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George Andrew Bailey

George Bailey aged 21 came Apr 1853 on the James L Bogert - only passenger with this surname.
From various message boards found by Google, including
By 'Scribe125', I have a photocopy which I made of the ship's passenger list for the James L Bogert's voyage into Hobson's Bay in Apr 1853, but have not completed a transcription. The manifest has all the usual details of passenger names, ages, occupations and country of origin, plus some details on the small number of cabin passengers. I'm sure errors on manifests were common when the clerks wrote down what they thought they heard.
The 18 page 'Log book of a voyage from London to Australia and incidents upon arrival, on board the James L. Bogart, 1853', by Joseph C. Metcalfe, is held by The Genealogical Society of Victoria.
The James L Bogert sailed from East India Dock in London on 12 Jan 1853, as scheduled. It then proceeded to Gravesend for a few days before calling at Dartmouth on the 23rd for three days. It then set sail for Hobsons Bay (Melbourne) but made an unscheduled stop at Table Bay (Capetown) to replenish the water supplies as some barrels were damaged en route. They arrived Capetown, amidst Dutch warships, on 17 Mar and left for Melbourne on the 22nd for the Indian Ocean leg.
The Times, Friday, Dec 24, 1852; pg. 1; Issue 21307; col A - references the 'magnificant new ship' James L. Bogert, A 1, with George William Howe, commander. This vessel was built expressly for carrying passengers, and, having very spacious 'tween decks, ventilated and arranged on Mrs. Chisholm's excellent plan, offers unusual advantages to persons about to emigrate.
The "James L Bogert" arrived in Melbourne on the 27th of April 1853. It left England 15th Jan 1853 and stopped at Table Bay, Capetown, South Africa, on 17th Mar 1853. It was built at Bath, Maine, in 1851. She had a name change to Kent after being sold to Liverpool interests, and went down around 1876 - no further details on that. It is often misspelt as 'Bogart' but the correct version is 'Bogert' after the original New York owners.
arrived June 1853 in Melbourne, Victoria after 7 months since departure from England. It sailed from Melbourne on 20.6.1853 destination Bombay.
The Times, Saturday, Oct 15, 1853; pg. 7; Issue 21560; col B - mentions the 'American ship, James L Bogert', arrived in Bombay.
George Andrew Bailey wed 1853 #779 to Annie/Hannah Emma Bell aged 25, born c1827, and lived at Taradale before going to New Zealand.
2 Children 1. George Robert Bailey 1858 #13945
2. Alice Bailey 1860 - 1885 #5330 lived 25 years died in Victoria

From on Tuesday, 18 March, 2014
Dear Elizabeth
I have recently been directed to the Pioneer Families website for Hiram Slocum, - this is a marvelous resource, thank you. 
My connection is this: 
Hiram's wife Jane Sarah Bell is a sister of Hannah Emma Bell (known as Annie). The Bell family arrived April 1853, aged 13, on the James L Bogert and settled in Elphinstone, VIC. 
Hannah Emma Bell (known as Annie) married my maternal Gt Gt Grand Father, George Bailey in 1855 in Taradale. They had children and moved to NZ to the Otago gold fields in 1862. 
Annie died in Lawrence, Otago in 1866 - we think in child birth. 
George Bailey ultimately settled in Invercargill, NZ where he was a Chemist. I have more to add if there was a place to upload or send it. 
Thank you again for the website.  Kind regards, Roger
Thankyou Roger - you make my page live, via your letters.
Roger wrote on Wednesday, 19 March, 2014,
The UK censuses show the John Bailey family in 1841, 1851 etc. I have attached them for reference. George Bailey is shown in the 1841 census aged 11 along with the other family members - so we have confirmation of the family. There's no census reference to George Bailey in 1851 when he would have been about 19/20 and I can't find him elsewhere in England. Mystery. The 1851 Census for the Thomas Bailey family is transcribed incorrectly as it refers to the Thomas Balle and Emma Balle etc along with the m-i-l as Sarah Sermon s/be Sarah Swann - it's easy to see on the actual census how the transcription error was made. So I'm pretty sure these are the right people.
I have seen the James L Bogert manifest and both George Bailey and the Thomas Bell family were on it. That ties with the record in our family where Hannah Bell and George Bailey met on the ship to Hobson's Bay in 1853 and married in Taradale in 1855. I think there was also two crew named Bell on the vessel, which is confusing.
I am about to make a balance with PROV so I can get the marriage certs etc.
I think George Bailey came to NZ on his own in about 1861 - vessel Matilda to Port Chalmers. I'll check details on PROV site. Similarly Hannah and the family joined him in Otago in 1862. Again there's a reference to her being a passenger ex VIC to Port Chalmers on PROV which I'll check further.
George Bailey seemed to have extensive business interest in Southland and Otago and there are a lot of references in the newspapers of the day - they provide good checkpoints along with Electoral Rolls - though as this preceded suffrage for a number of decades keeping track of the women is not as easy!
A complication is her apparent name of Hannah Emma and being known as Annie - she also died soon after arriving in Otago (in child birth we think) so her footprint is light. Such are the vagaries of trying to piece things together 150 years later!.
I have also noticed the discrepacies about Hannah's age so hopefully marriage certificates will provide more proof of age (as declared!) and parent's names etc. Ditto birth certificates for their children.
What this is showing I should actually travel to Taradale, Graytown and environs (albeit they are much reduced on 1850's and 1860's scale) just to see where the family started their life in the Antipodes.
Roger wrote on Wednesday, 19 March, 2014,

John Bailey came 1841

From on Wed, 23 Aug 2006
Dear Elizabeth,
I am doing a little family history research and I find that Enoch Bailey and Eliza Tait are my great grand parents. I can see a concentration of their family around Korumburra. My father Francis Norman Bailey (known as Tim) was born in Korumburra and when I was very young we would visit his cousins there. The house was in hills above the town and surrounded by a high hedge. I also used to visit the Barrots in Noble Park where according to my records. Enoch and Eliza died in 1918 at Noble Park.
If you are interested in any details I could fill you in.
Best Wishes, Joan Jensen

From on Mon, 10 Mar 2008, and on 12 Sep 2009 sent this link to her Bailey web page
Hi Elizabeth
Here are a few things that I know re John and Mary Bailey who came July 1841 on the Westminster.
These are my great great grandparents and I have really hit a brick wall here.
Mary Parsons parents were James Parsons and Dinah Paull as per Marys death cert, Mary was born c 1815. Eliza Tait wife of Enoch Alexander Bailey for some reason called herself Eliza Elizabeth and other times the correct name of Eliza Jane Tait. Eliza was born 1850 Sydney and baptised 26th Dec 1852 no B1852/600/vol.38a
As you know they came from Somerset England, this is also on Mary`s death cert, so probably true.
Mary was Mary Parsons born c1815 dau of parents were James Parsons and Dinah Paull, before marriage to John Bailey, when they married. I wish I could find out and wish I knew the name of the baby that died on board Westminster.
They left the ship at Melbourne and lived at Coburg, Pentridge, Merri Creek and Brunswick. They as you have already researched had Enoch Alexander (Anak Baylay on the church records) born exactly 1 year after they landed July 29 1842 and baptized 1843 then John Bailey Jr was born 1844.
Before John Bailey Snr died aged 46 at Pentridge John and Mary must have separated as Mary had children to Edward Burt whom she married 6 weeks after John died, at Presbyterian church, Melbourne. These were Edward James Burt born 1850 Hannah Moreland Burt born 1853 and Louisa Elizabeth Burt.
All of these except my great grand father Enoch Alexander Bailey pre deceased their mother Mary who married for a 3rd time a William Mcnie who died 1877. Mary Parsons Bailey Burt Mcnie died at Elmore Bridge hotel 1882.
This is only a short version off the top of my head but will look at my records for more info. Woderful web site, wonderful dedication.
Enoch Alexander Bailey wed 1867 #110 to Eliza Elizabeth Tait from Sydney, but she is not in NSW births index
She called herself Eliza Elizabeth and other times the correct name of Eliza Jane Tait, was born to James Tait and Grace Stevenson (Tait also spelt sometimes Tate) born 1850 Sydney and baptised 26th dec 1852 no B1852/600/vol.38a
Cheers Meryle

From on Sunday, 5 April, 2009
Thankyou to Ryk, who sent 3 certificates
Baptism Certificate on 1 Jan 1843 of Anak Alexander Baylay born 29 July 1842, son of John and Mary Baylay at Merri Creek, Carpenter, by AC Thornton, Chaplain of St James Church Melbourne.
Marriage on 26 Feb 1867 at St Pauls Church, Kyneton, of Enock Alexander Bailey, Bachelor, born at Pentridge, Victoria, aged 24, a Bullock Driver presently at Lauriston, son of Mary Sarson and John Bailey, carpenter
to Eliza Elizabeth Tait, Spinster, born in Sydney, NSW, aged 16, living at Lauriston, daughter of Grace Stevenson and George Tait (whose profession is shown as 'unknown', with the written consent of the step father of the bride
Death Certificate of Enoch Alexander Bailey on 16 Sep 1918 aged 76, parents not known, husband of Eliza Jane Tait with 10 children listed.

See vic1847 site on John Bailey father of Enoch, for arrival 1841 and baptism 1843 of Anak Alexander
Enoch Alexander Bailey 29 July 1842 - 16 Sep 1918 aged 76, wed 26 Feb 1867 #110 to Eliza Elizabeth Tait - sometimes Eliza Jane Tait 1851 - 1918 #2468 aged 67, and lived at Kyneton, Guildfield, then settled at Elmore, Victoria. Eliza Tait born 1851 Sydney died 1918 South Melbourne daughter of George Tait and Grace Stevenson.
10 children 1. Mary Grace Bailey 1868 #3342
2. Robert John Bailey 1869 #16449
3. William George Bailey 1871 #17153
4. Enoch Henry Bailey 1873 #24351 lived 1 year
5. Ellen Winneford Bailey 1875 #22603
6. David Alexander Bailey 1877 #15268 lived 1 year
7. Emily Isabella Bailey 1880 #2191 lived 5 months
8. Alfred James Bailey 1882 #8894
9. Lucy Olive Bailey 1884 #16553
10. Ada Alice Bailey 1888 #2275 lived 5 months, died at Longwarry
1. Mary Grace Bailey 1868 #3342 wed c1902 to Edmund Wm Hales and lived at Korumburra
1 child 1. Walt Roy Hales 1903 #4204
5. Ellen Winneford Bailey 1875 #22603 wed on the 25th May 1898 to Francis Aheir Barrat/Barrot and lived at Korumburra
The Garonne came June 1884 with Charles Barrot aged 41, John Charles Barrot aged 11 and Francis A Barrot aged 9. Boy's mother was Ann Marie. The family came from Jersey, the Channel Islands.
5 children 1. Francis Charles Barrot born 11th Feb 1900
2. Olive Ray Barrot 1901
3. Ellen Winiford Barrot 1902 #27333 - 1903 #4772 lived 1 month
4. Gladys Marie Barrot 1905 #4042
5. Sylvia Grace Barrot 1908 #20422
6. Edna Winnieford Barrot 1912 #21710
8. Alfred James Bailey 1882 #8894 wed 1902 #1954 to Julia Elmore
5 children 1. Alfd Hy Bailey 1903 #15933 - 1963 aged 60, wed Vida May Bulman
2. Roy Wm Jas Bailey 1905 #27004
3. Raymond Fran Allan Bailey 1908 #28098 - 1972 aged 64
4. Alma May Julia Bailey 1917 - 1978 wed Burke
5. Clarence Victor Bailey 1922 - 1972 aged 52
9. Lucy Olive Bailey 1884 #16553 wed 1904 #5562 to Carl Otto Ulrich Wilhelm Pfeiffer and lived at Korumburra
6 children 1. Henerich Wilhelm Pfeiffer 1905 #11581
2. Fran Geo Pfeiffer 1907 #3186
3. Fredk Edmd Pfeiffer 1908 #8040
4. Carl Gotthilf Pfeiffer 1909 #15119
5. Bertha Ray Olive Pfeiffer 1910 #26690
6. Lucy Ellen Martha Pfeiffer 1912 #21709

John Bailey with sons John and William

John Bailey aged 58, came to Melbourne, Port Phillip Bay, in Aug 1852 as Unassisted Inward Passengers on the Coromandel with wife Rosamond Bailey aged 63, and 2 sons, Wm Bailey aged 27 and John Bailey aged 30 with John's wife Phoebe/Phebe Bailey aged 31 and daughters Phoebe Ann Bailey aged 4, Mary Jane Bailey aged 3 and Maria Rosamond Bailey aged 2
1. John Bailey 1822 and Phebe Waite lived at Heidelberg when mother and new baby Ellen died.
Phoebe White 1820 - 1857 #6358 aged 37, dau of Maria and George White of Lincolnshire, UK, died at Heidelberg, Vic>
Ellen Bailey 1857 #14316 - 1857 #6359 lived 10 days
John Bailey from Boston Eng, wed (2) to 1875 #4694 to Margaret Farquhar from Aberdeen, she came aged 17 in Oct 1865 on the Glendower with Jane Farquhar aged 50 and Ellen Farquhar aged 19. Family lived at Wandinyall
4 Children
of Phoebe
1. Phoebe Ann Bailey aged 4, b1846 - 1929 #4650 aged 81
2. Mary Jane Bailey aged 3, b1848 - 1920, wed 1870 #4474 to Luke Brown 1846 #14823 - 1929 son of Mary and Hy Brown
3. Maria Rosamond Bailey aged 2, b1850 - 1925 #8955 aged 73, wed 1891 #6508 to Harold 'Harry' Porter
4. Ellen Bailey 1857 #14316 - 1857 #6359 lived 10 days
3 Children
of Margt
5. Margaret Bailey 1876 #26468 - 1945 #9163 aged 70 wed 1895 #2566 to to Henry Charles Dennis 1863-1948
6. John Bailey 1878 #12432 - 1957
7. Rosa Jane Bailey 1880 #12330 - 1950 wed 1908 to James JOHN 1872 - 1948 #1338 aged 75, son of Martha Burleigh and John Johns
2. William Bailey 1824 - 1901, wed 1858 #3539 to Mary Margaret Strachan 1840 - 1886 #14853 aged 46, dau of Barbara Milne 1802 - 1855 aged 52, and James Strachan 1802 - 1860 aged 58, lived at Mulgrave, Oakleigh,
12 Children 1. Elizabeth Bailey 1860 #49
2. William James Bailey 1862 #16644 - 1879 #11425 aged 18 years
3. Douglas Bailey 1863 #16439
4. Alice Bailey 1864 #23939
5. Albert Bailey 1868 #25368
6. John Bailey 1870 #25189
7. Rose Barbara Bailey 1873 #18899
8. Pinniel Mary Bailey 1877 #4284 - 1883 #11822 lived 7 years, died at E Melb Hosp
9. Myrtle Mable Bailey 1879 #18208 - 1898 #18640 aged 19, wed Haag
10. Violet Lottie Bailey 1881 #4567 - 1963 #15152 aged 82, wed Haag
11. Evelyn Bertha Bailey 1882 #26373
12. Pinniel Mary Bailey 1886 #30341
4. Alice Bailey 1864 #23939 - 1944 born at Mulgrave, wed 1885 #3284 to Nicholas Gaudion 1858 - 1903 and lived at Wandin Yallock, 2 Children
9. Myrtle Mable Bailey 1879 #18208 - 1898 #18640 aged 19, wed 1897 #1748 to Albert Fredrich Haag 1871 - 1956 aged 85, and lived at Wandin Yallock
10. Violet Lothie Bailey 1881 #4567 - 1963 #15152 aged 82, wed as second wife 1901 #1874 to Albert Haag
2 Children
of Myrtle
1. Alma Mary Haag 1897 #15157 - 1898 #10082 lived 1 month
2. Vera Mabel Haag 1898 #29793 - 1978 #5768 aged 79, wed Elliott
6 Children
of Violet
3. Wm Clarence Haag 1901 #30617 - 1929 #15218 aged 27
4. Osmond Albert Haag 1903 - 1986 aged 83, wed 1918 to Winifred May Mould 1907 - 1968
5. Arthur John Haag 1904 - 1967 #12108 aged 63
6. Leslie James Haag 1906 - 1983 #08375 aged 77, wed 1935 to Edna Beryl Rice 1908 - 1975
7. Myrtle Louise Haag 1907
8. Ernest Henry Haag 1910 - 1982 #26259 aged 72
4. Arthur John Haag 1904 - 1967 #12108 aged 63, wed Thelma Victoria May Fluck 1907 - 1991, dau of Clara Rachael Frank and Edward Fluck
Edward Fluck born 1876 #22986 son of Sarah Carnell wed 1864 #2642 to John Rouse Fluck and Clara Rachael Frank born 1879 #8392, dau of Jane Reeves wed 1873 #3203 to Theodore Henry Frank from Germany Jane Reeves dau of Mary Jane Copeland and Thomas Reeves lived at Kilmore
1 Child 1. Arthur Maxwell Haag 1945 #3175 infant death

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