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Isaac Williams and Rachel Hoddy who came 1789

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From Tim Hoddy, on Rootsweb Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000
Addition June 1995 From Court Rolls at Greater London Record Office. (These appear to be the committal documents completed at a lower court. The documents were on a roll and covered in grime, it wouldn't surprise if they hadn't been opened since about the time she was sentenced.
'Nimrod Blampin, of Gravel Lane, Southwark, a carpenter bound over in the sum of £40 to appear 7th June 1788. James Kember @ N Wrights, Gt Almondary West and Thomas Hines @ Mrs Wassals, Sanctuary'. (This would seem to be two of the witnesses and their addresses)
'The Jurors for our Lord the King upon their oath present that Ann Hardiman late of the parish of St Margaret's, Westminster in the County of Middlesex, spinster, and Rachel Hoddy late of the said (parish ?), spinster, on the seventh of June in the twenty eighth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third , King of Great Britain, with force and arms at the parish aforesaid in the County aforesaid. One cloth coat of the value of ten shillings, one velvet waistcoat of the value of six shillings, one pair of leather breeches of the value of six shillings, one mans hat of the value of four shillings, one pair of leather shoes the value of 12 pence, one pair of base metal shoe buckles plated with silver of the value of four shillings, one base metal shoe buckle plated with silver of the value of twopence, one base metal tobacco box of the value of twopence, and three shillings in monies numbered of the goods chattels and monies of Nimrod Blampin then and there being found feloniously did steal, take and carry away against the peace of our said Lord the King his Crown and Dignity'
(Notes beneath the Indictment)
'Puts herself busy. Say Guilty, no goods. To be transported beyond the seas for the term of seven years to such place as His Majesty with The Privy Council shall think fit to declare and appoint persuant to the Statutes etc.'
The web site Wikipedia has a woodcut depicting the Lady Juliana, the first vessel to arrive 6 June 1790 at Port Jackson in New South Wales, after a voyage of 309 days, one of the slowest journeys made by a convict ship. She left Plymouth on 29 July 1789 and called at Tenerife and St Jago, and spent forty five days at Rio de Janeiro, and nineteen days at the Cape of Good Hope. Her master was Thomas Edgar who had sailed with James Cook on his last voyage.
One of the convicts was Elizabeth Steel - who is historically recorded as the first deaf Australian. Her broken headstone was discovered in 1991, but not above her skeleton, when Sydney Town Hall underwent major restoration works.
ISAAC WILLIAMS (married) RACHEL HODDY on Norfolk Island. Rachel was born abt 1768 in England, possibly London. She arrived on the Lady Juliana 6 June 1790 to Port Jackson. [further reading the Floating Brothel by Sian Rees. see also
Issac Williams was born abt 1758 in Staffordshire, England. He arrived on the third fleet "Matilda" 1 August 1791 in Port Jackson & arrived to Norfolk Island 15 August 1791 per "Mary Ann"

Rachel Hoddy's daughter Elizabeth Williams and John Collins

From Sue on Thu, 2 Mar 2006
Dear Elizabeth,
The link to John Collins convict came 1821 has connections/descendants by way of Rachael Hoddy/Isaac Williams.
From a Rootsweb page, Rachael Hoddy arrived in Port Jackson on the Lady Juliana and was one of those convicts who were transferred to Norfolk Island and then to VDL per City of Edinburgh. Isaac WILLIAMS was sent to NI after being transported to the colonies on the Matilda in 1791. He "married" Rachael HODDY (who had been sent to NI in 1790 after arriving on the Lady Juliana. Her partner was Isaac Williams of the "Matilda - 1791" and I believe they had the following children:
For what it's worth:
Rachael/Rachel was buried at St David's Hobart on April 4 1836. She was relocated from NI to VDL on 3 Sep 1808 on the City of Edinburgh with 6 children.
Sarah Hoddy - b 19 Feb 1794; d 22 Apr 1795 (reported to have died in a fire?)
Thomas Williams b 5 Oct 1795 m 4 Sep 1816 to Sarah Belbin
Hannah Williams b 6 Feb 1798 d 19 Feb 1850 Ouse VDL m Richard Watson (Anne 2 in 1810) on 4 Oct 1813
Elizabeth Williams b 6 Dec 1799 wed John Collins convict came 1821 on the Lord Hungerford
Mary Williams b 2 Jul 1802
Catherine Williams b 24 Jun 1804 became Catherine Palmer,
Harriet Williams b cir 1805
John Williams b?
Another child William Henry was baptised under the name of mother only, Rachel Williams, in 1813 in VDL, so can anyone confirm if Isaac Williams joined his family in VDL?
Isaac was convicted on rape in 1800, sentenced to death, but reprieved. The last record appears to be around 1806, still on NI where he was raising pigs.
From Garry Wilson, Finally I have Rachel's death in 1836, not 1826 as you suggest. Buried 4 April 1836 aged 71 under the name of Rachel Williams. By the 1814 annnual general muster, besides mother Rachel, only Hannah, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and William are listed. Hannah is listed under her married name of Watson and Rachel and the other children are all under the name of Hoddy! So what became of Sarah, Harriet or John (if he existed)?
And yes, Hannah, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary and Catherine were all married under the name of Williams, although several of the family continue to appear in musters under the name of Hoddy until their marriage, and sometimes as Williams.
Sue has been in email contact with Carl Hoddy & Richard Rowe, descendants of John Collins convict/Elizabeth Williams. There is a website for Rachael Hoddy/Williams. They confirm that our Edward (senior) who is alleged born VDL/Tasmania in 1830's is not related to them.

From Sue on Tuesday, 7 September, 2010
Hi Elizabeth
John Edward Collins was born Tasmania 13 January 1832 - his parents were John Collins (convict per Lord Hungerford 1821) & Elizabeth Williams born Norfolk Island 1799 to Isaac Williams & Rachel nee Hoddy. John Edward was first married to Margaret Matilda Poultney in 1856, Tasmania & they had a number of children. John Edward had a 2nd marriage to Martha Maria Davis/Davies in 1881 #5269 (Victoria). He died 20 February 1902 at Tarnagulla, Victoria. He was also known as Edwin John. He was also a convict in Tasmania being convicted & sent to Port Arthur for armed highway robbery, I think in the 1850-1860's.
Margaret Matilda Collins nee Poultney had a 2nd marriage to Miles Osman 1872 #4216 Victoria & there are descendants in Victoria.

The Wedding Certificate for Martha Maria Davis/Davies wed 1 Dec 1881 to John Edward Collins, shows Martha Maria was a Spinster, aged 23, born in Hobart Tasmania to Margaret Rennie and William Davis. John Collins states he was a widower, and former spouse died 4 Sept 1864 leaving 3 living and no dead children. He is a farmer aged 37, born in Hamilton Tasmania to Elizabeth Williams and John Collins. There are no children in Vic Index.
If John was aged 37 in 1881, in 1864 which was 17 years earlier, he would have been aged 20. His real age was 6 weeks before his 50th birthday. On 21 Aug 1863 John Edwin Collins was a coach driver on the route from Hamilton to New Norfolk in Tasmania, when Patrick Kelly robbed one of his passengers - Kelly and Collins knew each other, and the courts were 'not pleased' with them.
Cheers, Sue in Western Australia

From on Saturday, 16 April, 2011
I am so happy that I have found your site.
Rachael Hoddy was my 5th Great Grandmother, and I can follow this trail as my uncle Richard Rowe has been able to show me.
Her daughter Hannah Williams (b 6 Feb 1798 d 19 Feb 1850) m Richard Watson was my 4th Great Grandmother.
Then following with her daughter Rachel Ann Rebecca Watson (b 1821) marrying John Moore, then giving birth to my 3rd Great Grandmother named Eliza Moore (b1821).
Eliza married Christopher Finearty (Tas records uses Finarty), and Sandy Bay Cemetery has the Headstones of Christopher FINEARTY. Died in 1922, aged 71yrs and of Eliza FINEARTY. Died in 1909, aged 69yrs, Source: Queenborough Sandy Bay,
Eliza died 13 Aug and her Death notice is in The Mercury, Hobart, Tas. Saturday 14 August 1909
six children are recorded
1. Annie Maria Finarty 1871
2. Alma Lavinia Finarty 1874 died 1874
3. Arthur Albert Finarty 1875
4. Florence Maud Finarty 1877
5. Richard Walter Finarty 1879
6. Godson William Finarty 1881
Their son Richard Finearty (b1879) and his wife had a daughter (my grandmother) Nancy Finearty (b1908)
Nancy married Eric Rowe, they had two sons, Max and Richard and a daughter Jeannie.
I don’t know if there are ‘family’ reunions or perhaps other events that are organised, or even if someone is trying to find out how many descendents she now has, but thought it worth emailing to you, just in case. I would like to visit Tasmania and see part of her history, so if there is anything or addresses that you may have that we might find interesting I would love to hear from you,
Thank you so much, Debra Zuks
I found a query - Thomas Finnerty and Maria Casey had Margaret Finarty born about 1845 in Ireland, then other children were born after their arrival in Tasmania in 1848.
1. Margaret Finarty wed Thomas Nolan (Born 1843) in 1865 in Hobart Tasmania and had 11 children,
2. Maria Finerty born 10 Nov 1850, in Tasmania, probably Hobart
3. Christopher Finerty born 02 Sep 1852 wed Eliza Moore
4. Henry Thomas Finarty born 25 Jul 1854
5. Ann Catherine Finarty born 24 Aug 1856 wed 1877 #4577 in Victoria, to Charles Stone, no known chn
6. Alicia Mary Finerty died 21 Jun 1864 soon after birth

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