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Charles Ball

From: on Sat, 29 Oct 2005
Dear Elizabeth, I was so pleased to discover your website and to find a record of my Great grandfather Charles Ball who married May Grant in 1871. I have managed to get a copy of their marriage and also copies of both their Death Certificates. If possible could you send me a copy of his Birth record which you indicated you had. I also read a letter to you from Philip Ball obviously a relation of mine. The first Ball one I've come across.
I need to correct some of his findings as I know through the offical BDM records that he has the wrong parents for May Grant. The parents of May were- Peter Grant and Christina Staig. They came from Fife, Scotland. I have a little more about them if you or Peter are interested. I will await your answer to this email eagerly. Glenda Ball (N.Z.)

Found in Victorian records
Joanna Grant daughter of Peter and Christina STAIG born at BEAU (Beaufort) in 1860 #15248
Christina Grant nee Staig died 1876 #12976 aged 64, so born 1812 in Fife.
From: on Thu, 14 Aug 2003
I didn't realise that the privacy laws had such an effect on geneology, so Frederick's children born after 1920 are not listed.
I have the family bible that was kept by Charles Ball and May Grant. In it they have listed nine children, the child born 16th August 1878 has her name written in the family bible as May (not Mary probably after her mother) Alice and the two missing names that preceded her are Charles Sydney 1st January 1876 (we have recently been in contact with his grandson Peter Ball) and Christina 22 June 1877.
In the District of Camelford, Cornwall, on Thirtieth July 1845, son Charles was born to John Ball, a tailor, and Frances formerly Passmore. Frances registered his birth on 18 August, and the Registrar was John Jennings.

Christina Staig (1812 - 1876 #12976 aged 64 dau of John Staig of Fife)
Charles Ball 1845 - 5 Dec 1909 aged 64 son of Francis Passmore and John Ball from Cornwall, wed 29 June 1871 #2324 to May Grant c1850 - 8 Apr 1922 aged 69 daughter of Christina Staig wed 19 Nov 1837 at Monimail, Fife, Scotland to Peter Grant, and lived at Raglan
9 children 1. John Ball 20 Apr 1872 #11340
2. Peter Grant Ball 1873 #19221
3. Charles Sydney Ball 1st January 1876
4. Christina Ball 22 June 1877
5. Mary Alice Ball 1878 - 1886 #14165 aged 8 years
6. Georgina Frances Ball 1879 #20958
7. Frank Ball 1881 #18720
8. Archelaus Ball 1883 #25742 lived 29 weeks
9. Fred Melville Ball 1885 #12853
1. John Ball 20 Apr 1872 #11340 wed 10 Sep 1902 to Una Mary Ann Niblet aged 18, 1884 #7269 daughter of Mary Ann White and Frederick Charles Niblett born at Bellarine, and father of Francis, May, Oswald John and Phillip Charles Ball 23 July 1908
9. Fredk Melville Ball 1885 #12853 wed 1917 #5647 to Norah Adelaide Carland 1899 #23051 and lived at Beaufort
2 children 1. Dulcie May Grant Ball 1918 #22557
2. Chas Fredk Francis Ball 1920 #9177

On same page of marriages 1902 as Una and John Ball

Henry Eathorne born June 1841 at Helston district, Cornwall.
Henry Eathorne wed to Sep 1869 to Eliza Drew Richards at Helston district in the county of Cornwall, UK
The Somersetshire came Aug 1876 with Henry Eathorne 35, Eliza 34, Samuel 6, William 3 and infant.
They lived at Raywood, where James Richard Eathorne was born 1877 #24328 and Mary Jane Eathorne 1879 #18576. Eliza Drew Eathorne died 1879 #8887 aged 37, daughter of Eliza Jenkins and William Richards.
Henry Eathorne wed 1887 #2102 to Harriet Elizabeth Brockey.
Mary Jane Eathorne wed 20 Sep 1902 to Zaccharias John Williams aged 22, 1879 #26149 son of William Holman Williams and Elizabeth Thomson
William Holman Williams born at Amhurst 1857 #11652 son of Jane Holman and Thomas Williams.
William Holman Williams wed 1879 #3491 to Elizabeth Thomson and children to 1888 are Zacharias John Williams 1879, Millicent Williams 1881 lived 5 years, William Holman Williams 1883, Agnes Eleanor Williams 1883 and James Williams 1886.
John Punton wed 3 Sep 1902 to Laura Ethyln Leversha
John Punton born 1872 #24234 to Jane Tefler and George Punton
George Punton aged 34 and Jane Punton aged 36 came June 1858 on the Winefred. They registered 11 children 1858 to 1876, so I assume Jane was aged about 26. They lived at Waterloo, Maldon and Lockwood
Laura Ethline Leversha was born at Lockwood 1873 #24999 daughter of Kate Bassett and William Leversha
William Leversha from Somerset wed 1870 #2754 to Kate Bassett from Kent and had 7 children.
Kate Leversha wed 1888 #8323 to George Moore
William Leversha died aged 44, christened 15 Mar 1843 - 1887 #2437 son of Elizabeth Date and John Leversha, christened 25 Sep 1838 and died 27 Sep 1885 at Marong, Vic, Aust
and his brother Thomas Leversha 1835 - 1885 #10339 aged 47
John Leversha 26 Jun 1815 - 6 Jan 1886 #1950 aged 72, son of Mary Hawkins and John Leversha. The IGI submitter gives his parents as Christine Hurley and Thomas alias Leversha Vickery
Elizabeth Date 10 May 1807 - 8 Apr 1882 born at Williton and died at Laanecoorie, Victoria, Aust, wed 6 Jun 1837 to John Leveraha at Williton, Somerset, England
The Royal Charter came July 1857 with William Bassett 40, John Bassett 56, Catherine Bassett 33, Francis Bassett 11, John Bassett 10, Catherine Bassett 8 and Martha Bassett 6. Cath Davey and John Bassett lived at Sailor's Gully for the births of Nanney Bassett 1859 #4774 and Elizabeth Davey Bassett 1861, #23151

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