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Richard Cundale wed 18 Sept 1823 at St Peters Leeds, to Hannah Winders.
He worked as a limeburner.
Children christened are
4 children 1. John Cundall 2 Oct 1824 wed Hannah Rockett born 25 Dec 1832
2. Thomas Cundall 01 Jan 1826
3. George Cundale 14 Oct 1827 maybe wed Harriet born 17 Apr 1836
4. William Cundall 09 Nov 1830

Data from Brian Townsley page.
Hannah Winders Oct 1802 daughter of Hannah Stephenson and Mark Winder born at Leeds, Yorkshire. Mark born May 1765 Leeds, Yorkshire is son of Elizabeth Dawson and Thomas Winder and wed 22 SEP 1795 in St Peter, Leeds to Hannah Stephenson.
Children are John Oct 1824, Thomas Dec 1825, George Oct 1827, William Nov 1830, Hannah Dec 1832, George June 1834, Harriet Apr 1836
From: on Sun, 1 Feb 2004 and Sun, 28 Nov 2004
Hello there, nice to hear from you.
Looking into what I know of the CUNDALL (which isn't a lot!) You probably know all of this, but haven't looked back at the site.
John CUNDALE bt. 2 Jan 1825 St Peters Leeds
Thomas CUNDALL bt. 1 jan 1826 St Peters Leeds
George bt. 14 Oct 1827 and William bt. 9 Nov 1830
all children of Richard & Hannah CUNDALE/CUNDALL (from the entry in Brotherton PR's when Jn=Hannah ROCKETT, Richard is a Carter)
Richard CUNDALE = Hannah WINDERS 18 Sep 1823 St Peters Leeds
also Hannah CUNDALE = Abraham BEST 8 Oct 1836 St Peters Leeds, although, of course, it doesn't have to be the same Hannah - but it might be!
The censuses tend to be negatives, rather than 'yes, they are there'
We have no trace of any of the brothers coming back to Yorkshire, but will search thru the 1861 census, to see if any are there - have got the 1891 census too, but it's a bit late. Definately aren't on the 1901. Can also see who is on the 1841 - if only they had written a letter and posted it on the internet for us to find. Well - I can dream can't I?!
Will try and find something out for you - best wishes -

Shipping records have the Ellen arriving Oct 1852 with 390 Unassisted Immigrants to Victoria Oct 1852 including John Cundell 28 and Thomas Cundell 27, and also John Bulmer aged 32
Shipping records have the Martin Luther arrived May 1854 lists 71 passengers including Anna Cundall 30, George Cundall 25, Sarah 3 and Emma 1.
Thomas James Castle Cundall 1826 - 1880, married 1869 #824 to Bridget O’Mara, no known children
Cundall Anne aged 26 came Sep 1860 on the Wanata may be a cousin of John, she wed 1863 #170 to Heinrich Hatje, no further records
John Cundall 2 Oct 1824, son of Hannah Winders and Richard Cundall, wed 17 Feb 1850 to Hannah Rockett born 25 Dec 1832 at Brotherton, daughter of John Rocket and Sarah Wilson. John Cundall was a cabinet maker who could sign his own name.
4 children 1. Sarah Cundall 1852 married (1) William Arnold, 10 chn and mar (2) Edward Cockayne and died at Eaglehawk
2. Emma Cundall 1855 married (1) Peter Matthews 7 chn, and mar (2) David Russell Arnold
3. Harriet Cundall born Pleasant Creek Vic 1858 married John Thomas Roe.
4. Annis Cundall born Inglewood Vic 1861 wed 1887 #4401 to Thomas William Roberts born in Cornwall, no known children

1. Sarah Cundall 1852 wed 1871 #121 to William Arnold, 10 chn and mar (2) in 1910 to Edward Cockayne and died at Eaglehawk, 10 children
2. Emma Cundall 1855 married (1) 1874 #3464 to Peter Matthews 7 chn and mar (2) David Russell Arnold
3. Harriet Cundall 1858 born at Pleasant Creek Vic wed 1877 #4625 to John Thomas Roe, born in Yorkshire, not in Victorian Death records, 6 children

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