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Bethell Genealogy Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 From:
Hi Elizabeth
I found your website whilst hunting for further information on my GGGrandparents, William and Frances Bethell. I noticed that you don't have some of the earlier children and that your site refers to the family living at Bulleen instead of Bulla.
I am more than happy for you to use any of my Geocities webpage material for your site as I don't have the time just now to relocate it myself. I will try to set up an alternate site in the future. Thanks for your offer
Neil Mansfield

William Bethell

1. William BETHELL-1 was born on 1825 in Warrington, Cheshire, England. He died on 01 Dec 1882 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia. He married Frances BARKER on 18 Jun 1846 in Warrington, Cheshire, England, daughter of Samuel BARKER and Elizabeth HOBSON. She was born on Abt. 1828 in Frodsham, Lancaster, England. She died on 14 Mar 1902 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia.
Notes for William BETHELL:
D.10962 (VPI). Pound-keeper from Warrington, Cheshire, England, on the Mersey River and the Manchester Ship Canal. Warrington is an industrial and transportation center with manufactures that include chemicals, soap, and metal products. In Warrington are Saint Elphin's Church (mostly 14th cent.) and a museum and art gallery. Pop. (1991 prelim.) 179,500.
William first came to Australia about 1854 to see if it was a suitable place to bring his family. Frances waited for word from William in England, living with her mother. When her mother died as she still hadn't heard from William she set sail for Australia in 1856 on the Great Britain with her three children, 2 boys who died on the journey, and Sarah, along with the family's pet monkey. William's brother, John, a Chemist, is supposed to have come with them (reference Ken Mansfield's notes). Not knowing that his wife and family had already left England, William returned to Liverpool aboard the ship Royal Charter in January 1857 to bring them out to Australia, thus passing them half way. On reaching England he had to immediately return to Australia to catch up with his family.
Purchased and ran the General Store, Trapp Street (now Bulla Road), Bulla from William Smith, the son-in-law of William (Tulip) Wright, the original builder and owner. This store was half way down Bulla Hill on left heading out of Melbourne, but has since been destroyed by fire c. 1990 leaving only a ruin (1996). Refer pp. 33-35, 49 of "Bulla Bulla - An Illustrated History of the Shire of Bulla" by I.W. Symonds.
Died at age 57 years. Buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria. His epitaph reads: "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord". Revelation Chapter 14 Verse 13.
Notes for Frances BARKER:
D.857 (VEI). Frances learned painting and sewing as a young girl. Her father died when she was young and her mother remarried. Her mother's second husband was a drunkard and squandered all Frances' mother's savings. Frances herself married at 17 years of age. With her children, two boys and daughter Sarah, in the company of her husband's brother, she emigrated from England on board the Great Britain in February 1857 (Third Class Passenger List has "Fanny"). She was 29 years of age. Scarlet Fever broke out aboard the Great Britain and claimed the lives of the two boys, one dying at sea, and the other just after journey's end (this one buried in Melbourne General Cemetery). Later on in England, Frances' brother and one of William Bethell's brothers sailed from Liverpool for America and were never heard from again.
Frances died at age 73 years. She is buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria.
William Bethell Christening: at Warrington, Lancashire, England 14 May 1824 - 1882 #10962 aged 57, son of Ruth Shaw and John Bethell, came April 1857 on the Great Britain with Fanny Barker 29 and Sarah 3, and lived at Broadmeadows then Bulla
6 children 1. William Bethell c1847 in England, died At sea.
2. Benjamin Bethell c1849 in England, died on arrival in Melbourne 11 Nov 1864
3. Elizabeth Bethell c1851 - 1853 in England. Recorded in birth registration for younger sister Edith Ruth Bethell
4. Sarah Bethell 06 Aug 1853 in Lancashire, England, D: 29 Oct 1925 aged 62
5. Elizabeth Bethell 22 Apr 1858 #6201 - 16 Dec 1935 aged 77
6. Maria Bethell 17 Apr 1860 #7411 - 01 Jan 1916 aged 55
7. Frances Ann Bethell 09 Nov 1862, reg 1863 #960 - 10 Mar 1925 aged 62
8. Edith Ruth Bethell 11 Nov 1864 reg 1865 #1000 - 12 Feb 1936
9. Alice Evelyn Bethell 08 Jul 1871 #14500 - 1957 aged aged 78
Generation 2
4. Sarah Bethell 1854 wed 1877 #3839 to James Hunter Millar born in Argyleshire -
3 children 1. Janet Frances Millar 1878 #21163
2. Gladys May Millar 1881 #7460
3. Ethel Rose Millar 1884 #861

5. Sarah BETHELL -2 (William BETHELL-1) was born on 06 Aug 1853 in Lancashire, England. She died on 29 Oct 1925 in Coburg, Victoria, Australia. She married James Hunter MILLAR on 1877 in White Hills, Victoria, Australia, son of James MILLAR and Janet COCKBURN. He was born on Abt. 1844 in Argyllshire, West Scotland. He died on 29 Apr 1908 in Brunswick East, Victoria, Australia.
Sarah BETHELL died aged 72 years. Buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria.
Sarah Bethell was the first of six daughters to William Bethell and Frances Barker. She was born in Lancanshire, England on 6 August 1853. Sarah migrated from England at the age of three with her mother on board the Great Britain in February 1857 (Third Class Passenger List). Her mother, "Fanny" sic, was aged 29 at the time. The two brothers died at sea from Scarlet Fever (Ken Mansfield's notes - this not confirmed and passenger list does not include any other names but that of Frances and Sarah). According to Ken's notes, William's brother John, a chemist, also accompanied Frances on the way out to Australia - again no mention of him on 2nd or 3rd class passenger list.
Sarah married James Hunter Millar in Victoria in 1877 (Marriage Reg. #3839 of VPI). Sarah and James had three children, in order of birth being Janet Frances, Gladys May and Ethel Rose.
James Hunter MILLAR has death occurring in 1909 at age 63 years in East Brunswick and Bulla Cemetery Register has burial in 1909 but his Gravestone has: DIED 29th APRIL 1908, AGED 65 YEARS
Children of Sarah BETHELL and James Hunter MILLAR are:
i. Janet Frances MILLAR, B: 1878 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia, M: 1902 to Arthur Thomas Wright in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, D: 07 Jun 1950 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, aged 71 years 8 months. Buried in the Bulla Cemetery on 13 June 1950 (Source: Cemetery Records).
ii. Gladys May MILLAR, B: 11 Feb 1881 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia, D: 16 May 1968 in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia, aged 87 years. Buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria. M: 19 Feb 1902 to Ernest Mansfield in Bulla, Victoria, Australia,
iii. Ethel Rose MILLAR, B: 1884 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia, D: 1950 aged 73 years, in Brighton, Victoria, Australia, M: 1904 to Gerard Peters in Greenvale, Victoria.
Notes for Ethel Rose MILLAR: attended Bulla State School No. 46 built in School Lane, Bulla - attended the school concert as a pupil in 1899 (ref. Bulla Bulla p. 173).
Ethel Rose Millar and Gerard had a daughter, Joyce, born about 1905.
5. Elizabeth Bethell 1858 #6201 - 1935 #11004 aged 77, wed 1880 #32 to Thomas Robert Trotman
5. Elizabeth BETHELL-2 (William BETHELL-1) was born on 22 Apr 1858 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia. She died on 16 Dec 1935 aged 77 years, in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia. She married 1880 to Thomas Robert TROTMAN in Tullamarine, Victoria, son of William Timbrel TROTMAN and Emma Keziah WILLIAMS. He was born on Oct 1857 in Bulla, and died on 04 Jun 1938 in Canterbury, Victoria, Australia.
Notes for Elizabeth BETHELL: Buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria.
Elizabeth Bethell and Robert had four children, in order of birth being Edith Maude, William Egbert, Len and Athol (Athol was Eric Henry Mansfield sbest mate.
Notes for Thomas Robert TROTMAN: birth record has mother's first name as Kizia. Farmed "Springfield" at Tullamarine. Died aged 80 years and 8 months. Buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria. Members of the Bulla Presbyterian Church, Bulla, Victoria.
Children of Elizabeth BETHELL and Thomas Robert TROTMAN are:
i. Edith Maude TROTMAN, B: 1881 in Greenvale, Victoria, Australia, D: 1982 aged 101, in Kew, Victoria, Australia, M: 1906 in Greenvale, Victoria.
Maud, as she was known, was a contributor to some of the material in Annette Davis' short history "Greenvale - Links with the past".
ii. Leonard Robert TROTMAN, B: 1882 in Greenvale, Victoria, Australia, D: 1936 aged 53 years in Richmond, Victoria, Australia, M: 1909 to Ida Mary Vincent in Barrabool, Victoria, Australia.
iii. Egbert William TROTMAN, B: 1885 in Greenvale, Victoria, Australia, D: 25 Aug 1888 in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia.
Egbert William TROTMAN: Died at 3 years of age - VPI death entry has William Egbert.
The age of 4 years must be incorrect according to the VPI birth and death entries, unless his birth year as stated is incorrect.
iv. Edmund Atholstan TROTMAN, B: 1890 in Greenvale, Victoria, Australia, D: 09 Oct 1969 aged 79 years, in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia, M: Abt. 1922 in Barrabool, Victoria, Australia.
6. Maria Bethell 1860 #7411 did not marry
6. Maria BETHELL, B: 17 Apr 1860 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia, D: 01 Jan 1916 in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia. Buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria.
Maria Bethell was the third daughter of six to William Bethell and Frances Barker. She was born at Bulla, Victoria, on 17 April, 1860 (Birth Reg. #7411 of VPI). Maria never married and for many years assisted her father in running the family store at Bulla. She inherited the store on the death of her father, and after working here for some time, she later sold it and with the money travelled extensively overseas with the Peters'. When her money ran out she went to live with her sister Alice. Gravestone has: "AT REST"
7. Frances Ann Bethell 1863 #960 wed 1891 #4573 to Hy David Mansfield
7. Frances Anne BETHELL -2 (William BETHELL-1) was born on 09 Nov 1862 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia. She died on 10 Mar 1925 aged 61, in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. She married Henry David MANSFIELD on 1891 in Bulla, Victoria, St. Mary's C of E, son of David MANSFIELD and Ann FAITHFULL. He was born on 26 Jul 1867 in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia. He died on 11 May 1947 aged 79 years, in Essendon, Victoria, Australia.
Notes for Frances Anne BETHELL: Buried in the Bulla Cemetery on 11 March 1925. Mother's name given as 'Unknown Unknown' on VDI death registration. Frances and her sister Edith Ruth both travelled to England in abt. 1889, returning to Melbourne, Australia aboard the "Cuzco" in August 1890.
Notes for Henry David MANSFIELD: Buried in the Bulla Cemetery on 12 May 1947.
Henry, or Harry as he was known, was born in the family home "Roseleigh" at Tullamarine, Victoria. A favourite saying of his son, Eric, spoken to his grandchildren was "Hard work never hurt anyone son.", surely a saying learned from his father Henry. The Mansfields have all been hard, honest workers, perhaps ingrained from their farming roots in their native Suffolk in England. This stood them in good stead where daily toil was a necessity for survival in a new land.
In 1913 Henry had the 89 acres "Mansfield Triangle" in Tullamarine. Walter and Ernest would travel to the city along Grants Lane and then down Bulla Road, thus passing the triangle. Henry's son, Eric, remembers that following the death of David and Henry's receiving nothing from the will. the two brothers would call out to him as he was working in the filed "Don't worry Henry! We'll see you straight." Promissory notes were given but were never honoured, the notes unfortunately being burnt by Eric's son, Eric Allan, circa 1994, when he had a general clean out of his garage.
Harry was a good looking man, "a bit of a toff", according to Ella, his grandson's wife. He was an energetic worker for the church, both at St. Mary's, Bulla, and then at Christ Church Essendon. He ran several Queen Carnival Dances as fund-raising efforts at this latter church where he worshipped when living with his son Eric in Essendon. He was a very good dancer himself and loved to twirl the ladies around the floor.
Relatively late in his life he went to live with his son Eric in Essendon. He obtained a job working for the Essendon City Council. He still owned his own horse and dray, and kept the horse in the stables owned by the local dairy situated adjacent to Eric's home at 4 Market Street. His job was to follow the street cleaners around, picking up the piles of rubbish that they left in the gutters. At day's end, he would empty his load at a small quarry, then used as the local tip, situated a short distance behind the Brickmakers Arms Hotel, just off Mount Alexander Road, Essendon. Once, while emptying his load, he was buried to the arm pits in sand when the sides of the quarry caved in. His rescue was reported in the local paper. Daisy Mansfield, his niece, remembers that as Harry was then working for the Essendon City Council, he received an invitation to attend the Essendon Mayoral Ball. Having no-one at the time to accompany him, Daisy was informed by mum at evening mealtime that she had been chosen to attend the ball with Uncle Harry. She dreaded the occasion, but nevertheless, duly dressed in a brand new gown made by herself and mum, along she went. In her own words it was a shocker. Socially Harry was a nobody, after all he was only a labourer with the council, so Daisy was introduced to no-one all night and spent the entire evening exclusively with him.
He was quite eccentric in some of his ways. He loved to eat raw onions at the end of a meal. These he would cut up into a saucer, sprinkle with vinegar and salt, and then devour with relish. He also smoked an old briar pipe to which was attached a short chain holding a tomato sauce bottle cap. He used to place the cap over the bowl of his pipe when it was raining to stop the tobacco getting wet. His great grand children, twins Allan and Neil, can still remember him in his last year, reclining on a couch against the kitchen wall immediately below the window in his son Eric shome in Essendon. He invariably had a twinkle in his eye and his ever-present pipe stuck firmly between his teeth. When the "little shavers", as he called the twins were playing outside at Essendon whilst visiting their grandparents, he would sit on a chair and watch them from inside the garden shed through the gap made by the partly open door.
Henry married Frances Ann Bethel: Father, William Bethell and mother, Frances Barker. They had three sons and one daughter, in order of birth being Eric Henry, Edith Norma, John Bethell, and Lindsay Ernest. Henry spent the last years of his life living with his son Eric and wife Alice at 4 Market Street, Essendon, where he died peacefully in his sleep in his eightieth year. Frances, Henry swife, was the fourth of six children, all girls. Frances and Henry were both members of St. Mary s,Bulla, where Frances was the organist.
The Bethell girls must have been an attractive lot as two of them married sons of David Mansfield, namely Henry and John. In addition, Ernest Mansfield married the daughter of a third sister.
Children of Frances Anne BETHELL and Henry David MANSFIELD are:
i. Eric Henry MANSFIELD, B: 28 Apr 1892 in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia "Roseleigh", D: 22 Feb 1978 in Coburg, Victoria, Australia (Sacred Heart Hospital), M: 16 Feb 1921 in Melbourne, Victoria (St. Pauls Cathedral).
Eric Henry MANSFIELD: worked as a small boy on the family farm at Tullamarine. Leaving school at Grade 6 he worked hard in the fields all day, even handling a team of eight draught horses whilst still a teenager, ploughing the ground in preparation for sowing wheat, oats and barley. With his brother and sister, Eric attended the Tullamarine State School No. 2613, a daily walk of some 2 miles (5 km) come rain or shine - no buses in those days. The school has since been moved to its present site in Broadmeadows Road to make way for the Tullamarine Airport.
Facts: Occupation: Farmer then Driver for Produce Merchants, Flemington/Moonee Ponds, Victoria.
Died: 22 February 1978 in Sacred Heart Hospital, Moreland, Victoria. Buried: Ashes in Fawkner Cemetery, Fawkner, Victoria. Married in St. Pauls Cathedral, Church of England, Melbourne, Victoria, on 16 February, 1921 (Marriage Reg. #B.533 of Fiche 4113 BDM) to:-
Alice Olive Annie Williams: Born 26 April 1896 (Birth Reg. #14797, Fiche 327181.43 of BDM) in Sale, Victoria, Father: Albert Nahum Williams, Mother: Eliza Jane Doble. Died 10 June 1951 (Death Reg. #7156 of Fiche 7007 Yellow BDM) in Essendon, Victoria. Buried in Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria.
When his father was made an offer on the farm too good to refuse and sold it, Eric obtained a job with James Grigg and Sons, Produce Merchants based in Flemington not far from the Essendon Tram Depot. He cycled to and from work each day for forty-six years until the bicycle became a bit too much for him. He then bought his brother Lyndsay sFJ Holden to commute to work for the rest of his working life. He worked with James Grigg and Sons for forty-eight years as "storeman, driver, just about anything", only leaving when James Grigg retired and sold the business. At age 77, Eric commenced work within a week at a rival Produce Merchant sin Essendon, continuing with this firm for another eight years until a few weeks before he died. His starting salary with this firm was $43 a week. Soon after starting here, he was interviewed by reporters from the Herald (see photo page ). Hoisting a 140 pound sack of wheat to his shoulders with a grunt, he boasted to them, "I used to be able to load five tons of oats on the truck in under an hour. I'm not that good now ... but I reckon I can still hold my own." Eric attributed his fitness to hardwork - and "no smoking, drinking or gambling." Eric courted his future wife Alice Williams, who lived in Sale, Victoria, by riding his motorbike all the way from Melbourne at weekends. Athol Trotman, his lifelong friend, used to accompany him on his own bike. Eric saved for and bought his own home at 4 Market Street, Essendon, locked it up, and then married his lovely Alice, refusing to shorten the engagement period and be married earlier until he was able to provide for her properly - such was his nature and the manner of his upbringing. Eric and Alice had one son, Eric Allan, known as Allan to everyone, no doubt to distinguish him from his father.
When Alice died at age 51, Eric sson and family moved to 4 Market Street Essendon to live with him, a bungalow being built at the rear of the house for Eric. Eric sson had a family of four at the time of the move - Allan and Neil (identical twins), Bruce and Julie. When the family went on annual holidays, Eric would paint the house inside and out whilst they were away. As kids, the twins with Bruce and Julie would always be amazed at the new colour scheme and bright new look to their home when they returned from their holidays. Neil remembers coming home one year to find that he had even painted the cake and flour tins on the kitchen shelf, and placed coloured transfers on the outside to identify their contents.
Eric was an ardent Essendon Football Team supporter, and each week would attend matches with his brother Lyndsay, Lyndsay's grandson Garry Vincent, and Ella Mansfield. Whilst Lyndsay was quiet and reserved at matches, Eric would loudly harangue the umpire or opposition players when a penalty free-kick was given their way, or an unfair tackle occurred. On one occasion, his false teeth shot out of his mouth and landed at the feet of the people standing in front. Whenever Essendon scored a goal, he would slap his side vigorously with his hat, soon clearing the crowd from the area immediately in front of him. Alice, Eric swife, was the eighth of nine children born to Albert and Eliza Williams, the children in order of birth being Arthur, Aubrey, Elizabeth, Eva, Ivy, Jim, Reginald Charles, Alice Olive Annie and Harriet. Reginald was a groomsman at Eric and Alice swedding (see photo page ). Sadly, Alice died in her sleep on Queens Birthday weekend in 1951 after she was prescribed new tablets for blood pressure. She took the tablets before going to sleep and never woke up, her death being determined as occuring due to kidney failure. Everyone who knew her spoke of her as being an angel.
ii. Edith Norma MANSFIELD, B: 17 Mar 1895 in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia, D: 01 Aug 1950 in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, M: 25 Jun 1919 in Melbourne, Victoria (St Paul's Cathedral).
iii. John Bethell MANSFIELD, B: 12 Jun 1897 in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia, D: 20 Jul 1897 in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia.
Notes for John Bethell MANSFIELD:
B.17052, D.8031 (VFI). Died at 5 weeks of age. Buried in Bulla Cemetery on 22 July 1897 (Source: Cemetery Records).
iv. Lyndsay Ernest MANSFIELD, B: 04 Jan 1900 in Greenvale, Victoria, Australia, D: 27 Feb 1997 in Hampton, Victoria, Australia, M: 20 Dec 1924 in Christ Church of England, Essendon.
Notes for Lyndsay Ernest MANSFIELD:
B.1205 (VFI), 11872 (Fiche). Automotive/Electrical Engineer - worked for the Melbourne City Council Electricity Supply until he was 65 years old. Met Myrtle his future wife when they both attended a house party and on the way home, Myrtle sat on Lyndsay's knee in the car as there was little room - Lyndsay was 20 and Myrtle 15 at the time. Buried Cheltenham Lawn Cemetery 3 March 1997.
8. Edith Ruth Bethell 1865 #1000 wed 1895 #3909 to Jno Mansfield
8. Edith Ruth BETHELL -2 (William BETHELL-1) was born on 11 Nov 1864 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia. She died on 12 Feb 1936 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She married John MANSFIELD on 10 Jul 1895 in Bulla, Victoria, St. Mary's C of E, son of David MANSFIELD and Ann FAITHFULL. He was born on 21 Mar 1869 in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia. He died on 23 Jan 1952 in Moreland, Victoria, Australia.
Notes for Edith Ruth BETHELL:
Edith Ruth Bethell was the seventh of eight children and the fifth of six daughters to William Bethell and Frances Barker. She was born in Bulla, Victoria, on 11 November, 1864 (Birth Reg. #1000 of VPI). Edith and her sister Frances Ann both travelled to England in abt. 1889, returning to Melbourne, Australia aboard the "Cuzco" in August 1890. She married John Mansfield at Bulla in 1895. Witnesses at her wedding were her sister Maria and Robert Trotman, the husband of her sister Elizabeth. Edith was aged 71 at death and was buried in the Bulla Cemetery on 13 February 1936.
Notes for John MANSFIELD:
B.7188 (VPI), M.3909 (VFI). D.1362 (VDI, Fiche 7018 Yellow). Born in the family home "Roseleigh". Farmer, Tallarook (1897), Seymour. Died aged 82 years. Buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria.
John went to school at Tullamarine. After leaving school at an early age he worked on his father David sfarm. When his father bought Captains Flat, a substantial property near Seymour, John was asked by his father to draw lots for one of four parcels of the property. John drew that parcel situated at Sugar Loaf creek. As there was already a house on this property, John went to live and farm there on his own until his marriage.
John married Edith Ruth Bethell at St. Mary's Church of England, Bulla, in 1895. After his marriage, John farmed at Greenvale where his first daughter, Edith Maude Maria, was born in 1897. Later the family moved to the Sugar Loaf Creek property at Seymour. It was here that the second and third children were born, John Adrian in 1901, and Violet in 1903. In early 1910 he sold this farm and went to live for a while in Moonee Ponds near Melbourne. He then bought a farm at Tullamarine only some 12 chains from his father David's farm. When he visited his mother he would take her a bunch of freshly picked violets.
After his son began an apprenticeship in North Melbourne and Maude commenced a business typing course in Melbourne, John and Edith sold their farm and went to live at 1 Thorn Street, Essendon. Their house at Thorn Street was built by Albert Musgrove and his father. John died in 1952 in Moreland, Victoria, attaining the ripe old age of 82 years. He is buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria.
Edith Ruth Bethell, John's wife, was the fifth of six daughters to William Bethell, and the second daughter to marry a Mansfield. Her older sister Frances Ann Bethell married Henry David Mansfield, John's brother. Also, Edith Ruth's oldest sister Sarah Bethell married a James Hunter Millar in 1877, and their second daughter, Glady May Millar, a Bethell on her mother's side, married Ernest Mansfield in 1902, Ernest being the younger brother of Henry and John. Edith Ruth died in Melbourne, Victoria on 12 February, 1936 aged 71 years and was buried in the Bulla Cemetery on 13 February 1936.
John and Edith had two daughters and one son, in order of birth being Edith Maude Maria, John Adrian, and Violet.
Children of Edith Ruth BETHELL and John MANSFIELD are:
i. Edith Maude Maria MANSFIELD, B: 30 Nov 1898 in Greenvale, Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia, D: 17 Jul 1979 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, M: 06 Oct 1923 in Essendon, Victoria, Christ Church C of E.
Notes for Edith Maude Maria MANSFIELD: B.1256 (VFI); M.9857 (BDM).
Maude, as she is known to her family, was the first of three children to John Mansfield and Edith Ruth Bethell. She was born on the family's rented farm at Greenvale, Victoria. After a few years the family moved to Sugar Loaf Creek, near Seymour. John had been given a portion of his father's substantial property, Captains Flat, having a house already situated on the property. Maude commenced school here, walking some 2 1/2 miles (6.2km) to school. Maude and the other children entered their school exercise books in the Agricultural Show held each year at Seymour where Maude won some prizes and certificates. Her father and mother also had some success at the show with their produce.
When Maude came home from school each day there were plenty of chores to be done. She would gather, clean and pack the eggs from the hen-house, and when that was done, collect firewood. She remembers that there was always plenty to do. On Saturday mornings the family drove into Seymour in the buggy to sell butter, eggs, potatoes, and other farm produce, as well as to do the weeks shopping. Maude also began having piano lessons from a teacher in the town.
When Maude was twelve, her father sold the farm and moved with the family to Moonee Ponds. Maude later resumed piano lessons, being taught by a Miss Hewitt, the same teacher that taught her cousin, Norma Mansfield, Henry David's daughter. Norma also had singing lessons, and together, Maude and Norma took part in concerts organized by Miss Hewitt. John later purchased another farm, this time at Tullamarine adjacent to his father David's farm. They lived here during the period of the Great War from 1914-18 (World War I). Maude enjoyed many social evenings here, especially at her Auntie Fanny's (Henry David's wife), who played the accordian for the dancers. Maude had many relatives in Tullamarine and through them met many of the locals. One such local family was that of Alice Doble (married to James Musgrove), sister to Eliza Jane Doble the mother of Reg and Alice Williams. Both Reg and Alice would come to stay with their Aunt, and in this way both Maude and Eric Henry, the eldest son of Henry David Mansfield, met their future spouses.
When she was older, Maude began to learn typing and shorthand at Zercho's Business College in Melbourne. She would drive the horse and buggy to Essendon Railway Station where she would leave the horse tethered in a hotel yard. Her father decided to give up farming at this time and retired to Essendon, a house being built for him at 1 Thorn Street Essendon by Albert Musgrove and his father. On completion of her business course, Maude obtained work as a typist in the city (Melbourne). She was still living with mum and dad at Essendon at this time, and because she worked long hours, including Saturday mornings, she would often arrive home on a Saturday after the family had finished their hot midday meal.
Maude married Reginald Charles Williams at Christ Church of England, Essendon, on 6 October, 1923. They set up home at Brighton Beach, but Maude came to stay with her parents at Essendon before the birth of her only child, a daughter, Ruth. During the depression years, the family moved back to Maude's parents, where they lived until Maude's mother died in 1936. They then moved to Carnarvon Road, North Essendon, where they lived for one year before moving back to Brighton Beach.
Maude loved reading and used to say that she had a second-hand education through reading her daughter's school text books. She also loved music and had quite a collection of records and sheet music. The family attended St. Peter's Church of England, Brighton Beach, where Maude belonged to the Mother's Union.
Maude died in Melbourne on 17 July 1979 aged 80 years, and her ashes are buried in the memorial garden at St. Peter's, Brighton Beach.
ii. John Adrian MANSFIELD, B: 29 Jan 1901 in Tallarook, Victoria, Australia, D: 21 Aug 1985 in Strathmore, Victoria, Australia, M: 25 Nov 1922 in Essendon, Victoria (St. Thomas's C of E).
Notes for John Adrian MANSFIELD:
B.7043 (VFI), M.9813; D.20949 (VDI). Fitter and Turner, Engineer. Aged 84 at death. Buried in Bulla Cemetery. John was living at 1 Thorn Street, Essendon, Victoria at the time of his marriage. Retired from Ansett National Airlines (ANA) on 1st. February 1066 after 22 years service. He then joined the jet-engine overhaul division for 2.5 years. "Mr. John Mansfield was of sober habits, of good moral character, conscientious and trustworthy in every respect."
iii. Violet MANSFIELD, B: 02 Mar 1903 in Tallarook, Victoria (Sugar Loaf Creek), D: 01 Dec 1977 in Parkville, Victoria, Australia, M: 20 Oct 1928 in Essendon, Victoria, Christ Church C of E.
Notes for Violet MANSFIELD:
B.14044 (VEI), D.25553 (VDI). Bapt. by Rev. JR Frewin. Confirmed by FW Slade. Was residing at parent's home, 1 Thorn Street, Essendon, at time of marriage. Marriage Certificate has first names of parents on both sides corrected by Assistant Government Statist upon representation by Evonne Jellett, 17 January 1980. Died aged 74 years in Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville, Victoria. Buried in the Bulla Cemetery, Bulla, Victoria.
9. Alice Evelyn Bethell 1871 #14500 wed 1893 #56 to Chas Fisher
1 Child 1. Evelyn Vera Fisher 1897 #26160

9. Alice Evelyn BETHELL -2 (William BETHELL-1) was born on 08 Jul 1871 in Bulla, Victoria, Australia. She died on 1957 in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia. She married Charles FISHER on 1893 in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, son of Andrew FISHER and Elizabeth TITLEY. He was born on 1865 in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia. He died on 1914 in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.
B.14500 (VPI), M.56 (VFI), D.7496 (VDI). Died aged 84 years. Alice Evelyn Bethell was the last of six daughters to William Bethell and Frances Barker. She was born in Bulla, Victoria, on 8 July 1871 (Birth Reg. #14500 of VPI). She married Charles Fisher in 1893. Charles was born in 1865. They had one daughter, Evelyn Fisher, who was born in 1897.
Notes for Charles FISHER:
B.1744 (VPI), M.56 (VFI), D.8699 (VGWI). Died aged 49 years. Occupation: State School Teacher.
Child of Alice Evelyn BETHELL and Charles FISHER is:
i. Evelyn Vera FISHER, B: 1897 in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia, D: Abt. 1987.
Notes for Evelyn Vera FISHER:
B.26160 (VFI). According to Ella Mansfield (nee Peterson), Evelyn was a very sweet woman who looked after her mother until her mother died. In appearance Evelyn resembled her Aunty Maud Vincent (nee Bethell).

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