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Adam Cairns, Robert and Agnes Cairns, Robert and Francis Cairns,

Rev Adam Cairns

Adam Cairns 1802 - 1881 aged 79, wed Janet (Jessie) Ballingal 1811 Revd Mr Cairns aged 48 came as Unassisted Inward Passengers, Sep 1853 on the Hurricane with Mrs Cairns aged 38, Margt Cairns aged 17, Elizabeth Cairns aged 15, Jessie Cairns aged 12, Ebenezer Cairns aged 10, Mary Cairns aged 8 and Jane Cairns aged 6
This family is added because I received a Wedding Certificate showing 2 weddings in August 1875,

From on Monday, 7 June, 2010
Dear Elizabeth,
I am attaching the marriage certificate of James Campbell Smith and Catherine Maria Meehan. I am sorry I didn't forward any information to you as I wasn't expecting you to look for me only give me a few pointers if you were able. Still I could use all the help I can get and I thank you ever so much for your time. It has been a long and frustrating search as I know it's there somewhere only I'm too inexperianced to know where to look! Once again thank you so much for your time.
Kind Regards, Carmen
First I looked in NSW Births etc - before civil registration was introduce, only the ones recorded by churches where registers have survived.
Among Births is - V18461744 63/1846 SMITH JAMES son of EDWARD and SARAH
Next is to change sites and look for the Wedding of Edward and Sarah - V1843462 27C/1843 SMITH EDWARD wed CAMPBELL SARAH at MC
The reference MC is for Church of England at Bungonia, Goulburn, St Saviour's (Co. Argyle), Goulburn Plains, Lake Bathurst, Marulan
The certificates can be purchased using the web site links
Back to the wedding Certificate for Adam Cairns.
The Minister married them in East Melbourne, not in Albury, their 'usual residence'. The second couple he wed in August were 'locals'. So can I find anything about Adam Cairns? Were they friends?
They were wed at the Manse, and on the second side - according to the rites of the Presbyterian Church,
Adam Cairns is in the Index as dying 1881 at Richmond, aged 79, with parents listed. He is also listed as father of Ebenezer Adam Cairns who died 1866 aged 23, son of Jessie Ballingall and Adam Cairns from Fife. Back to the Wedding Cert - and the Witnesses - Emma something - moose, and Jessie Cairns. Jessie Cairns is also witness for the second marriage on the same page.
Found the family arriving on the Hurricane Sep 1853 Unassisted and Jessie is a daughter and also could be the wife aged 38, Ebenezer is aged 12. Rev Mr Cairns is 48 But Jessie Ballinger Cairns wed 1865 to Alexander Turnbull, so the witness appears to be the Minister's wife.
Finding the Manse where the wedding too place - only source I think of is Google
Tuesday, 8 June, 2010 2:18 PM Hi Elizabeth, you are amazing!!! I had a look at the birth certificates for Catherine's children and found a few things of interest.. mainly the years of marriage. On Sarah Isabellas birth entry Catherine is listed as being aged 22 which makes her born in 1844. James 21. The certificate also claims Catherine and James married on the 4 Oct 1865 in Melbourne ( I can only find a marriage entry for 1875) perhaps this was to cover for an illegitimate birth. Catherine had her last child William Charles in 1883 so aged 39 and died on the 10th Sept 1896 aged 52 in Albury NSW although once again entered as 51 making her a year younger ( Catherine's birthday was 22 Dec so maybe this has something to do with the enteries). I have come across another entry on Williams certificate claiming a marriage in 1863? Although have discounted this as on Catherine's death certificate an entry of 22 years married and Sarah entered as being aged 27 which would once again come back to 1874/1875 so I think other dates were given to cover illegtimacy of some of their children so I have discounted this. Also entered is she had lived 35 years in NSW? This would mean a possible arrival in 1861 or earlier still making Catherine around 17 I guess. As I know my Smith family lived mainly around Bethanga, Talangarno, Beechworth etc perhaps this was her total time spent in Australia not NSW. One last thing in regard to Catherine's sister perhaps a spelling mistake with the name Cheesman instead if Cheeseman. I wonder if this may have been Bridget Meehan? Such a tangled story, although I hope beyond all hope I may one day find the answers to my elusive "Meehans" (Meighans). Thanks you so much for your input . I hope I haven't confused you to much
Kindest Regards Carmen

Adam Cairns 1802 - 1881 #2533 aged 79, son of Elizabeth Harley and Adam Cairns of Scotland, wed Janet (Jessie) Ballingal 1811 -
He served in the Parish of Longforgan, a village and parish in the Carse of Gowrie, in Perth and Kinross, Scotland. It lies 5 miles (8.0 km) west of Dundee.
From Mr Cairns Senior was a Church builder - The Established Church was built in 1795, during the ministry of Mr. Cairns. It is a good, substantial, plain, square building, with large Gothic windows to the south, containing more than 1000 sittings, and a circular gallery.
ADAM CAIRNS. Settled, 1793. Cairns was brought up at the parish school of Temple. He was licensed in 1787. Six years later, he was presented to Longforgan by George III., and was ordained in September 1 793. The manse to which he came was built in 1753, during Mr. Lyon's time. Shortly after he entered the charge it got a thorough repair, and "is now (1797) a most excellent convenient house ; it has very good offices, all lately repaired, a good garden, and is beautifully situated, commanding a most extensive view of the river Tay, and the rich grounds below." With the house, garden, glebe, and offices, the position was worth about ^150 per annum.
1796 was a year of much hardship. The crop of 1795 was so deficient, that before February, 1796, there was widespread want. 1811, long remembered in the district for its comet, was as prosperous as the year 1812 was trying.
Three national events were celebrated publicly in Longforgan during Mr. Cairns' ministry. The first was on the occasion of the victory of his Majesty's fleet at Trafalgar, in which battle Lord Nelson was killed. An extraordinary collection was made for the widows and families of those who fell in the action, and the parish was asked to "appear in mourning in token of respect for the memory of Lord Nelson." When George III. died, 6| yards of black flannel were bought, "with other necessaries, for covering the Pulpit and. Desk, as a token of respect to the memory of our deceased Sovereign." But the greatest demonstration took place on the occasion of the Jubilee of George III. in 1809. It was in- timated, on October 22nd, that a thanksgiving sermon would be preached, and a collection for the poor made, that they may be enabled to rejoice as well as others.
During Mr. Cairns' time a good deal of overhauling took place. A new church was built in 1 795, and most of its furnishings were renewed. Mr Cairns was twice married first to a daughter of Mr. Miln of Kinnaird, and secondly to Elizabeth Hally, who died in 1847. He died himself in 1821, in the sixty-fourth year of his life, and in the thirty-ninth of his ministry. By his first wife, Mr. Cairns had a son who was destined to occupy a position of some prominence.
Adam Cairns was born at Longforgan Manse, on the 3Oth January 1802. He got the rudiments of education in the parish school. At the age of fourteen he went to St. Andrews, where he took a good place. After a fierce spiritual conflict he found the light. In 1824, he was licensed by the Presbytery of Cupar. One of his first sermons was preached in Longforgan. Thereafter he assisted for a time the Rev. Sir Henry Wellwood Moncreiff, His first charge was at Manor, where he was ordained in 1828. Five years later he was translated to Dunbog, and thence to Cupar in 1837. At this time the Ten Years' Conflict was raging. Cairns took the N on- Intrusion side, and was one of the noble band of men who, rather than surrender the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ, surrendered his position and its emoluments when the Free Church of Scotland separated from the State in 1843. After the Disruption he went for a time to Gibraltar, his health being poor. In 1853 he received the degree of D.D. from the University of St. Andrews. Demitting his charge at Cupar, he sailed for Australia, and was inducted the same year to Chalmers' Church, Melbourne. Influential as Dr. Cairns had been at home, his settlement in Melbourne was the beginning of a career of nobler influence. The discovery of the goldfields had drawn thousands to Australia, and it was at this critical time that Dr. Cairns was sent out by his Church at the head of a little band of ministers, whose mission was to supply the young colony with the means of grace.. "This was a splendid gift to a young country. It would be difficult to over- estimate the far-reaching good resulting from it. The influence of Adam Cairns and that band of men whose hearts God had touched has been powerfully felt to this day as an im- portant factor in the Christian civilisation of Australia, and will long continue to be so recognised."

It is a far call from Longforgan to Victoria, but it may help us to understand the oppor- tunity which had come to this son of Long- forgan Manse, if we recall one or two facts about the colony. Two years before he went out to it, there were about 100,000 people in Victoria ; three years after he settled in it, there were almost 400,000. The yield of gold in 1853 was more than 2 millions. The average of the eight years ending 1861 was nearly 10 millions, and during the thirty years prior to 1881 it had produced over 202 millions. When Cairns went out in 1853, he took an iron house with him. It was brought out at a cost of ;iooo. "As an illustration of the enormous rise in wages through the gold discovery, the cost of erection amounted to as much as the original purchase."
It was a trial to Cairns to leave Scotland. " It is with peculiar pain # he said in the General Assembly before he left, "that I take leave, as I must now do, of the Free Church the Church of my heart, my affections, and my hopes the Church of my country and my God." But he threw himself with extraordinary spirit into the work that waited him. In 1852, ten churches were built; in 1853, seventy-nine. His own church was built in seventeen days, and everything was pushed forward with an energy which was constantly reinforced by his great personality. For the first twelve years of his ministry in Melbourne he seldom had more rest than "about four hours out of the twenty-four." But his toil was Australia's gain. The press was loud in his praise.
After twelve years' hard toil, his nervous system gave way, and he returned to Scotland for a time. In 1878, Dr. Cairns celebrated his jubilee. An address was presented to him, which speaks of him following in " the footsteps of several generations of honoured forefathers." He died suddenly three years later, on the morning of Sabbath the 3Oth January 1881. The week before, he preached from the words: "And Enoch walked with God, and he was not ; for God took him." " Next Sabbath morning he was found ' asleep in Jesus/ with his left hand under his head, and an expression of perfect calmness on his countenance." He was in his eightieth year, and had served twenty-seven years in the Colonies.
Revd Mr Cairns aged 48 came as Unassisted Inward Passengers, Sep 1853 on the Hurricane with Mrs Cairns aged 38, Margt Cairns aged 17, Elizabeth Cairns aged 15, Jessie Cairns aged 12, Ebenezer Cairns aged 10, Mary Cairns aged 8 and Jane Cairns aged 6

George Tindal Gordon wed Elizabeth Knevitt, daughter of Morris Thomas Knevitt and Mary Anne Kendal, on 8 June 1867 in Chalmers Manse, East Melbourne, Australia, the service was conducted by the Rev. Dr. Cairns.
Louisa Martha Coutts, born in Islington, London, was the fourth daughter of James Manning and his wife Elizabeth Williams. Louisa emigrated to Melbourne in 1868 as a teacher. She married George Coutts on 8 Oct 1874 at Chalmers Manse, East Melbourne, Victoria.

Revd Mr Adam Cairns aged 48 came as Unassisted Inward Passengers, Sep 1853 on the Hurricane with Mrs Cairns aged 38, and lived in East Melbourne Janet (Jessie) Ballingal 30 May 1811 - 26 Aug 1906 aged 95, born in Ayton, Abdie, Fifeshire, Scotland and died in Toorak, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Thanks to Mary Cotter, who found Janet Ballingall is the daughter of Margaret Lumsdaine b: Abt 1767 in Fifeshire and Peter (Patrick?) Ballingall b: Abt 1770 in Ayton, Abdie, Fifeshire, Scotland. She wed 1th Feb 1834 in Abdie, to Adam Cairns 29th Jan 1802 in The Manse, Longforgan, Perthshire,
6 Children 1. Isabella Cairns 1834, died 1911 age 77 in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia
1. Margaret Cairns aged 17, 26th Aug 1835 in Abdie
2. Elizabeth Cairns aged 15, 25th Feb 1837
3. Jessie Cairns aged 12, chr: 25 Oct 1840
4. Ebenezer Adam Cairns 8th Jan 1843 - 1866 aged 23, son of Jessie Ballingall and Adam Cairns from Fife
5. Mary Cairns aged 8, Mary Lillias Rigg Cairns b: 3rd March 1845
6. Jane Cairns aged 6, chr: 21st Feb 1847
1. Margaret Ballingall Cairns aged 17, 26 Aug 1835 - 7 Jun 1896 #5391 aged 60, wed 1855 #729 to Jonn Charles Lloyd 24 Aug 1824 - 3 Nov 1887 aged 63, son of Elizabeth Cox and John Duplan Lloyd, and lived at Hawthorn, Caulfield
4 Children 1. Jessie Lloyd 1857 #4557
2. Charles Duplan Lloyd 1863 #6442
3. Henry Lloyd 1865 #25199
4. Ada Lillias Lloyd 1868 #1503
1. Jessie Cairns Lloyd 1857 #4557 wed 1898 #4935 to Hy Darmley Naylor
2. Chas Du Plau Lloyd 1863 #6442 wed 1894 #2976 to Emily Mary Knox Finlay 1862 #20474 dau of Phoebe Campion and John Finlay born at Emerald
4. Ada Lillias Lloyd 1868 #1503 - 1936 #5320 aged 68, wed 1890 #8319 to Wm Macansh 1860 - 1921 #4519 aged 61, son of Sarah Jane Windeyer and John Donald Macansh, from NSW and lived in Brighton
2 Children 1. Jno Cairns Roy Macansh 1892 #1355 2. Margaret Windeye Macansh 1894 - 1975 #25531 aged 81, wed Newton
2. Elizabeth Cairns aged 15, c1838, wed 1856 #2796 to William Patterson Muir 23rd July 1823 in Ayrshire, and lived at Richmond,
9 Children 1. Jessie Muir 1857 #13766
2. Adam Cairns Muir 1859 #1444
3. William Patterson Muir 1859 #1445
4. David Ballingall Muir 1861 #19279
5. John Edward Muir 1863 #22598
6. Mary Christina Chalmers Muir 1866 #3770 - 1888 #6416 aged 22
7. Elizabeth Cairns Muir 1868 #11704 - 1868 #4970 lived 6 weeks
8. Alice Udall Muir 1870 #25680
9. Christian Margaret Elizabeth Muir 1873 #5037
1. Jessie Cairns Muir 1857 #13766 - 1883 #2952 aged 25, wed 1881 #5175 to Robert Officer 13th April 1854 - 5th Dec 1919 in Forbes, NSW, son of Martha Read b: 1832 in Hobart and Robert Officer b: 14th March 1825 in New Norfolk, Tasmania Robert Officer wed 1898 to Frances Marion Or Maria Macleod b: 1875 in Melbourne
1 Child 1. Robert Officer 1883 #4919 born at Richmond
3. Jessie Ballingall Cairns aged 12, c1841 - 30th Aug 1872 age 31, wed 1865 #4074 to Alexander Turnbull 22nd or 27th Dec 1839 in Hobart, Tas, son of Margaret Young b: 7th Feb 1802 and Adam Turnbull b: 23rd Sep 1803 both born in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, and lived at Balmoral
6 Children 1. Adam Beverley Turnbull 1864 - 1922 #11413 aged 59
2. Agnes Moria Turnbull 1867 - 1943 #6081 aged 76
3. Adam Ebenezer Turnbull 1868 #10865 - 1942 #7372 aged 74
4. Alexander Turnbull 1869 #6801 - 1924 #11401 aged 55
5. Jessie Ballingal Cairns Turnbull 1870 #7002 - 1886 #4370 aged 16
6. Unnamed Male (Eben Cairns) Turnbull 1872 #14008
6. Jane (Janet Ballingall) Cairns aged 6, c1847 wed 1868 #773 to Robert Harper 1st Feb 1842 in Glasgow, son of Elizabeth Calderwood b: Abt 1813 and Robert Harper, and lived in Melbourne
7 Children 1. Robert Henry Harper 1869 #11062
2. Adam Cairns Harper 1872 #18019 - 1873 #1467 lived 13 months
3. Jessie Lilias Harper 1873 #11169
4. William Cairns Harper 1875 #10774 - 1952 #13034 aged 77
5. Kenneth Calderwood Harper 1879 #19883
6. Elizabeth Mary Harper 1882 #12740 - 1968 #11676 aged 86, wed Taylor
7. Arthur Ballingal Harper c1888 - 1938 #5359 aged 50

Robert and Agnes Cairns

Robert Cairns came c1855 with Agnes Steel and lived at Daisy Hill then after 1858 at Dunolly
10 Children 1. Helen Cameron Cairns 1856 #2342 - 1923 #16573 aged 67,
2. Agnes Cairns 1857 - 1936 #11123 aged 79,
3. James Cairns 1860 #10031 - 1935 #1438 aged 74
4. John Steel Cairns 1862 #20425 - 1868 #3761 lived 5 years
5. Robert Cairns 1865 #15018 - 1935 #16022 aged 70
6. Alexander Cairns 1867 #14500
7. Andrew Cairns 1870 #8355 - 1944 #20389 aged 74
8. Jane Cameron Cairns 1872 #22824
9. Albert Ernest Cairns 1875 #8524
10. Lillian Maud Cairns 1879 #8663
1. Helen Cameron Cairns 1856 #2342 - 1923 #16573 aged 67, wed 1882 #2496 to William Boyd from Ireland, lived at Dunolly
6 Children 1. William Alexander Boyd 1882 #8684
2. Alice Boyd 1884 #2091 - 1891 #5884 aged 7 years
3. Robert Boyd 1885 #17180
4. Agnes Boyd 1889 #2824
5. Jane Boyd 1893 #3743
6. Helen Cairns 1894 #20097
2. Agnes Cairns 1857 - 1936 #11123 aged 79, wed 1882 #5545 to Patrick James Byrnes of Ballarat, lived at Dunolly
7 Children 1. Violet Byrnes 1883 #8678
2. Leslie James Byrnes 1885 #2209
3. Evelyn Agnes Byrnes 1887 #2604
4. Albert Ernest Byrnes 1889 #11760
5. Andrew Gordon Byrnes 1891 #22247
6. Lilian Maud Byrnes 1893 #21842
7. Olive Irene Byrnes 1895 #28748

Robert and Francis Cairns

Robert Cairns wed 1875 #887 to Francis McCoy born at Wexford, and lived at Skipton
10 Children 1. Francis Cairns 1876 #5426
2. Robert Cairns 1877 #25109
3. Annie Cairns 1880 #25248 - 1881 #2898 lived 5 months
4. James Cairns 1882 #25801
5. Margaret Cairns 1884 #27822
6. John Thomas Gordon Cairns 1886 #13854
7. Mary Victoria Cairns 1887 #23825
8. Charles Henry Cairns 1890 #17413
9. Edward Cairns 1891 #17128 - 1896 #7707 lived 5 years
10. David Cairns 1892 #27278
1. Frances Cairns 1876 #5426 - 1951 #22976 aged 75, wed John Grist 1869 - 1948 #11805 aged 79,

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