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The Australian family knew that two brothers, John and Thomas Chamberlain, of Baltonsborough in Somerset, UK, wed two sisters, Caroline and Hannah Close. Both couples migrated to settle near Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia.
John Chamberlain 1831 - 1 July 1910 came to Australia on the Mooltan, arriving 2 August 1853, with Caroline aged 24 and Mary Ann aged 1, as Assisted British Immigrants.
On 21 January 2002 I received the following in an Email from , Waterford, Ontario, Canada.
He gives us the following details
My greatgreatgrandfather was Frederick Chamberlain who was born in Baltonsborough, Somerset, England on January 2 1825. According to his marriage record to Elizabeth Caslick, his father was Shadrach Chamberlain and the marriage was witnessed by Thomas Chamberlain and Mary Caslick. They were wed May 10 1852 at Pilton Parish, Somerset, England. I assumed Thomas was a brother of Fredericks, so I checked census records in Somerset
1841 CENSUS Baltonsborough
Shadrach Chamberlain 40 (father)
Elizabeth " 40 (mother)
Not on Census) - Frederick " 16 (born January 2 1825)
Not on Census) - Robert 15
John " 10 (born around 1831)
Thomas " 7 (born around 1834)
Edward " 4 (born around 1837)
Ann " 1 (born around 1840)
1851 CENSUS Baltonsborough gives place of birth
CHAMBERLAIN Shadrack 53 Ag. Lab West Bradley
Elizabeth 50 West Pennard, Som.
CHAMBERLAIN Robert 25 Labourer Baltonborough, Som.
CHAMBERLAIN Thomas 17 Labourer Baltonborough, Som.
CHAMBERLAIN Edward 14 Baltonborough, Som.
CHAMBERLAIN Ann 11 Baltonborough, Som.

When I first started my research I had no idea what became of Frederick's siblings until I received information from a relative who stated that John and Thomas left England for Australia in early 1850's. Another brother Edward came to Canada around the same time as Frederick (1857).
I also ran across this:
Feb 23 1852 John Chamberlain (20) bach. son Shadrach Chamberlain
to Caroline Close (23) sp.
witnesses Thos. Chamberlain & Priscilla Maidment

John Chamberlain wed c1850 to Caroline Close 1830 - 1890, born in Somerset, daughter of Jonathan Close and Agnes Higgins, died at Tarnagulla 1890 aged 60.
Their children are
1. Mary Ann Chamberlain 1851 born in UK, wed Walter Boyd. Not located in the Victorian indexes.
2. Ellen Mathilda Chamberlain 1854 - 17 July 1896 wed 1877 James William McLean
7 children 1. Francis Caroline McLean 1878 #5633 wed Arthur Jonah Newman
2. James William McLean 1881 - 1953 aged 72
3. John Frederick McLean 1883 #20225
4. Hugh McLean 1888 #7162
5. George Edward McLean 1890
6. Jessie McLean 1891
7. Ellen Matilda McLean 1894
3. Edward John Chamberlain 1856 - 1884 #8595 aged 28, wed 1880 #278 to Alice Ann Reeves 1856 - 1941 #18407 aged 85, dau of Emma and John Reeves
3 children 1. Frances Emma Caroline Chamberlain 1881 #7064 born at 'Barr', wed 1906 in WA to Thomas Andrew Gitsham
2. Edith May Chamberlain 1882 #20831 wed 1902 to Frederick Charles Rowe
3. Florence Mabel Chamberlain 1888 #417R - 1888 #7630R lived 3 months

from on Friday, 25 November 2011
Dear Elizabeth,
I have been researching my family tree and picked up your article through the web page of both John and Thomas Chamberlain who immigrated to Australia in 1853. My connection is through John and Caroline Chamberlain and one of their children Edward John Chamberlain who was born on 18th January 1856. You do not show in your article of Edward John but I have record of his birth. He married Alice Ann Reeves on 27th September 1880. Edward John was killed in an explosion at the flour mill in Dunolly where he was employed. The accident took place in July 1884. He was only 28 years old.
Their daughter Frances Emma Caroline Chamberlain married my Grandfather Thomas Andrew Gitsham in Boulder City Western Australia in 1906. I pass this information onto you for your interest.
With regards to Edith May Chamberlain, she did not go to WA with her sister. Francis Emma Caroline went to Boulder City in WA to marry my grandfather Thomas Andrew Ogier. They remained in WA where two of their children were born in Lillian and Frederick Thomas (my father) and following Fred’s birth they returned to Ballarat where they took up residence at 51 Loch Avenue.
Edith May Chamberlain was born in Barraport in the Wimmera in Victoria and she married Frederick Charles Rowe in Geelong in 1902. It appears that she died at the age of 63 in Victoria. I suspect that it may have been Geelong. Frederick Rowe died in 1940 and I enclose an article for the Argus newspaper in 1940 the year that Frederick Rowe died. I cannot confirm that it is the Frederick Charles Rowe although the date fit. He was born in Daylesford in Victoria in 1881.
Kind regards, Ken & Marj Ogier,
See notes for Reeves Allice Ann Reeves and for Edith wed Frederick Rowe

4. Albert Henry Chamberlain 1858 - 27 July 1927, stated when he wed that he was born at Gheringhap, NW of Geelong. He died at Tarnagulla. He wed 1888 #391 to Mary Ann Lemere 1857 - 15 Nov 1950, dau Sophia Burley and John William Lemere
4 children 1. Florence Chamberlain 1889 wed Thomas Hopkins
2. Elvie May Chamberlain 1890
3. Albert John Chamberlain 1895 wed Ivy Scholes,
4. George Osmond Chamberlain 1901

5. Elizabeth Jane Chamberlain 1860 - 15 Nov 1916 wed c1886 to William Henry Alexander., 8 children
5. Thomas Chamberlain 1862 - 1866 born at Gheringhap
6. Caroline Chamberlain 11 May 1863 - 1935 wed 1888 to Thomas Willie Smith 1862 #10229 son of Ann England and John Hutton Smith, born in Tarnagulla
6 children 1. Albert John Smith 1889
2. Harry Hutton Smith 1891 lived 1 year
3. Frederick William Smith 1893 lived 21 months
4. Carol Smith 1894
5. Alice Ann Smith 1897
6. William England Smith 1899
7. Mary Smith 1902
8. Leslie Thomas Smith 1906

7. George Chamberlain 9 Feb 1864 - 25 March 1938 wed Jessie Margaret Alexander, no known children.

8. Robert Chamberlain 3 April 1869 - 17 Nov 1934 wed c1891 to Charlotte Close. The death index identifies her as the daughter of Sarah Ann 'Sgver' and John Close, died 1958 aged 90, so born 1868. A possible clue is a wedding Dec 1871 of John Close to Sarah Ann Halestrap at Chelsea Vol 1a page 467
Not our Charlotte is the 11th child of John Thomas Close and Louisa Robins registered in 1876 at Carisbrook and she wed Robert Sutton in 1895 and together they had 8 children, detail from on Sun, 16 Oct 2005.
10 children 1. Albert Llewellyn Chamberlain 1892
2. Clarice Pearl Chamberlain 1894 wed 1917 to William Lewis Camfield
3. William Close Chamberlain 1896
4. Raymond George Chamberlain 1898
5. Ruby Victoria Chamberlain 1901
6. Olive Mary Chamberlain 1902 lived 1 month
7. Edward John Chamberlain 1904
8. Carol Chamberlain 1906
9. James Robert Chamberlain 1909
10. Evelyn May Chamberlain 1912

9. Frances Chamberlain 1871 - 1872

From on Tuesday, 1 June, 2010
Hi Elizabeth,
Yes, Ruby Victoria Chamberlain (Birth: February 7, 1901 - Newbridge, VIC, Australia Death: January 10, 1995 (93) - Sydney, NSW, Australia ) married George Hall Birth: February 12, 1902 - Wedderburn, VIC, Australia Death: October 8, 1959 (57) - Sydney , NSW, Australia and they had 4 children.
I’m interested in going further back than Shadrach Chamberlain and Elizabeth Pester.
The details I have are;
Shadrach’s parents were William Chamberlain (1763- May 3, 1851 (88)) and Ann (b ©1769, d.August 30, 1845 (76). I have no details of her parents.
William’s parents were William and Sarah whom I believe married Oct 2, 1763
Kind regards, Michael.
My research area is 'within Australia'.
Your George Hall, husband of Ruby, who died 8 Oct 1959 in Sydney -
I find William White Hall born at Wedderburn wed 1895 #7124 to Dora De Vere born in France, and back William White Hall born 1872 #18295 to Mary Edwards and George Hall and registered at Wedderburn

CHAMBERLAIN - Thomas Henry Chamberlain 1833 - 29 Dec 1908, wed c1856 to Hannah Close, c1835 - 29 Sept 1903

Thomas Henry Chamberlain born 1833 in Somerset, England and died 29 Dec 1908 at Tarnagulla, wed c1856 to Hannah Close, c1835 - 29 Sept 1903, daughter of Agnes Higgins and Jonathan Close, born in Somerset, died at Tarnagulla.
1. Mary Jane Chamberlain 28 Feb 1858 - 15 Aug 1918 wed 1876 #2972 to William Riordan 1853 - 6 Feb 1897, 12 children
2. Edward Chamberlain 27 Oct 1860 wed c1893 to Sarah Ann Arnold
4 children 1. Hannah Chamberlain 19 Dec 1894 wed James Doran, children are May, Vera, James, Stan, Dorothy, Lorna, William and Beatrice
2. William Edward Chamberlain 16 Jun 1896 wed Sarah Rebecca Spooner, children are Percival, Reginald, Mavis and Betty
3. Alice Ivy Chamberlain 8 Aug 1898 - 24 Dec 1983 wed Thomas Heaver 1892 - 1962 parents not listed, children are Daisy, Edward, Florence, Claude, Norma, Shirley, Alfred, Leslie, Stanley, Lorraine, Gwendoline and Alan
4. Eva May Chamberlain 4 Dec 1901 wed Arthur Edwin Forrester 7 Dec 1895 - 25 Apr 1981, children are Alan, Nola and Esma

From on
From: Louise Pattinson To: Sent: Saturday, 13 October 2012 12:08 AM Subject: David and Sarah Arnold family tree HI Elizabeth I have just stumbled across your very interesting article/family tree for David and Sarah Arnold. My great Great Grandparents were also on the Startled Fawn and are a part of your family tree that you may not be aware of. John Dodd aged 28 and his wife Mary A Dodd (formerly Arnold) travelled with Mary’s family to Australia. My grandmother was always insistent that her grandparents generation ‘settled an area (somewhere) which was renamed Arnold where they built a very important bridge’. It is also interesting to note that William Edward Chamberlain married Sarah Rebecca Spooner. – She is my grandmothers second eldest sister – so William and Sarah were second or third cousins. John Dodd and Mary Ann Dodd children – only 2 survived to adulthood – Rebecca Sarah Dodd and a son who I cant remember was a William or John. Rebecca Sarah Dodd married Edward Mason Spooner and your Sarah Rebecca Spooner Chamberlain is their second daughter. My maternal grandmother was their 7th child. Also, one of their sons was William Arnold Spooner (died and buried in Mildura about 1945) I have concentrated on my Spooner heritage, so have never looked into the Dodd/Arnold side. It was on my list of things to do in retirement (which is at least 15 years away). Your article is very interesting. I hope my information is of interest to you. I can initially be contacted by email and would love to hear from you. Regards Louise Pattinson The family trees that you have compiled are amazing!!! I have attached a summary of the details I know about the children of Edward Mason Spooner and Rebecca Sarah Dodd. I am the grand-daughter of Ivy Louisa Spooner Geddes. There are other cousins that I haven’t mentioned in my immediate tree. Our branch of the family sort of fell apart when Mum died in 1985 but was held together by Nana until her death in 2001. It is interesting to see that so many of the family ended up (or started out) in Mildura. I am Mildura born and raised however I have been here in Geelong area for 26 years. I wonder how many people I pass each day are part of the extended family! All of this information is absolutely mind boggling. I have also had an email this week from a Spooner relative in London who I have been in email contact for a number of years (a great granddaughter of Edward Mason Spooners younger brother – she found me courtesy of an online post I made years ago), announcing that she had found a relative that’s been bugging her for ages and that the relative is buried here in Geelong. I went to the cemetery today and now have to tell her that the gravestones are just concrete slabs with the surname. No further info forthcoming, and that cemetery records here indicate to me that we have the right name but the wrong person and its back to square 1 with this one. You know what this is like. Do I have your permission to share the data you have sent to me with Bruce and Faye in Mildura. I will be sending the photo I have obtained of EM Spooners Grave to them so will forward your data as well if you permit. Take care and thank you so much for the information (It will take me so long to read it thoroughly and absorb it all) Warm Regards Louise Pattinson From: Yahoo! [] Sent: Saturday, 13 October 2012 9:17 AM To: Louise Pattinson Subject: Updated Arnold notes with Dodd-Spooner added I have only just realized that I haven’t replied to your email requesting my address. Its been a very hectic week at work (when is it not?). Home address is 11 Delgany Mews, Waurn Ponds, 3216 ; Postal address is PO Box 1050 Geelong 3220. As I said to you the other day, I am Mildura born and raised and Mums brother and sister and some of their children are still in Mildura area. Looking through the family tree that you sent me the other day, there are a fair number of Arnold decendants who are in Geelong area too. I wonder how many I have passed in the street and not known! Mark will actually be in Mildura on Monday – fly in fly out for a meeting. He works for Powercor. It’s a long day by the time he travels to Tullamarine from Geelong, flies to Mildura and back, and then drives back to Geelong.

3. Emily Chamberlain 22 June 1862 - 25 Oct 1920 aged 58, wed 1882 to Joseph Clarke 1856 - 1938,

4. George Andrew Chamberlain 25 May 1864 - 25 May 1937, wed 1884 to Isabella Clark 19 Jul 1867 - 25 June 1940.
8 Children 1. Thomas Henry Chamberlain 10 Sept 1885
2. George Andrew Chamberlain 10 Dec 1887 - 23 Dec 1907 killed cutting timber when a tree fell on him, wed 1907 to Mabel Brien, daughter Edith Ann 1907
3. Albert Chamberlain 19 Jan 1890 - 1933 wed Ivy Scholes
4. John Chamberlain 5 Mar 1892 - 25 Sept 1967 wed Irene Radnell
5. Percy Wilton Chamberlain 11 Feb 1894 - 26 May 1981 wed 1921 ref 2818 to Sophia Hayes and wed (2) 10 Aug 1925 to Frances May Arnold
6. Rupert William Chamberlain 26 June 1896 wed Frances Mitchell 18 Mar 1898
7. Lola Isabella Chamberlain 5 May 1899 - 9 June 65, wed 1930 to Rupert David Arnold 10 June 99 - 21 Sept 1978 aged 79,
8. Florence Anna Chamberlain 1 Nov 1901 - 23 Mar 1980 wed Stanley Mitchell, children are Joseph, Elizabeth and Wendy

5. Elizabeth Chamberlain 5 Dec 1866 wed 2 Dec 1929 to Charles Alexander Flower Russell, 11 children

6. Eliza Chamberlain 5 Aug 1868 - 1880 aged 11

7. Anna Chamberlain 25 Sept 1870 wed 1893 to George Mongan 4 sons

8. Thomas Henry Chamberlain 11 Nov 1872 - 16 Apr 1942 wed c1902 first Emma Wilson 10 Apr 1875 - 7 Jan 1906 aged 31 [dau Ellen Eagle and James Wilson],
wed c1908 to second Robenia Alice Gulley 26 Jan 1874 - 15 Nov 1943.
2 children
of Emma
1. Maud Irene Chamberlain 1903, did wed and have children
2. Kenneth Gordon Chamberlain 1905 lived 9 months
3 children
of Robeina
3. Vera Alice Chamberlain 1908
4. Robena Margaret Chamberlain 1909
5. Phyllis Clarice Chamberlain born Bendigo 1913
From on Sun, 12 Aug 2007
Emma's daughter's name is actually Macel Irene (you have Maud), She wed 1933 #2119 to Cyril Arthur Moorse and they went to Queensland.
[3] Vera Alice Chamberlain b 1908 died 2 May 1988, Finley NSW aged 80 yrs, buried 4th May 1988 [died whilst living at her son's after she was widowed]
married Bendigo 1936 #10228 to William Bruce Osborn b Bendigo 1908 died 7th March 1987 aged 78 yrs at Mount Alvernia Hospital, Bendigo. buried 10th March 1987
both buried together Bay 1, Grave No 6218, Kangaroo Flat Cemetery, Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo, Victoria
they had three children, two boys and a girl, all living
William Bruce Osborn was eldest son of William Harold Osborn b 1880 #16671 [parents Joseph Osborn and Alswitha Phillips]
Joseph Osborn born in Brazil wed 1876 #4946 to Alswitha Phillips 1857 #8944 dau of Julia Bevan and Philip William Phillips born in Melbourne.
and Catherine Fletcher BEATTY [parents Robert Fletcher Beattie and Catherine McIntyre
(Catherine Mcintyre from Perthshire wed 1873 #2784 to Robert Beatty from Londonderry
[4] Robena Margaret Chamberlain b 1909 married 1933 #9247 Bendigo to Douglas Arthur Pain b 1908 #24594 son of Arthur Henry Pain wed 1908 #1290R to Ellen Christine Melrose - Arthur Henry Pain 1883 #12099 son of Emilie Sophia Bernan wed 1876 #211 to Willoughby Pain
[5] Phyllis Clarice Chamberlain b Bendigo 1913 wed 1938 #8860 Victoria to Neil Thomas Findlay born 1913 #9498 son of Thomas Robert Findlay wed 1896 #3960 to Rowena Lillias Peace Tulloch at B/ong [think this is Buninyong]

9. Agnes Chamberlain 1875 - wed 1902 to Henry Edward Cockayne, 7 children

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