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John and Ann Naughton Ahern, Timothy and Ellen Mulcahy Ahern

John and Ann Naughton Ahern

John Ahern wed 1859 #3168 to Ann Naughton and lived at Rushworth
4 Children 1. John Ahern 1861 #15508 died
2. Elizabeth Ahern 1864 #4847
3. Herbert Henry Ahern 1869 #1001
4. George Michael Ahern 1872 #19059
2. Elizabeth Ahern 1864 #4847 wed 1888 #2424 to Arthur Robert Lummis 11 June 1862 - 15 Dec 1954 aged 92, 5 chn
3. Herbert Henry Ahern 1869 #1001 wed 1902 to Catherine Florence Muller
8 Children 1. Ivy Ahern 1904
2. Herbert Ahern 8 Sep 1905
3. Leslie John Ahern 24 Apr 1907
4. Eileen Ahern 13 Mar 1909
5. Gladys Ahern 1 Nov 1913
6. Joyce Ahern 17 Apr 1916
7. Doreen Ahern 26 Jun 1918
8. Keith Ahern

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My Grandfather's elder brother, Herbert Henry Ahern was born in Brighton Victoria in 1869 & at the age of 33 years, he married Catherine Florence Muller at Rushworth in 1902. This marriage produced 10 children. Now, we will go back to the start of the Muller line as I understand it ...... I am not claiming 100% accuracy, however what I do have is taken from other familie's history & published accounts of the family. Anderas [Andrew] Muller m. Johanna Augusta Whilimena Bertram at Emu Flat, 1872. They had 18 children, Catherine Florence being the 6th born. I have more on this line if required.

This story is also on the Lummis page, other families are Monsell and Muller Arthur Robert Lummis [1862-1954] married my Grandfather's sister, Elizabeth [1864-1945] in 1888 in Mooroopna. Arthur was a grain dealer & around 1885 was a partner in the coach building business, Hoyle, Lea & Lummis. Apparently he was also something of an entrepreneur because he converted his grain store into a roller skating rink to take advantage of the new craze, during the winter months. He also ran old time dances in the same building & acted as the Master of Ceremonies. Arthur bought a farm at Undera in 1898 when he sold his grain business, he sold the farm in 1914 & settled on a larger area of land at Gilgandra NSW. Arthur & Elizabeth had 5 children all born in Mooroopna.
Herbert Arthur Lummis b. 1892
Gladys Ann Lummis b. 1895
John Samman Lummis b. 1897
Julia May Lummis b. 1889
Albert George Lummis b. 1901, dying the same year. Arthur was also Captain of the Mooroopna Fire Brigade in 1899 & was also involved with the local football club.

Timothy and Ellen Mulcahy Ahern

Timothy Ahern from County Cork came to Victoria 1839 on the Strathfieldsaye which sailed from Gravesend on 27 March 1839 and reached Port Jackson on 25 July 1839. He was an Assisted Immigrant, could read and write, and was employed at 16 pounds fer annum.
Timothy Ahern wed 1842 to Ellen Mulcahy at St Francis church, Melbourne, and the death of Ellen in late 1852 is not indexed.
There are 4 children indexed from baptism records for Timothy and Ellen,
Mary Ahern died 1847 at Newtown aged 3 years, had an Inquest recorded in the Argus Mon 8 Nov 1847. While eating supper on Friday she drank from the spout of the teapot, scalding herself and died Sunday afternoon after suffering greatly.

I can not readily see if Ellen born 1845 survived, as Ellen Ahern was buried 1846 #276. A girl called Ellen Ahern at Emerald Hill (inner suburb of Melbourne) registered a son John Flaxman Ahern in 1869 who died aged 4 months, and a daughter Ellen in 1872
There is also Ellen Ahern died 1866 aged 21 born in Melbourne.
The second Mary Ahern vanishes.
Ann born in 1851, also died by being scalded. Her Inquest recorded in the Argus, Weds 13 Oct 1852, reported that she was playing last Thurdsay 7 Oct and fell into a large pot of boiling water left on the floor, and from the injuries she received she expired the next day.

Timothy Ahern 1795 - 1875 #11078 aged 80 from Cork wed 1853 #64 to Maria McGrath 1833 - 1921, daughter of Mary Duggan and James McGrath, who came aged 19 on an 'Orphan ship'. When he wed , Timothy stated he was aged 60, with three surviving daughters, and his first wife had been dead 3 months - was she sick or just dead when her daughter Ann was scalded and died?
Timothy Ahern's death was followed by an Inquest, he was found drowned in the baths and reported to be aged about 50 - before they identified him. Can we conclude his hair had not gone white?
5 children
of Ellen
1. Mary Ahearn 1843 #37019 died by scalding 1847 #431
2. Ellen Ahern 1845 #38742
3. Mary Ahearn 1847 #41795
4. daughter Ahern c1849
5. Anne Ahern 1851 #5754 died 8 Oct 1852 from being scalded
2 children
of Maria
6. Timothy Ahern 1859 #6214
7. Alice Ahern 1865 #3930
1. Timothy Ahern 1859 wed 1883 #631 to Martha Jane Gane 1859 #3146 daughter of Elizth Bugler and Edmund Gane born at Queenscliffe
5 children 1. Frances Gane Ahern 1884 #941
2. Nora May Ahern 1886 #3095
3. William Claud Ahern 1887 #28710
4. Gertrude Mary Ahern 1890 #13391
Did William Claud call himself Clement? Two registrations - Clement Ahern 1887 #19447X1909 also in 1895 #19447X1909
2. Alice Ahern 1865 wed 1887 #1521 to Ernest Clark Hammond, 5 Children
Timothy Ahern 1831 - 1907 #8492 aged 76, son of Benjamin Ahern and Cath Twomey, died at Hawkesdale, when his surname was spelled Ahearne

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