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Robert and Elizabeth Alomes

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Robert wed Elizabeth Bellett Carter-Alomes
Children's Spouses
Lilly Bellett, Christopher Calvert,
Alfred William Edwd Harrex, Janet Mackay, Eleanor Pedder,
William Potter, Isabella Quested, John Watson,
Mary Williams, Jane Wood,

Due to web sites no longer on line, I have added information to this page.

From Rootsweb - 18/06/2001 +1000, Michael Topfer, of Lindisfarne, Tas, wrote:
Does anyone know of any research on Robert Alomes, who was sometimes known as Robert Carter? He was a marine with Capt David Collins who established Hobart Town in 1804. Robert Alomes (or Allomes) was reportedly the first man ashore with the Union Jack at Sullivans Cove and later married a daughter of Jacob Bellette (convict First Fleeter). The Alomes family later had land in the Sorell (east of Hobart) area. Though much has been documented on the descendants of Jacob Bellette and Robert Alomes, not much is known about Alomes himself.
Any information on Robert Alomes would be appreciated. His daughter Amelia Watson (nee Alomes) was my grandfather's grandmother.
From Garrison orders Feb 28, 1803 - fascinating pages of Orders.
John Jubal Sutton Capt in the 32nd Co. having been discharged this day from the service for the purpose of being placed in the Civil Establishment of this Settlement the Commanding Officer is pleased to appoint Robert Alomes Private in the 53rd Co. to be Corporal in the 32nd Co. once Mr. Sutton discharged.
Garrison Orders -
The Detachment will Parade at 6 o’clock in the mornings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Drill until further Orders.
Garrison Orders -
The Quarter Division for the Retreat will beat at a Quarter before 6 o’clock until further orders.
The Corporal of the Detached Guard at Hunter’s Island will upon no pretence allow any of the Trees even for firing to be cut down therefor.
General Orders Sullivan Cove 10th March 1804 -
The Lt. Governor understanding that the number of Swans at the upper part of the Derwent River is considerably diminished through their having been of late much harrassed and disturbed and that it is more than probable that the resource which they might have otherwise proved will totally fail unless some steps are taken to prevent it particularly at this Season when the Females are known to be full of eggs, directs that until he shall find it necessary to issue further orders upon this subject no person in or belonging to this Settlement do send any Boat or employ any means any further to molest these Birds which if a proper attention is paid to this order may return to their usual haunts.
Garrison Orders-
An inspection of arms and necessaries tomorrow as usual.
General Orders Sullivan Cove 22nd March 1804 - The Detachment will assemble for Drill on the Days already appointed at 7 instead of 6 o’clock in the morning. The Lords Comissioners of the admiralty were pleased to admit a certain number of women to accompany their husbands in the present expedition, for the purpose of contributing to that end, by washing for the Detachment; the Commanding Officer therefore directs, and appoints the following women, to be so employed, and in the following manner, namely
The wife of William Bean Pte to wash for 15 Persons, The wife of George Carley Pte – 15 do, The wife of James Spooner – 14 do.
General Orders Sullivan Bay 21st Novr. 1803 Parole Caution C Sign Duty
The Lt Governor having received such information, from the Commander of His Majesty’s Ship Calcutta, as leads him to suppose, that a large Body of natives is at no very great distance from the Settlement, and as it is very doubtful what may be their motives for coming on this side of Arthur’s Seat, he thinks it necessary to caution the Convicts, and other persons against going in that direction any distance along the Beach, in search of fish in their leisure hours.
Lt.Colonel David Collins to be L.tGovernor. Revd Richd Knopwood to be Chaplain. Captn Benjn Barbould to be D.Judge advocate Mr. Wm I’anson to be Surgeon Mr. Mattw Bowden to be assis.t Surgeon. Mr. Wm Hopley to be 2.d assis.t D.o Mr. Leond Tosbrook to be Depy Commissary Mr. Geo Pridx Harris to be Dy Surveyor Mr. [indecipherable] W.m Serj Humphrey to be Mineralogist Mr. Thos Clark to be Superintendant Mr. Wm Patterson to be Superintendant
Sullivan Bay 14th Decr 1803.
Parole Good Conduct C Sign Approbation
The Commander of His Majesty’s Ship the Calcutta, having signified to the Lieut. Governor, his intention of sailing for Port Jackson on Sunday next, the Detachment of Royal Marines belonging to that Ship, at present doing duty in the Settlement, will be returned to her tomorrow.
He is also much gratified in being able to mark with his approbation and hold up as an example worthy the situation of their fellow Prisoners the meritorious conduct of John Rawlinson, Urias Allender, Christopher Forshap, William Thomas. James Price and David Wakefield

From on Sunday, 15 January 2012
Hello Elizabeth,
I noticed Robert Alomis and somehow knew he was connected to my work.
I wrote a book in 2004, titled A Royal Marine in Van Dieman's Land. The Story of James Clissold. When James married Mary Carn in 1807 the two witnesses were Robert Alomis and George Kearney.
Just thought I would mention it. I see in your list that the name Clissold does not show up, so there is no connection between us.

Robert and Elizabeth Bellett Carter Alomes

Apology to Sharmaine Jarvis whose EMail: no longer can be located.
She has posted a very extensive site, and deserves many thankyous.

Robert Carter c1780 - 5 Sep 1853 otherwise unknown wed 1809 at Hobart, Tasmania, to Elizabeth Bellett 1792 - 1866. The family has also been posted as a Pedigree in familySearch.
Robert died 5 Sep 1853 and buried 5 Sep 1853 as Alomes at Rokeby, Tasmania
Elizabeth died 24 Dec 1866 and buried 26 Dec 1866 as Alomes, at Rokeby dau of Elizabeth Harper and Jacob Bellett
11 Children 1. Emaline Sophia Carter 29 Jul 1810 wed 25 Oct 1852 to John Morrisby (an internet page)
2. Elizabeth Ann Carter 3 Mar 1812
3. William Carter 1814
4. Jacob Ernest Carter 6 Apr 1816 - 12 Mar 1893 wed 25 May 1841 to Isabella Quested (an internet page)
5. Mary Carter 1818
6. Robert Alloms 1820 wed Jane Wood
7. John James Carter 22 Aug 1822 wed 1878 to Mary Ann Musk
8. Edward Henry Carter 11 Dec 1824 wed 2 Apr 1862 to Elizabeth Jones (an internet page)
9. George Thomas Alomes 1827 wed Janet Mackay
10. Amelia Matilda Alomes 1829 wed John Watson
11. Elizabeth Ann Alomes 1835 had 2 children

4. Jacob Ernest Carter 6 Apr 1816 - 12 Mar 1893 wed 25 May 1841 to Isabella Quested 1821 - 9 Nov 1907
11 Children 1. Isabella Allomes 19 Dec 1842 - 9 Dec 1906 wed Thomas Wiggins 31 Oct 1842 - 15 May 1914, son of Susannah Newport and Thomas Wiggins, 7 chn
2. John Albert Allomes 1844
3. Alfred Allomes 1845
4. James Allomes 1847 wed 1878 to Harriett Denny 1857
5. Jane Allomes
6. Hannah Jane Allomes 5 Jun 1851 - 29 Jun 1904 wed James Francis Wiggins 22 Dec 1852 - 26 Oct 1924 son of Esther Gill and John Wiggins, 12 chn
7. Unnamed Male - Jacob Theophilus Allomes 1852 wed Ellen Hanley died 24 Mar 1889
8. Walter James Allomes 20 DEC 1856 - 25 NOV 1943
9. David Quested Allomes 2 NOV 1858 - 27 SEP 1874
10. Charles Andrew Allomes 1860
11. Lodwyk Patrick Allomes 1865

2. John Albert Allomes 8 FEB 1844 - 12 APR 1922 wed 4 NOV 1868 to Dinah Wells 1849 - 08 APR 1921 dau of John Wells and Mary Ann Newport
1 Child 1. Dinah Harriett Maria Allomes 26 MAY 1873 - 20 AUG 1938 wed Albert William Brown

3. Alfred Alomes son of Jacob Allomes 1818 and Isabella Quested 1821, wed 1870 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Lilly Bellett 1854 - Spring Bay, Tasmania, Australia
8 Children 1. Adelaide Alomes 1870 - 1880
2. Florence Alomes 1872
3. Alfred James Arthur Alomes 1874
4. Herbert Albert Alomes 1876
5. Edith Alomes 1878
6. Male Alomes 1881
7. Windermere Alomes 1882
8. Percyval Alomes 1884

6. Robert Alomes 1821 - 1860 born at Pittwater died at Hobart, wed 1844 at Hobart to Jane Wood 1820 - 1858, daughter of John Wood, died at Ralphs Bay, Tasmania
7 Children 1. Joseph Allomes 1844
2. Robert Henry Alomes 1847 wed Eleanor Pedder
3. Elizabeth Maria Alomes 1849 wed Christopher Calvert
4. George Thomas Alomes 1852
5. Maria Rosina Alloms 1854
6. William Charles Alomes 1856
7. Florence Jane Cath Alomes 1858 wed Alfred William Edwd Harrex

6.2. Robert Henry Alomes 1847 born at Richmond, Tasmania, wed 1869 at Clarence, Tasmania, to Eleanor Pedder.
Ulverstone Primary School records from 1870 includes 4 children to 1891
12 Children 1. Male Alomes 1870
2. Raymond Charles Alomes 1872
3. May Ella Aloms 1873
4. Clarice Georgine Alomes 1875
5. Victor Bertram Clive Alomes 1877
6. Ivy Jean Alomes 1878 at school 1891
7. Lizzie Irene Alomes 1880 at school 1891
8. Leon Evelyne Alomes 1882 at school 1891
9. Ida Annie Alomes 1884 at school 1891
10. Robert Wentworth Alomes 1886
11. Lennor Gwen Alomes 1888
12. Eleanor Josephine Alomes 1889

6.3. Elizabeth Maria Alomes 1849 born at Spring Bay, wed 1869 at Hobart, Tasmania, to Christopher Calvert
5 Children 1. Male Calvert 1871
2. Female Calvert 1872
3. Mabel Jane Calvert 1873
4. Rosina Mildred Calvert 1874
5. Frank Merton Calvert 1876

6.7. Florence Jane Cath Alomes 1858 born At Ralphs Bay, wed 1884 at Hamilton, Tasmania, to Alfred William Edwd Harrex died April 1920, lived at Macquarie Plains, Tasmania
A second source has William Alfred Edward Harrex 22 Feb 1864 - 19 Oct 1895 son of Alfred William Harrex and Hannah Rachael Burris born at Ouse and died at New Norfolk
8 Children 1. Elsie Maud Harrex 1884
2. Clarence Gordon Harrex 1885
3. Ida Florence Harrex 1887
4. Alfred Ernest Harrex 1889
5. Ruby Irene Harrex 1890
6. Doris Ivy Harrex 1892 wed Henry Percy Jones
7. Percy Charles Harrex 1 May 1894 - 1 Jun 1968 wed 26 Mar 1920 to Muriel Gray Burbury 20 Feb 1884 - 17 Oct 1972
8. Phyllis Maud Harrex 1897

From on Saturday, 8 October, 2011
Dearest Elizabeth,
Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing family tree account. I have been in search of my husband’s great grandmother Phyllis Maud HORSFALL MCKENZIE (HARREX). There was so much speculation about her parents and I am yet to clarify facts. We are aware that Phyllis was adopted out as a baby and up until recently it was always said that her mother (known as Mrs HARREX) apparently had an affair with unknown WELLS man. As she was supposingly married and already had about 8 children, the father took the child and adopted it to his sister that was unable to have children.
After some research, it turns out Mrs HARREX, now known as Florence Jane Catherine HARREX (ALOMES) was quite possibly the I can to this conclusion.
Florence Jane Catherine HARREX (ALOMES) did marry Alfred William HARREX and had 7 children. He died in 1895. Phyllis was then born in Aug 1897. Although I do not have a copy of the birth certificate as yet, I have located a TAS site that lists birth records and there it states the mother of Phyllis Maud was Jane Catherine ALOMES and lists father as an unknown HARREX.
Other sources claim that Florence Jane Catherine HARREX (ALOMES) may have been involved with Charles James SAUNDERS, who happens to be the cousin of her late husband Alfred William HARREX. I have not found death records for Florence Jane Catherine HARREX (ALOMES) as yet and suspect that she may have even married Charles later on.
My next big mission is to search census information to support my claims. You may notice I am quite sketchy with my information, but I have only been exploring my family tree since July this year. My time is limited around 3 young children, but learning so much more every day and just can’t seem to tear away from it.
Thank you again so much for such a wonderful site and you may agree that I have just added more family to your tree.
Kind regards, Paula van Andel (nee Surjan)

9. George Thomas Alomes 1827 born at Sorell, Tasmania, wed 1855 at Hobart, Tasmania, to Janet Mackay
6 Children 1. George Alomes 1855 died
2. Female Alomes 1856
3. Helena Alomes 1858
4. Male Alomes 1860
5. twin? George Thomas Edward Alomes 1864
6. twin? Jennot Josephine Alomes 1864

10. Amelia Matilda Alomes 1829 wed 1849 at Clarence, Tasmania, to John Watson
16 Children 1. John Edwin Watson 1850
2. Elizabeth Tasmani Watson 1851
3. twin Female Watson 1852
4. twin Mary Matilda Watson 1852
5. twin Female Watson 1854
6. twin Rosina Ann Watson 1854
7. Male Watson 1856
8. Female Watson 1857
9. Female Watson 1859
10. Male Watson 1860
11. Female Watson 1862
12. Hannah Laura Watson 1865
13. Evaline Sophia Watson 1868
14. Amy Maria Watson 1870
15. Lillia Georgina Watson 1871
16. Minnie Edith Watson 1875

11. Elizabeth Ann Alomes 1835 - 1 Oct 1915 wed 23 Dec 1861 to William Potter 1831 - (an internet page)
2 Children 1. Walter Ernest George Alomes 1884
2. Elvennia Alomes 1888

Found at Ulverstone death notices post 1900, includes Allomes, Frank Mercer 1931,
Alomes, Amelia May 1967,
Alomes, Eeanor 1927,
Alomes, Ida Annie 1902,
Alomes, Raymond Charles 1902,
Alomes, Robert Henry 1940,
Alomes, Robert Wentworth 1968,

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began 1st Nov, 1998.
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