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Copying and repeating my work

I claim copyright for work that is the result of my own research.
Copying my work is done at your risk. I may be wrong. Giving me corrections, where you can prove I am wrong, is a kind act, with appreciation deserved.
Be gentle with my ego - it thinks we are correct. Remember that 'Super-Ego' knows we have material to share, so pushes my 'id' to keep correcting and extending our work.

Where I started

My pages of families in Victoria began with our own ancestors. The first was Joseph Thomas who came to Sydney in 1818 'at the pleasure of the Regency of King George III' and my studies have continued as each marriage gives entry to a now-connected family to study. I now also include other holders of a surname, if there were only a few people involved.

Writing to me

When you write concerning a name in my site, I am interested provided the information is before 1920, avoids issues relating to the 'privacy of the living', and is no further back than the parents of the person who came to Victoria. Desired information includes:-
space 1. Full name, date and place of birth with names of parents, ship and date of arrival in Australia, how the person got to Victoria
space 2. For Spouse, Full name, date and place of birth with names of parents, arrival details
space 3. For each Child born before 1920, birth date, date and name of spouse, date of death, number of issue
Each child, provided they wed before 1920, begins another paragraph.

Family history gets so complicated ... especially when I try to keep notes with the names, and also have tried to set out my pages in alphabetical order. To avoid repeating families I try to put families with the father's surname, especially once I have the names in 3 generations - grandparents in the 'homeland', migrating man with his wife and children, at least one set of his grandchildren.
My cut off date is 1920 to avoid invading the privacy of those still alive, and I only go back outside Australia to the family the migrating person was born into.

New Challenge

Professor Bryan Sykes, wrote 'Blood of the Isles' in 2006, (published in the United States and Canada as Saxons, Vikings and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland), Sykes examines British genetic "clans". He presents evidence from mitochondrial DNA, inherited by both sexes from their mothers, and the Y chromosome, inherited by men from their fathers.
I have just been reading 'The 7 daughters of Eve' by Bryan Sykes, about descent on the mother's side of the family using mitochondria - a part of DNA contained in the mother's egg and not changed by random choosing of other genes like hair and eye colour, etc. I can trace my line back 3 generations.
My mother is Edith Nora Dooling born 8 July 1907 daughter of
Elsie Elizabeth Elizabeth Backhouse born about June 1854, daughter of Suzannah Whitamore,
wed 10 June 1880 in Channel District of Tasmania to Joseph Dooling with John Smith a witness
Suzannah Whitamore I believe, was
Susanna Whittmore, assisted immigrant on the Australasia arrived at Hobart, Tasmania, on 5 Dec 1853, native place England, aged 18, maid of all work, Protestant, able to read, (but not able to spell her names - she is also recorded as Susana, Susan, Susanna, Whittmore, Whittimore).
Susannah Whitamore was born about 1835 and died 21 Nov 1869 at Gordon, Tasmania, aged 34. Suzannah Whittimore wed 26 Oct 1853 at Independent Chapel, Brisbane St, Hobart to James Baccus. Both signed with X their marks, she a minor and he of full age. Her death was caused by apoplexy. And who was Zusannah's mother? Did she have siblings?
My Brick Wall!

Colonies of England

See my notes on convicts in Bermuda, being mainly extracts of articles published in Australian papers, beginning with an extract dated Monday 31 October 1825, and ending with an Extracts dated Saturday 10 November 1849 on the 5th page


My site Victoria before 1847 concentrates on the movement of ships, in particular with a month-by-month series extracted from the various newspapers, before melbourne gained its own paper in 1840
It features an alphabetical list of each person named and expanded by other news items found or given me by descendants.

Other ships that caught my interest
Asia 1856 to Adelaide,Hobart with exiles just arrived from Bermuda
Caroline Agnes 1849 to Geelong, Gipsy Bride Feb and Dec 1855, India Ocean 1854 to Portland, Marmion 1852 with 407 to Portland, Omega 1856.

also on webege - Bangalore arrived 1848 in , Countess Of Yarborough at Melbourne on 26 Dec 1853, Duke of Richmond at Portland 4 Mar 1853,


Margaret Hussey 3 Feb 1833 - 21 Oct 1905 wed 1849 to Samuel Henry Farrall, 5 Nov 1832 - 6 Feb 1923, born in Worthing to William Farrall and Laura Miles and died in Elmore, Victoria, Australia, 18 Children, first Fanny Amelia Farrall 17 Jul 1853 and her 18th child Harriet Hussey Farrall born about Sept 1879 lived 5 months was the 5th to died in infancy.
Amelia Lucke 1857 #16790 wed 1873 #946 to Arthur Vernon c1850 and lived at Eddington, Korong Vale. She gave life to 18 Children, her last child Daisy Vernon born in 1903, no twins, and only one is recorded as dying in infancy, child number 7, Joseph Vernon 1883 #17683 - 1883 #8676 lived 2 weeks


David Wilson 13 Sept 1871 - 12 Mar 1929 fathered 17 children, Hannah Arnold had 10 then Anna Elizabeth Hillard had her 7th after he died of a gunshot wound.
Patrick Francis Quinlivan 17 June 1836 - 28 Apr 1898 fathered 16 children, Emma Staniford had 11 then Mary had 6 before he died.

Long lives

Jane Bofill, 20 Apr 1863 - 13 Dec 1967, aged 104 and had 8 children. She wed Thomas James Treganowan 1861 - 1942 #26764 aged 81, leaving her a widow for her last 25 years.
Charles Wemyss was born 5 July 1824 and died Fri 10 July 1925 aged 101, came to Melb 13 Aug 1842 from Mauritius on the Belle Creole, a Colonist of 83 Years. Three days after the celebration of his 101st birthday Mr. Charles Wemyss died at the residence of his daughter (Miss J.Wemyss, Rochester road, Balwyn)


No claim is made to the accuracy or authenticity of the content of the website.
In no event will the owner of the Pioneers website be held liable for the accuracy or authenticity of the information contained in it, its use, or reliance placed upon it. The information on the website is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the website undertake full responsibility for assessing the accuracy or authenticity of its content.

Any disputed information or perceived errors may be emailed but I am under no obligation to respond to requests and/or to review any content. I am aged over 75, every day is a gift from my Saviour. I do spend time reviewing and corresponding to cousins who write, and I do not ask for money - freely do I give, and freely you respond.
I reserve the right to
space 1. add your letter to the appropriate family entry, with your email coded to hide it from web spiders.
space 2. choose whether or not to research names you give me and write of the work I do.

A typical disclaimer of this nature is on the Ballarat Resource page

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Reference Books

"First Years at Port Phillip" by Robert Douglass Boys,
BA pub 1959. He was formerly Chief Librarian of the Public Library of Victoria

Pioneer Owners of the Wimera,
a pdf file of the book by Thomas Young, showing the pastoral leases and changes in ownership, from 1842 when Benjamin Boyd took up the first station, Ledcourt.

Mortlake 1847 - 1897 a web journal titled "Fifty Years of Presbyterianism in Mortlake [Victoria] 1917 by J. E. Murdoch,

Violence and Crime in Nineteenth century England,
The Shadow of our Refinement, by John Carter Wood, Published in 2004.

Reference Web sites

Medical science in Sydney in 1841 - Smallpox treatment and vaccination. Comments on the results of Senior Archivist at State Records, Janette Pelosi, making an unexpected discovery on 24 November 2010.

Soundex System

Back before computers, genealogists were familiar with the problems of 'near-miss spelling' and surnames that sound the same but are spelled differently.
See Soundex for your surname, and read an explanation - the Basics shown clearly or Eastman's Notes show Basics and more details.

Timeline  : 

Major events in Port Phillip district later called Victoria. See my web site - Port Phillip Shipping before 1850
Before 1850End of convict era, tried Bounty payments of passage costs. Dealing with Bankrupts,
Before 1860Victoria separated from NSW, Gold found, rush began, extreme disruptions. Eureka Stockade. Establishing Civil registration of births, marriages, deaths.
Before 1870Schooling for all children
Before 1880100 years of Occupation, society still 'British'
Before 1890Railways developed, land opened for farming
Before 1901Votes for all men. Federation of Australian states.

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