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Edwin Britter

Edwin Frederick Britter 1809 - 1881 #10570 aged 72 died in Geelong and Sarah Mckinlay 1813 - 1878 #1807 aged 65 daughter of Edwin McKinlay died at Chel?, came c1854 with children from Tipp (Tipperary?)
An IGI submitter Jenny Harkness, has added this family to FamilySearch with another 9 children to add to the 8 I found 17 Children 1. Cecelia Ann Britter 1831 at Jersey, Channel Isles, England
2. George Britter Baptism: 25 Aug 1833 St. Mary the Virgin, Blackburn, Lancashire, England - Child of Edwin Britter & Sarah Abode: Blackburn Occupation: Corporal 35th Reg. Baptised by: R. Burnet Register: Baptism 1832 - 1835, Page 126, Entry 1000 Source: FHL BRITISH Film 1278804, only entry for Britter at Blackburn
3. Samuel Britter 1837 - 1875 #2480 aged 39 born at Jersey,
4. Edwin Britter 1838 at Jersey,
5. Mary Ann Britter 1839 at Jersey,
6. Elizabeth Britter 1840 at Jersey
7. Margaret Britter 1842 - 2 Oct 1915 #12766 aged 73 did not marry (is buried as Britter)
8. Lucy Britter 1845 at County Corke,
9. Cecelia Britter 1847 at County Corke,
10. James Britter 1848 - 1889 #17492 aged 42 at County Corke, another list has James born 1843
11. Henry William Britter 1849 at County Corke,
12. Virginia Britter 1851 at County Corke,
13. Georgina Britter c1852 - 1951 #9949 aged 72 died as Mrs Sharpe, born at Mauritius
14. Edwin Osborne Britter born in Mauritius,
15. Edward Britter 6 Jan 1855 #1696 registered at Geelong, Victoria, Australia
16. Harriet Britter c1856
17. Chas Britter 1859 #7933 lived 27 days - Sarah has surname Smith
3. Samuel Britter 1836 - 1875 #2480 aged 39, wed 1858 #1325 to Sarah Carman 1839 - 1918 #12730 aged 79 dau of Mary Ann Sharman and Frederick Carmen, and lived at Geelong 8 Children 1. Samuel Britter 1859 #13598 - 1881 #8323 aged 22 years
2. Mary Ann Elizabeth Britter 1861 #8435 1946 #20822 aged 84
3. Louisa Emily Britter 1863 #20614 - 1867 #1950 aged 3 years
4. Sarah Britter 1866 #2324 - 1914 #1725 aged 48
5. Margaret Britter 1868 #16470 - 1960 #5178 aged 91
6. James Britter 1870 #15904
7. Frederick Edward Britter 1872 #16393 - 1876 #9033 aged 3 years
8. Edward William Britter 1874 #16066 wed 1895 #5805 to Hart Ann BURR 2. Marion Elizabeth Britter 1861 #8435 wed 1886 #6858 to Harry Miles, 5 Children 4. Sarah Britter 1866 #2324 - 1914 #1725 aged 48 wed 1890 #5242 to Herbert Edward Miles 1865 #8798 5. Margaret Britter 1868 #16470 - 1960 #5178 aged 91, born at County Corke, Ireland died Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia wed c1900 to John Boadle 1872, 2 Children
6. James Britter 1870 #15904 wed 1893 #4106 to Lucy Jane Byerley 1874 #19455 and lived at Geelong 2 Children 1. Sarah May Britter 1894 #12150
2. Violet Britter 1895 #12530
6. Elizabeth Britter c1840 - 1928 #12431 aged 88 wed 1859 #728 to Alexander Nixon and lived in Hobsons Bay 11 Children 1. Charles Edward Nixon 1860 #1837
2. Edwin Alexander Nixon 1862 #5048 - 1900 #950 aged 38
3. Ronald Nixon 1864 #5152
4. Samuel Findlay Nixon 1866 #4816 lived 8 months
5. Unnamed Female Nixon 1867 #11021
6. Albert Nixon 1869 #10723
7. Florence Nixon 1871 #10452
8. Elizabeth Margaret Nixon 1873 #18423
9. John James Nixon 1875 #17539
10. Georgina Nixon 1878 #980
11. Harry Nixon 1880 #1161
13. Georgina Britter c1852 born at Mauritius wed 1881 #4537 to John Henry Strong 1849 - 1883 #5993 aged 34, son of Emily and John Strong born in Kent, and lived at Hotham.
John Henry Strong first wed 1876 #2460 to Rebecca Rawlinson who died 1877 #8813 aged 24, no children. 2 Children 1. George Britter died 1873 #1526 aged 6 months
2. Emily Mary Georgina Strong 1883 #3396
14. Edwin Osborne Britter born in Mauritius wed 1889 #1818 to Carol Constance Elliott 1873 #4998 - 1951 #8542 aged 79 and lived at Brunswick then Malvern 5 Children 1. Edwin Elliott Britter 1889 #10068 - 1936 #2595 aged 46 called himself Osborne Edwin Britter
2. Constance Serinia Emma Britter 1891 #16255 - 1981 #2570 aged 90 wed 1916 #9229 to Jno Oscar Fiske
3. Wallace Britter 1894 #22425 - 1894 #10164 lived 1 year
4. James Alfd Edwd Britter 1897 #4775 - 1981 #4624 aged 84
5. Blanche Margt Alice Britter 1899 #4414
15. Edward Britter 1855 #1696 wed 1881 #2452 to Sarah Bath and lived in Geelong 9 Children 1. Edward William Britter 1882 #9541 - 1939 #7924 aged 57
2. Samuel Britter 1883 #16931
3. George Mckinlay Britter 1887 #28591 lived 4 months
4. Geo Fredk Britter 1889 #3755
5. Harry James Britter 1891 #33341 - 1954 #16759 aged 62
6. Ethel May Britter 1893 #22708 - 1985 #22204 aged 92 wed Scully
7. Bertha Britter 1895 #21075
8. Herbert Victor Britter 1897 - 1946 #16925 aged 49
9. Robt Leslie Britter 1898 #3406 - 1985 #7902 aged 87 1. Edward William Britter 1882 #9541 - 1939 #7924 aged 57 wed 1905 #2082R to Ruby Winifred Dunt 1883 - 1965 #9488 aged 82, dau of Emma and Unknown Dunt (registered 1884 #2701 as dau of Mary Jane Sargent and Herbert Robert Dunt) 5. Harry James Britter 1891 #33341 - 1954 #16759 aged 62 wed 1915 #9754 to Ruby Caroline Schultz 1893 - 1961 #18669 aged 68 dau of Matilda Trivett and Frederick Schultz
16. Harriet Britter wed 1874 #3664 to Robert Long and lived in Geelong 3 Children 1. Alice Martha Long 1879 #16615 lived 8 days
2. Albert Peter Long 1880 #22906
3. Clara Farley Long 1882 #23408

Samuel Britter

We are trying to piece together the family of Samuel Britter, first wife Lucy McLeary (m. 1830, Channel Islands), and second wife Julia Donoho (m. abt. 1848, Jersey, Channel Islands).

Samuel Britter wed 26 SEP 1798 to Mary Danes at All Saints, Maidstone, Kent, England, where chn were Christened 6 Children 1. James Britter Christening: 10 Sep 1800
2. William Britter Christening: 07 Nov 1802
3. George Britter Christening: 21 Oct 1804
4. Elizabeth Britter Christening: 04 May 1806
5. Samuel Britter Christening: 25 Dec 1807
6. Edwin Britter Christening: 04 Mar 1810
First generation - Samuel Britter was possibly the son of William and Margaret Britter baptised All Saints Maidstone 30th November 1745.
Samuel Britter wed Mary Danes, at All Saints, Maidstone, on 26th Sept. 1798. This Samuel Britter was probably baptised 13th Sept 1774 at Boxley, near Maidstone - parents Samuel Britter of Boxley and Jane Andrews, married 28th Nov.1773 at Boxley.

Third generation - Samuel Britter wed Lucy McLeary in Jersey in 1830, was probably the Samuel Britter baptised All Saints Maidstone 25th December 1807, Samuel Britter and Mary Danes
Children of this marriage appear to include One daughter, Margaret, died in Victoria, Australia.

Josiah and James Pitcher

From a link to our Ancestry tree, remember, Not all the information within has been verified with certificates. Data amended by Mary, 8 Aug 2010
The Pitcher family, resident at La Motte Street, St Helier on the 1841 Jersey census is Josiah Pitcher born 1811, England (occupation Butcher) Wife Mary and Children
James (born abt 1831, England),
Joseph (Josiah, born abt 1835, England) and
Thomas (Born abt 1838, Jersey)
Josiah Pitcher born Oct 1833, baptized 13 Mar 1845 St Helier parish church to Josiah (pork butcher) and Jane Richard. On the same date baptism is a Thomas born 23 Aug 1837

Josiah Pitcher and Margaret Bretter turn up as godparents to James Josias, eldest son of his brother James and Caroline Elizabeth (nee Raymond) in May 1856, baptised at St Helier, Jersey, and survived the long sea voyage to Australia as a toddler, died in Victoria, aged 11.

James Pitcher aged 25 and Josh Pitcher aged 22, came July 1857 on the Sir John Franklin
Margt Pitcher aged 23 came Jun 1859 on the Yorkshire with Caroline Pitcher aged 24 and her infant son James, who died 1868 aged 11. She had 11 chn born most at Clunes, Victoria, 1860 to 1876

Margaret Britter 1836 wed c1856 to Josiah Pitcher 1835 - 1895 #3185 aged 60 son of Josiah Pitcher, died at Prn Alfred Hosp, and lived at Clunes, Josiah worked as a butcher in various gold mining towns. Margaret Pitcher 1836 - 1879 #3117 aged 43, daughter of Lucy and Samuel Britter, died at Napier Street, St Arnaud, Vic According to their Victorian (Australia) death certificates, Josiah (Joseph) Pitcher married Margaret Britter at St Helier circa 1857. 5 Children 1. Elvnina Jane Pitcher 1862 #13946 as Elvina Pitcher, wed 1882 #2714 to Harry Brown and no chn in Vic Index to 1888
2. Amelia Caroline Pitcher 1864 #14136 wed 1887 #1753 to Alfred Monsbourgh, baby Alfred 1887 lived 16 days, 4 more to 1902
3. Charles Henry Pitcher 1867 #8847
4. Louisa Adelaide Pitcher 1869
5. James Arthur Pitcher 1871 #7171 wed 1893 #4845 to Christina Fisher baby Ruby 1893 died, 2 survived to 1902
6. Evelyn Barbara Pitcher 1876 #14975 wed 1896 #3843 to David Andrew Walker, 2 chn to 1902
6. Emme Laura Pitcher 1873 wed 1896 #263 to George Wm Clegg and a son Alan born 1897
Julia Donoho is the mother of
Ann BRITTER was born 30.10.1849 and baptised 09.12.1849. Her father was Samuel BRITTER (labourer) and her mother was Julia DONOHO. Annie wed George Lance at Townsville, Qld. 1866, died in New South Wales, Australia.
Elisabeth BRITTEN was born 05.06.1851 and baptised 20.07.1851. Her father was Samuel BRITTEN (labourer) and her mother was Julia DONOHO.
Elisa BRILLER was born 18.01.1853 and baptised 20.03.1853. Her father was Samuel BRILLER (pensioner) and her mother was Julia DONOHO. Eliza wed Samuel George Keech, St Helier, CI , 1871
Mary BRITTEN was born 14th August 1854 and baptised 28th January 1855. Parents - Samuel BRITTEN (pensioner) and Julia DONOHO. Mary Britter wed George Adams, St Helier, CI, 1875. She died in London , 1904
Samuel b 17 July 1856 according to the Jersey Archives. He does not appear on the 1861 census so possibly died in infancy.
anna Britter b. abt 1858 Jersey, CI, died 1859 Jersey, CI.
All baptisms in St Helier - there may be more, but due to the spelling variations they aren't easy to find.
Two daughters that we know of, Eliza and Elisabeth, who appear on the 1861 Jersey, Channel Islands census, remain ‘missing’.
A third, Mary, died in England.
From a different researcher - Mary was born in St Helier abt 1854 I believe to a military family. On her marriage certificate of 1875, to George Adams, it says her father Samuel was a soldier and her mother was Julia. I believe she had three sisters all born in St Helier, Eliza b abt 1853, Elizabeth b abt 1851 and Annie b abt 1849.
I have acquired a copy of the Army records of Samuel Britter (Drummer, 35th Reg.) 1826-1848. If you, or anyone else, are interested, I can send it on. The record is in the form of digital images. Samuel served a whopping 10 years and 328 days at Mauritius, and was discharged from Mullingar Barracks in Ireland. Samuel appears to have ‘retired’ on a out-pension from a British Army regiment (possibly the 35th Regiment of Foot?). At the present time we are assuming that the Edwin Britter who came out to Australia was a brother of Samuel. Two other Britters, possible brothers of Samuel, served in the 35th Regiment of Foot at sometime between 1826-1848: At least 4 Britters were in the 35th Regiment between 1825 and 1850, probably brothers :

James Britter

of Maidstone, served in the 35th Foot 1826-1848 discharged age 45; on the 1851 Census (Kent) as Chelsea Pensioner / Farm Labourer “50”.

George Britter

of Maidstone, served in the 35th Foot 1825-1848 discharged age 41, on the 1861 Census (Maidstone) as Pensioner “55“.

Samuel Britter

of Maidstone, served in the 35th Foot 1826-1848 discharged age 39. Probably the same Samuel Brittor (sic) of Maidstone who married Lucy McLeary of St. Helier at St.Helier on 20th June 1830 (Info. Societe Jersiaise). (NB not sure if the above are actual dates of service/ discharge, or dates of document batches - see ).

Edwin Frederick Britter

of Maidstone, served as Corporal (sometime Sergeant ?) in the 35th Foot 182? - 185? (info. various records including 1841 Census, Portsmouth), married Sarah McKinley of St.Luke’s, Middlesex, in St. Helier, Jersey, on 2nd July 1830 (info. Societe Jersiaise), served in Ireland & Mauritius, and later emigrated to Australia with a large family (not all of which is accurate on the IGI).

HM 35th Regiment of Foot, officially renamed in 1832 “The 35th (Royal Sussex) Regt.” - but often known by their old title - served in the W. Indies, England, Jersey, Ireland, and Mauritius, (and elsewhere), 1825 to 1854. Some 35th service records still exist at the National Archives and the West Sussex Archives, but little on-line.

Letter from Charles Kenney

, Essex, U.K., where he writes "I hope some of this may be of interest in Australia. I have been as careful as I can, but in this game you never know ! Feel free to use it (apart from my e-mail address)" Received: Saturday, 27 September, 2008, 7:11 AM I was very interested in your web-site, particularly in the Britter family as my mother was a Britter - although probably not related to these since the 17th Century. So I did a bit more research at this end which may be of interest to any Britter descendents in Australia, and which validates much of your original research.
Edwin Frederick Britter was probably the Edwin Britter baptised Maidstone in March 1810, the youngest child of Samuel Britter who married Mary Dane, both of Maidstone, on 26th Sept. 1798. This Samuel was probably baptised 13th Sept. 1774 at Boxley, near Maidstone - parents Samuel Britter of Boxley and Jane Andrews, married c1773. At that time most of the Britters in England lived around Maidstone. Notice how the name Samuel runs on down the Australian generations.
Edwin Frederick Britter and his wife/children
a).Edwin Frederick Britter of Maidstone married Sarah McKinley of St.Luke's, Middlesex, in St. Helier, Jersey, on 2nd July 1830 (info. Societe Jersiaise). Note: although names often vary, the early references spell her name McKinley.
b). Cecilia Ann Britter child of Edwin and Sarah Britter baptised St. Helier, Jersey, on 9th October 1831 (info. Societe Jersiaise). Cecilia may have died before 1841 (see census below).
c). George Britter (assumed on the IGI etc. to be born in Mauritius and Jersey !) baptised at Blackburn, Lancs., on 25th Aug. 1833, child of Edwin Britter, Corp. 35th Regt. and Sarah (see and also census below).
d). Samuel Britter baptised 15 June 1835 Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland, father Sergeant Edwin Britter, 35th Regt., mother Sarah (info. IFHF, and see census below).
e). Elizabeth Britter born 18th June 1840 at River Row, Brompton, Chatham, Kent, father Edwin Britter, Corporal 35th Regiment (of River Row etc.), mother Sarah Britter formerly McKinley. (Birth Certificate, and see census below). River Row seems to have been close to Brompton Barracks, and Chatham is also fairly near to the Britter relations around Maidstone.
f). Census 1841: in barracks at Portsmouth with other members of the 35th Regt.: Edwin Britter, Corporal, aged 30+, with wife Sarrah (sic) aged 30+ , and children Geore (sic) 8, Samuel 6 born Ireland, and Elizabeth 1.
The Societe Jersiaise were unable to locate any children of this marriage in Jersey other than Cecilia Ann, although there was at least one other Britter/or family there then (probably military and probably related) viz at St. .Helier on 20th June 1830 Samuel Brittor of Maidstone married Lucy McLeary of St. Helier (see below).
There were at least 3 other Britters in the 35th, possibly Edwin F.'s older brothers:
James Britter of Maidstone, served in the 35th Foot 1826-1848 discharged age 45
George Britter of Maidstone, served in the 35th Foot 1825-1848 discharged age 41
Samuel Britter of Maidstone,served in the 35th Foot 1826-1848 discharged age 39
(NB not quite sure if these are dates of service, or dates of document batches - see ). This Samuel may be the same Samuel who married in Jeresy in 1830 - above.
My guess is that some of the other children may be Edwin F.'s brother's but things may become clearer when South Cork data comes on line in the IFHF.

Meantime, I reckon you can cut Edwin F.'s children (and Sarah's labours !) from 17 to 16, at most, as Edwin Osborne was probably their grandson not their son. Their eldest son George (above) seems to have remained in Mauritius, married Serena Blakeney in 1853, and had some ten children (see IGI). The third of these, Edwin, baptised 14th Oct. 1860, may have later joined his relations in Australia i.e. Edwin Osborne Britter. (Edwin does not appear later in Mauritius or S.Africa, unlike most of his siblings. IGI shows his death as 1902 but does not say where). Crucially, your research shows that Edwin Osborne named his eldest daughter Constance Serinia - presumably after his mother rather than his sister-in-law ?!

Being in the British Army explains much of the travel. HM 35th Regiment of Foot, officially renamed in 1832 "The 35th (Royal Sussex) Regt." - but still often known by their old title - did serve in England, Jersey, Ireland, and Mauritius between 1830 and 1854. (Beware, some military web-sites have rather simplistic dates for regimental moves. Some units clearly moved earlier/later, and some places like Jersey are rarely mentioned). Some service records for the 35th still exist at the National Archives and the West Sussex Archives, but little on-line.
As regards "Tipp": Tipperary seems a good bet, depending on when/where Edwin F. was discharged from the army. An outside chance would be the Indian princely state of Tipperah, east of Calcutta on the (then) Burmese border. Much of the 35th Regt. arrived in Calcutta, with families, in Nov.1854, just after the first Burma war and before the second (see - more births than deaths on the long voyage!) However I don't know if any units actually went to Tipperah - and anyway the family seem to be in Australia by 1854/55, so maybe not !
His seems to have been a career of largely peacetime soldiering. The 35th missed the Crimean War, and he seems to have been discharged before the Indian Mutiny. However Ireland was always difficult…! I wonder if he made Sergeant again ?

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