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5 children of Mary and Lewis Crowl
Children of Mary Ann Grace Williams and Lewis Crowl
Silas Samual, Catherine Rogers, Mary Jane (their g gran),William Thomas, Margaret Annie
With thanks to Peter & Barbara, who sent me the photo of Children of Mary Ann Grace Williams and Lewis Crowl on Fri, 10 Feb 2006 And today I had a new email from , received on Fri, 10 Feb 2006

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Lewis Crowl 5 Sep 1840 - 26 Jun 1882 aged 42, born in St Stephen in Brannel, Cornwall son of John Crowle and Mary Coome, arrived 1863 in South Australia, "Mary Shepherd". He wed 1 Oct 1865 in Wallaroo, Sth. Australia, to Mary Ann Grace Williams 2 Feb 1841 - 20 Jun 1874 aged 35, daughter of Catherine Deeble Rogers and Silas Williams who arrived 15 Feb 1863 in South Australia, "Morning Star"
From the Coward web site, Mary Ann Grace Williams 02 February 1841 in Cornwall, England was widow of John Thomas, with a son John Thomas, Born 22 August 1863 in Kapunda S.A. and died 09 November 1934 in New Zealand
Lewis Crowl wed 1879 #3536 to Mary Ann Rouse from Cornwall
5 children 1. Catherine Rogers Crowl 1867 #21560
2. Mary Jane Crowl 1869 #2049
3. Silas Samuel Crowl 1870 #22797 - 1912 #4715 aged 41
4. William Thomas Crowl 1872 #2124
5. Margaret Annie Crowl 1873 #8954
3 Children
of Mary
6. James Henry Rowse Crowl 1879 lived 5 months
7. Lewis John Crowl 1881 #8854
8. Albert James Crowl 1882 #15638
Francis Daykin -
Francis Daykin wed Eliza Reed 1857, their baby died 1858 aged 5 days, and Eliza died 1860 aged 21.
F Daykin aged 26 and J Daykin aged 63, came April 1862 on the Omeo
From on Sunday, 24 May, 2009
Copy of marriage at All Saints Anglican Church Sandhurst, Victoria. They are my acestors.

Bridget O'MALLEY, Born: 1843, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, Marriage: Francis DAYKIN. on 7 July 1862 in Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia and Died: 15 July 1913, Grey Lynn, Auckland New Zealand, at age 70
Went to New Zealand before her first of 10 children was born.
Francis Daykin, son of Nancy Airey wed 10 Nov 1823 to John Daykin at Linton In Craven, Yorkshire, was born in 1835 in Linton In Craven, died on 8 August 1881 in Mount Pleasant, Parawai, Thames, New Zealand, and was buried on 10 August 1881 in Shortland Cemetery, Thames, New Zealand.
, In 1822, Thomas Airay was a grocer in Grassington which is about 1 mile from Linton In Craven.

From on Wed 12 Apr 2006
Delighted to find the photo of Lewis and Mary Ann's children. Catherine Rogers Crowle was my husband's grandmother.
Francis Daykin and Catherine Crowle actually had 7 children.
Hope this is of interest.
Glenda Daykin Ballarat

I am sorry - I do not know why the date 1900 renders oddly.
1. Catherine Rogers Crowl 1867 #21560 wed 1894 #6566 to Francis Daykin and lived at Ballarat
7 children 1. William Francis Daykin 1895 - 1964 [my father-in-law]
2. Edith Hannah Daykin 1898 #15899 lived 1 year
3. Henry [Harry] Daykin 1 900-1986
4. Elsie May Daykin 1902 #7473
5. John Lewis Daykin 1904 - 1907 #6968 aged 3 years
6. Albert Arthur Daykin 1907 #15800
7. Samuel Robert Daykin 1910 #8328 - 1933
2. Mary Jane Crowl 1869 #2049 wed 1887 #5259 to Hezekiah Crago and lived at Eaglehawk, then Ballarat, 10 children
3. Silas Samuel Crowl 1870 #22797 - 1912 #4715 aged 41, wed 1893 #5673 to Edith Miners 1875 #11589 - 1901 #8516 aged 26.
Silas Samuel Crowl wed 1905 to Ada Wilhelmina Zwar in Durban, South Africa, daughter of Michael Zwar and Agnes Zimmer
2 children 1. Fred Saml Crowl 1896 #2918 lived 1 month
2. William John Crowl 1900-1967 #28361 aged 67, wed 1936 to Laura Marion McKenzie 1903 #4110 dau of Laura Agnes Hendy of Raywood, Vic, wed 1889 #7111 to Donald Mckenzie from Aberdeen, born in Kerang.
2 children
of Ada
3. Lyall Zwar Crowl 3 Oct 1906 - 11 Feb 1966 wed 1936 to Jean Olive Canfield
4. Gavan Michael Crowl (birth registered 1911 #1027) 5 Nov 1910 - 5 Oct 1997 wed 1943 to Betty Emma Collins

Silas Samuel was my grandfather on my father's side. He was known as Sam. His second wife, my grandmother, was Ada Wilhelmina Zwar, the youngest daughter of Michael Zwar and Agnes Zimmer, who migrated from Germany in the early 1850s. They were not German, but Wends or Sorbs, a Slavic minority who had originally come from Poland, and were discriminated against in Germany.

5. Margaret Annie Crowl 1873 #8954 wed 1893 #3345 to Edwin Poad born in Cornwall and lived at Eaglehawk
7 children 1. Lewis Alex Poad 1893 #31072
2. Mabel Poad 1895 #20292 lived 1 year
3. Jno Reynolds Poad 1896 #19436 lived 1 month (January 1897)
4. Andw Poad 1898 #10628 lived 1 month (January 1899)
5. Albt Ernt Poad 1899 #18135 - 1901 #5475
6. Wm Robert Poad 1900 #26107 - 1900 #12630 lived 1 month
7. Margaret Poad (adopted?) wed Trigwell.
7. Lewis John Crowl 1881 #8854
From on Sunday, 1 February, 2009
Hi Friends I have been searching internet sites for some months now regarding my father's family. I found Elizabeth Janson's site and your photograph of the children of Mary Ann Grace Williams and Lewis Crowl. I knew the name of Poad as my father's relations and instantly knew that I had struck pay dirt. Thank you for supplying the photograph of my half ancestors. I have been told by my father that Margaret Annie in your photo was also known as "Bid" for reasons unknown.
The name Crowl/Crowle spelling changed for reasons unknown to me or my father (still living).
I may be able to fill in some gaps for you regarding my grandfather, although I never knew him. Lewis John Crowle born Bendigo Victoria in 1881, one year before Lewis Crowl Snr (Mine Manager at Eaglehawk Sandhurst) died in a mining accident 1882. Lewis John Crowle lived in Bendigo for 27 years before moving to Western Australia where he lived until his death, 20th December 1953 at Bunbury District Hospital aged 72 years - Register of deaths No. 18953. Buried at Anglican Cemetery Bunbury. He was a station master/railway employee at various country locations in Western Australia. At age 30 he married Amy Eileen Kruger b.around 1886 Horsham Victoria dec'd 24/12/1960/61, aged 25 on 19th April 1911 at Midland Junction, Church of the Ascension Western Australia. Amy Eileen Kruger was the child of Henry Richard Kruger (Dec'd), Bank Manager, (Horsham Vic.?) and Lucy Annie Mary Bennett -their issue Dora Kruger and Norman Kruger (school teacher?). Haven't had luck tracing this side of the family.
Lewis John Crowle & Amy Eileen Kruger had 4 children:
1. Dorothy Amy Crowle (Dec'd - aka Billie) born around 1912 who m. Desmond Kelly with one issue Kathleen Kelly (Still living WA).
2. Kathleen Joan Crowle b. 22/6/1914 - 24/12/1998 who m. prior 1953 Max Ranson (Dec'd) with issue Ross (still Living WA), Maxine (still living WA) and Ronald (Dec'd).
3. Betty Lewis Crowle b. 1919 (Dec'd) who married Arthur Christian Williamson 9/9/1950 (aka Snooks Dec'd) with issue of Arthur Garry Lewis (Garry) (still Living WA), Kim (still Living WA), Rodger (still Living WA), Geoffrey who died at a few days old and then Terry Williamson (still Living WA, who were fostered out after Betty's death.
4. Peter John Crowle (still living WA) b. 15th October 1928 in Bellevue WA. m. Maxine Pearl Jarvis (still living WA), daughter of Ernest Edward Richard Cave Jarvis and Lillian Iris Ella Smith of Bunbury on 9th September 1950 - both dec'd.
My father was touched that the reason his father did not talk much about his father was because Lewis Crowle had died when he was only one year old and so he didn't know him at all. Thank you for your contribution to our family. I have a lot of people to contact I think. Regards Marilyn McCutcheon nee Crowle

8. Albert James Crowl 1882 #15638 - 12 Jul 1949 aged 67, wed 1908 #5656 to Rosina Geake, 1884 #2190 daughter of Mary Ann Hutchins and Richard Geake born in California Gully registered at Eaglehawk,
7 children 1. Norma Irene Crowl 1909 wed Jack Williams.
2. Myra Elaine Crowl 1910 wed 1928 to Willis Gordon Meager 24 May 1910 - 9 Feb 1964 aged 54
3. Hilda Winifred Crowl 1912
4. Rosina Madge Crowl 1913 #21225 - 1952 #4936 aged 38 died at Paynesville, wed Harold Grigg
5. Albt Ronald Crowl 1914 #30710 wed Edna (unknown)
6. Nancy Jean Crowl 1917 #19932 wed Kelvin Wright
7. Jno Richard Crowl 1919 #18659 - 1963 #3725 aged 43, died at Footscray, Vic

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