 June at Belle View House by Rev Richard Rimmer and again on 1 July 1818 by Rev Mathew Preston at the Protestant Church, Sheffield
to Elizabeth Micklethwaite born 27 May 1879 Eyne St, Sheffield, Eng [Sailed to Tasmania 1820, back to UK 1823-25, in Tasmania 1827, 1833-4 at Park Cottage, Sheffield, England, 1835 at Circular Head Sydney, and to Victoria 1841]

Their children are as follows...
1. Edward Micklethwaite Curr born 25 Dec 1820 at Belle View House, Argyle St, Hobart, Tasmania
2. William Talbort Curr born 4 Mar 1822 at the same address
3. Richard Taylor Curr born 22 June 1823 on board ship off New Zealand on way to England
4. Agnes Henrietta Curr born 10 Dec 1825 at Workshop, Nottinghamshire (Later known as 'The Lady in Grey' in Melbourne.)
5.Charles Henry Curr born 22 Mar 1827 at Belle View House, Argyle St, Hobart
6. Walter Curr born 10 June 1828 same address
7. Augusta Mary Curr 24 Sep 1830 - First white child born in Circular Head - at Highfield, Stanley, Tasmania, the Van Diemens Land Company settlement.
8. Arthur Curr born 27 Sep 1831
9. Juliana Teresa Curr born 10 July 1832, died 24 June 1835, buried at Highfield
10. Elizabeth Sarah Curr born 10 Jan 1834 at Park Cottage, Sheffield, England
11. Marmaduke Curr born 25 Feb 1835 at Circular Head
12. Julius Curr born Sunday 15 Oct 1836 at Circular Head
13. Montague Curr born 9 Sep 1837 at Circular Head
14. Florence Mary Curr born 12 May 1841 at Circular Head
15. Geraldine Mary Curr born Sat 21 June 1843 at 'St Holiers' Melbourne.

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