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See the page by Joseph Broadstock featured on his family site, by Brenton Broadstock - thankyou for this link.

Joseph Broadstock has engendered interest, and two correspondents have provided extra material to add to this man's story. The truth is so much more interesting than a blank page.
From on Tue, 8 May 2007
Hello Eliza
I have just started to trace my family history after the death of my mother a few years ago. My father and mother had spent some time collecting evidence and researching, however, the internet was in its infancy and would have made their lives so much easier.
I happened across your website which has some interesting information about the Broadstock's. As I mentioned, I am still in the early stages of research, however, in my father's family there is an old book (Culpepper's Herbal) which was rebound, and passed down the generations. On the cardboard that was used to rebind the book is some writing which is intriguing. Basically it gives the name and address of:
"Mr Joseph Broadstock, Parrier River, Salsbury, South Adelaide."
and then a slight variation:
"Mr Joseph Broadstock, Parar River Saslsburg, Near Adelaide South, Australia."
There is also reference to: "Thomas Archer, born 20 August 1816"
Another date of: "June 25th 1860" and "Aged 49? in the year 1865"
There is another name: Charles Haslow, Death at Bowden, South Adelaide
My Great-Grandmother was Sarah ARCHER born 20th October 1856 at Willenhall, Staffordshire, England.
Her mother was Rebekah BROADSTOCK and her father Thomas ARCHER (a furnace man) I am awaiting the wedding certificate of Rebekah and Thomas to get Rebekah's father's name (that I suspect it is George & Jemima).
From census records I would "guess" that Rebecca was born circa 1820 in West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England.
Also in 1851 Jemima NOCK was the head of a family of BROADSTOCK's with an ARCHER grand-daughter...
On the 1861 census the ARCHER family appear in Willenhall, in Staffordshire with my great-grandmother (Sarah) aged 4.
On the 1871 census the ARCHER's are in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England with a nephew James BROADSTOCK born c1854 in West Bromwich. (I think the same James appears on 1861 census with at Matthew & Sarah Jane BROADSTOCK). N.B. Sarah Archer married my Grand-father George Edward BASTABLE in Barrow-in-Furness.
Additionally, my father also has photographs from approximately 1930 of the ARCHER family who visited England for several weeks. Dad does not really recall how they were related to his grandmother but I wonder if the Joseph BROADSTOCK in the book is the same as your Joseph? who was convicted and transported to Australia? The family connection then resulted in an ARCHER emigrating to Australia (this may be far fetched but hey!ho!). Perhaps Joseph was Rebekah's brother?
I hope I haven't confused you too much with this email, however, I thought I would give it a shot to see if we have a connection.
Thank you for your time.
Helen Bastable
Nottingham, England

From "Len & Joan" roses at werple whose email bounced 2007, and 2014 with

From on Thursday, 17 April, 2014,
Hi Elizabeth
I am the daughter of Len Broadstock, whom you cite having email correspondence with, and note that his email address bounced back.
Just to let you know that Dad passed away over five years ago. His wife, Joan Broadstock, can be contacted.
I am based in New Zealand and have continued the interest in the family history of the Broadstocks in Australia (though I now live in New Zealand).
There is a lot of good info on Joseph Broadstock, including more info on the mystery of what happened to his first wife Elizabeth Moro/Moss, from Brenton Broadstock's website (Brenton's grandfather and my great grandfather were twin brothers, Brenton is also a well known composer):
Best wishes, Marita

I read with interest the info on your web page referring to Joseph Broadstock. Joseph was my Great Grandfather.
Some years back I researched the family fairly comprehensively, but have not kept up with what may have been found more recently.
I certainly have considerably more on him that appears on your page, (but some of your info is new to me)
For example:
He first arrived in Melbourne aboard the 'Joshua Carol' in Feb 1840, after his 7 years as a convict.
His Marriage certificate in Adelaide gives his bride's name as Mary Ann Hamly (no Rebecca, no e in Hamly}
His Son? James is new to me. I had tentatively had him as the illegitimate? son of his sister (whether Rebecca or Mary Ann I can't recall).
I understood George and Amos (my Grandfather) to be twins born in 1853.
His third wife?? (I don't think they married though anecdotally I understand she called herself Mrs. Broadstock}
was I believe his housekeeper named Elizabeth Eaton.
Amos had 10 Children. The 2nd Child was William Joseph.
the 6th, Ellie Florence (there was no Hamley William)
7 Frank Amos (my father)
8 Harry Herbert
9 Albert Charles
10 Hilda May.

James Broadstock 1833 (son of George Broadstock, aged 40 when wed) married in SA 1873-03-17 to Susan Chapman aged 22, daughter of William Chapman wed at St John Church Salisbury. Susan died 1881-10-25 aged 29, at Kadina
4 Children 1. James Matthew Broadstock 1874-10-04
2. Susan Jemima Broadstock 1876-04-29
3. Rebecca Broadstock 1878-03-25
4. William John Broadstock 1880-04-07 - 1881-03-25 aged 11 months

From on Monday, 21 September, 2009
My Great Aunt, Elizabeth Roberts from Salisbury South Australia, Married a James Broadstock on the 11/8/1884. The Grooms father was listed as Amos Broadstock! And the wedding took place at Trinity Church Adelaide Book 140 Page 877. The Grooms age was recorded as 28 making a birth date of somewhere in 1856. My Great Aunt Elizabeth's age was recorded as 27 . Our records show she was born 1n 1856 too so that makes sense.
However no where in our research can we find from the family a James Broadstock of this age or an Amos Broadstock either. Amos one of the twins was born in 1856 too?
I know my Great Grand Father ( Father of Elizabeth) knew Joseph the property developer, as we have recods of a transaction the two of them did and they both lived in Salisbury at that time. This then makes it likely that James that married Elizabeth was from that family?
Can you shed any light on this "James" and how he fits into the Broadstock family?
We can find no records on Elizabeth after her marriage, but believe my Great Grand mother and another daughter, may have visited in West Australia at one stage.
Thanks for nay help you can give me.
Yours faithfully, Barry Roberts

Joseph Broadstock 1813 - 1883, wed 1843 #4760 in Melbourne to Elizabeth Moss (only Victorian entry for this surname to 1888).
Joseph Broadstock first arrived in Melbourne aboard the 'Joshua Carol' in Feb 1840, after his 7 years as a convict. James Broadstock arrived in Melbourne on the 'Swan' from Launceston, Tasmania on 18 Sep 1846, Port Phillip Herald, Tuesday, September 22, 1846
Joseph left Melbourne - and seemingly Elizabeth - and is next heard of in Adelaide, South Australia, describing himself as a Batchelor and a Cattleman. He may have put his money into cattle and overlanded them to SA.
Joseph Broadstock aged 34 wed on 1848-02-16 to Mary Ann Hemley aged 18, [with other details unrecorded] - found in the SA Index lists
Mary Ann Broadstock nee Hamley 1826 - 26 Jun 1867 aged 40
He owned or was licensee of a number of hotels, was involved in a great many land deals, figured prominently in the development of Salisbury, and was a J.P. -- not bad for an ex convict from a family of Nailers.
10 Children 1. Joseph Broadstock 1848
2. Twin George Broadstock 1853
3. Twin Amos Broadstock 1853
4. Jemima Broadstock 1855 died 1870 aged 15
5. daughter 1857
6. James Hurtle Broadstock 1858 - 1907 aged 49
7. William Humphrey Broadstock 1860
8. Henry Broadstock 1862-11-01 - mother called Susan Hamley
9. Elizabeth Broadstock 1864 - 72 aged 8
10. Mary Ann Rebecca Broadstock 1874-09-23 mother called Elizabeth Eaton Braynard
1. Joseph Broadstock 1848 son of Joseph Broadstock, wed 1870-09-13 to Elizabeth Henderson aged 19, daughter of Thomas Henderson, at Christ Church Adelaide ref 84/548
Wife of Joseph, Elizabeth Broadstock 1851 - 1872-08-01 aged 21y died at Kalkerbury nr Kadina
2 Children 1. Ellen Mary Broadstock 1871-07-04 lived 8 months, mother Elizabeth Henderson
2. John Joseph Carlton Broadstock 1874-07-22 father Joseph Broadstock mother Elizth Carlton at Adelaide
2. John Joseph Broadstock aged 21 son of Joseph Broadstock, wed 1896-02-10 to Ottilie Justine Emilie Lehmann aged 23, daughter of John Henry Lehmann at the Res of B P Randell, in Mannum
5 Children 1. Sophia Emily Broadstock 1899-03-06 mother Amelia Cecilia Helene Lehmann at Swan Reach
2. John Edwin Broadstock 2/25/1901 mother Otilie Justine Emilie Lehmann
3. Arthur Joseph Broadstock 9/12/1902 - 9/28/1903 aged 1 year
4. Hilda Lucy Broadstock 4/15/1905
5. Walter Henry Broadstock 1907 - 4/14/1908 aged 14m mother Emilie
2. George Broadstock 1853 wed 22 Oct 1876 to Hannah Nicks aged 20, daughter of Philip Nicks, at St Clement Church Enfield ref 107/470, and lived at Para Plains, Salisbury, Willunga, Wallaroo Mines then at Kadina
12 Children 1. Joseph George Philip Broadstock 1877-03-06
2. Henry Hamley Broadstock 1880-02-13
3. Elsie Leonora Broadstock 1881-06-28
4. Alfred Broadstock 1882-12-09
5. Victor Hurtle Broadstock 1885-06-30
6. Percival Broadstock 1887-02-23
7. Amy Broadstock 1888-12-12
8. Lionel Broadstock 1890-10-16
9. Wilfred Broadstock 1892-12-29
10. Dasy Broadstock 1895-04-08
11. Liley Broadstock 1897-09-26
12. Hubert Broadstock 1899-09-26
1. Joseph George Phillip Broadstock 1877-03-06, wed c1902 to Mary Werner lived at Wallaroo Mines
2 Children 1. Hubert Henry John Broadstock 3/6/1903
2. Hamily Melville Broadstock 6/4/1905
2. Henry Hamley Broadstock 1880-02-13 when aged 28 wed 29 July 1908 to Florence Ella Read aged 25, daughter of Nathaniel Read at the Methodist Church Victoria Sq Kadina
6. Percival Broadstock 1887-02-23 when aged 25 wed 30 Mar 1912 to Beatrice Myrtle Curnow aged 19, daughter of William Curnow at the Res of Mrs Curnow Wallaroo Mine
8. Lionel Broadstock 1890-10-16 when aged 23 wed 20 Sep 1913 to Vera Doris May Ryan aged 21, daughter of John Ryan at the Res of Henry Broadstock Wallaroo Mine
9. Wilfred Broadstock 1892-12-29 when aged 22 wed 20 Feb 1915 to Gertrude Emily Malvina Woolcock aged 19 daughter of John Woolcock at the Res of Mrs J Woolcock East Moonta
3. Amos Broadstock 1853 - 1918, wed 29 Apr 1876 at Res of Charles Smith Green Plains East, to Charlotte Hannah Smith 13 Jun 1856 - 19 Nov 1938, daughter of Hannah Reid and Charles Smith, with a brother Frank James Smith 1868 - 1949. Amos and Charlotte settled in Mildura, Victoria about 1888.
10 Children 1. Edith Hannah Broadstock 22 Oct 1876 - 25 Dec 1959 wed 1897 to William Graham Gamble
2. William Joseph Broadstock 25 Jan 1897 - 9 Nov 1948 wed 1909 to Lucy Batchelor
3. Lillian Agnes Broadstock 6 Apr 1881 - 19 Aug 1974 wed 14 Nov 1900 to Robert Edmund Francis Bainbridge
4. James Allen Broadstock 1883 - 9 Aug 1976 wed 1908 to Blanche Maud Lynch
5. Nettie Hamley Broadstock 23 Aug 1886 - 12 Aug 1974 wed 28 May 1906 to Frederick Isaac Brown
6. Ellie Florence Broadstock 1889 - 1946 wed 1917 to James Patrick Bloomfield
7. Frank Amos Broadstock 17 Oct 1892 - 13 Jul 1972 wed 20 Jun 1918 to Ethel Watson
8. Harry Herbert Broadstock 1894 - 26 Jan 1963 wed 19 Oct 1922 to Mina Isabel Morton
9. Albert Charles Broadstock 1896 - 10 May 1954
10. Hilda May Broadstock 13 Mar 1901 - 20 Aug 1971 wed 15 May 1929 to Donald Taylor
1. Edith Hannah Broadstock 22 Oct 1876 - 25 Dec 1959 wed 1897 to William Graham Gamble, son of John Gamble
4 Children 1. Doris Margaret Gamble 8 Sep 1898 - 19 Jun 1967 wed 24 Apr 1921 to Percival Daniel Richards 1890 - 2 Oct 1973
2. Edith May Gamble May 1900 - 24 Nov 1901 drowned
3. Constance Lilian Gamble 18 Apr 1902 - 24 Jul 1978 wed 1920 to Charles Grant Taylor 31 Dec 1893 - 22 May 1981
4. William Graham Gamble 19 Feb 1904 - 30 Jun 1950 wed Alice Winifred Nevill 24 Jun 1901 - 15 Dec 1989
2. William Joseph Broadstock 25 Jan 1897 - 9 Nov 1948 wed 1909 to Lucy Batchelor 17 May 1887 - 2 Jun 1941
2 Children 1. Lilian Florence Broadstock 7 Nov 1909 wed Frank S O'Neal
2. William Norman Broadstock 27 Oct 1911 wed Oncia Kenyon
3. Lillian Agnes Broadstock 6 Apr 1881 - 19 Aug 1974 wed 14 Nov 1900 to Robert Edmund Francis Bainbridge 1871 - 16 Oct 1934 and lived at Mildura, 6 Children
4. James Allen Broadstock 1883 - 9 Aug 1976 wed 1908 to Blanche Maud Lynch
3 Children 1. James Allen Broadstock 6 Oct 1908
2. Lawrence Stanley Broadstock 2 Sep 1910
3. Leslie Albert Broadstock 21 Apr 1916
5. Nettie Hamley Broadstock 23 Aug 1886 - 12 Aug 1974 wed 28 May 1906 to Frederick Isaac Brown
3 Children 1. Vera May Brown 21 Mar 1907
2. Frederick Arthur Brown 3 Mar 1909
3. Albert George Brown 13 May 1911
6. Ellie Florence Broadstock 1889 - 1946 wed 1917 to James Patrick Bloomfield
7. Frank Amos Broadstock 17 Oct 1892 - 13 Jul 1972 wed 20 Jun 1918 to Ethel Watson
2 Children 1. Colin Raymond Broadstock 21 Jan 1919
2. Keith Broadstock 9 May 1920
8. Harry Herbert Broadstock 1894 - 26 Jan 1963 wed 19 Oct 1922 to Mina Isabel Morton
10 Children 1. Jean Alice Broadstock 24 Aug 1923
2. Graham Alan Broadstock 27 May 1925
3. Isabel May Broadstock 15 May 1928
4. Laurel Mary Broadstock 27 Feb 1930
5. Janette Eyre Broadstock 10 Apr 1938
10. Hilda May Broadstock 13 Mar 1901 - 20 Aug 1971 wed 15 May 1929 to Donald Taylor 21 Jun 1903 - 12 Apr 1962
4 Children 1. Alan Taylor
2. Kenneth Donald Taylor
3. William Noel Taylor
4. Janet Lorraine Taylor
6. James Hurtle Broadstock 1858 - 10/5/1907 aged 49, wed 1883-08-02 to Rebecca Ann Willett aged 25, daughter of Robert Willett, at Christ Church Kapunda ref 136/359, and lived at Salisbury, Adelaide then at Maitland
6 Children 1. Hurtle Joseph Broadstock 1884-05-02
2. Ada Broadstock 1886-12-19
3. Hamley William Broadstock 1888-10-30
4. Oscar Amos Broadstock 1890-08-20
5. May Broadstock 1893-03-21 - 11/12/1911 aged 18y died at Gawler South
6. Henry George Broadstock 1898-09-21
1. Hurtle Joseph Broadstock 1884-05-02 when aged 28 wed 22 Aug 1914 to Margaret Emily Johnson aged 24 daughter of John Johnson at St Paul Church Adelaide
3. Hamley William Broadstock 1888-10-30 when aged 27 wed 19 July 1916 to Minnie Carne aged 34, daughter of William Henry Carne at the Methodist Parsonage Crystal Brook

More details from: "Len & Joan"; "roses @ werple"; email now bounced, on Sat, 27 Sep 2003
The following is a short summary of what I know about Joseph.
He was born 1813 to George & Jemima Broadstock,of West Bromwich, Staffordshire; and was a younger one of I think 10, The family was recorded as 'living on the Heath' or 'from the heath' or similar. Their occupation was given as 'nailers'. I understand this to be hand-making nails at home as a cottage industry. (they listed the family down to about 7 as having this occupation) In 1832 he came before the Stafford Assizes charged with stealing and assault (amusingly, for some time, the abbreviations were taken as 'stealing an ass' ) He was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation and was transported on the Isabella; its sailing was delayed for some weeks while an outbreak on board of cholera cleared.
My photocopy of the Tasmanian record is now badly faded but from memory there were references things like 'disobediance', 'dumb insolence' and 'neglect of orders', and a sentence of 4 days treadmill, and that he was not to be sent again to Sandy bay because of bad connections made there. Feb 1840 he is listed as being aboard the Joshua Carol (a 60 ton schooner) going to Port Phillip. He does not appear in the Convict records in Melbourne; he may well have had his name removed, I don't believe he could of done and achieved the things he did in later life if it were known he was an ex-convict.

H. John Lewis in his "SALISBURY South Australia - A History of Town and District" has him going "free" from SA to Port Phillip in 1842. In 1843 he married an Elizabth Moro? in St James Cathederal. (The printed records say Moss but the signature on the Marriage certificate looks more like Moro to me). In 1845/6 he was the owner of the 'British' hotel in Queen Street. In 1847 the Pt Phillip directory lists him as a lodging house keeper Queen Street; and - from memory - in another as Lodging house keeper, Collingwood, I think he also had the "Travelers Rest" in that area.
In 1848 he surfaces in Adelaide marrying Mary Ann Hamley, describing himself as a bachelor, and a Cattleman.

By inference I figure he probably sold the British Hotel, put his money into cattle and overlanded them to Adelaide. What happened to Elizabeth? I have no idea.
The Land Office records in Adelaide revealed over 250 land and property transactions. He become quiet notable in the Histoy of Salisbury, perhaps only second to John Harvey. He was associated with numerous early hotels around Adelaide and had built the Govenor Mcdonnel Hotel in Salisbury; was the Chairman of the Yatala North Council, and was involved in the establishment of schools, church building committees and the like. He was certainly a "go getter" with an eye to the best chance.

I would like to know what happened to Elizabeth Moro/Moss, and where did he accumulate the funds to buy a Hotel in Queen Street. I don't know if my Dad knew that Joseph was a convict, but I suspect he did; it was only by my own research that I found out that there was a Joseph. Given the pride South Australians took in being established without convicts, Joseph could not have acheived so much if it were known he was an ex convict.

Your George by the way - if it is George son of Joseph - was my Grandfather Amos' twin brother.
I wish you luck with your research;
best regards, Charles T.(Len) Broadstock.

Following Len's clues
William Broadstock wed 07 Mar 1785 to Rebecca Grice at All Saints, West Bromwich, Stafford, England
George Broadstock Christening: 09 Nov 1788 All Saints, West Bromwich, Stafford, England son of Elizabeth and William Broadstock
No marriage discovered of George Broadstock with Jemima, whose children were christened at All Saints, West Bromwich, Stafford, England. Her surname does not appear in the 10 christening records.
Only Jemima Broadstock death indexed to 1899 -
Deaths Mar quarter 1870 - Jemima Ann Broadstock age not given, at Auckland Vol 10a page 126 The district Auckland is in the county of Co. Durham
Deaths Mar quarter 1872 - George Frederick C Broadstock age not given at Newent Vol 6a page 171. The district Newent spans the boundaries of the counties of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire
10 Children 1. William Broadstock Christening: 19 May 1811
2. Joseph Brodstock 04 May 1813 Christening: 12 Feb 1826
3. Sarah Brodstock 08 May 1815 Christening: 12 Feb 1826
4. Rebecca Brodstock 25 Oct 1817 Christening: 12 Feb 1826
5. George Brodstock 19 Jun 1820 Christening: 12 Feb 1826
6. Amos Brodstock 10 Dec 1823 Christening: 12 Feb 1826
7. Humphrey Brodstock 31 Dec 1825 Christening: 12 Feb 1826
8. Jemima Broadstock 14 Oct 1827 Christening: 14 Oct 1827
9. John Broadstock Christening: 24 Apr 1831
10. Matthew Broadstock 12 Feb 1833 christening: 18 Aug 1833
From on Mon, 8 Aug 2005
Subject: George Broadstock, Joseph, William
It was William Broadstock, son of George and brother of Joseph that was born in 1813.
I would like to know more about George and Jemima Broadstock as they would be my 4x' great grandparents.
William Broadstock, b. 1811, married Sarah Richards in 1842 at All Saints. Their daughter, Jemima married John T. Olarenshaw and produced three children: Jemima, Sarah (my maternal grandmother) and George. They migrated to the USA - John T. Olarenshaw went to the USA in 1880. The migration of Jemima Olarenshaw was 1891..
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006
Greetings from Shirley Haas -
Please allow me to correct one error:
I've found the record that states Jemima Broadstock Olarenshaw and her three children migrated to the USA in 1891; John T. Olarenshaw went to the states in 1880 and called for Jemima to come.
By the way, Jemima, daughter of Wm. & Sarah Broadstock, died in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 11, 1912.
John T. Olarenshaw, son of Will & Eliz Olarensahw, died in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 17, 1908. I have received four newspaper articles from the Cincinnati Library on John T. No mention of Mima because the article was on John's death in 1908. He was the head of the Plumb Street Rescue Mission; he became an evangelist after 1880 and thereafter "saved souls".
Also, I learned that both William and Sarah Broadstock died in the Highfield Work House in West Bromwich.
William was age 84 when he died in June 1895 (V. 6b, Pg. 511); and Sarah, who was blind, was age 76 when she died in December, 1895 (V. 6b, Pg. 536).

Received Fri, 14 Feb 2003 from
Update on Broadstock Sun, 28 Nov 2004
The details recorded on the marriage certificate are: Marriages in the District of Adelaide 1848, No 1066. Trinity Church February 16
Joseph Broadstock 34 Cattleman Batchelor(??) - Mary Ann Hamly 18 spinster (note no e) Minister James Farrell (or perhaps Farrett or Jarrett) Signed Joseph Broadstock, & Mary Ann Hamly (X her mark) & signed by Witnesses Nicholas Hamly & Elizabeth Hamly (X her mark)
I have tried to trace the origins of Mary Ann with no luck, - if anyone has any info I would appreciate them advising me. A branch of the family believed Joseph to be Cornish because of anecdotes about participation in Cornish festivals; this we know to be wrong of course, but this & the name Hamly make a Cornish origin for Mary Ann likely, Best regards C (Len) broadstock
Using Graham Jaunay's H Passengers now archived,
HAMLEY: James - 12 Dec 1840 and wife
Hi Elizabeth I am just wondering if you are still researching Joseph Broadstock ? as a man I am helping has Joseph Broadstock as witness to the marriage of his g g grandparents.
A John Gough and Sarah Bruce married in Melbourne on the 1st Dec 1846. Joseph Broadstock and Mary Ann Johnson were the witnesses.
This is what I had located till I came to your website:-
the following is addressed to Mark Higgie, researching John Gough:-
Joseph Broadstock.
I could locate only one entry in the Vic BDM's pre 1888, that relates to Joseph.
He married in 1843 in Melbourne (St James) to an Elizabeth Moss (looks like Moro in handwriting), cert no 4760.
His marriage certificate was also filed in Sydney (no v1843 796 27c C/E St James) as Victoria then still belonged to NSW and we had to send our returns back there.
So he is an early arrival in the Port Phillip district. I could locate no children to him, nor death for either he or his wife pre 1888, nor marriages. Only one entry in the Vic BDMs altogether. I could locate no other information in NSW or Tasmania records. I am sure that I have researched this man once before, for someone else, and we had the same problem. I will see if I can find my original notes (probably long gone though!)
He will, almost assuredly be, the same Joseph Broadstock who came to Tasmania as a convict per Isabella
Convict Number 8188, Surname Broadstock, Given Name(s) Joseph
See Surname, See Given Name(s) Ship Name Isabella (1)
Departure Port - Plymouth, Departure Date 28/07/1833, Arrival Date 14/11/1833
Conduct Record CON31/5, Indent MM33/2, Description List, Muster Roll, Other Records, Appropriation List CON27/6
I ran a check of my own indexes (which I often forget to do) and found that Joseph Broadstock was a publican in Melbourne in 1844 ..a very good chance that is how he and Gough met.
Source: newspaper titled: The Melbourne Courier. (J.Fawcett collection) edition date: Saturday Sept 21st 1844.
"Court of Petty Sessions. Saturday 14th Sept 1844. Removals:
Joseph Broadstock, of the Derwent Wine Vaults, Collingwood, to the premises formerly known as the New Town Hotel. The bench would inspect the premises between then and Wednesday, but would make no promises. "
This tells us that in Sept 1844 Broadstock was running the Derwent Wine Vaults in Collingwood, and he was applying for a license for the New Town Hotel.
I then checked the INDEX TO PUBLICANs, ARGUS Newspaper, by Marion Button, and found the following (the date refers to the edition issue, and any of these references might be for license renewals, transfers, you would need to access the original papers)
Joseph Broadstock, Printers Arms. 27th Jan 1844
Derwent Wine Vaults New Town 7th May 1844
British Hotel. Queen St 26th Aug 1845
British Hotel. Queen St 10th April 1846, 7th July 1846, 16th July 1846
Travellers Rest, Collingwood 3 Nov 1846

I also checked the ELECTORAL ROLL INDEX by Marion Button (again..the date refers to the Argus newspaper edition)
Joseph Broadstock Queen Street, Burk Ward 9th Sept 1845 - 25th June 1849
So from this we can easily see that Joseph Broadstock was a publican, he resided from Sept 1845 - till at least 1849 in Queen Street in Melbourne.
Now..your John Gough might have been a customer/friend/serviceman to the hotel..or a perfect stranger. I just don't know yet.
But I can tell you didn't just arrive as a convict and then end up with a reputable hotel by chance. He must have had a, or some, good contacts somewhere.
I next checked the 1847 Port Phillip Postal Directories (Mouritz) and found that Joseph Broadstsock was a lodging house keeper, in Queens St.(Melb City Central)
There was no John Gough listed in this year (but that is not uncommon)
all the best

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